25+ Transportation Activities for Preschoolers to Learn and Play!

As a busy housewife, I hardly have any time for kids. However, I manage to take some time out on the weekends and conduct interesting and productive activities with my kids. These interactive activities help me spend some quality time with my kids and improve their skills.

My kids are preschoolers, and I have researched some very energetic and fruitful transportation activities for them. These help their skill development and recognition of their surroundings.

You should also try these activities with the transportation theme, which will help you to know your kids and their world more deeply. These activities will provide your kids with fun and an enjoyable time.

Amazing transportation activities for your preschoolers

You are at the right place if you are searching for some creative and pleasurable予 activities for your preschoolers to do during their free time. I will provide you with some fun transportation activities that you can conduct with your preschoolers.

These activities will help them improve different skills like their creativity, fine motor development, concentration, and imagination.

This will make them aware of their surroundings and gain more experiences, which will help them in their overall development.

In this blog, I have listed all productive and exciting transportation activities in detail that will help your kids to have an enjoyable day.

Painting Vehicles

Painting is an activity that kids of all ages enjoy doing. You can provide your preschoolers with chart papers, paint colors, paint brushes儭, glue, and paper plates. Now, you can persuade them to draw different vehicles on the construction board.

This activity will help them learn more about vehicles and different modes of transportation. This will help them in their further studies and development. This activity will provide both enjoyment and productivity.

Pro Tip:

This is a very basic and interesting transportation activity to do. I also forced my kids to do this activity, and they had a lot of fun in completing it.

Molding toy vehicles.

Kids love to play with clay or playdough. They enjoy making different shapes and figures from them. You can persuade your kids to make different vehicles from clay or playdough. This would be a fun, creative, and entertaining activity.

Materials needed for this activity are clay or playdough, paint, and markers. Encourage your kids by cheering and clapping for them. This will boost their confidence, and they will perform wonderfully.

When my kids performed this activity, they made a lot of vehicles and other figures. This activity helped them gain different skills like vehicle recognition, concentration, and innovation skills.

DIY Parking Garage

Kids usually have a lot of toy cars and trucks with which they play. There are so many of these toys that it gets difficult to keep them together and organized. With the help of your kids, you can make a DIY parking garage in which your kids can keep all their cars an organized way.

Items needed for this activity are craft sheets, cardboard, colors, paintbrushes儭, scissors儭, and glue. This activity will help your kids learn more about DIY crafts. They may fail in their first attempt but will learn it through practice.

Pro Tip

This DIY activity was also performed by my kids at home. This was a very enthusiastic and prolific activity. I helped them throughout the activity in case they got discouraged.

Painting with vehicles

Instead of painting different vehicles, you can use different vehicles to paint on sheets. Materials needed for this activity are toy vehicles, paint colors, and cardboard sheets.

Your preschoolers can dip their toy cars or trucks into paint and use them to draw on cardboard sheets. This will be a different and interesting activity. After completing this fun task, they can wash their cars thoroughly with water.

My kids were extremely happy and satisfied after performing this fun-filled activity. They dropped most of the paint on their clothes and floor, but the fun they had made this mess acceptable.

School bus craft

Simple and beautiful crafts for preschoolers help them enjoy and learn something. You can persuade your kids to make an attractive school bus notebook. They can write their important notes and special events on it.

Materials needed for this activity are a bunch of pages, cardboard, colors, markers, scissors儭, and glue. This activity will motivate your kids to put their imagination out and make a beautiful and useful notebook.

Pro Tip:

My kids made notebooks in different shapes like mango平, butterfly, sun儭, car, and many others. They had a mesmerizing time and learned different things. They use these notebooks to mark their daily tasks and homework.

DIY Rocket making

Kids enjoy playing with toy spaceships and rockets. They will have even more fun if they make these rockets and spaceships by themselves. You can persuade your kids to make rockets with different creative materials.

Items needed for this activity are craft sheets, scissors儭, markers, glue, and cardboard. This activity will help your kids to learn craft-making and designing skills. This will help them improve their artistry.

On a free day, I motivated my kids to do this creative activity, and they performed terrifically. To make this fun activity even better, I prepared some sweets for them. This made them more enthusiastic and dedicated to completing this activity.

Railway track making

Kids usually have a lot of trains to play with. You can encourage your kids to make railway tracks accompanying their trains. This will be a difficult activity but will help them learn new skills.

Materials needed for this activity are cardboard, paint colors, rough cloth, toothpicks, scissors儭, and glue. After gathering all these materials, the kids can start making the railway track slowly. You can also help them during this fun process.

When my kids did this activity, they had a lot of ups and downs but made a very attractive railway track歹 in the end. Then they played with their trains moving on the track and were extremely happy.

Airplane craft

Kids love to fly toy airplanes儭. But making an airplane on their own would be more fun and exciting. You can persuade kids to make an airplane with the help of craft materials.

Materials needed for this activity are colored sheets, scissors儭, glue, paint, markers, and tape. This activity will help them learn more about transportation.

This activity will be their chance to bring their creativity and imagination out. After making their DIY airplanes, they can fly them in the air.

