15+ Bondi Beach Activities that You Might Know!

Bondi Beach 🏖️ is not just a cool surfing spot for adults, but it is also a child-friendly beach with plenty of interesting activities for children. 

Conveniently located near several cafes with exquisite food🥙, Bondi Beach has a lot to offer to the little ones, like a playground for toddlers and a skating park for primary school children. 

The beach is also exceptionally safe for young swimmers and surfers due to constant patrolling and even shallow wading pools 🏊 for the less experienced swimmer. 

My kids and I have been to Bondi Beach a couple of times, and our experience over there has been nothing short of memorable. Don’t shy away from taking your kids to the beach; they’ll love this. 

Interesting Bondi Beach Activities for Kids

Did you know that taking your children to the beach 🏖️ from a young age has so many developmental benefits? It is true! The beach exposes our children to open water and sand, along with seashells that allow them to experience different tactile sensations all at once. 

At the same time, swimming and playing with the water and sand encourage their muscle strength and balance, along with developing motor skills and strengthening their problem-solving abilities. 

If this summer you are planning to visit Bondi Beach 🏖️, Sydney, Australia, then I recommend participating in the undermentioned activities. Hopefully, your children will enjoy these activities as well. 

Take your Child Swimming at Bondi Beach 

If you are planning on taking your child swimming 🏊 at Bondi Beach this summer, then I highly recommend checking out the safe zones at the beach. 

Safe zones are patrolled parts of the beach 🏖️, usually earmarked with red and yellow flags. The water in these zones is shallow, which is perfect for the little ones. 

Visit the Bondi Beach Playground 

The next time you visit Bondi Beach with your kids, make sure to visit their exclusive public playground as well. After spending a long day at the beach, I took my kids to the playground 🎡, which has boat-themed equipment and slides perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. 

You can safely let your children run wild and play at the playground. Parents can also enjoy visiting the cafes close to the pavilion, along with the beautiful view. 

Bondi Beach Scavenger Hunt 

Hand your child a list of objects and animals that they might notice on Bondi Beach 🏖️ and ask them to locate the objects. 

The child who can find the most items on the list wins a prize, like choosing what the family will have for dessert. 

Bondi Skate Park 

My kids are learning how to skate currently, and when I learned that there is a skate 🛹 park near Bondi Beach, I decided to take my kids there on our visit. 

The skate park has been around since the 1990s and is a popular attraction for skaters from around the country. There are skating risks shallow enough for young children to learn how to skate 🛹 in, along with other amenities for new learners. 

I would recommend visiting the skate park if your kids are skating enthusiasts as well. 

Collect Pebbles and Beach Glass 

My kids and I, whenever we visit a popular beach, I like to collect different memorabilia, like unique pebbles and beach glass. 

So, if you are visiting Bondi, help your children look for uniquely shaped pebbles, rocks, and beach glass that you can take home with you and treasure. 

Make Sandcastles 

Whenever my children and I are at the beach 🏖️, we like to compete in a sandcastle-making competition. 

We are each given five minutes to collect items other than sand. The sandcastles 🏰 are judged by an impartial judge (usually grandma) on the basis of their ingenuity, grandness, and architecture. 

Take Surfing Lessons at Bondi 

If your children are interested in learning how to surf 🏄, then you should opt for lessons offered at Bondi Beach 🏖️. 

You can enroll your kids in group lessons or even opt for a private lesson and surf the beautiful waters of Bondi. 

Visit the Bondi Icebergs 

The Bondi Icebergs is a swimming 🏊 club set against the backdrop of Bondi Beach. Dating back to 1929, the Bondi Icebergs refers to the local lifeguards who wanted to swim during the winter. 

Today, the Bondi Icebergs is a popular spot amongst swimmers 🏊, Instagram models, and families. 

Pro Tip- Wear loads of sunscreen while visiting the Bondi Icebergs, as there are virtually no umbrellas or shaded areas to relax in. 

Blanket Bounce 

This is one of my children’s favorite beach 🏖️ activities. Ask two of your children to hold a beach blanket or a large towel. Hold the towel, taught. 

The goal of the game is to bounce a beach ball ⚽on the towel and use the towel to stop the ball from hitting the ground. The team that can hold the beach ball in the air the longest wins. 

Make Sand Angels at Bondi 

Challenge your kids to make the perfect sand angels at Bondi Beach 🏖️ without disturbing their print. You can also challenge them to decorate their angels 🪽in fun ways, like using seaweed, shells, or broken glasses. 

My kids had an absolute blast making their sand angels. 

Visit the Cooee Aboriginal Art Gallery 

The Cooee Aboriginal Art Gallery is one of Australia’s oldest Aboriginal art galleries. Located at Bondi Beach, Australia, the gallery hosts a wide range of bark paintings 🖼️, ceremonial artifacts from Aboriginal artists, and sculptures from around Australia. 

I recommend visiting this art gallery with your children and showing support for aboriginal artists in an ethical manner. 

Participate in Festival of the Winds 

Festival of the Winds is an annual kite flying and cultural festival that draws huge crowds every year. People from all over Australia and other countries visit the festival to celebrate the art of making and flying kites 🪁. 

I had the fortune to attend the festival last year with my kids, and we had an amazing day of fun and activities as there were many programs that were targeted toward kids.  

Go on the Bondi to Coogee Walk 

The Bondi Beach 🏖️ to Coogee Coastal Walk is a popular hiking trail for avid hikers. During this beautiful 6km trail, you’ll come across several other beaches, like Tamara Beach, Clovelly, and Bronte Beach. 

My kids are too young to attempt to finish this trail, but we did walk 🚶 for at least an hour, and it was absolutely gorgeous. 

Host a Beach Music Party 

Make a playlist of your children’s favorite music and host a beach 🏖️ music party with your children. 

Make sure that your music doesn’t disturb the people around you. Set up your portable speakers and dance 👯 with your kids. 

Make Sand Sculptures 

Challenge your kids to make the most unique sand sculpture they can at Bondi Beach 🏖️. The beautiful Bondi sand is the perfect canvas for this competitive activity. 

Allow your kids to use any material they can find on the beach for the activity. 

Visit the Sam Fiszman Park 

The Sam Fiszman Park is a small but wonderful botanical garden situated in North Bondi that is a popular hang-out spot for whale 🐳watchers. 

My kids and I learned that the park is also very popular amongst dog walkers. You enjoy the beautiful view of the beach from the many eateries and cafes a short walk away from this park. 

Take Your Kids Shopping at Bondi Markets 

Check out the featured stalls and buy your family a souvenir from your travels to Australia from the Bondi Markets. 

Bondi Markets is a weekly market that is set up near the beachfront grounds of Bondi Beach Public School. 

I really enjoyed checking out clothing from new designers, along with handmade jewelry 📿 and retro homeware appliances. There are also many wonderful eateries at the Bondi Markets. 


My children’s experiences at Bondi Beach were nothing short of memorable. Bondi Beach 🏖️, Sydney, Australia, offers a wide range of experiences and activities for adults and children alike.

It was a lot of fun to explore the beach with my children and bask in the glory of the glory of the beautiful Australian shoreline. 

Hope you and your kids have just as much fun at Bondi Beach. Let us know in the comments down below which activities came in handy during your trip. 

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