50+ Birds that Start with B for Brilliant Feathers!

Hello young fact enthusiastic! Today, let’s explore the fascinating details of some captivating birds whose names start with the letter B!

From enchanting songbirds to noteworthy flightless birds, these internationally renowned creatures are bound to increase your interest. Join us on this journey.

Interesting Birds That Start With B

Venture on an exploration to uncover the unique abilities and entertaining facts about exceptional birds whose names commence with the letter B.

Babbling Starling

Babbling Starling

The Babbling Starling loves to sing a melody of chirps and whistles, brightening forests with its beautiful tunes.

Habitat and Behavior: Lives in woodlands, singing cheerfully in groups, and loves imitating other bird sounds, spreading joy.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives for about 10-12 years, nesting in tree hollows, laying 4-5 eggs per clutch.

Fun Fact: These clever birds can mimic not only other birds but also sounds like car alarms and phones!

Bachman’s Sparrow

Bachman’s Sparrow

Bachman’s Sparrow hops through grassy areas, its soft chirps and rustling wings adding a touch of music to meadows.

Habitat and Behavior: Prefers pine forests, foraging for seeds on the ground, singing with a soft, melodious voice.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives for 3-5 years, building nests on the ground and laying 3-4 eggs each year.

Fun Fact: They have a secret signal—a soft ‘chuckle’—to communicate with their mates!

Bachman’s Warbler

Bachman’s Warbler

Rare and beautiful, Bachman’s Warbler flits gracefully among trees, bringing a touch of yellow to its forest home.

Habitat and Behavior: Lives in swamps and forests, hunting insects while flitting among branches, known for its elusive nature.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 4-6 years, nesting in shrubs or low trees, laying 2-4 eggs.

Fun Fact: Once thought to be extinct, it’s still rarely seen, making sightings quite special!

Baer’s Pochard

Baer’s Pochard

Baer’s Pochard glides serenely across lakes, its colorful plumage adding beauty to wetlands and marshes.

Habitat and Behavior: Prefers freshwater lakes, diving for food underwater, usually seen in small groups.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives for about 10 years, nesting near water, laying 6-10 eggs per clutch.

Fun Fact: These ducks travel incredibly long distances during migration, crossing thousands of miles!

Baglafecht Weaver

Baglafecht Weaver

Baglafecht Weaver weaves intricate nests, adorning savannas with its presence and vibrant yellow and black plumage.

Habitat and Behavior: Lives in grasslands, building pendulous nests, often seen in colonies creating beautiful woven homes.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives for 5-8 years, constructing large communal nests with multiple breeding pairs.

Fun Fact: Their nests can be massive, with a single tree holding up to a hundred nests!

Bagobo Babbler

Bagobo Babbler

With its striking colors, the Bagobo Babbler loves to sing in the forests of the Philippines.

Habitat and Behavior: These birds hop around in dense forests, chirping melodiously in groups, enjoying fruits and insects.

Lifespan and Reproduction: They live around 5-7 years, laying small eggs in hidden nests, cared for by both parents.

Fun Fact: Bagobo Babblers communicate using various calls, even mimicking other birds, creating unique symphonies!

Bahama Mockingbird

Bahama Mockingbird

Meet the lively Bahama Mockingbird, a fantastic singer found in the sunny islands of the Bahamas.

Habitat and Behavior: They thrive in shrubby areas, imitating other birds’ songs while foraging for insects and fruits.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Living 8-10 years, they build cup-shaped nests and lay eggs, raising chicks with care.

Fun Fact: These birds are expert mimics, copying the sounds of not just birds but also machinery and even human noises!

Bahama Oriole

Bahama Oriole

In the Bahamas, the colorful Bahama Oriole charms with its bright feathers and delightful tunes.

Habitat and Behavior: Oriole homes are in pine forests, where they hunt insects and sing beautiful, flute-like songs.

Lifespan and Reproduction: They live up to 7-9 years, laying eggs in hanging nests, both parents nurturing their young.

Fun Fact: Bahama Orioles are skilled at weaving intricate nests using fibers from palm leaves!

Bahama Swallow

Bahama Swallow

Flying gracefully in the Bahamas, Bahama Swallows dart and glide, painting the sky with their elegance.

Habitat and Behavior: They soar above water bodies, catching insects on the wing, nesting in crevices or cavities.

Lifespan and Reproduction: These swallows live around 4-5 years, nesting in colonies, hatching eggs in mud nests.

Fun Fact: Bahama Swallows form large groups, performing aerial acrobatics in mesmerizing displays!

Bahama Warbler

Bahama Warbler

In the Bahamas, the charming Bahama Warbler, adorned with yellow and black, sings in the island’s forests.

Habitat and Behavior: They flit among trees, picking insects off leaves, singing melodious songs in dense foliage.

Lifespan and Reproduction: These warblers live around 5-7 years, laying eggs in cup-shaped nests, diligently caring for their young.

Fun Fact: Bahama Warblers are expert insect-hunters, using their slender beaks to catch elusive prey in leaves and branches!

Bahama Woodstar

Bahama Woodstar

The Bahama Woodstar is a tiny, colorful hummingbird found in the Bahamas, known for its vibrant plumage and hovering flight.

Habitat and Behavior: Lives in forests, gardens, and coastal areas, sipping nectar from flowers. Flits swiftly and hovers while feeding.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 5 years. Females build nests and lay 2 eggs per clutch.

Fun Fact: Bahama Woodstars can beat their wings up to 80 times per second!

Bahama Yellowthroat

Bahama Yellowthroat

The Bahama Yellowthroat is a small, yellow bird with a black mask, residing in dense vegetation across the Bahamian islands.

Habitat and Behavior: Thrives in marshes and mangroves. They forage for insects and seeds amidst thick foliage.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives up to 4 years. Females lay 3 to 4 eggs in a cup-shaped nest.

Fun Fact: These birds sing cheerful melodies that sound like “wich-i-ty, wich-i-ty, wich-i-ty!”

Bahia Antwren

Bahia Antwren

The Bahia Antwren is a lively, small bird with distinct markings, found in the coastal forests of Brazil.

Habitat and Behavior: Inhabits dense forests, hopping among branches in search of insects and small fruits.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives up to 8 years. They lay eggs in small nests hidden in tree foliage.

Fun Fact: Bahia Antwrens often move in mixed-species flocks to find food and protect each other.

Bahia Spinetail

Bahia Spinetail

The Bahia Spinetail is a slender, brown bird residing in the forests and scrublands of Brazil.

Habitat and Behavior: Nests in burrows on steep hillsides or riverbanks. Flits swiftly to catch flying insects.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 4 years. They build cup-shaped nests and lay 2 to 3 eggs.

Fun Fact: These birds have special tails with stiff feathers that help them balance while perching.

Bahia Tapaculo

Bahia Tapaculo

The Bahia Tapaculo is a small, elusive bird found in the dense undergrowth of Brazil’s Atlantic forests.

Habitat and Behavior: Skulks in thick vegetation, foraging for insects on the forest floor.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives up to 5 years. They construct dome-shaped nests and lay 2 eggs.

Fun Fact: These birds are excellent mimics, imitating the sounds of other birds to confuse predators.

