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Many English words ending with the letter “h” often come from other languages, such as Old English, German, or French. 

This is because English has borrowed extensively from other languages throughout its history, leading to the diverse and sometimes unusual spellings and pronunciations of words ending in “h.” 

Additionally, some words ending in “h” may have silent “h” sounds, such as in the word “hour,” where the “h” is not pronounced. 

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Now, let us head on to the list of six words ending with letter H with meaning.

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List Of 6-Letter Words Ending With Letter H

Incredible 6 Letter Words Ending With H For Kids
aflush(of a person’s skin, face, etc.) become red and hot, typically as the result of illness or strong emotion:
afreshin a new or different way
aguishsevere mental or physical pain or suffering
airishCool, breezy.
akedahthe Binding of Isaac
AliothAli oth is the biggest pain in the ass to play against right now for sure.
aliyahAliyah is the immigration of Jews from the diaspora to, historically, the geographical Land of Israel 
ambacha tree or shrub of the Nile Valley, Aeschynomene elaphroxylon
ambusha surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position:
Amidaha prayer, part of the Jewish liturgy, consisting of a varying number of blessings recited 
AnaiahGod answers”
anarchan anarchist:
Aqedahreferring to the binding of Isaac 
arcschthe inverse function of the secant
areachstretch out an arm in a specified direction in order to touch or grasp something:
AriochArioch appears in the Book of Genesis as the name of the “King of Ellasar”
ArmaghArmagh is the county town of County Armagh and a city in Northern Ireland, as well as a civil parish. 
arrishthe stubble of wheat or grass.
asloshsubmerged or deluged with or as with water. 
aspishThe meaning of ASPISH is like that of an asp. How to use aspish in a sentence.
attachfasten; join:
aurochThe aurochs is an extinct cattle species, considered to be the wild ancestor of modern domestic 
avouchaffirm or assert
awatchlook at or observe attentively over a period of time:
aweighof an anchor) raised just clear of the sea or riverbed.
babishlike a baby 
bablahthe rind of the fruit of several varieties of acacia, containing tannin and therefore used as a dye.
BalochThe Baloch or Baluch are a nomadic, pastoral, Western Iranic ethnic group native to the Balochistan
Balucha native or inhabitant of Baluchistan
Banachson of man
banishsend (someone) away from a country or place as an official punishment:
Barucha book of the Apocrypha, attributed in the text to Baruch, the scribe of Jeremiah (Jer. 36).
bedashto demolish or ruin; obliterate
beegaha traditional unit of measurement of area of a land
beenahextending or directly underneath, typically with close contact:
besigha plan or drawing produced to show the look and function or workings of a building
BeulahIn Biblical Hebrew Beulah means “married to the land” and is applied to the land 
bewithenchant and delight (someone
BilhahBilhah is a woman mentioned in the Book of Genesis. 
blanchmake white or pale by extracting color
bleachwhiten by exposure to sunlight or by a chemical process:
blenchmake a sudden flinching movement out of fear or pain:
blotchan irregular patch or unsightly mark on a surface, typically the skin
bluishhaving a blue tinge; somewhat blue.
bodacha man, especially a peasant or an old man.
BozrahA bodach is a trickster or bogeyman figure in Gaelic folklore and mythology.
brancha part of a tree which grows out from the trunk or from a bough:
breachan act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct:
breaththe air taken into or expelled from the lungs:
breechthe part of a cannon behind the bore.
Goofy 6 Letter Words Ending With H For Kids
bretchan act of breaking or failing to observe a law, agreement, or code of conduct:
broachraise (a sensitive or difficult subject) for discussion:
broochan ornament fastened to clothing with a hinged pin and catch:
broughBrough may mean or refer to an area, enclosure, round tower or outer wall of a feudal castle.
bruncha late morning meal eaten instead of breakfast and lunch
BurmahOriole; golden songbird; exotic bird with brilliant yellow plumage
bypathan indirect route
calashanother term for calèche
caliphthe chief Muslim civil and religious ruler, regarded as the successor of Muhammad. 
camashplant growing from a bulb or corm or rhizome or tuber.
cametharchaic third person singular present of come.
carochadopt a position where the knees are bent and the upper body is brought forward 
casbahthe citadel of a North African city:
chalaha loaf of white leavened bread, typically plaited in form, traditionally baked to celebrate the Jewish
chaleha wooden house or cottage with overhanging eaves, typically found in the Swiss Alps:
ChaushThe Chaush or Chaus are an Indian Muslim community who claim partial Hadhrami Arab descent. 
chetaha large spotted cat found in Africa and parts of Asia. It is the fastest animal on land.
chincha plant-eating ground bug that forms large swarms on grasses and rushes.
ChleuhA Berber ethnic group living mainly in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains and Souss Valley. 
chougha black Eurasian and North African bird of the crow family, with a down-curved bill and broad
chousha Turkish envoy or attendant.
churcha building used for public Christian worship:
clatcha squelching sound.
clenchwith reference to the fingers or hand) close into a tight ball, especially when feeling extreme anger:
cleucha steep valley or ravine.
cleugha steep valley or ravine.
clinchconfirm or settle (a contract or bargain):
clitchgrasp or seize (something) tightly or eagerly:
cloathwoven or felted fabric made from wool, cotton, or a similar fiber:
