6 Letter Words Ending With T for Vocab Treasure!

Hello, little learners! 

Did you know? Words ending with the letter “T” often take on various forms when conjugated in English.

Well, the alphabet T is itself a very strong consonant and is often mispronounced by babies!

This article will teach us about six-letter words ending with the alphabet T.

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List Of 6-Letter Words Ending With T

Incredible 6 Letter Words Ending With T For Kids
abductTo take someone away by force, typically for a criminal purpose.
abientAbient” doesn’t have a widely recognized meaning. It might be a less common or specialised term.
abjectExtremely miserable, wretched, or deserving contempt.
ablautThe systematic change of vowel sounds within a word to indicate different grammatical forms 
ablestThe superlative form of “able,” meaning the most capable or skilled.
abruptSudden or unexpected, often used to describe a quick or steep change in something.
absentNot present, missing, or not in a particular place.
abvoltA unit of power in the CGS electromagnetic unit system, equivalent to one erg per second.
abwattA unit of power in the CGS electromagnetic unit system, equivalent to one erg per second.
accentA distinctive way of pronouncing a language, often associated with a particular region 
acceptTo receive or agree to something offered or presented.
accostTo approach and address someone, often in a bold or aggressive manner.
acquitTo declare someone not guilty of a crime or to absolve them from a duty or obligation.
addictA person who is physically or mentally dependent on a particular substance or activity
adductTo move a body part or limb toward the body’s midline or another reference point.
adientAdient” doesn’t have a widely recognized meaning. It might be a less common or specialised term.
adjustTo make small changes or alterations to something to fit a particular purpose or improve its performance.
admixtMixed or blended together, often used to describe substances or ingredients that are combined.
adriftFloating or moving without being anchored or controlled, often used in the context of a boat 
adroitclever, or adept in handling situations or tasks with finesse.
advectIn meteorology, it refers to the horizontal movement of air, water, or other substances.
adventThe arrival or coming of a notable person, event, or thing.
advertTo refer to or call attention to something, typically in a public notice or advertisement.
affectTo have an influence on or cause a change in something or someone’s feelings or emotions.
afloatFloating on water or a liquid, not sinking or grounded.
Goofy 6 Letter Words Ending With T For Kids
afreetIn Arabic folklore, an evil spirit or demon.
ageistRelating to discrimination or prejudice against individuals based on their age, particularly the elderly.
aghastFilled with shock, fear, or amazement due to something surprising or horrifying.
aglintShining or glittering with light, often used to describe something reflecting or sparkling.
agorotA former Israeli currency unit, which represented a subunit of the Israeli shekel.
agurotAnother subunit of the Israeli shekel.
aigletA small metal tag or tube used to secure the end of a lace or cord, often found on clothing.
albeitAlthough; even though; despite the fact that.
alightTo land or settle, often used to describe birds or insects coming to rest.
aliyotPlural of “aliyah,” refers to the act of going up, used in the context of Jews immigrating to Israel.
almostNearly all or nearly everything but not quite all.
amidstIn the middle of or surrounded by something.
amountThe total sum of something, usually in terms of quantity, value, or degree.
amuletAn object, a piece of jewellery, believed to have magical properties and protect the wearer from harm.
anenstAn archaic term meaning “opposite” or “against.”
ankletA piece of jewellery worn around the ankle.
anlautA German term for “initial sound,” often used in linguistics to refer to the first sound in a word.
anointTo apply oil or other sacred substances to a person or object, often as a religious or ceremonial act.
aoristIn grammar, a tense used in some languages to indicate simple, undefined actions or events.
appletA small application or software program, typically designed to perform a specific task.
ardentEnthusiastic, passionate, or fervent in one’s beliefs or feelings.
argentA term used in heraldry to describe the color silver or a silver object.
arightIn the right way, correctly or appropriately.
armletA piece of jewellery worn around the arm, similar to a bracelet
armpitThe hollow beneath the junction of the arm and shoulder, often used to describe a body part.
Amusing 6 Letter Words Ending With T For Kids
arointAn archaic term meaning “begone” or “away with you.”
arpentAn old French unit of land area measurement, used in North America, equal to about 0.8448 acres.
arrantComplete or thorough, often used to describe something negative, such as “arrant nonsense.”
arrestTo take someone into custody, typically by law enforcement, due to suspicion of wrongdoing.
artistA person who creates art, such as paintings, sculptures, or other forms of creative expression.
ascentThe act of rising or going upward, often used in the context of elevation or climbing.
ashpitA pit or receptacle for collecting ashes, especially from a fireplace or furnace.
askantAnother term for “askance,” which means to look at something with suspicion or scepticism.
aslantSlanting or tilted at an angle, not horizontal or vertical.
aspectA particular part or feature of something, often used to describe a facet or viewpoint.
assentAgreement or approval, typically in response to a proposal or request.
assertTo state or declare something with confidence and force, often in the face of opposition
