10+ Ideal Reindeer Activities for Kids That Defy Imagination!

The season of snow ❄️, yummy fruitcakes, candies, gifts, and jingling bells πŸ”” is a favorite all around the globe. 

This colorful and vibrant season is also the ideal πŸ‘Œ time for engaging in productive reindeer 🦌 activities with my little ones. 

Why should we keep the festive vibes of Christmas only up to celebrations and delicacies when we can extend the joy to taking part in productive reindeer 🦌 activities?

My kids love Rudolf, the popular reindeer who is a favorite 😍 of all kids. With the excitement of Santa Claus πŸŽ… delivering wonderful gifts, these reindeer activities add to the festive vibe.

Great Reindeer Activities For Kids

As a responsible parent, I have always made sure that the following reindeer activities promise a lot of help in boosting the motor and cognitive 🧠 abilities of my little ones.

Learn About Reindeers

Reindeers 🦌 are the most highlighted and preferred tourist attractions of several zoological gardens, famous national parks, popular wildlife sanctuaries, and 🌳 forested areas. 

The various reindeer species are a miracle βœ…οΈ of nature and its diversity.Β 

I visited a National Park last year with my kids, where we got the chance to observe deers 🦌 with their magnificent antlers very closely. The guide enlightened my little ones and me with a lot of information πŸ“ about these wonderful deers, their habitats, feeding habits, and behavior. 

I believe that visualizing and learning these amazing reindeer 🦌 during the holiday season is a very beneficial βœ…οΈ activity for young ones.

Make A Reindeer-themed Cookie

Festivals 🎊 mean that the whole family comes together to be a part of wholesome activities to create stronger bonds and wonderful memories. 

I have a core memory of helping my mother make reindeer-themed cookies during Christmas week πŸŽ„, and I still cherish those days. My little ones also love to help me to make delicious cookies during the month of December.

Here’s one chocolate cookie recipe we enjoy baking together.

What you need-

Pecans (chopped in tiny pieces), coconut πŸ₯₯ (shredded into pieces), a minimal amount of vanilla essence, butter 🧈 , egg yolks, granulated sugar, evaporated milk πŸ₯› , vegetable oil, eggs and chocolate 🍫 cake mix.


  • Firstly, I properly whisk out my daughter’s favorite cake mix to make sure that it is completely free of lumps.
  • Following this step, I take a mixing bowl πŸ₯£ and put two eggs πŸ₯š and vegetable oil, along with the cake mix we had prepared earlier. 
  • Usually, I prefer to mix up this mixture with the help of a mixer, but you can do it by hand βœ‹οΈ too. I always make sure to mix it until I get a thick and sticky mixture as per my requirement. 
  • I take a cookie scoop and carefully mound out cute little scoops of the chocolate 🍫 cake dough on a parchment lined with a baking sheet. 
  • Following this step, I proceed to set the oven by preheating it to a temperature of 350Β°C for a few seconds. I place our sheet of chocolate cookies in the microwave for a period of 8-10 minutes. After this period, the cookies were well-baked, and I let them cool down in a corner for a few minutes.
  • Now we come to my daughter’s favorite πŸ˜‹ part- the frosting. I take a saucepan, add up to 1/3rd cup of butter 🧈 in it, and then melt it. Once the butter has melted, I proceed to add the evaporated milk πŸ₯› , sugar, and egg yolks πŸ₯š into it.
  • I place it on the stove and ignite it at medium-high heat. I carefully stir up the mixture of the frosting until the bubbles 🫧 start appearing. I allow the mixture to cook and bubble for a period of about eight minutes and stop when the mixture has significantly βœ…οΈ deepened in color.
  • I proceed to add chopped pecans, lollies 🍬 , shredded coconut πŸ₯₯ , and vanilla to the frosting before stirring it well. Following this step, I remove it from the πŸ”₯ flame.
  • I usually allow the frosting to cool down before putting it in the refrigerator, hoping for a quick result.
  • My adorable pastry chefs are always ready to help me put the yummy frosting on the cookies πŸͺ we baked earlier with the help of a piping bag.
  • I love to guide my daughter to draw the face of a reindeer 🦌 on the cookie, which demands a lot of focus. Therefore, this reindeer piping activity is good for strengthening the focus 🧠 or concentration of my little reindeer lovers. 
  • I also teach my little ones how to form cute reindeer 🦌 on a cupcake 🧁 , slices of buns or bread 🍞 , chocolate biscuits, or a scoop of ice cream 🍦 by means of utilizing a piping bag skillfully. 
  • Instead of cookies πŸͺ , you can repeat the same piping activity by drawing reindeer 🦌 on hot and freshly baked marshmallows, too.
  • Moreover, you can use reindeer-shaped 🦌 cookie cutters to create cookies in the outlines of a reindeer, too.

