60+ Fun Bright Side Riddles to Test Your Trivia Knowledge

The bright side is a YouTube channel is meant especially for kids and teenagers. The videos impart wisdom about all the ‘how-to’ questions.

They also ask riddles that are based on detective mysteries and whatnot. We have prepared a list of Bright Side riddles for you to enjoy. 

Bright side riddles for kids

It’s proven that riddles and puzzles help children with their logistic thinking and mental development.

Doesn’t matter if your child is focused or finds it difficult to sit in one place; riddles might help you in keeping them busy. 

Bright Side Riddles for Kids

Q. April’s mom had four daughters- August, June, and Summer. What will be the name of the remaining daughter? 

A. April is the name of the fourth daughter. 

Q. My friend’s name- Mandy, can be spelled by using one letter and one word. Can you guess what?

A. ‘Man’ and ‘D’

Q. Can you guess the next four letters in the following sequence?

‘J, F, M, A, M, J, J, A….’

A. S, O, N, D. (The letters represented the initials of 12 months)

Q. It can run, but it cannot walk. It doesn’t have legs, nor does it have wings. What is it?

A. Your nose

Q. Which question will have no answer when you ask it?

A. Are you dead?

Q. What kind of fish is not found in water?

A. A dry fish

Q. I follow you everywhere. When you are lost, I can lead the police to you. Who am I?

A. Footprints

Q. When you are tired, you use me. Everyone needs me at night. But when it’s morning, I am alone again. Who am I?

A. A pillow

Q. Which band is stretchable?

A. An elastic band!

Q. It travels all around the world, yet it always reaches the receiver in time. If you don’t address it correctly, it might get back to you. What is it?

A. A stamp 

Q. Which layer is always wet and sticky if you touch it?

A. A new layer of paint

Q. You can’t own me. If you give me to someone else, then only you can keep me with yourself too. Who am I?

A. A promise

Q. I can give you all the space you need, but I am not an astronaut. You can enter me as much as you want, but I am not your house. I can provide you with keys, but I am not a key-maker. Can you guess who I am?

A. A keyboard

Q. A friend of mine resides on the sixteenth floor. When she is with someone in the lift, she asks the other person to press the elevator button. But when she is all by herself, she takes the staircase. Can you guess why?

A. Because she is a dwarf.

Q. How many times can you eat breakfast with an empty stomach?

A. Only one time. (After one meal, your stomach won’t be empty anymore)

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Hard Brightside Riddles

Hard Brightside riddles

Hard riddles are such a challenge, don’t you think? If someone is boasting about their intelligence, then just ask them some fun riddles!

That will prove who is a genius and who is not. Following are some hard riddles that might seem easy at first but are actually very confusing. 

Q. My sister’s brother’s only wife is sleeping on the bed. Who is sleeping on the bed?

A. My sister-in-law 

Q. I have only three letters. Some treat me as a pet. Others see me as a mousetrap. Who am I?

A. A cat 

Q. Why did my sister go in the rain with her pockets wide open?

A. She expected some change in the climate. 

Q. Which thing do elephants have that other animals and humans don’t have?

A. Baby elephants 

Q. Which kind of footwear do bananas wear?

A. Slippers

Q. How will a carpet tell you that he can protect you?

A. Don’t worry. I have you all covered. 

Q. If 15 children are running to one child, then how will you use this to describe time?

A. It’s 15 to one. 

Q. I have 100 arms but zero legs. Can you guess who I am?

A. 50 pairs of t-shirts

Q. Can you guess Chimpanzees’ favorite flavor of ice cream?

A. It’s Choco ‘chimps.’

Q. If I jump into a river first, what will happen to me?

A. I will get wet

Q. It purrs like a cat. It resembles a cat very much. But it is not a cat. Can you guess what it is?

A. A kitten

Q. Which bus can fit in a column?

A. Columbus 

Q. I was sitting with my brother while watching a movie together. Then there was a power cut. Do you know where I found my brother then?

A. In the dark

Q. Why do birds fly up in the sky?

A. Because they don’t know how to walk. 

Q. Which thing is easy to catch when you are wet?

A. A cold!

Q. What is the end of the world?

A. The letter ‘D.’

Q. How is it possible that ‘After’ precedes ‘before’?

A. It’s possible in a dictionary.

Q. A teacher and a girl were going on a walk. The girl was the teacher’s daughter, but the teacher was not the girl’s mother. Who was the teacher then?

A. She was the girl’s grandmother. 

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Funny Brightside Riddles

Funny Brightside riddles

Tired of making your brain run in every possible direction? Well, let’s take a break! No, not from the riddles. But it’s time to break into some laughter. Tag along with us to enjoy these funny riddles.

Q. Mark, Johnson, and Emily were walking on the road in the evening. They were not under an umbrella, and yet no one got wet. Can you predict why?

A. Because it was not monsoon season!

Q. I am needed by everyone. You might ask for me from your friends and maybe sometimes your parents. But when I am given to you, you don’t use me. Who am I?

A. Advice

Q. What is as tall as a giraffe? But it needs nothing to eat. You cannot trap it. You cannot feel it. Can you guess what it is?

A. Shadow of a giraffe

Q. How will a red fruit propose to another red fruit?

A. I have fallen for you from my head ‘tomato .’(Get it? Get it?)

Q. I am a bear. But I don’t hunt. I am not dangerous. Children love me even though they can’t cuddle me. Who am I?

A. Gummy bears

Fun Brightside Riddles

Q. Why did the fish didn’t go with the fisherman?

A. Because it is suspected that something fishy is going on.

Q. Why is the math book always struggling?

A. Because it is filled with financial problems. 

Q. Why can’t humans survive in saltwater?

A. Because saltwater will give us high blood pressure. 

Q. If you are singing Christmas jingles and Santa Clause cheers and claps for you, what will you it?

A. ‘Santapplause’

Hard Brightside Riddles

Q. If paper and pen are not available with you, you can use them. If you need to count, then you can count on them. What is it?

A. Your fingers

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Best Bright Side Riddles

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