clougha steep valley or ravine
clunchgrasp or seize (something) tightly or eagerly:
clutchgrasp or seize (something) tightly or eagerly:
cohosheither of two medicinal plants native to North America.
cometharchaic third person singular present of come.
coolthpleasantly low temperature:
cootcha woman’s genitals.
coprahdried coconut kernels, from which oil is obtained.
cosechhyperbolic cosecant
cowishlike a cow
creachbooty, plunder, prey, quarry. destruction, disaster, ruin, devastation.
creaghCreagh is an Irish surname derived from the Gaelic Craobhach, meaning “branch”. 
creeshThe meaning of CREESH is grease
crotchthe part of the human body between the legs where they join the torso.
crouchadopt a position where the knees are bent and the upper body is brought forward 
crunchcrush (a hard or brittle foodstuff) with the teeth, making a loud but muffled grinding sound:
crutcha long stick with a crosspiece at the top, used as a support under the armpit by a person 
cultchthe mass of stones, broken shells, and grit of which an oyster bed is formed.
curagha Scot or Irish name for coracle.
DakelhThe Dakelh or Carrier are the indigenous people of a large portion of the Central Interior of British
danishthe North Germanic language of Denmark, which is also the official language of Greenland
Amusing 6 Letter Words Ending With H For Kids
dargahthe tomb or shrine of a Muslim saint:
dawishrun, walk, run away, Metaphorically: face, attention.
dealththe action or fact of dying or being killed; the end of the life of a person or organism:
deartha scarcity or lack of something:
deboshto lead into a life of depraved self-indulgence.
detachdisengage (something or part of something) and remove it:
diarchDiarchy, duarchy, or duumvirate is a form of government characterized by corule
diminishmake or become less:
doodahused to refer to something that the speaker cannot name precisely:
dotishstupid or silly
dourahsorghums of dry regions of Asia and North Africa
dovishadvocating peaceful or conciliatory policies, especially in foreign affairs:
dreichespecially of weather) dreary; bleak:
dreigha person or thing that shows the existence or direction of a trend. 
drenchwet thoroughly; soak
dretchTo delay; linger; tarry.
drieghThe meaning of DRIEGH is variant spelling of dreich.
droutha drought:
dryishfree from moisture or liquid; not wet or moist:
dudisha man; a guy:
DuluthDuluth Trading Company
durgahDuluth Holdings Inc., which primarily sells goods through its Duluth Trading Company brand
eadishThe radish is an edible root vegetable of the family Brassicaceae that was domesticated in Asia
eateththird-person singular simple present indicative of eat quotations
eddishhaving a red tinge; slightly red
eighthconstituting number eight in a sequence; 8th:
elfishrelating to or characteristic of an elf or elves:
ElijahElijah was, according to the Books of Kings in the Hebrew Bible, a prophet and a miracle worker
Elnatha blue-white star of the second magnitude that is the second brightest star in the constellation
elvishrelating to or characteristic of an elf or elves:
embusha surprise attack by people lying in wait in a concealed position:
emdasha long dash (—) used in punctuation. Compare with en dash
emmeshcause to become entangled in something
empathchiefly in science fiction) a person with the paranormal ability to apprehend the mental 
enarcha state of disorder due to absence or nonrecognition of authority or other controlling systems
encashconvert (a cheque, money order, bond, etc.) into money:
endethThird-person singular simple present indicative form of end. 
enmeshcause to become entangled in something
enoughas much or as many of something as required:
enrichimprove or enhance the quality or value of:
eolitha roughly chipped flint found in Tertiary strata, originally thought to be an early artifact 
eparchthe chief bishop of an eparchy
EpeiphThe eleventh month of the later ancient Egyptian civil calendar and Coptic calendar
finishbring (a task or activity) to an end; complete:
fitnahunrest or rebellion, especially against a rightful ruler.
fleechthe wooly covering of a sheep or goat:
flenchmake a quick, nervous movement as an instinctive reaction to fear, pain, or surprise:
flinchmake a quick, nervous movement as an instinctive reaction to fear, pain, or surprise:
flitcha slab of timber cut from a tree trunk, usually from the outside.
Relevant 6 Letter Words Ending With H For Kids
floush(of a person’s skin, face, etc.) become red and hot, typically as the result of illness or strong emotion:
flyscha sedimentary deposit consisting of thin beds of shale or marl alternating with coarser strata 
Foolahof a person or action) lacking good sense or judgment; unwise:
foorthconstituting number four in a sequence; 4th:
Foulahthe language of the Fulani people, spoken as a first language by about 10 million people 
fourthconstituting number four in a sequence; 4th:
fratchhave a quarrel or disagreement
fresh(of food) recently made or obtained; not canned, frozen, or otherwise preserved:
frenchrelating to France or its people or language
galosha waterproof overshoe, typically made of rubber.
GaneshGanesha, also spelled Ganesh, and also known as Ganapati, Vinayaka, and Pillaiyar
ganjahGanja is one of the oldest and most commonly used synonyms for marijuana. Its usage in English 
GarethGareth is a Welsh masculine given name.
garishobtrusively bright and showy; lurid:
gaunchlacking ease or grace; unsophisticated and socially awkward:
givetharchaic third person singular present of give.
glitcha sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment
glunchlook bad-tempered or depressed
glutcha sudden, usually temporary malfunction or irregularity of equipment:
goloshGoulash is a drink or smoothie of meat and vegetables seasoned with paprika and other spices.
gonophA pickpocket or thief

