50+ Best Sharing Activities For Joining hands and hearts in harmony

As a mother, I know how precious the moments spent with our little ones are. The joy of seeing their eyes light up as we go on adventures together is simply remarkable. 

In this article, I’m excited to share a treasure trove of sharing activities that you can enjoy with your children, categorized by age group. From giggles and games with toddlers to bonding with preschoolers and even embracing the teenage spirit, we’ve got it all covered.

 So, let’s dive in and create unforgettable memories with our young ones! 😁

Sharing Activities for Toddlers

Here is a list of activities that can instill the joy of sharing in your teeny toddlers from a young age:

Soft Toy Swap

Encourage your young child to trade their favorite soft toys 🧸 during playtime to introduce them to the pleasure of sharing.

Your kid will enjoy the joy of giving and receiving, and this simple gesture nurtures collaboration and empathy.

Ball Passing

Ball Passing

I would say that playing catch with a softball 🏐 can help you introduce the idea of sharing with your toddler. They will learn the value of sharing, taking turns, and cooperating as you pass the ball back and forth.

My son enjoys playing catch with the softball at every opportunity he gets.

Building Blocks

When your child adds pieces to a shared structure in turns, building with blocks becomes a cooperative experience for them. This practical experience fosters sharing while also stimulating their creativity and problem-solving abilities.

Your kid will love building structures together with building blocks, keeping them busy and entertained for hours.

Snack Sharing

You can make sharing a meaningful lesson at snack 🍟 time. I suggest you give your kid equal servings of delightful food and then take turns sharing bites with them.

This custom fosters a pleasant sense of companionship while reinforcing the concept of equal sharing.

Puzzle Solving

Puzzle Solving

With your child, put a puzzle 🧩 together piece by piece. As you both attempt to complete the problem, sharing it promotes cooperation.

Completing puzzles together is a great approach to teaching them the importance of cooperation, communication, and patience.

Pro Tip:

You can start with puzzles having fewer pieces to complete according to your kids’ age.

Ring around the Rosie

You can join a group for a traditional game to focus on sharing movement and enjoyment.

In addition to sharing laughs while you spin together, you’ll also be introducing the idea of group activities and shared experiences with your kid.

Trading Crayons

You can encourage your young painters to exchange crayons πŸ–οΈ with someone they know.

While I know that kids love using various coloring techniques to produce colorful works of art with one another, this activity encourages sharing.

Picture Book

Picture Book

As you share a picture book, you may strengthen your relationship with your kid. Encourage your toddler’s love of reading πŸ“– and the idea of sharing a fun narrative by taking turns turning the pages and talking about the plot.

You can instill a life-long love for reading in your kid by giving them books from a young age, like I did with my son.

Playdough Making

Give your toddler a piece of playdough, then work together to create something unique. Along with participating in sensory play, you can teach them the importance of sharing ideas and resources as you both shape and mold.

Pro Tip:

You can add tools, like toy rolling pins, cookie cutters, crinkle cutters, and so on, for your kid to use to make the playdough experience more fun.


I recommend you involve your kid in playing the timeless game of peekaboo. The game is more than simply enjoyable and is an occasion to spread pleasure and happiness.

Make a touching connection with your toddler by taking turns hiding and seeking.



For a group sandcastle-building activity, you can go to the sandbox and encourage your toddler to build sandcastles.

Building towers and moats with others fosters collaboration and the pleasure of teamwork in your kid.

Sharing Water Table

You can use a water πŸ’¦ table to explore water play with your toddler. Together, pour, splash, and explore as you gain knowledge of fluid dynamics and communicate your findings in a fun setting.

I guarantee your kid will have so much playing around with the water.

Tea Party

I recommend you throw a creative tea β˜•οΈ party for your child. You can introduce the idea of hosting and sharing with your children in a joyful environment by sharing the delight of pouring “tea” into cups and spreading them around.

I found that this activity was great for pretend play with kids for them to recreate familiar situations and develop their imagination.

Pro Tip:

My son and I sometimes had tea parties with his play tea set and sometimes used the glass cups at home with water and lemonade as the “tea.”

Swing Sharing

Visit the park and enjoy the rush of swinging together. Your toddler will learn the value of sharing experiences and building treasured memories as you push the swing back and forth.