assistTo help or provide support to someone in carrying out a task or achieving a goal.
assortTo group or arrange things into categories or types, often based on similarities or differences.
attentAn archaic term meaning “intelligent” or “attentive.”
attestTo provide evidence or proof of something, often by means of a written document or testimony.
attritA rare word, but it can refer to the gradual wearing down or weakening of something, especially
augustRespected and impressive, often used to describe a person or event with a sense of dignity.
aukletA small seabird belonging to the auk family, found in various parts of the world.
auristAn old term for an ear specialist or physician who treats ear ailments.
autistA term sometimes used to refer to a person with autism
avauntAn archaic word meaning “go away” or “begone.” It’s used to command someone to depart.
avocetA type of long-legged wading bird with distinctive upward-curving bills, often found in wetland habitats.
Best 6 Letter Words Ending With T For Kids
balletA highly stylized form of dance that includes a set sequence of movements and positions
ballotA voting process in which people cast their votes by marking a choice on a ballot paper. 
banditA criminal who robs or steals, often by force or through illegal means.
bankitBankit” doesn’t have a widely recognized meaning. It might be a less common or specialised term.
barbetA type of dog breed, characterised by its curly or wavy coat.
barbutA type of mediaeval helmet, often open-faced, with a protective visor.
barestThe superlative form of “bare,” meaning the most minimal or exposed.
barretBarret” doesn’t have a widely recognized meaning. It might be a less common or specialised term.
basaltA type of dark, fine-grained volcanic rock that is commonly found in the Earth’s crust.
basestThe superlative form of “base,” meaning the most morally low or lacking in integrity.
basketA container typically made of woven materials, used for carrying or storing various items.
basnetBasnet” doesn’t have a widely recognized meaning. It might be a less common or specialised term.
bassetA breed of dog known for its long ears and short legs. They are often used for hunting.
becketA type of garment, such as a collar or cap, often made of lace and worn around the neck.
bedsitA rented room that serves as a bedroom and a sitting room, found in shared housing arrangements.
begirtAn archaic word meaning “surrounded” or “encircled.” It describes being encased or
behestA command, order, or request, especially one that is authoritative or urgent.
bennetA given name or surname, but its meaning can vary depending on cultural or regional interpretations.
bereftDeprived of or lacking something, especially something that is desirable or necessary.
besantA gold coin used in mediaeval Europe or the Eastern Roman Empire.
beweptAn archaic term for having wept or cried, often used in literary or poetic contexts.
bezantA gold coin, often used in historical contexts, including the Byzantine Empire.
billetA place where soldiers are lodged, 
bisectTo divide something into two equal parts, often by cutting or splitting it along a central line or point.
biuretA chemical compound, often used in the biuret test to detect the presence of proteins in a solution.
Relevant 6 Letter Words Ending With T For Kids
cobaltA chemical element with the symbol “Co” and atomic number 27
cobnutA type of hazelnut, typically referring to a large, cultivated variety of the wild hazelnut, 
coeditTo edit something jointly or collaborate on the editing of a document, manuscript, or work
cogentConvincing, persuasive, or compelling in a clear and logical manner, making a strong argument 
cohortA group of people who share a common characteristic or experience, often used for a group 
colletA small metal collar or ring used to hold a gemstone in place in a piece of jewellery
combatA physical fight or conflict between individuals or groups, often in the context of armed warfare 
comfitA sweet or candy made by coating fruits, nuts, or seeds with a sugar or syrup glaze
comintA term used in intelligence and military contexts, short for “communications intelligence,”
commitTo carry out an action, promise, or obligation; to dedicate or pledge oneself to a particular course
confitA cooking method in which food, typically meat (such as duck or goose), is slowly cooked in its own
coquetTo flirt or engage in playful, teasing behavior, often to attract someone’s romantic interest.
cornetA brass musical instrument similar to a trumpet but with a conical shape, often used in brass bands
corsetA tight-fitting undergarment, typically made of stiffened fabric, designed to shape and support
corvetA type of fast, lightly armed naval vessel used for various purposes, such as patrolling or escort duty.
cossetTo treat with excessive care or indulgence, often to the point of pampering or spoiling.
covertHidden or concealed, not openly acknowledged or visible; 
coyestThe superlative form of “coy,” which means to be reserved, shy, or reluctant to reveal one’s thoughts
cravatA type of neckwear or necktie, typically a wide, decorative cloth worn around the neck 
creditRecognition or approval for having done something well; 
cubistA style of art, often associated with the early 20th century, characterised by the use of geometric
cueistA person skilled in the game of billiards, snooker, or pool, often referred to as a cue sports player.
culletBroken or waste glass, used in the manufacturing of new glass objects by melting and reshaping.
curvetA graceful leap or jump, especially performed by a horse, in which it raises both its front and hind legs
cushatAn old English term for a wood pigeon, a species of bird native to Europe and parts of Asia
cutestThe superlative form of “cute,” used to describe something or someone who is exceptionally charming 