Some Other Examples Of 6-Letter Words Ending With H


Interesting Activities For Kids With 6-Letter Words Ending With H

Children’s language and cognitive development depend on vocabulary games. By associating words with particular situations or difficulties, they improve recall, make learning fun, and promote active engagement. 

Overall, vocabulary games are effective instructional tools that support kids’ overall language and communication success and growth.

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is an intriguing way to teach your kids some practical six-letter terms that end with the letter H and to demonstrate how to use those words properly. In this game, you must pose a question or make a statement, and your child will respond with an answer.

This name game can even be conducted in reverse. For instance, you might have to respond correctly when your youngster asks a question. Therefore, by playing this engaging game, you can introduce some intriguing six-letter words ending with H to your little ones.


Question: What is the term given for enhancing the quality of anything?

Answer: Enrich.

Question: What is the term for a quenching sound?

Answer: Clatch.

Question: What is the language of france called?

Answer: French 

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Fill-in-the-blanks is another entertaining and simple pastime. You may teach your kids some practical 6 letter words that end with H using this educational game. 

Your adorable tiny pals will learn new words easily and accurately with this game, as well as how to use them correctly. 

Additionally, this type of simple word game will be very beneficial for their future academic endeavors.







(Answer: crutch





3. Match The Words With Meanings

Knowledgeable Word Matching Game For Kids

Another well-liked game that might make it simple for your young kids to learn some new words is a matching activity. Your child will be able to grasp the concepts of similar and dissimilar things through this way. You will need to make two sets of columns for this.

You need to explain to your kids how to read the word and its meaning and how to correctly match them with the appropriate words.

goyishi) a person who is mean-spirited and unfriendly:
graithii) a habitually grumpy person:
grinchiii) a natural channel or fissure in a peat moor; a peat hag.
grouchiv) to make ready and put in order.
groughv) a term used by Jewish people for a non-Jewish person.

(Answer: a-v, b-iv, c-i, d-ii, e-iii)


In these instructional activities, new words with six different beginning sounds, ending with H, are presented to the students. We would be happy to help further if you require it.

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