 Bahia Tyrannulet

Bahia Tyrannulet

The Bahia Tyrannulet is a tiny bird with a yellow belly and loves flitting around in trees.

Habitat and Behavior: It enjoys forests and bushes, hopping between branches, hunting insects, and chirping melodiously.

Lifespan and Reproduction: They nest in trees, laying small eggs, and live around 2 to 3 years.

Fun Fact: Bahia Tyrannulets are talented singers and can make different sounds to talk to each other!

Bahian Mouse-colored Tapaculo

Bahian Mouse-Colored Tapaculo

The Bahian Mouse-colored Tapaculo is a sneaky bird, small and brown with a knack for hiding.

Habitat and Behavior: It lives in dense forests, scuttling along the ground, and loves to sing hidden tunes.

Lifespan and Reproduction: These birds lay eggs in hidden nests and usually live up to 3 to 5 years.

Fun Fact: Tapaculos are masters of disguise, blending perfectly with leaves and twigs!

Baikal Bush Warbler

Baikal Bush Warbler

The Baikal Bush Warbler is a fluffy little bird with a high-pitched song that echoes in forests.

Habitat and Behavior: Found near water bodies, it flits amidst bushes, feeding on insects, and singing joyfully.

Lifespan and Reproduction: They make nests close to water and live for about 2 to 3 years.

Fun Fact: These warblers are skilled mimics, copying other bird calls in their songs!

Baikal Teal

Baikal Teal

The Baikal Teal is a handsome duck with striking patterns of green and brown feathers.

Habitat and Behavior: It lives near lakes and marshes, diving for plants and seeds, and swimming gracefully.Lifespan and Reproduction: They build nests near water, laying eggs and living for 

around 10 years.

Fun Fact: During breeding season, male Baikal Teals show off vibrant colors to attract mates!

Baillon’s Crake

Baillon’s Crake

Baillon’s Crake is a secretive bird, small and brown, often hiding in tall reeds.

Habitat and Behavior: They dwell in wetlands, tiptoeing through reeds, and feeding on insects and seeds.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Nesting in dense vegetation, they live for about 1 to 2 years.

Fun Fact: These crakes can walk on floating vegetation without sinking, thanks to their spread-out toes!

Baird’s Flycatcher

Baird’s Flycatcher

Baird’s Flycatcher is a small bird with yellowish belly and loves catching insects mid-air. It sings sweetly!

Habitat and Behavior: Lives in forests, perches on branches, and swoops to catch bugs. Enjoys singing melodious tunes.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 3-5 years. Builds cup-shaped nests in trees, lays 3-4 eggs.

Fun Fact: This flycatcher migrates thousands of miles from North to South America yearly!

Baird’s Junco

Baird’s Junco

Baird’s Junco is a cute bird with gray and white feathers. It hops around the ground happily!

Habitat and Behavior: Found in woodlands, hops on the ground looking for seeds and insects. Enjoys social gatherings.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives up to 5-7 years. Nests on the ground, lays 3-5 eggs.

Fun Fact: Juncos are known as “Snowbirds” because they appear in winter and vanish in summer.

Baird’s Sandpiper

Baird’s Sandpiper

Baird’s Sandpiper is a small shorebird with a long bill. It scurries along beaches searching for tiny food!

Habitat and Behavior: Prefers coastal areas, runs on beaches hunting for insects. Migrates long distances.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 4-6 years. Nests on the ground, lays 3-4 eggs.

Fun Fact: During migration, Baird’s Sandpipers can fly up to 4,000 kilometers non-stop!

Baird’s Sparrow

Baird’s Sparrow

Baird’s Sparrow is a plain-colored bird with streaks on its back. It loves hiding in grassy fields!

Habitat and Behavior: Lives in grasslands, hides in tall grasses, sings softly. Prefers solitude.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 2-4 years. Nests on the ground, lays 3-5 eggs.

Fun Fact: This sparrow can go unnoticed because it perfectly blends in with its grassy surroundings.

Baird’s Trogon

Baird’s Trogon

Baird’s Trogon is a stunning bird with colorful feathers. It perches quietly in forests and hoots softly!

Habitat and Behavior: Inhabits tropical forests, perches quietly, and glides between trees. Calls with soft hoots.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives up to 6-8 years. Nests in tree holes, lays 2-3 eggs.

Fun Fact: Trogons are called “forest gardeners” because they help spread seeds while eating fruits!

Baja Pygmy Owl

Baja Pygmy Owl

The Baja Pygmy Owl is a tiny bird with big round eyes, found in Mexico’s deserts and forests.

Habitat and Behavior: They live in cacti-rich deserts, hiding in trees and hunt at night. They’re skilled hunters.

Lifespan and Reproduction: They nest in tree cavities, laying a few eggs, and live around 7-10 years.

Fun Fact: These owls can mimic sounds, fooling others with their clever calls.

Bald Eagle

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle is a majestic bird, with a white head and fierce yellow eyes, soaring in North America’s skies.

Habitat and Behavior: They dwell near rivers and coasts, soaring high and hunting fish with sharp talons.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Eagles mate for life, laying eggs in huge nests called aerie, living up to 20-30 years.

Fun Fact: They have incredible eyesight, spotting a rabbit from over a mile away!

Bald Parrot

Bald Parrot

The Bald Parrot is a colorful bird with a featherless head, residing in South American rainforests.

Habitat and Behavior: They love lush rainforests, flying in flocks, munching fruits, and nesting in tree hollows.

Lifespan and Reproduction: These parrots mate for life, laying eggs in tree holes, living up to 40-60 years.

Fun Fact: Their featherless faces blush when they’re excited or content!

Balearic Shearwater

Balearic Shearwater

The Balearic Shearwater is a seabird, gliding gracefully over Mediterranean waters.

Habitat and Behavior: They drift over the sea, diving for fish, nesting in cliffs or burrows on islands.

Lifespan and Reproduction: These birds lay eggs in burrows, living around 20 years.

Fun Fact: They can fly at amazing speeds, reaching up to 65 miles per hour!

Balearic Warbler

Balearic Warbler

The Balearic Warbler is a small songbird found in the Balearic Islands’ scrublands.

Habitat and Behavior: They hop through shrubs, singing melodiously, and build nests in bushes.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Warblers lay eggs in nests on the ground, living around 2-3 years.

Fun Fact: These warblers perform acrobatics while catching insects mid-air!

Bali Myna

Bali Myna

The Bali Myna, with its striking white plumage and blue skin, is a rare bird from Indonesia.

Habitat and Behavior: Lives in forests, nests in tree holes, social birds forming flocks, known for melodious calls.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives up to 10-15 years, lays 2-3 eggs annually in nests.

Fun Fact: Bali Mynas are critically endangered, with fewer than 100 birds remaining in the wild.



The Balicassiao, a vibrant yellow bird from the Philippines, is known for its melodious songs.

Habitat and Behavior: Found in forests and gardens, active and noisy birds, often seen hopping between branches.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 5-7 years, builds cup-shaped nests, lays 2-3 eggs per clutch.

Fun Fact: Balicassiaos help in seed dispersal by eating fruits and spreading seeds as they move.