Reindeer Mask

A reindeer 🦌 mask is a funky must-have during the festive 🎊 season. My little ones and I have a lot of fun while making these beautiful reindeer masks, and sometimes we try to make the mask look like Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer.

What you need- 

Colorful paper plates, funky marker pens, a pair of scissors βœ‚οΈ, acrylic paint, accessories, embellishments, craft glue, and a few ice cream sticks.


  • To create the mask of a reindeer, I usually draw the outline or diagram of a reindeer’s 🦌 face on a circular paper plate with dotted lines using a colorful marker. 
  • I guide my little ones through the process of carefully cutting out the reindeer’s outline along the dotted lines using a pair of craft scissorsβœ‚οΈ (a very suitable fine motor activity for little children). Now, we have a reindeer cut-out made out of a paper plate. 
  • We don’t throw away the leftover cut-outs of the circular paper plate. I teach my little ones how to cut out two smaller circular pieces from the parts of the leftover paper plate.
  • We paint 🎨 these leftover cut-outs black and stick them on the reindeer’s face such that they serve as the two eyes of the 🦌 reindeer. 
  • We decorate this reindeer mask utilizing paint 🎨, shiny accessories, and Christmas-themed embellishments.
  • To make a mask, firstly, I glue an ice cream stick to the reindeer’s face using craft glue or tape (on the section of the mask right opposite to the segment carrying the πŸ‘€ eyes).Β 

My little ones will use This ice cream stick as a holder when they hold this mask over their cute faces 😍 and pretend to be a reindeer 🦌 ready for Christmas. We have a great time πŸ‘Œ while interacting with each other through these adorable reindeer masks.

Let’s Make The Reindeer’s Antlers

My son often likes to wear a shiny crown 🀴, but during Christmas, this crown is replaced with the beautiful antler-bearing headbands of a 🦌 reindeer.

The headbands featuring the antlers of a pretty reindeer 🦌 are not only a favorite among kids, but adults love it too. Therefore, I decided to make a reindeer-themed antler-bearing crown πŸ‘‘ for my little ones.

What you need- 

Different textures of paper in shades of brown, scissors βœ‚οΈ, acrylic paint, lots of glitter, accessories, and embellishments.


  • To create the antler-bearing crown for my little one, I usually draw a pair of vertical antlers on a piece of brown paper using colorful markers. Textured papers are beneficial supplies βœ…οΈ for polishing the sensory skills of kids. 
  • I also aim to improve the fine motor skills of my little ones by teaching them how to cut βœ‚οΈ along these dotted lines using a pair of craft scissors. 
  • We create several outlines of antlers using different kinds of paper. If you don’t have textured brown paper at home, then you can cut out outlines of antlers from white paper and paint 🎨 it beautifully in shades of brown.
  • Following this step, my little ones cut out a thick strip from brown pieces of textured paper, and I staple the two ends of this brown strip together to form the shape of a circular ⭕️ headband. 
  • My little ones and I stick the antlers to this strip using craft glue and decorate it prettily using Christmas-themed πŸŽ„ accessories, embellishments, and ✨ ️ glitters.

Reindeer Greeting Card

We all love to make greeting cards for the festive πŸŽ„ season, and reindeer is a popular theme in this case.

I teach my little reindeer 🦌 lovers to cut βœ‚οΈ out and segregate pictures of reindeer with stunning antlers from several kinds of wildlife newspapers πŸ“°, spare books πŸ“š on wildlife, and similar magazines.

 We stick all the l cut-outs of the reindeer collected from the magazines together to create a stunning collage of beautiful reindeer 🦌 showcasing magnificent antlers. 

You can also use tiny pieces of wood and paint 🎨 these pieces before sticking them on the outline of antlers on the greeting card to decorate it with a look of wooden antlers.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little reindeer lovers do not hurt themselves while handling a pair of βœ‚οΈ scissors. 

