21+ Pros and Cons of Pressed Flower Craft For Kids (Explained)

Flowers are the one of the first things that come to our mind if we mention the words ‘colourful’ and ‘beautiful’ together. Flowers cheer people up no matter what. We take flowers to hospitals carrying forward the wish the patient recovers soon. We take flowers to weddings wishing that the marriage is happy and fruitful. We take flowers to funerals in the hope that the soul of the deceased rests in peace. Flowers bring goodwill. 

But flowers can also be used in other forms in which they do not bloom as they normally do. One such way is pressing flower.


Can be used for preservationGets damaged in the process
A good method of collectionWastage of flowers
Works as a souvenirTemporary
Directly used to frame and used for décorLoses colour gradually
Used to make pretty coastersSelection process is hard
Used to make jewelleryComplicated process
Decorate greetings cardRequires extreme determination
Makes wrapping gifts unique
Aesthetic and beautiful

Benefits of Pressed Flower Craft For Kids

Can be used for preservation

If you are searching for ways to preserve a flower which might be important to you, then pressed flower craft is your way to go.

It dies up the flower completely and thus helps in preserving it for much longer than its natural lifetime. 

A good method of collection

Many of us like to collect various kind of flower. But flowers can not be kept long, they either dry out and shrivel or get rotten beyond redemption.

The flowers can not be stored and collected in the aforementioned forms. Hence, pressed flower craft is the best shot at collecting flowers.

Works as souvenir

We tend to keep something from a place that we visit or a time that is dear to us in order to preserve the memory of the place or time.

There are various flowers that are characteristic to a certain region. These flowers when pressed and preserved, can be used as souvenirs.

Can be framed and used as décor

Who does not love some décor that is easy to obtain, can be made by anyone and is very cheap? Pressed flowers when framed exactly serve this purpose. They can give a unique and minimalistic touch to the living room or bedroom.

Used to make coasters

Coasters are important and useful household materials. What is better if these useful materials that also fulfil decorative purposes.

With easily available materials, the boring coasters can be made interesting. The pressed flowers take care that the coasters do not ever come across as boring and you do not even have to spend huge amount for beautiful and decorative coasters.

Used to make jewellery

Pressed flowers can be easily worn as a pendant or earrings or even as bracelets. Jewellery made out of real flowers, even though pressed, gives out a different vibe.

Pressed flower jewellery when teamed with beach costume or summer dress adds to the whole look.

Decorate greetings card

Greetings cards are our go-to things if we want to make someone feel special or just congratulate them. Greetings cards are something that are suitable for every occasion. Greetings card can be made even more beautiful if pressed flowers are attached to them.

It also makes the process of making a hand-made greetings card easier as the pressed flower does almost all the work of decorating it.

Makes wrapping gifts unique

Wrapping is an important part of giving out a gift. Presenting the gift in a proper way shows effort on the part of the person who is gifting. An easy way to add a personal touch to wrapping is to attach a pressed flower to it.

It also means that you can get away with using a plain wrapper as the pressed flower adds a unique vibe to it.

Aesthetic and beautiful

It never hurts to do something that will yield a result that is both aesthetic and beautiful. Pressed flower, if not anything else, is a treat to look at and come back from time to time. Hence, it brings peace to one’s mind as well as refreshes it.

Drawbacks of Pressed Flower Craft For Kids

Gets damaged in the process

The flower pressing, if not done properly can damage the flower in the middle of the process. If this happens, then the person needs to start the process from the very beginning all over again.

Wastage of flowers

Every time the flowers get damaged in the middle of the process of getting pressed, it needs to be replaced by another flower and the previous flower needs to be thrown away. Hence, there is huge chance of flower wastage.


Flower pressing is not a permanent method of preserving a flower. It sure is preserved for a longer time in this way, nonetheless it is temporary.

Loses color gradually

Pressed flowers do not retain their color and lose the color gradually. If one makes jewellery out of pressed flower then it might not be wearable after a certain point of time.

Selection process is hard

The selection of flower is very important and determines the rate of success. The people just beginning with this process might fail several times before they choose the proper flower.

Complicated process

Pressed flower crafting involves various stages through which one is to attain the desired result. If these steps are not followed thoroughly then there is a high chance that the effort won’t yield success.

Requires extreme determination

The people who are beginning with pressed flower craft need to be very careful about the steps required to be done. Any mistake might not yield the perfect result.

Sometimes, even though it appears to the one that everything was done meticulously and perfectly, it might still not bear fruit. Hence, extreme determination and will to not accept failure is required to succeed.

Even though it might be frustrating for beginners, once a person gets hold of this art, there are endless possibilities as to how pressed flowers can be used.


Pressed flower crafting for kids has numerous advantages: preservation of flowers, unique collection opportunities, souvenir creation, decorative uses, jewelry crafting, beautiful greetings cards, and distinctive gift wrapping.

However, the process can be delicate, temporary, and challenging for beginners. Once mastered, it becomes an endless avenue for creativity and artistic expression.

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