Baliem Whistler

Baliem Whistler

The Baliem Whistler, a colorful bird from Papua New Guinea, flaunts a mix of green and yellow feathers.

Habitat and Behavior: Inhabits montane forests, sings melodious tunes, moves swiftly among trees seeking insects.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives approximately 7-10 years, nests in tree hollows, lays 2-4 eggs per season.

Fun Fact: Baliem Whistlers are skillful mimics, imitating other bird calls and sounds around them.

Balsas Screech Owl

Balsas Screech Owl

The Balsas Screech Owl, a small owl from Mexico, boasts reddish-brown plumage and tufted ears.

Habitat and Behavior: Lives in dry forests, nocturnal hunters, known for their distinctive screeching calls.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Can live up to 8-10 years, nests in tree hollows, lays 2-4 eggs annually.

Fun Fact: Balsas Screech Owls have asymmetrical ear openings, aiding precise sound localization for hunting.

Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Oriole

The Baltimore Oriole, a brilliant orange and black bird from North America, graces gardens with its presence.

Habitat and Behavior: Dwells in woodlands, orchards, and parks, skilled at building hanging basket-like nests.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives up to 10-12 years, lays 3-7 eggs per clutch in intricate nests.

Fun Fact: Baltimore Orioles are excellent at imitating sounds and are skilled mimics of other bird calls.

Bamboo Antshrike

Bamboo Antshrike

The Bamboo Antshrike, with its black and white feathers, hides among bamboo, singing melodiously in forests.

Habitat and Behavior: Lives in dense bamboo forests, hopping around branches, searching for insects to eat.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 8 years, lays 2-3 eggs in a hidden nest within bamboo.

Fun Fact: These birds can imitate the sounds of other birds and animals!

Bamboo Foliage-gleaner

Bamboo Foliage-Gleaner

The Bamboo Foliage-gleaner, with its streaked body, peeks through bamboo leaves, chirping joyfully in forests.

Habitat and Behavior: Thrives in thick bamboo, hopping agilely while foraging insects and small creatures.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 6-7 years, builds cup-shaped nests in bamboo, laying 2-3 eggs.

Fun Fact: They use their long bills to probe and extract insects from bamboo stems.

Bamboo Warbler 

Bamboo Warbler

The Bamboo Warbler, with its yellow and olive feathers, flits gracefully in bamboo, trilling sweet tunes in forests.

Habitat and Behavior: Dances amidst bamboo, hunting insects and caterpillars with quick, precise movements.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 5-6 years, builds intricate nests hidden in bamboo foliage, laying 3-4 eggs.

Fun Fact: They migrate to different regions during winter to find warmer climates.

Bamboo Woodpecker

Bamboo Woodpecker

The Bamboo Woodpecker, with its red crest, taps rhythmically on bamboo, creating tunes in forests.

Habitat and Behavior: Pecks on bamboo, finding insects, and creates cavities for nesting.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 7-8 years, excavates nest holes in bamboo, laying 2-4 eggs.

Fun Fact: Their strong beaks help them drum on bamboo as well as find food.

Bamenda Apalis

Bamenda Apalis

The Bamenda Apalis, a tiny bird, flutters in bamboo, singing cheerful melodies within forests.

Habitat and Behavior: Nests in bamboo thickets, searching for insects and small fruits.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 4-5 years, builds intricate nests within bamboo, laying 2-3 eggs.

Fun Fact: They often move in small groups, chirping softly to communicate with each other.

Bananal Antbird

Bananal Antbird

The Bananal Antbird is a small, lively bird with black and white feathers found in Brazil’s lush forests.

Habitat and Behavior: It thrives in dense, leafy forests, hopping among branches, and feeds on insects.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 5-7 years, nesting in shrubs, laying 2-3 eggs annually.

Fun Fact: These birds follow ant swarms to snack on insects stirred by their movements.



The Bananaquit, vibrant yellow with black markings, flits around gardens and forests in the Caribbean and Central/South America.

Habitat and Behavior: Found in tropical areas, it enjoys sipping nectar, fluttering around flowers and trees.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives 5-7 years, nesting in trees, laying 2-3 eggs per clutch.

Fun Fact: These agile birds build unique, cozy nests with materials like spiderwebs and plant fibers.

Banasura Laughingthrush

Banasura Laughingthrush

The Banasura Laughingthrush, a delightful songbird with brown plumage and a cheerful call, inhabits the forests of southern India.

Habitat and Behavior: Dwells in dense forests, socializing in groups, foraging for insects and fruits.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives 5-8 years, nests in bushes or low trees, laying 3-4 eggs each breeding season.

Fun Fact: They’re playful and communicate through various chirps, chuckles, and melodic calls.

Banda Myzomela

Banda Myzomela

The Banda Myzomela, a small crimson bird with a curved beak, roams the tropical forests of Indonesia’s Banda Islands.

Habitat and Behavior: Thrives in lush forests, flitting among flowers and sipping nectar from blossoms.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives around 4-6 years, nests in trees, laying 2 eggs per clutch.

Fun Fact: Males often perform mesmerizing aerial displays during courtship to attract females.

Band-backed Wren

Band-Backed Wren

The Band-backed Wren, with brown and white markings, sings melodious tunes in shrubby habitats across Central and South America.

Habitat and Behavior: Prefers bushes and thickets, hopping and pecking for insects amidst foliage.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Lives 2-4 years, nesting in shrubs, laying 3-4 eggs per brood.

Fun Fact: They build multiple nests but use only one for raising chicks, fooling predators.

Band-bellied Crake

Band-Bellied Crake

The Band-bellied Crake is a small bird with brown feathers and a distinct band on its belly. It loves hiding in dense marshes.

Habitat and Behavior: It thrives in wetlands, sneaking through tall grasses. They’re shy and mainly active at dawn and dusk.

Lifespan and Reproduction: These birds live around 4-5 years and lay small eggs in hidden nests on the ground.

Fun Fact: Band-bellied Crakes make soft clucking sounds to communicate and are expert at staying unseen.

Band-bellied Owl

Band-Bellied Owl

With a banded belly and big round eyes, the Band-bellied Owl is a nocturnal hunter, silently swooping through forests.

Habitat and Behavior: They inhabit dense forests, nesting in tree hollows. Owls hunt at night, using keen hearing and vision.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Band-bellied Owls live around 10-15 years, laying 2-3 eggs annually in cozy nests.

Fun Fact: These owls can rotate their heads almost 270 degrees, helping them scan surroundings without moving their bodies much.

Banded Antbird

Banded Antbird

A black-and-white bird with bands across its chest, the Banded Antbird hops around the forest floor searching for insects.

Habitat and Behavior: They dwell in dense Amazonian rainforests, following ant swarms and calling out to their mates.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Banded Antbirds live up to 7-8 years and build cup-shaped nests, laying 2-3 eggs at a time.

Fun Fact: These birds join forces with other species to form mixed-species flocks, increasing their chances of finding food.

Banded Barbet

Banded Barbet

Sporting a colorful plumage with bands of red, yellow, and green, the Banded Barbet chirps melodiously in the treetops.

Habitat and Behavior: They inhabit tropical forests, feeding on fruits and insects while often moving in pairs or small groups.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Banded Barbets can live 10-15 years, nesting in tree cavities and laying 2-4 eggs per clutch.