Read Books About Reindeer

All of us have read amazing books πŸ“š about reindeer 🦌 including documentaries or finely woven short stories and novels.

Christmas πŸŽ„ Holidays are a wonderful opportunity for me to explore these excellent reindeer-themed 🦌 books with my kids, along with teaching them everything about these 

beautiful creatures.

I am suggesting a few books πŸ“š I love to read with my little ones in the list below:

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to strictly go through the contents of any book πŸ“– about reindeer before allowing their little ones to read it just to be sure that the contents of the books are suitable βœ…οΈ according to the age group of your young ones.

Watch Movies About Reindeer 

Watching The Polar Express with my little ones is going to be a cherished memory for my whole family for a long time.

Reindeers 🦌 have always been a special part of Christmas-themed πŸŽ„ movies 🎬, and we have a lot of amazing movies to enjoy with our families during this season.

All of us love to grab a cup of hot cocoa β˜•οΈ and enjoy a wholesome movie 🎬 during the chilly ❄️ months of the year, and let me tell you that a reindeer-themed 🦌 movie is a good choice in this case.

Barbie in the Nutcracker is my daughter’s favorite movie 🎬 during this time.

I am suggesting a few movies 🎞 I love to watch with my little ones in the list below:

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to strictly go through the contents of any movie 🎬 about reindeer before allowing their little ones to watch it just to be sure that the contents of the movies 🎞 are suitable βœ…οΈ according to the age group of your young ones.

Reindeer Scavenger Hunt

Who said that we could engage in reindeer 🦌 activities only during winter?

My kids and I love to make a reindeer picture using all the different flowers πŸ’, twigs, leaves πŸƒ, branches, and stones that we come across on our lawn after the onset of Spring.

We use a leaf πŸƒ to create the reindeer’s face and proceed to glue two flowers 🌼 or stones to create the eyes. 

A flower 🌺 bigger in size serves as the reindeer’s nose, whereas dry branches are excellent for creating the antlers. 

Pro tip 

At home, we often use slices of cheese πŸ§€ to create the reindeer’s 🦌 face, a cherry tomato πŸ… for the nose, and pretzels to create the antlers.

Antler Impressions

The images of magnificent antlers 🦌 are one of the distinguishing features of reindeer, and my kids are mesmerized 😍 by them equally. Therefore, this reindeer counting activity is a favorite in our household.

What you need- 

Papers of your favorite textures (such as sandpaper, translucent paper, kite paper, glossy paper, colorful chart paper, brown paper, handmade colorful textured paper, and glitter paper), styrofoam sheets, paint 🎨, a craft cutter, craft glue, dice, colorful and glitter marker pens, scissors βœ‚οΈ, threads or rubber bands.


  • I usually prepare reindeer-shaped 🦌 cut-outs (or cut-outs of antlers) using sheets of styrofoam and a craft cutter for this reindeer activity.
  • Now, I draw a similar outline of the reindeer or an antler with dotted lines on the various textured papers. 
  • I instruct my little reindeer lovers to cut βœ‚οΈ along these dotted lines using colorful markers by utilizing a pair of craft scissors to prepare cut-outs of all the required pieces from different papers.
  • I always encourage my little artists to hone their skills using a pair of scissors quite often βœ…οΈ because learning the skill is a beneficial fine motor activity for young ones. Moreover, playing or fidgeting with various kinds of textured papers is similarly a beneficial sensory exercise for little ones.
  • I stick these cut-outs of the reindeer or antlers on the corresponding pieces of styrofoam cut-outs we had prepared and tie them around the palms of my little artists utilizing a piece of thin yarn. 
  • I guide them through the method of dipping this entire reindeer styrofoam setup in watercolors 🎨 of my little artists’ favorite shades and press its pretty impression on white paper. 
  • We are able to create a stunning reindeer-themed 🦌 painting showcasing the impressions of different kinds of antlers or reindeer formed using various unique textures. 
  • Sometimes, we also add colorful glitters, embellishments, or tiny pieces of wood πŸͺ΅ to make the reindeer-themed painting even 🀩 fancier.
  • To transform this activity into a counting πŸ”’ activity, I suspend the piece of white chart paper on the threshold or the wall for my little ones, ask them to carefully roll a die 🎲 and spell out the particular number that appears on the face of the die facing towards the ceiling. 
  • Following this step, I guide my little reindeer 🦌 lovers to put the reindeer’s impressions on the white chart paper an identical number of times.