Shape Sorter

Shape Sorter

I recommend you use a shape-sorting toy as a collaborative activity to encourage cognitive growth and cooperation in your kid.

Your child will understand the concept of cooperative efforts to produce success as you both place shapes ⭕️ into the appropriate holes.

Pass a Scarf

Grab a scarf 🧣 and engage in some movement with your toddler. Let them take turns passing the scarf back and forth, and you can improve their motor skills and strengthen the idea of cooperating with this fun and engaging activity.

Duck, Duck, Goose

Gather your loved ones for a fun round of “Duck, Duck, Goose.” Your toddler learns about justice and sharing delight in a social game as everyone takes turns playing the “Goose.”

I would say that this is one of my son’s favorite games to play.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt

As a group, you can go on a nature scavenger hunt. Working together to find treasures while using a checklist promotes teamwork in your toddler and the thrill of making discoveries in the great outdoors.

You can include nature items like flowers, leaves, sticks, butterflies, pine cones, stones, etc.

Pro Tip:

You can print a template as a checklist of nature items for the groups to look for nature items.

Blanket Sharing

You can share a blanket with your toddler during storytime to make it cozier.

By doing this, you can foster a feeling of intimacy and a shared love of storytelling as you both cuddle up beneath the same blanket.

Sticker Sharing

Encourage your toddler to trade stickers with their buddy to spark their imagination.

With this exercise, you can let them experiment with creative sticker uses while also encouraging the habit of sharing.

Catch Bubbles

Blowing and catching bubbles 🫧 together will allow your toddler to fully appreciate their charm. As they watch the bubbles float, this entertaining game promotes teamwork and the enjoyment of shared sensory experiences.

My son has always loved running after trying to catch the bubbles floating in the air.

Card Matching

Card Matching

I recommend playing a matching card 🎴 game with your toddler, as it is a great way to introduce the idea of sharing.

Your child will develop patience, memory, and the skill of cooperative play as you take turns flipping cards and looking for pairings.

Stacking Cups

You can play the classic game of stacking cups or blocks by adding pieces in turns.

This cooperative play develops motor abilities and spatial awareness in your toddler, and they also understand that teamwork produces rewarding outcomes.

Tower Building

Encourage your kid to build a magnetic towerπŸ—Ό with family or friends with vibrant pieces.

You can foster their cooperation and problem-solving skills and allow them the excitement of co-creation by sharing this creative experience.

Sensory Ball

You can use a softball πŸ₯Ž to engage in sensory play with your child to discover textures. By passing the ball back and forth, they can experience a sensory exploration.

Follow the Leader

Follow The Leader

I suggest you plan competitive rounds of the game “Follow the Leader” with your toddler and friends or family.

Your child will learn the importance of teamwork and sharing leadership as everyone takes turns leading the group.

Toy Ride

Let your kid take turns riding a ride-on toyπŸš‚, by which you may promote the idea of sharing with them.

You can teach your little buddies patience and understanding by taking turns and giving each of them time on the ride.

Shape Tunnel

I suggest you explore cooperative play with your child using a foam tunnel. By taking turns crawling down the tunnel, you can encourage cooperation on a fun journey.

Pretend Play

You can encourage role-playing by switching characters in imaginary situations. This exercise teaches your child about other viewpoints and the fun of creating made-up worlds.

Sharing a Color Sheet

Give your toddler a coloring page to encourage creativity. As you paint 🎨 beside one another, you encourage communication by appreciating one other’s creative attempts and exchanging ideas, colors, and even laughs.

Pro Tip:

You can print templates with outlines of various pictures for them to color.

Music Player

Music Player

You can share a music 🎢 player with your child and explore music together. Doing this can teach kids the idea of sharing choices and appreciating music with others as you take turns choosing tunes.

My son and I love listening to music together and have made a lot of memories.

London Bridge

I recommend you bring together family or friends to form a group to play “London Bridge.”

Your children can learn about anticipation, teamwork, and the pleasure of shared play as they take turns building the bridge for the others to cross.

Passing Pieces for a Railtrack

I recommend building a railroad track together with your toddler using construction bricks 🧱.

Your toddler will feel the thrill of creating something special while passing parts to one another, which promotes collaboration and problem-solving skills.

Stacking Rings

You can encourage play with your toddler using a toy that stacks rings to foster cognitive growth.