Fun Fact: They have a unique call that sounds like a cackling laugh, making them easily recognizable in the forest.

Banded Bay Cuckoo

Banded Bay Cuckoo

With distinct bands on its chest, the Banded Bay Cuckoo elegantly flies through the canopy, searching for caterpillars.

Habitat and Behavior: They prefer mangrove forests, searching for food high in the trees and laying eggs in other bird’s nests.

Lifespan and Reproduction: Banded Bay Cuckoos live up to 5-6 years, employing a clever strategy called brood parasitism for reproduction.

Fun Fact: These cuckoos lay their eggs in the nests of other bird species, letting them raise the cuckoo chicks as their own.

Some other birds’ name starting with the letter B

Bar-bellied cuckooshrikeBlack-chested fruiteaterBlue-throated mountaingem
Bar-bellied pittaBlack-chested jayBlue-throated piping guan
Bar-bellied woodcreeperBlack-chested mountain tanagerBlue-throated roller
Bar-bellied woodpeckerBlack-chested priniaBlue-throated sapphire
Bar-breasted firefinchBlack-chested snake eagleBlue-throated starfrontlet
Bar-breasted honeyeaterBlack-chested sparrowBlue-throated toucanet
Bar-breasted piculetBlack-chested tyrantBlue-tufted starthroat
Barbuda warblerBlack-chinned antbirdBlue-vented hummingbird
Bar-crested antshrikeBlack-chinned babblerBlue-wattled bulbul
Bare-cheeked babblerBlack-chinned fruit doveBlue-whiskered tanager
Bare-cheeked trogonBlack-chinned honeyeaterBlue-winged goose
Bare-crowned antbirdBlack-chinned hummingbirdBlue-winged kookaburra
Bare-eyed antbirdBlack-chinned monarchBlue-winged laughingthrush
Bare-eyed mynaBlack-chinned mountain tanagerBlue-winged leafbird
Bare-eyed pigeonBlack-chinned robinBlue-winged macaw
Bare-eyed railBlack-chinned siskinBlue-winged minla
Bare-eyed thrushBlack-chinned sparrowBlue-winged mountain tanager
Bare-eyed white-eyeBlack-chinned weaverBlue-winged parakeet
Bare-faced bulbulBlack-chinned whistlerBlue-winged parrot
Bare-faced curassowBlack-chinned yuhinaBlue-winged parrotlet
Bare-faced go-away-birdBlack-collared apalisBlue-winged pitta
Bare-faced ground doveBlack-collared barbetBlue-winged racket-tail
Bare-faced ibisBlack-collared bulbulBlue-winged teal
Bare-headed laughingthrushBlack-collared hawkBlue-winged warbler
Bare-legged owlBlack-collared jayBluish flowerpiercer
Bare-legged swiftletBlack-collared lovebirdBluish-fronted jacamar
Bare-necked fruitcrowBlack-collared starlingBluish-slate antshrike
Bare-necked umbrellabirdBlack-collared swallowBlunt-winged warbler
Bare-shanked screech owlBlack-cowled orioleBlyth’s frogmouth
Bare-throated bellbirdBlack-cowled saltatorBlyth’s hawk-eagle
Bare-throated tiger heronBlack-crested antshrikeBlyth’s hornbill
Bare-throated whistlerBlack-crested bulbulBlyth’s kingfisher
Bar-headed gooseBlack-crested coquetteBlyth’s leaf warbler
Barka indigobirdBlack-crested finchBlyth’s paradise flycatcher
Barking imperial pigeonBlack-crested titmouseBlyth’s pipit
Barking owlBlack-crested tit-tyrantBlyth’s reed warbler
Barlow’s larkBlack-crested warblerBlyth’s rosefinch
Barn swallowBlack-crowned antpittaBlyth’s shrike-babbler
Barnacle gooseBlack-crowned antshrikeBlyth’s swift
Barolo shearwaterBlack-crowned babblerBlyth’s tragopan
Barratt’s warblerBlack-crowned barwingBoat-billed flycatcher
Barred antshrikeBlack-crowned fulvettaBoat-billed heron
Barred antthrushBlack-crowned monjitaBoat-billed tody-tyrant
Barred becardBlack-crowned night heronBoat-tailed grackle
Barred buttonquailBlack-crowned pittaBobolink
Barred cuckoo-doveBlack-crowned sparrow-larkBob-tailed weaver
Barred cuckooshrikeBlack-crowned tanagerBocage’s akalat
Barred doveBlack-crowned tchagraBocage’s bushshrike
Barred eagle-owlBlack-crowned tityraBocage’s sunbird
Barred forest falconBlack-crowned waxbillBocage’s weaver
Barred fruiteaterBlack-crowned white-eyeBogotá rail
Barred hawkBlack-dotted piculetBohemian waxwing
Barred honey buzzardBlack-eared catbirdBöhm’s bee-eater
Barred honeyeaterBlack-eared cuckooBöhm’s flycatcher
Barred laughingthrushBlack-eared fairyBöhm’s spinetail
Barred long-tailed cuckooBlack-eared ground thrushBohol sunbird
Barred owlBlack-eared hemispingusBokikokiko
Barred owlet-nightjarBlack-eared minerBokmakierie
Barred parakeetBlack-eared orioleBold-striped tit-babbler
Barred puffbirdBlack-eared seedeaterBolivian blackbird
Barred railBlack-eared shrike-babblerBolivian brushfinch
Barred tinamouBlack-eared sparrow-larkBolivian earthcreeper
Barred warblerBlack-eared warblerBolivian recurvebill
Barred wren-warblerBlack-eared wood quailBolivian slaty antshrike
Barrow’s goldeneyeBlack-faced antbirdBolivian spinetail
Bar-shouldered doveBlack-faced antthrushBolivian tyrannulet
Bar-tailed cuckoo-doveBlack-faced babblerBolivian warbling finch
Bar-tailed godwitBlack-faced buntingBolivian white-crowned tapaculo
Bar-tailed larkBlack-faced canaryBolle’s pigeon
Bar-tailed treecreeperBlack-faced cormorantBonaparte’s gull
Bar-tailed trogonBlack-faced cotingaBonaparte’s nightjar
Bar-throated apalisBlack-faced coucalBonaparte’s parakeet
Bar-throated minlaBlack-faced cuckooshrikeBonelli’s eagle
Bartlett’s tinamouBlack-faced dacnisBonin greenfinch
Barusan cuckoo-doveBlack-faced firefinch†Bonin grosbeak
Bar-winged flycatcher-shrikeBlack-faced friarbirdBonin petrel
Bar-winged orioleBlack-faced grassquit†Bonin thrush
Bar-winged priniaBlack-faced grosbeakBonin white-eye
Bar-winged railBlack-faced hawkBonin wood pigeon
Bar-winged weaverBlack-faced ibisBooted eagle
Bar-winged wood wrenBlack-faced laughingthrushBooted warbler
Bar-winged wren-babblerBlack-faced monarchBoran cisticola
Basra reed warblerBlack-faced muniaBoreal chickadee
Bassian thrushBlack-faced pittaBoreal owl
Bat falconBlack-faced priniaBornean banded pitta
Bat hawkBlack-faced rufous warblerBornean barbet
BateleurBlack-faced sandgrouseBornean blue flycatcher
Bates’s nightjarBlack-faced sheathbillBornean bristlehead