Important Note:

Kindly make sure your little ones do not end up hurting themselves βœ…οΈ while playing with a pair of scissors.

Cotton Ball Reindeer

Cotton balls and pom poms are available in every household and serve as funky supplies to utilize during unique craft βœ‚οΈ activities. We love to make stunning reindeer 🦌 or antlers using them.

What you need- 

Watercolors 🎨 , glitters, tiny pieces of wood πŸͺ΅, spherical cotton balls (or pom poms), accessories, embellishments, white paper, craft glue, and colorful marker pens.


  • For this reindeer activity, my little ones usually dip pom poms or colorful cotton balls in their favorite shades of 🎨 paint.
  • Now, I give we have two options- either my little artists can glue these colorful cotton balls on the white chart paper using craft glue, or we can just dab it on the paper after immersing it in watercolors 🎨 to create the pretty impressions of colorful pom poms or cotton balls.
  • Now, my little ones utilize colorful marker pens to add the reindeer’s outlines and antlers over the impressions. We also add glitters, tiny pieces of wood πŸͺ΅, accessories, or embellishments ✨️ to decorate and provide a more realistic look to the impression of the antler or the reindeer.
  • Either way, it is a very engaging reindeer-themed 🦌 activity for little fans of reindeer.

Paper Cup And Egg Carton Reindeer 

Christmas πŸŽ„ is a wonderful time for creating wall decorations. Therefore, my little ones are always busy with various craft βœ‚οΈ activities to decorate our living room with their artistic πŸ–Œ skills. 

This reindeer craft activity is an amazing way of upcycling paper cups πŸ₯€ and glasses that we usually throw away after drinking their contents. I just over-turn a paper cup πŸ₯€ or glass, create two horizontal slits on the base using a cutter, and insert two cut-outs of tiny antlers in it. 

My little ones and I decorate the body of this cup with acrylic paint 🎨 and embellishments to create the face of a 🦌 reindeer. In the end, our cute little paper cup reindeer are ready to decorate our living room. 

You can also repeat this activity with the egg πŸ₯š cartons we throw away.Β 

We insert two cut-outs of antlers in the top section of one compartment of the egg carton, paint 🎨 and decorate it using tiny pieces of wood πŸͺ΅, and draw faces of reindeer 🦌 on each compartment, which makes it an amazing craft piece of a bunch of reindeers with antlers sitting together.

Origami and Hand-Painted Reindeer

There are numerous ways we love to make unique reindeer 🦌 craft pieces. One of the few easiest methods we love to engage in for creating stunning reindeer paintings πŸ–Ό with my little reindeer lovers is origami. 

There are numerous and diverse ways of making stunning reindeer by adding the magic of paper origami and hand βœ‹οΈ painting. 

In fact, I cut out the outlines of the palms βœ‹οΈ of my little artist on a piece of vibrant paper and put antlers and doe-shaped eyes to it using colorful marker pens, pretty glitters, or paper cut-outs to make a funky reindeer for my little ones.

Fork And Spoon Reindeer 

I decided to use the cutlery in my kitchen for this reindeer craft activity. 

I instruct my adorable reindeer 🦌 lovers through the whole process of carefully dipping a spoon or fork’s backside in various shades of bright and eye-catching acrylic paint.

We proceed to press its funky impression on a piece of paper in an inverted triangular pattern around a center focal point to create the reindeer’s face.

We add the final touches and draw the eyes πŸ‘€, antlers, and other parts utilizing various types of paintbrushes πŸ–Œ, glitter marker pens, or by sticking tiny pieces of wood πŸͺ΅ accessories.

Snow Reindeer

With the winter 🌨 season teaming up with the festive Christmas πŸŽ„ vibe, this reindeer-themed 🦌 snow activity is quite a favorite in our household. 

Instead of creating a classic snowman ⛄️, we decided to make a stunning snow reindeer 🦌 in the snow-covered backyard inspired by the animated Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer.

We used cardboard cut-outs of reindeer’s faces and stunning antlers to decorate the dome of snow. We also collect and utilize different pieces of wood πŸͺ΅ to make the antlers of our snow look more realistic.Β 

Moreover, we wrap colorful threads or streamers around wires (preferably made up of plastic) to create the reindeer’s 🦌 funky tail. 

