6 Letter Words Ending with M for Mysterious Vocabs!

Hello kids! 

Did you know that words ending with “M” are borrowed from other languages?

English has borrowed words from a wide range of languages over its history, and words ending in “M” often reflect this linguistic diversity.

Now, let us dive into the list of six letter words ending with letter M along with their meaning.

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List Of 6-Letter Words Ending With M

Incredible 6 Letter Words Ending With M For Kids
acetumAcetum is a term that refers to vinegar, which is a sour liquid typically made from the fermentation
adytumAn adytum is a term used in architecture to describe the inner sanctuary of a temple 
affirm“Affirm” is a verb that means to state or assert positively; to confirm or uphold the validity 
ageismAgeism is a form of discrimination or prejudice based on a person’s age
agleam“Agleam” is an adjective used to describe something that is shining brightly or with a gleaming
alarum“Alarum” is an archaic term for an alarm or warning signal, often used in older literature or poetry. 
alliumAllium is a genus of flowering plants that includes a wide variety of species
amomumAmomum is a genus of aromatic plants, some of which produce seeds that are used as spices
amylumAmylum is an archaic term for starch, a carbohydrate that serves as an energy storage compound
anadem“Anadem” is an archaic term for a diadem or crown, typically a jeweled or ornamental headband
anthemAn anthem is a musical composition, typically in a hymn-like style, that is often used to celebrate
antrumAn antrum is a cavity or chamber, often referring to a body cavity or chamber within an organ.
asarumThey are typically grown for their attractive foliage and are not related to the culinary ginger
ashramAn ashram is a secluded place or spiritual hermitage where people, often religious 
aswarm“Aswarm” is an adjective used to describe a state in which a large number of insects
asylumAn asylum is a place of refuge or shelter, often used to describe a facility or institution 
atriumAn atrium is a large open space or a central hall within a building, typically with a skylight 
autismAutism is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects communication, social interaction
balsamBalsam typically refers to a fragrant resin or oily substance derived from various trees and plants. 
bantamBantam chickens are smaller than standard breeds and are often kept for ornamental 
bariumBarium is a chemical element with the symbol “Ba” and the atomic number 56. 
becalm“Becalm” is a verb that means to make something calm or still, particularly referring to calming
bedlam“Bedlam” is an archaic term for a state of uproar, confusion, or chaos. 
beflum“Beflum” is not a recognized English word, and it doesn’t have a defined meaning
befoamTo cover or become covered with foam.
Goofy 6 Letter Words Ending With M For Kids
begrimTo make dirty or grimy, to soil or darken.
beldamAn archaic term for an old woman or hag, often used in a derogatory or contemptuous manner.
beseemTo befit or suit, to be appropriate for a particular situation.
beteemTo allow, permit, or bestow.
betrimTo make something trim or neat, to adorn or embellish.
biformIt is often used in biology to describe organisms or structures that exhibit two distinct forms 
bivium“Bivium” refers to a point where two roads or paths converge into a single route or junction
bottomThe lowest part of something; the underside. It can also refer to the lowest or deepest point 
bunkumNonsense or foolishness. It is often used to describe something that is insincere or empty talk.
caecumThe cecum (also spelled “caecum”) is a pouch at the beginning of the large intestine
carrotA long, orange vegetable with a sweet taste that is often eaten raw or cooked. 
ceriumCerium is a chemical element with the symbol “Ce” and atomic number 58. 
cherem“Cherem” can refer to a type of ban or excommunication in Jewish law. 
chiasmA chiasm is a rhetorical or literary device in which words or ideas are arranged in a crosswise
chrismChrism is a consecrated oil used in certain religious ceremonies, especially in Christian sacraments
ciliumA cilium (plural: cilia) is a small, hair-like structure found on the surface of many cells. 
coelomA coelom is a fluid-filled body cavity found in many animals, including humans. 
condomA condom is a contraceptive barrier device typically made of latex or polyurethane. 
coniumConium is a genus of plants that includes Conium maculatum, commonly known as hemlock. 
coriumCorium is a term used in anatomy to refer to the innermost layer of the skin
crinumCrinum is a genus of flowering plants that includes various species of lilies. 
cubismCubism is an influential art movement that originated in the early 20th century
cundum“Cundum” is an old, informal term for a condom. It has largely fallen out of use 
cuprum“Cuprum” is the Latin word for copper, and it is used in some scientific contexts to refer to the element 
curiumCurium is a chemical element with the symbol “Cm” and atomic number 96. 
Amusing 6 Letter Words Ending With M For Kids
customA custom refers to a traditional and widely accepted practice or behavior within a particular group
defoamThis is often done to improve the efficiency or quality of certain processes
deformTo “deform” means to alter the shape or structure of something, typically in a way that is unnatural
derham“Derham” is a unit of currency used historically in some Arab countries. 
dewormDeworming is commonly done in veterinary care for pets and livestock and in human healthcare
diademA “diadem” is a jeweled crown or headband worn as a symbol of authority or honor. 
diatomA “diatom” is a type of microscopic single-celled alga that is enclosed in a unique, intricate
dictumA “dictum” is a formal statement or pronouncement of a principle, rule, or opinion
dinkum“Dinkum” is an Australian colloquial term that means “fair” or “genuine.” 
dirham“Dirham” is a unit of currency used in several Arab countries, including the United Arab Emirate
dirhem“Dirhem” is an alternative spelling of “dirham” and is also used as a unit of currency in Arab
disarmTo “disarm” means to deprive someone or something of weapons or the means to carry out an attack
dodgemA “dodgem” is a type of small electric-powered amusement park ride consisting of small cars 
doliumA “dolium” is an ancient Roman earthenware vessel or jar used for storing 