Pro Tip:

When my kids made these DIY airplanes at home, they played with them the whole day. They were so proud and satisfied. For them, it was an achievement. This gave them the confidence to try out other things.

Drawing with cars

Playing with cars is normal for kids, but drawing with cars will be something new. You can persuade your kids to draw with cars. Materials needed for this activity are toy cars, markers, plain sheets of paper, and tape.

Kids can attach their markers to the front of their toy cars and use them to sketch on paper. This way, they can draw any picture or design they want. This would be a different and fun experience for them.

My kids did this activity with full energy and dedication. They made beautiful drawings of houses, parks, mountains, and many more. This was a very delightful and productive activity.

Parachute making

Parachutes fascinate kids a lot. You can motivate them to make these parachutes by themselves. Materials needed for this activity are plastic trash bags, masking tape, string, and a metal washer.

Now you can help your kids make parachutes with the help of plastic bags and attach four strings to the metal washer. After following the instructions, the kids’ parachutes will be ready.

Pro Tip:

My kids made these parachutes on their own. Their first few attempts were a failure, but they were successful in the end. They had a lot of fun flying these parachutes in the air.

Sorting Vehicles

To make kids recognize different vehicles correctly, you can make them sort vehicles. Provide them with a tub full of different toy vehicles and let them sort it. They can put all cars on one side, boats on another side and like these differentiate others too.

This will increase your kids’ knowledge of transport, and they will learn new things. To make this activity more interesting, you can add a time limit to it. This will increase your kids’ speed and efficiency.

When my kids did this activity at home, I gave them some rewards as appreciation. They completed it with full energy and sincerity.

DIY Traffic Lights

You can persuade your kids to make a DIY traffic light on their own. Materials needed for this activity are colored paper, ice-cream sticks, markers, colors, scissors儭, and glue.

After they make their traffic light, you can discuss the meaning of different lights with them. Tell them how green means ‘Go,’ yellow means ‘Pause,’ and red means ‘Stop.’ This will increase their knowledge about traffic rules.

Pro Tip:

These types of educational activities help kids to have fun and gain more knowledge. I also made my kids learn about traffic signals through this activity. They did it with full passion and interest.

Transportation skit

You can persuade your kids and their friends to perform a skit based on transportation. Separate all the kids into two teams. Provide a transportation-themed book to each group and let them perform the skit based on it.

You can supply them with costumes and props to make the skit look more appealing and convincing. This activity will help kids to gain confidence and learn about safety rules. You can invite your and other kids’ families to become the audience.

My kids also performed the skit. This activity helped them interact with strangers and gain effective communication skills. They even made new friends弘 through this activity.

Car Race

Kids enjoy making their toy car race. You can conduct a full-fledged car race for kids and their friends. Let all the kids bring out their best remote control cars. You can set up the racing track with obstacles and hurdles in between. 

Now, let the kids place their cars at the starting point and begin the race. Whoever reaches the finish line first, surpassing all the hurdles successfully, will be the winner of the game.

Pro Tip:

This will be an interesting and thrilling activity. You can even keep some prizes for the winner to increase the enthusiasm of the kids. My kids also did this car race and had a lot of fun and adventure.


You can provide some different puzzles of transportation to kids. They can solve them based on their characteristics. You can also set a time limit for this activity to increase your kid’s efficiency and speed.

This activity will help your kids to improve their fine motor and problem-solving skills. Don’t give your kids difficult pieces of the puzzle妝; provide them with easy-to-handle pieces so that they can do this activity easily.

I gave my kids a set of transportation puzzles妝, and they did one piece every day. Doing one piece every day helped them learn easily, and they also enjoyed doing this activity.

Traffic Signals collage

Kids need to learn different traffic rules and signals. You can persuade your kids to make a traffic signals collage consisting of all traffic signals and safety rules.

This activity will help your kids to learn all traffic signals and safety rules, which is very important for them. Materials needed for this activity are paper cutouts of traffic signals and rules, colors, markers, scissors儭, cardboard, and glue.

Pro Tip:

This activity was very meaningful for my kids. They got to learn a lot while making this collage. It also helped them improve their collage-making skills. My kids were very enthusiastic and energized throughout the whole activity.

Car wash day

You can conduct a car wash尬 day at home where your kids will clean their toy cars, which get messy due to their excess usage. Give them soap, a sponge, water, and a rough cloth.

Now they can clean their toy vehicles one by one. This activity will help kids to learn the concept of cleanliness and its importance. After cleaning these cars, they can take a bath themselves and play with their toys.

I made my kids clean all their toys as it’s important for them to maintain their toys. They had a fun and exciting time playing with water. Make sure kids don’t put soapy water in their eyes by mistake.


In conclusion, these activities provide preschoolers with fun and happiness and help them in their holistic development.

These interactive transportation-themed activities provide them with enjoyable experiences and enhance their fine motor skills, concentration, problem-solving, recognition skills, and creativity.

These activities also help them learn more about traffic signals and safety rules. I expect you enjoyed reading about these fun and interactive activities. Hope you conduct them at home with your kids.

If you have any questions for me to answer or if you know of any other activities I should add to this list, please feel free to leave a comment below. I would be happy to speak with you! 歹

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