Let me tell you a terrific and useful secret reindeer-themed recipe for chilly months- you can make use of sweets, lollies, candies 🍬, and creamy chocolate 🍫 sauce ( placed in a piping bag) to create the outline of a reindeer on a bowl of your adorable one’s favorite 🍨 ice cream.

Reindeer On The Wall

Streamers 🎊 are the preferred supplies for decorations during the festive season or get-togethers in my household. Moreover, we also create a ‘reindeer 🦌 with colorful antlers on the wall’ during various get-togethers. 

This is a very engaging and favorite reindeer-themed 🦌 activity for little ones, and here are a few suitable steps we need to follow:

  • Firstly, I just draw the diagram of a reindeer with comparatively bigger antlers on a piece of white or colorful chart paper and cover the entire section lying within the border of the diagram of each antler’s outline with glue or double-sided tape. 
  • I suspend it on the threshold of my balcony or the wall using a piece of yarn or tape and guide the little party guests to stick colorful streamers 🎊 on the outline of the reindeer’s big antlers.
  • Along with these colorful streamers, you can also utilize tiny pieces of wood πŸͺ΅ for the same purpose. 

The little reindeer 🦌 lovers enjoy themselves completely during this activity, and we receive a reindeer with unique antlers showcased on the wall.

Grain Sensory Reindeer Activity

If I start making a list of sensory activities, then we cannot skip out on using rice grains, cereals, pasta, or wheat grains in a few simple steps.

What you need- 

Handful of rice, different kinds of grains, a box of cereals, different kinds of pasta, paint, glue, and paper.


  • For this reindeer-themed 🦌 sensory activity, I place a handful of rice, different kinds of grains, cereals, or various pieces of pasta inside a transparent ziplock bag and add various colorful and bright shades 🎨 of paint to it. 
  • I guide my little reindeer lovers to press the bag with their fingers to make sure the grains mix well with the paint 🎨 and keep it aside for the mixture to dry up. After a few minutes, we have the required pieces of grains, cereal, pasta, or rice in our preferred shades of bright color. 
  • I use a marker pen πŸ–Š and draw the outline of a stunning reindeer on a piece of white paper and instruct my little artists to glue these colorful mixtures of grains of rice, wheat, cereals, or different pieces of pasta on it using craft glue (an extremely beneficial βœ…οΈ activity that promises to boost the focus of our little enthusiastic artists)

Look For Rudolph

Looking πŸ” for Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer in a sensory tub is a creative idea πŸ’‘ and should be a staple part of activities in every household. 

This reindeer-themed 🦌 sensory activity is engaging and ideal for all the young. All kinds of sensory activities play an important role βœ…οΈ in the overall development of a young mind without a doubt. Therefore, I highly recommend not missing out on this ideal reindeer activity.

What you need- 

A packet of flour, a bottle of vegetable oil, Christmas-themed πŸŽ„ accessories, reindeer-themed accessories, toys, a mini plastic model of Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, a moderately sized tub, and everything related to Christmas.Β 


  • I ask my young reindeer 🦌 lovers to use their brains and tell me the names of any 20 things that remind them of Christmas πŸŽ„, starting from reindeer to 🎁 gifts.
  • I put all those Christmas-themed accessories, along with the plastic model or toy inspired by Rudolph 🦌 in a transparent plastic tub containing a proper mixture of vegetable oil and a packet of flour. I will recommend filling the tub up till the middle. 
  • I instruct and teach my little reindeer lovers by looking for Rudolph 🦌 in the tub using their hands and feeling the toys only, thereby properly helping their sensory skills.

Bubble Wrap Reindeer

Bubble 🫧 wraps are a must-have when engaging in craft activities, and we use them often during the festive season. They are reindeer-themed for painting and craft activities. 

I just guide my little reindeer lovers to mix up various pieces of bubble wrap in different shades of bright and captivating acrylic paint 🎨 and press its crafty impression with a suitable amount of force on the diagram of a reindeer and its terrific antlers to make a reindeer-themed painting created out of dreamy bubbles.

Counting Reindeers

Most of us have learned how to count by counting reindeer 🦌 during our childhood days. Here is an engaging yet simple reindeer-themed counting πŸ”’ activity for my little reindeer lovers.