Your toddler will learn the benefits of cooperative play as you take turns adding rings to the stack.

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

You can sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” πŸ›Ά as a group in a circle. Your child will enjoy the fun of singing along to a catchy tune as they sway and row the boat

Watercolor Painting

I recommend you take part in a group watercolor painting πŸ–ŒοΈ workshop to explore the world of the arts with your child.

Together, you two can make beautiful works of art that foster creativity and allow you to share a unique creative experience.

Pro Tip:

You can also do this activity with your child at home by following a watercolor painting tutorial on YouTube.

Dress Up Swap

You can change out your toddler’s headgear or accessories to go on a dress-up πŸ‘— trip. Your toddler will learn about role-playing, creative play, and the fun of shared transformations by sharing costume accessories.

Pro Tip:

You can go through your closets to find pieces to swap with your kids.

Musical Storytime

I recommend you share a musical 🎡 storytime to combine music and narrative. You can instill a love for literature and music while also making sure your kid has an enjoyable experience. 

You can create a narrative that includes musical components like songs and rhythms – an activity my son loves.

Activities for Preschoolers

Group Collage

You can create a collective collage to allow your child to express themselves creatively.

Sharing different resources among the group promotes teamwork since each youngster can add their own unique components to create a group masterpiece.

Baking Cookies

Baking Cookies

Baking is an exciting activity to do together, and you go on a culinary journey with your child while working together to prepare and decorate cookies πŸͺ.

Baking becomes a fun shared activity when ingredients, tasks, and creative ideas are shared.

I love involving my son in baking different desserts, and this is something we look forward to every weekend.

Group Drawing

Take turns contributing to a collaborative sketch ✍🏼 to encourage creative teamwork.

This practice develops patience and emphasizes that every contribution enhances the overall piece of art. It is also fun to see the finished art piece, which includes different perspectives.

Pro Tip:

You can also decide on a theme for everyone to draw images related to that.


If you have kids who love playing with Legos, like my son does, I guarantee your kids will have a good time with this activity.

By building LEGO bricks together, you can promote cooperation and problem-solving in your kid.

Cooperative construction and innovative inventions are the results of sharing ideas and building blocks.

Sharing Garden

I recommend you start a communal garden πŸͺ΄ to promote cooperation and responsibility among the family.

Growing ties and a feeling of shared ownership are instilled as each kid helps with planting seeds, watering, and caring for the garden.

Trading Books

By exchanging books πŸ“š and going on a collaborative reading excursion, you can inspire a passion for reading in your kids.

Each youngster brings a different book selection to the session, encouraging literary study and conversation among the group.

Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle

You can build strategic cooperation skills by working with your kid to put together a puzzle 🧩.

Preschoolers can discover the benefits of group work and problem-solving as each component comes together to complete the jigsaw puzzles.

Dance Party

Take turns organizing a dancing πŸ’ƒπŸ½πŸ•ΊπŸΎ party to encourage imagination and self-assurance.

Each youngster leads dancing steps as they praise each other’s individual emotions while sharing their own dance styles.

Family Mural

You can work together to create a family mural to unleash your preschooler’s creativity. Each participant can add to a collective piece of art, promoting teamwork and creative expression.


I recommend your kids trade toys with a buddy on a playdate to encourage sharing and social engagement.

This encounter teaches your kids to adapt to new situations and the fun of trading playthings.

Board Games

Board Games

I recommend playing board games β™ŸοΈ with one another to help teach your children the fun of friendly rivalry and collective success.

Essential social skills can be taught while playing the game, taking turns, and making wise judgments.

Trading Cards

You can encourage your preschooler to trade things, like trading cards or bumper stickers. This sharing activity develops bargaining abilities and will help them get into the habit of sharing.

Show And Tell

You can plan a group show-and-tell to foster confidence and communication. Each youngster has a unique quality that can help them develop their public speaking abilities and recognize common interests.

Neighbourhood Clean Up

Encourage your kids to participate in a neighborhood clean-up 🧹 to instill a sense of community and accountability.

A common commitment to the community is fostered through working together to enhance the environment.

Music Jam

Music Jam

You can join along with musicians for a jam 🎀 session to embrace the music world. Each person adds to the tune, resulting in an enjoyable instance of group musical expression. 