Bates’s paradise flycatcherBlack-faced solitaireBornean bulbul
Bates’s sunbirdBlack-faced spoonbillBornean forktail
Bates’s swiftBlack-faced tanagerBornean frogmouth
Bates’s weaverBlack-faced warblerBornean green magpie
Baudin’s black cockatooBlack-faced waxbillBornean ground cuckoo
Baudo guanBlack-faced woodswallowBornean leafbird
Baudó oropendolaBlack-footed albatrossBornean peacock-pheasant
Baumann’s olive greenbulBlack-fronted brushfinchBornean spiderhunter
Bay antpittaBlack-fronted bushshrikeBornean stubtail
Bay coucalBlack-fronted dotterelBornean swiftlet
Bay horneroBlack-fronted flowerpeckerBornean treepie
Bay woodpeckerBlack-fronted ground tyrantBornean whistler
Bay wrenBlack-fronted nunbirdBornean whistling thrush
Baya weaverBlack-fronted parakeetBornean wren-babbler
Bay-backed shrikeBlack-fronted piping guanBotha’s lark
Bay-breasted cuckooBlack-fronted spurfowlBotteri’s sparrow
Bay-breasted warblerBlack-fronted ternBoucard’s wren
Bay-capped wren-spinetailBlack-fronted tyrannuletBougainville bush warbler
Bay-chested warbling finchBlack-fronted white-eyeBougainville crow
Bay-crowned brushfinchBlack-fronted wood quailBougainville honeyeater
Bay-headed tanagerBlack-girdled barbetBougainville monarch
Bay-ringed tyrannuletBlack-goggled tanagerBougainville thicketbird
Bay-vented cotingaBlack-headed antbirdBougainville whistler
Beach kingfisherBlack-headed antthrushBoulder chat
Beach stone-curlewBlack-headed apalisBounty shag
Bearded barbetBlack-headed bee-eaterBourke’s parrot
Bearded bellbirdBlack-headed berryeaterBower’s shrikethrush
Bearded guanBlack-headed brushfinchBoyd’s shearwater
Bearded mountaineerBlack-headed bulbulBoyer’s cuckooshrike
Bearded reedlingBlack-headed buntingBrace’s emerald
Bearded screech owlBlack-headed canaryBradfield’s hornbill
Bearded scrub robinBlack-headed cuckooshrikeBradfield’s swift
Bearded tachuriBlack-headed duckBrahminy kite
Bearded vultureBlack-headed gonolekBrahminy starling
Bearded wood partridgeBlack-headed greenfinchBrambling
Bearded woodpeckerBlack-headed grosbeakBran-colored flycatcher
Beaudouin’s snake eagleBlack-headed gullBrandt’s cormorant
Beautiful firetailBlack-headed hemispingusBrandt’s mountain finch
Beautiful fruit doveBlack-headed heronBrant
Beautiful jayBlack-headed honeyeaterBrasília tapaculo
Beautiful nuthatchBlack-headed ibisBrass’s friarbird
Beautiful sheartailBlack-headed jayBrassy-breasted tanager
Beautiful sibiaBlack-headed lapwingBraun’s bushshrike
Beautiful sunbirdBlack-headed myzomelaBrazilian laniisoma
Beautiful treerunnerBlack-headed nightingale-thrushBrazilian merganser
Beautiful woodpeckerBlack-headed orioleBrazilian ruby
Beck’s petrelBlack-headed parrotBrazilian tanager
Bedford’s paradise flycatcherBlack-headed parrotbillBrazilian teal
Bee hummingbirdBlack-headed penduline titBrazilian tinamou
Beesley’s larkBlack-headed rufous warblerBrazza’s martin
Beijing babblerBlack-headed saltatorBrehm’s tiger parrot
Belcher’s gullBlack-headed shrike-babblerBrewer’s blackbird
Belding’s yellowthroatBlack-headed sibiaBrewer’s sparrow
Belford’s melidectesBlack-headed siskinBridled honeyeater
Bell minerBlack-headed tailorbirdBridled quail-dove
Bell’s sparrowBlack-headed tanagerBridled sparrow
Bell’s vireoBlack-headed tody-flycatcherBridled tern
Belted flycatcherBlack-headed trogonBridled titmouse
Belted kingfisherBlack-headed waxbillBridled white-eye
Bendire’s thrasherBlack-headed weaverBright-rumped attila
Bengal bush larkBlack-headed whistlerBright-rumped yellow finch
Bengal floricanBlack-headed woodpeckerBrigida’s woodcreeper
Benguela long-billed larkBlack-hooded antshrikeBrimstone canary
Benguet bush warblerBlack-hooded antwrenBristle-crowned starling
Bennett’s woodpeckerBlack-hooded coucalBristled grassbird
Berlepsch’s canasteroBlack-hooded laughingthrushBristle-nosed barbet
Berlepsch’s tinamouBlack-hooded orioleBristle-thighed curlew
†Bermuda flickerBlack-hooded sierra finchBroad-billed fairywren
†Bermuda hawkBlack-hooded sunbeamBroad-billed flycatcher
Bermuda night heronBlack-hooded thrushBroad-billed hummingbird
Bermuda petrelBlackish antbirdBroad-billed motmot
Bermuda saw-whet owlBlackish chat-tyrantBroad-billed parrot
†Bermuda towheeBlackish cinclodesBroad-billed prion
Bernier’s tealBlackish cuckooshrikeBroad-billed roller
Bernier’s vangaBlackish nightjarBroad-billed sandpiper
Berthelot’s pipitBlackish oystercatcherBroad-billed tody
Bertoni’s antbirdBlackish peweeBroad-billed warbler
Bertram’s weaverBlackish railBroad-ringed white-eye
Berylline hummingbirdBlackish tapaculoBroad-tailed grassbird
Beryl-spangled tanagerBlackish-blue seedeaterBroad-tailed hummingbird
BesraBlackish-grey antshrikeBroad-tailed paradise whydah
Bewick’s wrenBlackish-headed spinetailBroad-tipped hermit
Bhutan laughingthrushBlack-legged dacnisBroad-winged hawk
Biak black flycatcherBlack-legged kittiwakeBrolga
Biak coucalBlack-legged parrotBronze ground dove
Biak gerygoneBlack-legged seriemaBronze mannikin
Biak leaf warblerBlack-lored babblerBronze parotia
Biak lorikeetBlack-lored cisticolaBronze-brown cowbird
Biak monarchBlack-lored parrotBronzed cowbird
Biak paradise kingfisherBlack-lored waxbillBronzed drongo
Biak scops owlBlack-lored yellowthroatBronze-green euphonia
Biak scrubfowlBlack-mantled goshawkBronze-olive pygmy tyrant
Biak whistlerBlack-masked finchBronze-tailed comet
Biak white-eyeBlack-naped fruit doveBronze-tailed peacock-pheasant
Bianchi’s warblerBlack-naped monarchBronze-tailed plumeleteer
Bicknell’s thrushBlack-naped orioleBronze-tailed starling
Bicol ground warblerBlack-naped ternBronze-tailed thornbill
Bicolored antbirdBlack-necked aracariBronze-winged courser
Bicolored antpittaBlack-necked craneBronze-winged duck
Bicolored antvireoBlack-necked eremomelaBronze-winged jacana
Bicolored conebillBlack-necked grebeBronze-winged parrot