Keep reading on to learn how to set up this amazing reindeer-themed 🦌 activity for your young ones.

What you need- 

Cut-outs of reindeer from several sheets of textured papers, a few bowls, and colorful marker pens.


  • I prepare cut-outs of reindeer in vibrant shades of black, brown, yellow, and white. We write the numbers from 1 to 25 on these reindeer cut-outs.
  • I jumble up all these reindeer 🦌 in a plastic tub πŸ₯£ and ask my little counting experts to segregate the black reindeer in one bowl, the yellow ones in the next, the brown ones in another, and the white reindeer in the last bowl. 
  • I guide my little experts to count πŸ”’ the number of reindeer cut-outs in every bowl and then to find the sum of all the numbers present on each reindeer cut-out of a reindeer 🦌 to calculate the total value after the summation of the numbers.
  • Sometimes, I also prefer to pen down ✍️ random alphabets (small letters and capital letters) on these reindeer 🦌 cut-outs πŸ”‘ and ask my young ones to arrange the black, brown, yellow, and white reindeer together to form a complete word.
  • Is your little reindeer lover a toddler? If yes, then you can proceed to teach them about the names of these four colors (black, white, yellow, and brown) by segregating the various reindeer 🦌 cut-outs on the basis of these few colors. 
  • Sometimes, after completing the household chores, I am too tired to invest in the hard work of preparing several cut-outs of reindeer 🦌, so the energetic song  Call Rudolph proves to be extremely helpful in boosting the counting abilities and focus of my little reindeer lovers.

Woolen Reindeer 

Reindeer-themed sweatshirts πŸ‘• and mufflers are quite popular during the festive season ❄️ in December. Almost all of us love owning a woolen sweater during childhood with the image of Rudolph 🦌, the red-nosed reindeer.

With the chilly 🌨 month of December setting in, this engaging woolen reindeer activity is a lovely choice for my young ones.

My daughter loves Rudolph, so this creative reindeer-themed 🦌 activity is her all-time winter favorite.

What you need- 

Pieces of white chart paper, colorful buttons, colorful paper of various kinds, several balls of wool 🧢, craft glue, and scissors.


  • I draw the outline of a reindeer 🦌 or Rudolph on a piece of white art paper and cover the section underlying the deer’s outline with a mixture of glue and water. 
  • I instruct my little reindeer lovers to stick strands of the woolen 🧢 thread in the form of various detailed patterns on the areas coated with water and glue. 
  • The entire focus and thought process required in making beautiful patterns strengthens the imaginative πŸ€” abilities of your young ones. Now, we take pretty and eye-catching buttons to form the eyes of the reindeer 🦌 and cut-outs of antlers prepared by folding colorful papers. We glue these to the outline of the reindeer on the paper.
  • Finally, we created an extraordinary woolen reindeer that is a terrific art piece 🀩 to decorate the walls of my living room.
  • If your little reindeer-lover 🦌 doesn’t like this idea a lot, then you can directly stick two brightly colored buttons on a whole ball of wool 🧢 to create the eyes and cut-outs of antlers made up of paper to create the woolen reindeer’s antlers. 

Catch The Reindeers 

Counting the number of reindeer 🦌 or catching them has always been a popular idea πŸ’‘ for kid’s activities. This viral reindeer-themed activity is liked by all the young ones at home and also at school.

I believe this reindeer-themed activity is very suitable for strengthening the counting skills πŸ”’ as well as the physical strength πŸ’ͺ of your little reindeer lovers.

What you need- 

Loudspeakers or music 🎢 system, glitter marker pens, cut-outs of different kinds of reindeer ( preferably printed cut-outs of animated reindeer characters like Rudolph), dice 🎲, and a cut-out of Olaf’s face will be good choices if your little one is a big fan of movie Frozen.