Some Other Examples Of 6-Letter Words Ending With M

Perfect 6 Letter Words Ending With M For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 6-Letter Words Ending With M

Children’s language and cognitive development depend on vocabulary games. By associating words with particular situations or difficulties, they improve recall, make learning fun, and promote active engagement. 

Overall, vocabulary games are effective instructional tools that support kids’ overall language and communication success and growth.

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is an intriguing way to teach your kids some practical six-letter terms that end with the letter M and to demonstrate how to use those words properly. In this game, you must pose a question or make a statement, and your child will respond with an answer.

This name game can even be conducted in reverse. For instance, you might have to respond correctly when your youngster asks a question. Therefore, by playing this engaging game, you can introduce some intriguing six-letter words ending with M to your little ones.


Question: What is the currency of Arab called?

Answer: Derham

Question: What is the term used for jewelled crown?

Answer: Diadem

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Fill-in-the-blanks is another entertaining and simple pastime. You may teach your kids some practical 6 letter words that end with M using this educational game. 

Your adorable tiny pals will learn new words easily and accurately with this game, as well as how to use them correctly. 

Additionally, this type of simple word game will be very beneficial for their future academic endeavors.













3. Match The Words With Meanings

Knowledgeable Word Matching Game For Kids

Another well-liked game that might make it simple for your young kids to learn some new words is a matching activity. Your child will be able to grasp the concepts of similar and dissimilar things through this way. You will need to make two sets of columns for this.

You need to explain to your kids how to read the word and its meaning and how to correctly match them with the appropriate words.

a) dorsumi) is a genus of flowering plants that includes various species. Some species are known for their vibrant, tubular flowers.
b) dumdumii) refers to a philosophical or ethical theory that emphasizes self-interest as the foundation of moral action. It can also refer to excessive self-centeredness or self-importance in an individual’s behavior.
c) echiumiii) is to preserve a deceased person’s body by treating it with chemicals to slow down the decomposition process. Embalming is often done for funerals and viewing ceremonies.
d) egoismiv) is a colloquial term used to describe a type of expanding bullet or ammunition that is designed to inflict greater damage upon impact.
e) embalmv) is a Latin word that is sometimes used in scientific contexts to refer to the upper or dorsal surface of a structure or an organism. In anatomy, it is often used to describe the back of an animal.

(Answer: a-v, b-iv, c-i, d-ii, e-iii)


In this article we have read the seven letters words and their meanings. We have also played several games (also which you can continue playing with your friends and siblings)!

We will meet you again with six letter words ending with N, soon! Still, if you miss us, do check our other articles in this website!

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