Bicolored flowerpeckerBlack-necked red cotingaBronze-winged woodpecker
Bicolored hawkBlack-necked stiltBronzy hermit
Bicolored scrubwrenBlack-necked storkBronzy inca
Bicolored wrenBlack-necked swanBronzy jacamar
Biddulph’s ground jayBlack-necked wattle-eyeBronzy sunbird
Bimaculated larkBlack-necked weaverBrooks’s leaf warbler
Biscutate swiftBlack-necked woodpeckerBrown accentor
†Bishop’s ooBlack-necklaced honeyeaterBrown babbler
Bismarck black myzomelaBlack-necklaced scimitar babblerBrown barbet
Bismarck crowBlack-nest swiftletBrown booby
Bismarck fantailBlackpoll warblerBrown bullfinch
Bismarck hanging parrotBlack-polled yellowthroatBrown bush warbler
Bismarck kingfisherBlack-ringed white-eyeBrown cacholote
Bismarck pittaBlack-rumped buttonquailBrown crake
Bismarck whistlerBlack-rumped flamebackBrown creeper
Bismarck white-eyeBlack-rumped magpieBrown cuckoo-dove
Black antbirdBlack-rumped waxbillBrown dipper
Black antshrikeBlack-shouldered cicadabirdBrown eared pheasant
Black bazaBlack-shouldered kiteBrown emutail
Black bee-eaterBlack-shouldered nightjarBrown falcon
Black berrypeckerBlack-sided flowerpeckerBrown fantail
Black bishopBlack-sided robinBrown firefinch
Black bitternBlacksmith lapwingBrown fish owl
Black boubouBlacksmith thrushBrown fulvetta
Black bulbulBlack-spectacled brushfinchBrown gerygone
Black bushbirdBlack-spotted barbetBrown goshawk
Black butcherbirdBlack-spotted bare-eyeBrown hawk-owl
Black caracaraBlackstartBrown honeyeater
Black catbirdBlack-streaked puffbirdBrown illadopsis
Black cicadabirdBlack-streaked scimitar babblerBrown inca
Black coucalBlack-striped sparrowBrown jacamar
Black crakeBlack-striped woodcreeperBrown jay
Black crowned craneBlack-tailed antbirdBrown lory
Black cuckooBlack-tailed cisticolaBrown mesite
Black cuckoo-doveBlack-tailed crakeBrown nightjar
Black cuckooshrikeBlack-tailed gnatcatcherBrown noddy
Black curassowBlack-tailed godwitBrown nunlet
Black currawongBlack-tailed gullBrown oriole
Black drongoBlack-tailed leaftosserBrown parisoma
Black dwarf hornbillBlack-tailed monarchBrown parrotbill
Black eagleBlack-tailed myiobiusBrown pelican
Black falconBlack-tailed nativehenBrown quail
Black fantailBlack-tailed tityraBrown rock chat
Black flowerpiercerBlack-tailed trainbearerBrown scrub robin
Black francolinBlack-tailed treecreeperBrown shrike
Black grasswrenBlack-tailed trogonBrown sicklebill
Black grouseBlack-thighed falconetBrown skua
Black guanBlack-thighed grosbeakBrown snake eagle
Black guillemotBlack-thighed pufflegBrown songlark
Black guineafowlBlackthroatBrown tanager
Black harrierBlack-throated accentorBrown teal
Black hawk-eagleBlack-throated antbirdBrown thornbill
Black heronBlack-throated antshrikeBrown thrasher
Black honey buzzardBlack-throated apalisBrown tinamou
Black honeyeaterBlack-throated babblerBrown tit-babbler
Black hornbillBlack-throated barbetBrown treecreeper
Black imperial pigeonBlack-throated blue warblerBrown trembler
Black incaBlack-throated brilliantBrown twinspot
Black jacobinBlack-throated bushtitBrown violetear
Black kiteBlack-throated canaryBrown wood owl
Black larkBlack-throated coucalBrown wood rail
Black laughingthrushBlack-throated euphoniaBrown woodland warbler
Black loryBlack-throated finchBrown-and-yellow marshbird
Black magpieBlack-throated flowerpiercerBrown-backed chat-tyrant
†Black mamoBlack-throated gray warblerBrown-backed flowerpecker
Black manakinBlack-throated green warblerBrown-backed honeybird
Black mannikinBlack-throated grosbeakBrown-backed honeyeater
Black metaltailBlack-throated hermitBrown-backed mockingbird
Black monarchBlack-throated honeyeaterBrown-backed needletail
Black noddyBlack-throated huet-huetBrown-backed parrotlet
Black nunbirdBlack-throated jayBrown-backed scrub robin
Black orioleBlack-throated laughingthrushBrown-backed solitaire
Black oropendolaBlack-throated loonBrown-backed whistler
Black oystercatcherBlack-throated magpie-jayBrown-backed woodpecker
Black partridgeBlack-throated mangoBrown-banded antpitta
Black petrelBlack-throated muniaBrown-banded puffbird
Black phoebeBlack-throated parrotbillBrown-banded rail
Black pitohuiBlack-throated priniaBrown-bellied stipplethroat
Black railBlack-throated robinBrown-bellied swallow
Black redstartBlack-throated saltatorBrown-billed scythebill
Black robinBlack-throated shrikebillBrown-breasted bamboo tyrant
Black rosy finchBlack-throated shrike-tanagerBrown-breasted barbet
Black saw-wingBlack-throated sparrowBrown-breasted bulbul
Black scimitarbillBlack-throated spinetailBrown-breasted flycatcher
Black scoterBlack-throated sunbirdBrown-breasted gerygone
Black scrub robinBlack-throated thistletailBrown-capped babbler
Black shamaBlack-throated thrushBrown-capped fantail
Black sicklebillBlack-throated tody-tyrantBrown-capped laughingthrush
Black siskinBlack-throated toucanetBrown-capped pygmy woodpecker
Black sittellaBlack-throated trogonBrown-capped rosy finch
Black skimmerBlack-throated wattle-eyeBrown-capped tit-spinetail
Black solitaireBlack-throated whipbirdBrown-capped tyrannulet
Black sparrowhawkBlack-throated wrenBrown-capped vireo
Black spinetailBlack-throated wren-babblerBrown-capped weaver
Black stiltBlack-tipped cotingaBrown-capped whitestart
Black storkBlack-tipped monarchBrown-cheeked bulbul
Black storm petrelBlack-vented orioleBrown-cheeked fulvetta
Black sunbirdBlack-vented shearwaterBrown-cheeked hornbill
Black swanBlack-whiskered vireoBrown-cheeked laughingthrush
Black ternBlack-winged cuckooshrikeBrown-cheeked rail
Black thicket fantailBlack-winged flycatcher-shrikeBrown-chested alethe
Black thrushBlack-winged ground doveBrown-chested barbet
Black tinamouBlack-winged kiteBrown-chested jungle flycatcher
Black turnstoneBlack-winged lapwingBrown-chested lapwing
Black vultureBlack-winged loryBrown-chested martin
Black wheatearBlack-winged lovebirdBrown-crested flycatcher