  • I teach my reindeer 🦌 lovers to cut out outlines of various kinds of white, black, brown, or yellow reindeer ( in fact, colorful reindeer in the shades of red or green will be a good choice). I always try to make sure these reindeer cut-outs have dimensions big enough for your young ones to stand on them.
  • I position these reindeer 🦌 cut-outs of reindeer in a very random line on the carpet. I put on the mask of Olaf and stand (beside the little participants or reindeer) at the beginning of the starting line of these reindeer cut-outs.
  • I play my little reindeer lover’s preferred Christmas-themed πŸŽ„ or reindeer-themed rhyme on the music system, or loudspeaker 🎢 at a moderate volume, and the reindeer race begins.
  • The little participants of the race are playing the role of reindeer 🦌 and need to touch the finish line first by jumping from one reindeer cut-out to another.
  • Olaf controls the music or the reindeer rhyme playing on the loudspeakers and is responsible for pausing it ⏸️ at random intervals.
  • The cute and energetic reindeer 🦌 will be sadly disqualified if they fail to freeze when the reindeer rhyme 🎡 is paused.
  • Ultimately, the reindeer touching the finish line last when the rhyme finishes will be caught by Olaf and will not be able to take part in the next round. 
  • The reindeer 🦌 touching the finish line before the last reindeer have escaped and have the chance to take part in the following round. 
  • The reindeer who is successful in saving himself/herself in all the rounds of the race will win πŸ† the game and play Olaf’s role in controlling the music 🎢 or the reindeer rhyme for the new round. 
  • Every time we play this game, we also use dice 🎲 for this reindeer-themed game and mark numbers in descending order on the cut-outs of the reindeer. 
  • Each player playing the role of a reindeer rolls a die 🎲 once during each round of the game and proceeds to move forward by jumping on the exact number of reindeer cut-outs as written on the side of the rolled dice facing the ceiling.
  • The reindeer 🦌 who reaches the finish line last will be caught by Olaf and will not be a part of the following round.

Light Reindeer in the Dark

My son loves this reindeer 🦌 activity during the chilly and snowy 🌨 months of winter. 

Reindeers roaming in the snow-covered regions ❄️ are a part of many Christmas-themed πŸŽ„ stories.  

My little ones love meeting these reindeer 🦌 in our backyard who have halted there for a while on their way to the poles.

I make use of the snow ❄ present in my lawn or backyard to make the figure of a reindeer 🦌 (a roughly similar one). You do not have to worry about carving a shape perfectly resembling a reindeer’s face.Β 

My little ones and I dug out the snow ❄ ️ from the section where we intend to create the eyes πŸ‘€ of the snow reindeer 🦌 and place two bright and funky glow sticks (I will recommend neon colors) inside pits. We cover up these bright glow sticks with a certain amount of snow.

We take cardboard cut-outs of antlers and stick glow sticks on them using tape or glue.

As the sunset πŸŒƒ initiates the darkness in the sky, my young ones head out to the lawn or backyard excitedly 🀩 and are overjoyed to meet these snow reindeer 🦌 with glowing antlers resting for a while with glowy eyes before resuming their journey to the poles.

Shadow Reindeers

This reindeer 🦌 light activity is undoubtedly a classic one, and I can recall the shadow of a reindeer I visualized while watching shows 🎞 where the art of storytelling was executed beautifully utilizing the shadows of puppets, animals, or characters formed by props, hands βœ‹οΈ and fingers.

I often teach my young ones how to form the shadow of a reindeer 🦌 with antlers by bringing my little one’s thumb and index finger close to form a shape resembling a doe’s pretty eyes.Β 

We also have a memorable time learning πŸ” how to create the different and funny shadows of various animals πŸ‡, cartoon characters, or non-living objects ✈️ along with reindeer using our hands or craft supplies. 

Sometimes, we put the tiny cut-out of an antler on our index finger and interact with one another by means of using the shadows of the antler-bearing fingers on the wall, acting like a finger puppet of a 🦌 reindeer. 

Sometimes, we also use translucent and colorful papers with patterned cut-outs to create a better effect. 

Reindeer Sock Puppets

Now, this is the easiest way of creating a funky and amazing reindeer 🦌 sock puppet for your little one. 

Just take your little one’s favorite sock 🧦 and ask them to wear it on their βœ‹οΈ hand. Place two funky buttons on it to create the eyes and glitter ✨️ cut-outs of antlers using glue to make an adorable puppet. 

If you want to glue a red colored ball πŸ”΄ and create a nose on the puppet, too.


These reindeer 🦌 activities may be popular during the festive 🎊 season, but we love to engage in these activities throughout the year.

These activities are not only a means to have a memorable time with my little ones but also provide a generous helping hand in improving the overall mental 🧠 and physical πŸ’ͺ development of my young ones. 

Don’t forget to tell me in the comments below which reindeer-themed 🦌 activity you liked the most.

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