6 Letter Words Ending with Z for Amazing Vocabulary!

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Did you ever noticed that words ending with “z” is that they are relatively rare in the English language?

Isn’t it?

In fact, there are very few common English words that end with the letter “z.” Many words that do end with “z” are borrowed from other languages, such as Arabic or German!

Well, we will start a list of six letters words ending with letter Z along with its meaning here.

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List Of 6-Letter Words Ending With Z

Incredible 6 Letter Words Ending With Z For Kids
blintza thin pancake that is often filled with ingredients like cheese, fruit, or meat, and then rolled or folded.
bonnaz“Bonnaz” doesn’t have a widely recognized meaning. It might be a less common or specialized term.
chintzChintz” is a type of printed cotton fabric often used for drapery, upholstery, and interior decoration. 
ersatzErsatz” is a German word adopted into English, meaning a substitute or replacement for something
halutzHebrew word that refers to a pioneer or a person who helped establish a Jewish settlement, 
hametzHebrew word that refers to leavened bread or any food product made with leavened dough. 
kibitz.Yiddish term that means to offer unsolicited advice, often in a lighthearted or humorous manner.
kuvasz.a breed of large, white Hungarian livestock guardian dog known for its protective and loyal nature.
Olmutzalternate spelling for Olomouc, a city in the Czech Republic known for its historical and cultural significance.
pazazzPazazz” (often spelled as “pizzazz”) is a slang term that means an attractive combination of vitality
pizazzPizazz” is an alternate spelling for “pazazz,” meaning an attractive and lively quality.
quartzQuartz” is a mineral composed of silicon and oxygen atoms, often found in various forms
Queluza town and the location of the Queluz National Palace in Portugal, 
schnoz“Schnoz” is a colloquial term for a person’s nose, often used in a humorous or informal context.
SchwyzSchwyz” is a town in Switzerland and one of the founding cantons of the Swiss Confederation. 
shirazShiraz” is a city in Iran and is also the name of a variety of wine grape, particularly in Australia. 
shvitzYiddish term that means to sweat. It is often associated with saunas and steam rooms.
SiletzSiletz” is a Native American tribe in Oregon and the name of the Siletz Reservation in the state.
spritz“Spritz” is a cocktail or mixed drink typically made with a combination of wine, soda water

Some Other Examples Of 6-Letter Words Ending With Z


Interesting Activities For Kids With 6-Letter Words Ending With Z

Children’s language and cognitive development depend on vocabulary games. By associating words with particular situations or difficulties, they improve recall, make learning fun, and promote active engagement. 

Overall, vocabulary games are effective instructional tools that support kids’ overall language and communication success and growth.

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Fill-in-the-blanks is another entertaining and simple pastime. You may teach your kids some practical 6 letter words that end with H using this educational game. 

Your adorable tiny pals will learn new words easily and accurately with this game, as well as how to use them correctly. 

Additionally, this type of simple word game will be very beneficial for their future academic endeavors.












In these instructional activities, new words with six different beginning sounds, ending with Z, are presented to the students.

And, it’s the end of the series “six letter words ending with various alphabets”. But, don’t worry, we will be right back with a new series of seven letters! Stay tuned!

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