I guarantee your kid will love it and can express their singing abilities.

Game Leader

I recommend you take turns running games to promote leadership and teamwork. This game promotes assigning tasks, listening to instructions, and the importance of each participant’s involvement.


I recommend you plan a picnic 🧺 where each participant brings a dish to share. Pack your picnic baskets with delicious food and refreshing drinks, and find a spot for a picnic with your child amidst nature. 

You can promote cooperation, culinary imagination, and the pleasure of similar tastes.

Book Discussion

I recommend you host a family book πŸ“• group to establish a literary center at home.

Discussions regarding books that have been read aloud together can help encourage critical thinking in your kids and the sharing of differing points of view.

Room Makeover

Who doesn’t love transforming their rooms? It’s so much when done together, and I guarantee you will make memories doing so.

You can switch out rooms for a brand-new makeover and an opportunity to explore creativity and try your hands at interior design. Working together to alter a space promotes planning, cooperation, and the enjoyment of shared artistic endeavors.

Family Scrapbooks

Family Scrapbooks

You can involve your kids in making scrapbooks with your family’s memories. Doing this can help strengthen family ties and give your kids a chance to have their family’s treasured memories – images, memorabilia, and stories in a book they can cherish.

Pro Tip:

You can also make a yearly scrapbook with all the best memories of your family from each year.

Household Helping

I recommend you work together to complete the home duties 🧽 by which you can inculcate a sense of shared accountability in your kids. Teamwork, time management, and respect for shared efforts can be taught when working together to keep the house up.

Pro Tip:

You can do this every weekend to instill a sense of responsibility in your kids.

Family Talent Show

You can organize a talent show where family members can demonstrate their talents and interests. This group activity encourages talent sharing, self-expression, and support and allows your child to express themselves.

My family takes their talent show performances very seriously, and we always have a good time.

Family Trip

I recommend you plan your trip as a group, sharing ideas among the participants. Planning a vacation together can allow for cooperation, financial responsibility, and the joy of shared anticipation.

Family trips are so much fun and guarantee a lifetime of memories for our kids.

DIY Home Project

DIY Home Project

Start a home 🏑 repair project with family members by trading responsibilities. This practical learning opportunity promotes communication, problem-solving, and the joy of teamwork.

Recipe Book

I recommend you create a family cookbook πŸ³πŸ“– with everyone’s favorite family recipes. This cooperative project allows your kid to express creativity and celebrate collaboration with others. 

Curating a recipe book and bringing it to life is a way of celebrating culinary traditions and passing it on to future generations as a cherished heirloom.

Table Setting

You can make your kids take turns setting the supper table to teach them to accept and learn shared responsibility.

Organization, teamwork, and gratitude for each family member’s efforts are fostered by this everyday job.

Family Tree

Make a collaborative family tree 🌳 project and get into genealogy together. Through this activity, kids research and learn about their family history and document it, which promotes connection with family members and helps preserve the legacy.

Pro Tip:

You can engage your kids in craft activities to represent the family tree.


“The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention.” – Oscar Wilde.

I suggest you work together with your child to plan a family charity ❀️ event. This group effort not only advances a cause but also promotes empathy and gives your kids the satisfaction of helping others.



By organizing a family karaoke 🎀 night, you can encourage your little one to unleash their inner performer.

In a collaborative and enjoyable setting, sharing musical abilities and laughing fosters a sense of community.

Family Discussion

You can encourage your kids to participate in a discussion circle with your family to promote open communication.

The exchange of ideas on a variety of subjects fosters respect for one another, critical thinking, and appreciation of other points of view.

Movie Marathon

You can plan a movie 🍿 marathon with everyone’s favorite movies to enjoy family movie time. This communal experience promotes unwinding, conversation, and appreciation for movies.

My son always looks forward to movie marathons and spending hours watching movies.

Activities for Kindergarteners 

Community Service

A great way for your kids to give back to the community is to participate in a community service ❀️‍ activity together.

You can make plans, create objectives, and collaborate as a family to improve your neighborhood while demonstrating the value of cooperation and compassion.

Cooking Challenge

Cooking Challenge

Taking on a cooking πŸ§‘πŸ½β€πŸ³ challenge inspires culinary creations. Each family member can choose a special meal to prepare, allowing them to share cooking skills and experience new tastes.