Black woodpeckerBlack-winged monarchBrown-crowned tchagra
Black-and-buff woodpeckerBlack-winged orioleBrown-eared bulbul
Black-and-chestnut eagleBlack-winged parrotBrown-eared woodpecker
Black-and-chestnut warbling finchBlack-winged petrelBrown-flanked bush warbler
Black-and-cinnamon fantailBlack-winged pratincoleBrown-flanked tanager
Black-and-crimson orioleBlack-winged red bishopBrown-fronted woodpecker
Black-and-gold cotingaBlack-winged saltatorBrown-headed apalis
Black-and-gold tanagerBlack-winged snowfinchBrown-headed barbet
Black-and-orange flycatcherBlack-winged starlingBrown-headed cowbird
Black-and-red broadbillBlack-winged stiltBrown-headed crow
Black-and-rufous swallowBlakiston’s fish owlBrown-headed greenlet
Black-and-rufous warbling finchBlanford’s larkBrown-headed gull
Black-and-tawny seedeaterBlanford’s rosefinchBrown-headed honeyeater
Black-and-white antbirdBlanford’s snowfinchBrown-headed jewel-babbler
Black-and-white becardBlaze-winged parakeetBrown-headed nuthatch
Black-and-white bulbulBlond-crested woodpeckerBrown-headed paradise kingfisher
Black-and-white hawk-eagleBlood pheasantbrown-headed parrot
Black-and-white mannikinBlood-breasted flowerpeckerBrown-headed thrush
Black-and-white monjitaBlood-colored woodpeckerBrown-hooded gull
Black-and-white owlBlood-eared parakeetBrown-hooded kingfisher
Black-and-white seedeaterBlossom-headed parakeetBrown-hooded parrot
Black-and-white shrike-flycatcherBlue bird-of-paradiseBrownish elaenia
Black-and-white tanagerBlue buntingBrownish twistwing
Black-and-white tody-flycatcherBlue cotingaBrownish-headed antbird
Black-and-white trillerBlue couaBrown-mandibled aracari
Black-and-white warblerBlue craneBrown-necked parrot
Black-and-white-casqued hornbillBlue cuckooshrikeBrown-necked raven
Black-and-yellow broadbillBlue dacnisBrown-rumped bunting
Black-and-yellow grosbeakBlue duckBrown-rumped foliage-gleaner
Black-and-yellow phainoptilaBlue eared pheasantBrown-rumped seedeater
Black-and-yellow tanagerBlue finchBrown-rumped tapaculo
Black-backed antshrikeBlue grosbeakBrown-streaked flycatcher
Black-backed barbetBlue ground doveBrown-tailed rock chat
Black-backed bitternBlue jayBrown-throated barbet
Black-backed bush tanagerBlue jewel-babblerBrown-throated fulvetta
Black-backed butcherbirdBlue korhaanBrown-throated martin
Black-backed cisticolaBlue lorikeetBrown-throated parakeet
Black-backed forktailBlue malkohaBrown-throated sunbird
Black-backed grosbeakBlue manakinBrown-throated wattle-eye
Black-backed orioleBlue mockingbirdBrown-winged kingfisher
Black-backed puffbackBlue Mountain vireoBrown-winged parrotbill
Black-backed swamphenBlue noddyBrown-winged schiffornis
Black-backed tanagerBlue nuthatchBrown-winged starling
Black-backed thornbillBlue paradise flycatcherBrown-winged whistling thrush
Black-backed thrushBlue petrelBrubru
Black-backed tody-flycatcherBlue pittaBruce’s green pigeon
Black-backed water tyrantBlue quailBrush bronzewing
Black-backed woodpeckerBlue rock thrushBrush cuckoo
Black-banded barbetBlue swallowBrushland tinamou
Black-banded crakeBlue vangaBryan’s shearwater
Black-banded flycatcherBlue waxbillBubbling cisticola
Black-banded fruit doveBlue whistling thrushBuckley’s forest falcon
Black-banded owlBlue-and-black tanagerBudgerigar
Black-banded woodcreeperBlue-and-gold tanagerBuff-banded rail
Black-bellied antwrenBlue-and-white flycatcherBuff-banded thicketbird
Black-bellied bustardBlue-and-white kingfisherBuff-banded tyrannulet
Black-bellied cuckooBlue-and-white mockingbirdBuff-barred warbler
Black-bellied cuckooshrikeBlue-and-white swallowBuff-bellied hermit
Black-bellied firefinchBlue-and-yellow macawBuff-bellied hummingbird
Black-bellied gnateaterBlue-and-yellow tanagerBuff-bellied mannikin
Black-bellied hummingbirdBlue-backed conebillBuff-bellied monarch
Black-bellied malkohaBlue-backed manakinBuff-bellied pipit
Black-bellied myzomelaBlue-backed parrotBuff-bellied puffbird
Black-bellied sandgrouseBlue-backed tanagerBuff-bellied tanager
Black-bellied seedcrackerBlue-banded kingfisherBuff-bellied warbler
Black-bellied seedeaterBlue-banded pittaBuff-breasted babbler
Black-bellied starlingBlue-banded toucanetBuff-breasted buttonquail
Black-bellied storm petrelBlue-bearded bee-eaterBuff-breasted earthcreeper
Black-bellied sunbirdBlue-bearded helmetcrestBuff-breasted flycatcher
Black-bellied ternBlue-bellied parrotBuff-breasted mountain tanager
Black-bellied thorntailBlue-bellied rollerBuff-breasted paradise kingfisher
Black-bellied whistling duckBlue-billed black tyrantBuff-breasted sabrewing
Black-bellied wrenBlue-billed curassowBuff-breasted sandpiper
Black-belted flowerpeckerBlue-billed duckBuff-breasted tody-tyrant
Black-bibbed cicadabirdBlue-billed malimbeBuff-breasted wren
Black-bibbed monarchBlue-billed tealBuff-bridled Inca finch
Black-bibbed titBlue-black grassquitBuff-browed chachalaca
Black-billed amazonBlue-black grosbeakBuff-browed foliage-gleaner
Black-billed barbetBlue-black kingfisherBuff-cheeked greenlet
Black-billed brushturkeyBlue-breasted bee-eaterBuff-cheeked tody-flycatcher
Black-billed capercaillieBlue-breasted blue flycatcherBuff-chested babbler
Black-billed coucalBlue-breasted fairywrenBuff-collared nightjar
Black-billed cuckooBlue-breasted kingfisherBuff-crested bustard
Black-billed flycatcherBlue-browed tanagerBuff-faced pygmy parrot
Black-billed gullBlue-capped cordon-bleuBuff-faced scrubwren
Black-billed koelBlue-capped fruit doveBuff-fronted foliage-gleaner
Black-billed magpieBlue-capped ifritBuff-fronted owl
Black-billed mountain toucanBlue-capped motmotBuff-fronted quail-dove
Black-billed nightingale-thrushBlue-capped pufflegBuff-headed coucal
Black-billed peppershrikeBlue-capped redstartBufflehead
Black-billed scythebillBlue-capped rock thrushBuff-necked ibis
Black-billed seed finchBlue-capped tanagerBuff-necked woodpecker
