100+ Quick 7 Second Riddles to Test Your Smartness

Looking for a fun activity for family events or solo pastimes? We got you!

The popularity of riddles is not recent. From newspapers to WhatsApp, we all have had our obsession with riddles at some point. 

Keeping in mind the need for a fun activity to help you take a break from a hectic work schedule and help to increase your mental speed, we present you with a list of 7 seconds riddles. 

7 seconds riddle for kids

Solving riddles has proved fruitful to children in many ways- Showing creativity, problem-solving skills, comprehension, you name it.

If children spend a long time solving a riddle, it will help them to focus and concentrate. If your child is drawing up on the wall or exceeding their screen time limit, then ask him to solve the following easy riddles:

Q. I will show you cities, streets, and shops, but no people. What am I?

A. A map

Q. By giving me food, you make me live. By giving me water, you make me die. What am I?

A. Fire

7-Second Riddles

Q. The two things that you cannot have for dinner?

A. Lunch and breakfast

Q. I help you eat, but you cannot eat me. What am I?

A. A Spoon

Q. It has many keys, but you can’t open the door with it. Guess the item. 

A. A piano 

Q. It follows you everywhere and copies you around. What is it?

A. A shadow 

Q. What ends with the same letter as it begins with?

A. A race car

7-Second Riddles

Q. Which month has 27 days?

A. Every month has 27 days.

Q. X has three daughters, and each one of them has a brother. How many sons does X have?  

A. One son

Q. Y is an odd number. If we take a letter out of it, Y becomes even. Can you guess the value of Y?

A. Seven. If we remove S from it, it becomes even. 

Q. If you divide every digit of a mobile’s number pad, what will be the answer?

A. 0, since the dial pad also consists of 0. 

Q. It has T in the beginning, T in the end, and T inside it.

A. A teapot.

Q. Two mothers and two daughters are sitting in a room, but there are only three persons present in the room. Explain how it is possible.

A. The people sitting in a room are the grandmother, mother, and daughter.

Q. What has no beginning and an end?

A. Earth

7-Second Riddles

Q. You walk into a dark room. You find only three things there- A fireplace, a candle, and a lantern. For lighting up the room, what will you use first?

A. Nothing. You have only three things that do not include matchsticks to light them. 

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Hard 7 seconds riddles 

 How would you rate your riddle-solving skill? Would you consider yourself to be excellent at it? Or do you think yourself to be average in riddle-solving?

Do you want real brain teasers that keep you thinking? Then check out the following riddles. (Don’t worry, they too have answers) 

Q.What is common at the beginning of March and May?

A. The letter ‘M.’

Q. A room was filled with many people. You enter the room but don’t see a single person. Why?

A. Because everyone was married.

Q. What disappears as soon as you mention its name?

A. Silence

Q. You own it, but everyone else uses it. What is it?

A. Your name 

Q. Which word is always spelled wrong everywhere?

 A. Wrong

 Q. How can you physically stand behind someone while they are also standing behind you?

A. You both are standing back-to-back. 

 Q. I can be kept, and I can also be broken. I can be attacked; I can also be crushed. What am I?

A. Heart 

7-Second Riddles

Q. It has many expressions and faces. It’s usually found at your fingertips. What is it?

A. An emoticon

 Q. You are my sister. I am not your sister. What am I?

A. Your brother

Q. Which bird is generally associated with heavy lifting?

A. A crane  

Q. What walks on fours in the beginning and on twos when it grows up?

A. A man. He crawls when he is a baby. And starts walking on his legs once he grows up. 

Q. How can the number Four be changed to Five without adding, subtracting, or multiplying?

A. IV is the Roman representation of Four. If we remove I from it, then we will get V which means Five. 

Q. It can walk straight past the glass without breaking it. What is it called?

A. A beam of light 

Q. It’s the shortest in the group. When we want to wish someone luck, we bring it out. 

A. A thumb

Q. It connects two people but comes in physical contact with only one person. What is it?

A. Wedding ring

Q. What can sting like a bee and hurt like a knife? It comes out of our mouths.

A. Words

Q. What does everything ends at?

A. Letter ‘g’

Q. I am the beginning of love; I am the beginning of life. I am also the end of all.

A. The letter ‘L’

Q. I sit above you as a protector. I keep you safe from the sun. What am I?

A. A cap

7-Second Riddles

Q. What can push you forward and also make you stumble? What can bring tears to your eye and also keep you cold?

A. Wind 

Q. I get shorter with every passing minute whenever I am being used. What am I?

A. A candle 

Q. Even though it has 16 diamonds, it is not rich. What is it?

A. A deck of cards 

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Funny 7 seconds riddle

We cannot outgrow our love for riddles even when we grow older. Who says riddles only have to be tough?

Whether you are a child or an adult, everyone loves a funny riddle to gear up your brain. Following are a bunch of quirky and funny riddles to impress your friends and keep you entertained.   

Q. It starts with P and ends with an E. It has thousands of letters. What is it?

A. A post office. 

Q. Which berry can you not consume?

A. Blackberry (phone)

Q. I always fall in winter without getting hurt. 

A. Snow

Q. Why was Adam considered a good runner?

A. Because he was first in the entire human race.

Q. What will you call a potato grown in Ireland?

A. A potato 

Q. A horse-rider rode to his hometown on Friday. He stayed for two days and left the town on Friday. How is that possible?

A. His horse’s name was Friday.

Q. It will always come, but not today. What is it?

A. Tomorrow

Q. The one who makes it doesn’t need it when he is making it. The one who uses it doesn’t know why he needs it. The one who buys it is not the one using it. What is it?

A. Coffin

Q. What seems yellow in color but smells like paint?

A. Yellow paint 

Q. Why did the mushroom accept the invitation to the party?

A. Because he was a ‘fun-gi’

Q. What does the artist promise his lover?

A. I will always love you with all my art. 

Q. What does iron tell magnet?

A. You attract me so much. 

Q. How do snakes bid goodbye to each other?

A. By giving a hiss on each other’s cheek. 

Q. What did the kitten tell her partner?

A. You are “purr-fect” for me. 

Q. What do wild animals sing during Christmas?

A. Jungle bells Jungle bells

Q. What would people call a great detective who is also homeless?

A. Sherlock ‘Homeless’

Q. We can’t enter this way. Which was it?

A. Milky way

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7 Second Riddles

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