It’s a lovely opportunity to celebrate unique flavors while relishing the fun of dining with others.

Pro Tip:

You can host a feast with the dishes done by everyone and spend time together as a family.

Home Improvement

I recommend working together as a family on a DIY home 🏑 renovation project. You can change the look and feel of your home while making priceless memories by working together on projects like painting, putting together furniture, or renovating.

Pro Tip:

You can start by making a plan with everything you want to change to make the whole process easier.

Family Meditation

I recommend you introduce your kids to meditationπŸ§˜πŸ½β€β™€οΈ . You can practice meditation every day as a family.

Everyone finds inner calm while conducting meditation sessions in turns because it encourages unwinding, self-awareness, and harmony.

Neighbourhood Beautification

Your kids can show their love and dedication to the welfare of your community by taking part in neighborhood beautification projects. 

Working together improves the environment and fortifies relationships, whether it’s organizing a clean-up event, planting flowers, or making art installations.

Family Game Night

Your kid’s evenings will become more exciting if you plan themed family gamesπŸ‘Ύ nights.

You may promote inventive game choices, strategic thinking, and a fun-loving feeling of competitiveness by alternating tasks.

Workout Session

Together, you can make health a priority and alternate leading family exercise πŸƒ sessions. This cooperative strategy enhances well-being, supports one another’s wellness objectives, and develops connection via exercise.

My son loves exercising every day with the family. 

Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure

Plan and carry out an outdoor 🌿 excursion, such as a walk, camping trip, or day at the beach for your kids.

Teamwork and mutual enjoyment of the great outdoors are fostered by cooperatively selecting activities, packing supplies, and navigating nature.

Role Playing

You can encourage your kindergartener to role-play 🎭various characters from real life and fiction.

I believe that role-playing activities can help your kid develop empathy and allow them to observe their surroundings.

Role-playing lets family members see things from each other’s perspectives and promotes understanding of other points of view.

Pro Tip:

I sometimes provide my son with costumes and props to make the process more fun.

Quiz Night

I recommend you have a trivia or quiz night for the family and compete amicably. Each participant may add questions on numerous subjects, encouraging information exchange and engaging entertainment.

Pro Tip:

You can decide on a theme and create questions based on that.


You can encourage your kids to participate in a volunteer activity as a way to give back to the community.

Engage in community service projects together while fostering empathy, social responsibility, and a common commitment to having a positive effect.

Share Playlists

I believe that people come together through music 🎢. I recommend you share your favorite songs with your child and encourage them to do the same to let them discover new songs.  

And as my son would say – music makes everything in life better!

Art Exhibitions

You can showcase your child’s creative abilities by setting up an art πŸ–ΌοΈ exhibition or showcase within the comforts of your home.

Doing this is a great way to celebrate creativity and offers a space for them to flaunt their art.

Board Game

You can work together to create a board game for your family to practice game design. This imaginative project encourages analytical thinking and problem-solving.

Your child will enjoy the thrill of engaging in a unique game experience with others.

Movie Critic

Movie Critic

Movie nights are always an event that my family looks forward to.

You can plan a movie night at home for your family to watch a movie πŸŽ₯ together – find a comfortable spot on the couch, cover up with blankets, and keep a good supply of popcorn and snacks to munch on.

After the movie, you can encourage your kids and other family members to discuss what they saw by sharing their thoughts on the plot, characters, and narratives, like a movie critic.

Cultural Exchange

I recommend you participate in a cultural exchange project where you share customs, foods, and traditions from many countries.

This activity can encourage kids to have mutual respect for other cultures and spread cultural awareness.

Pro Tip:

You can make your kid dress up in the traditional clothes of their culture to present their roots.

Analyzing Books

You can take turns discussing and analyzing storybooks πŸ“– to foster a love of reading in your kids.

I suggest sharing viewpoints, opinions, and favorite lines to promote reading and engaging discussions about books.


These activities teach people of all ages to value the fun and advantages of sharing experiences, resources, and responsibilities. 

As a mother who appreciates the importance of such moments, I urge you to go on these sharing journeys with your children, creating lasting memories πŸ€— and nourishing their development.

Please comment below if you have any other activities or experiences with your children on sharing and its value to add to this list. 

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