Some Other Examples Of 6-Letter Words Ending With T

Perfect 6 Letter Words Ending With T For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 6-Letter Words Ending With T

Children’s language and cognitive development depend on vocabulary games. By associating words with particular situations or difficulties, they improve recall, make learning fun, and promote active engagement. 

Overall, vocabulary games are effective instructional tools that support kids’ overall language and communication success and growth.

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is an intriguing way to teach your kids some practical six-letter terms that end with the letter T and to demonstrate how to use those words properly. In this game, you must pose a question or make a statement, and your child will respond with an answer.

This name game can even be conducted in reverse. For instance, you might have to respond correctly when your youngster asks a question. Therefore, by playing this engaging game, you can introduce some intriguing six-letter words ending with T to your little ones.


Question: Which large reptile is known for its powerful jaws and sharp teeth?

Answer: Crocot

Question: What is the process of turning a liquid into a solid, often through cooling?

Answer: Freezt

Questions: What’s a common insect that produces honey and has a stinger?

Answer: Beezit

Question: What’s the term for a mountain’s highest point?

Answer: Summit

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Fill-in-the-blanks is another entertaining and simple pastime. You may teach your kids some practical 6 letter words that end with T using this educational game. 

Your adorable tiny pals will learn new words easily and accurately with this game, as well as how to use them correctly. 

Additionally, this type of simple word game will be very beneficial for their future academic endeavors.























3. Match The Words With Meanings

Knowledgeable Word Matching Game For Kids

Another well-liked game that might make it simple for your young kids to learn some new words is a matching activity. Your child will be able to grasp the concepts of similar and dissimilar things through this way. You will need to make two sets of columns for this.

You need to explain to your kids how to read the word and its meaning and how to correctly match them with the appropriate words.

cutleti) A young swan, typically referring to a swan in its first year of life before it reaches full maturity.
cutoutii) A term related to cytology, which is the branch of biology that deals with the study of cells and their structure.
cygnetiii) An archaic term for a bandit, outlaw, or robber, especially one who is part of an organised criminal gang, often associated with South Asia.
cytostiv) A shape or object that has been cut out from a larger material, often for artistic, decorative, or functional purposes.
dacoitv) A small, flattened piece of meat, usually breaded and fried or grilled, often served as a dish on its own or in a sandwich.

(Answer: a-v, b-iv, c-i, d-ii, e-iii)


In these instructional activities, new words with six different beginning sounds, ending with T, are presented to the students. We would be happy to help further if you require it.

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