Black-billed shrike-tyrantBlue-cheeked amazonBuff-rumped thornbill
Black-billed sicklebillBlue-cheeked bee-eaterBuff-rumped warbler
Black-billed streamertailBlue-cheeked flowerpeckerBuff-rumped woodpecker
Black-billed thrushBlue-chested hummingbirdBuff-sided robin
Black-billed treehunterBlue-chinned sapphireBuff-spotted flameback
Black-billed turacoBlue-collared parrotBuff-spotted flufftail
Black-billed weaverBlue-crowned chlorophoniaBuff-spotted woodpecker
Black-billed wood doveBlue-crowned hanging parrotBuff-streaked chat
Black-billed wood hoopoeBlue-crowned laughingthrushBuff-tailed coronet
Black-bodied woodpeckerBlue-crowned lorikeetBuff-tailed sicklebill
Black-breasted barbetBlue-crowned manakinBuff-thighed puffleg
Black-breasted boatbillBlue-crowned parakeetBuff-throated apalis
Black-breasted buttonquailBlue-crowned racket-tailBuff-throated foliage-gleaner
Black-breasted buzzardBlue-crowned trogonBuff-throated purpletuft
Black-breasted hillstarBlue-eared barbetBuff-throated saltator
Black-breasted mannikinBlue-eared kingfisherBuff-throated sunbird
Black-breasted myzomelaBlue-eared loryBuff-throated tody-tyrant
Black-breasted parrotbillBlue-eyed cockatooBuff-throated warbler
Black-breasted puffbirdBlue-eyed ground doveBuff-throated warbling finch
Black-breasted pufflegBlue-faced honeyeaterBuff-throated woodcreeper
Black-breasted thrushBlue-faced malkohaBuff-vented bulbul
Black-breasted weaverBlue-faced parrotfinchBuff-winged cinclodes
Black-breasted wood quailBlue-faced railBuff-winged starfrontlet
Black-browed albatrossBlue-footed boobyBuffy fish owl
Black-browed babblerBlue-fronted blue flycatcherBuffy helmetcrest
Black-browed barbetBlue-fronted lancebillBuffy hummingbird
Black-browed bushtitBlue-fronted lorikeetBuffy laughingthrush
Black-browed fulvettaBlue-fronted parrotletBuffy pipit
Black-browed greenbulBlue-fronted redstartBuffy tuftedcheek
Black-browed reed warblerBlue-fronted robinBuffy-crowned wood partridge
Black-browed trillerBlue-gray gnatcatcherBuffy-fronted seedeater
Blackburnian warblerBlue-gray tanagerBugun liocichla
Blackcap babblerBlue-headed bee-eaterBukidnon woodcock
Blackcap illadopsisBlue-headed coucalBuller’s albatross
Black-capped antwrenBlue-headed crested flycatcherBuller’s shearwater
Black-capped apalisBlue-headed fantailBull-headed shrike
Black-capped babblerBlue-headed hummingbirdBullock’s oriole
Black-capped becardBlue-headed macawBulwer’s petrel
Black-capped bulbulBlue-headed parrotBulwer’s pheasant
Black-capped catbirdBlue-headed pittaBumblebee hummingbird
Black-capped chickadeeBlue-headed quail-doveBundok flycatcher
Black-capped donacobiusBlue-headed racket-tailBurchell’s coucal
Black-capped flycatcherBlue-headed sapphireBurchell’s courser
Black-capped foliage-gleanerBlue-headed sunbirdBurchell’s sandgrouse
Black-capped gnatcatcherBlue-headed vireoBurchell’s starling
Black-capped hemispingusBlue-headed wood doveBurmese bush lark
Black-capped kingfisherBlue-lored antbirdBurmese bushtit
Black-capped loryBlue-mantled crested flycatcherBurmese nuthatch
Black-capped paradise kingfisherBlue-mantled thornbillBurmese prinia
Black-capped parakeetBlue-masked leafbirdBurmese shrike
Black-capped petrelBlue-moustached bee-eaterBurmese yuhina
Black-capped pipritesBlue-naped chlorophoniaBurnished-buff tanager
Black-capped pygmy tyrantBlue-naped mousebirdBurnt-necked eremomela
Black-capped screech owlBlue-naped parrotBurrowing owl
Black-capped siskinBlue-naped pittaBurrowing parrot
Black-capped social weaverBlue-necked jacamarBuru boobook
Black-capped sparrowBlue-necked tanagerBuru bush warbler
Black-capped speiropsBlue-rumped manakinBuru cuckooshrike
Black-capped swallowBlue-rumped parrotBuru dwarf kingfisher
Black-capped tanagerBlue-rumped pittaBuru golden bulbul
Black-capped tinamouBlue-shouldered robin-chatBuru green pigeon
Black-capped tyrannuletBlue-spotted wood doveBuru honeyeater
Black-capped vireoBlue-streaked loryBuru mountain pigeon
Black-capped warbling finchBlue-tailed bee-eaterBuru racket-tail
Black-capped white-eyeBlue-tailed emeraldBuru thrush
Black-capped woodland warblerBlue-tailed hummingbirdBuru white-eye
Black-casqued hornbillBluethroatBush blackcap
Black-cheeked ant tanagerBlue-throated barbetBush stone-curlew
Black-cheeked gnateaterBlue-throated bee-eaterBushveld pipit
Black-cheeked lovebirdBlue-throated blue flycatcherBushwren
Black-cheeked warblerBlue-throated brown sunbirdBushy-crested hornbill
Black-cheeked waxbillBlue-throated hillstarBushy-crested jay
Black-cheeked woodpeckerBlue-throated macawButterfly coquette
Black-chested buzzard-eagleBlue-throated motmotBuzzing flowerpecker
Banded broadbillBanded wrenBand-tailed sierra finch
Banded cotingaBanded yellow robinBand-winged nightjar
Banded fruit doveBand-rumped storm petrelBanggai crow
Banded green sunbirdBand-rumped swiftBanggai fruit dove
Banded ground cuckooBand-tailed antbirdBanggai jungle flycatcher
Banded honeyeaterBand-tailed antshrikeBangwa forest warbler
Banded kestrelBand-tailed antwrenBank cormorant
Banded kingfisherBand-tailed barbthroatBank myna
Banded lapwingBand-tailed earthcreeperBannerman’s shearwater
Banded martinBand-tailed fruiteaterBannerman’s sunbird
Banded parisomaBand-tailed guanBannerman’s turaco
Banded priniaBand-tailed horneroBannerman’s weaver
Banded quailBand-tailed manakinBarau’s petrel
Banded stiltBand-tailed nighthawkBar-backed partridge
Banded wattle-eyeBand-tailed oropendolaBarbados bullfinch
Banded whitefaceBand-tailed pigeonBarbary partridge
Banded woodpeckerBand-tailed seedeater


Isn’t that a truly enthralling journey through the domain of birds that begins with the letter B? Continue exploring these distinctive facts about these extraordinary birds!

Keep an eye out for our upcoming meetings with other extraordinary beings.

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