30+ Builder Activities for Your Kids that You Should Know

According to me, we humans have progressed to unimaginable heights in the field of almost everything. 

From inventing technological wonders to building huge and well-known masterpieces, our progress has skyrocketed in the last couple of years. 

Most of the people from our generation know about this massive progress and its processes, so to continue or double this progress in the next couple of years, we need to pass these lessons to our younger generation.

So today, I am going to teach a handful of builder activities to all the little learners in this interesting blog post. 😊

Fascinating Few Builder Activities For Your Children

I would suggest that these few builder activities will be very fun and exciting for your kids. It will also bring with it tons of information about this unique process of creating things out of your imagination, which will surely amaze the newer generation 👦. 

On top of this, your kids will also be able to experience a bunch of new stuff, which will help them develop various skills.

So, in this blog post, I compiled a list of builder activities that are fun as well as valuable for the kids.😁

Building Letters

According to me, this specific activity showcases a very fun 🤩way to incorporate construction into literacy. For this activity, your kids will have to name a letter, and then they have to scavenge for small pebbles or rocks. 

After this, they need to build these letters with the help of small pebbles or rocks. This way of learning will help them build letter recognition along with letter sounds and will also help them enhance their basic capabilities.

Pro Tip:

If your kid already has sufficient knowledge about basic letters 🔠 then you can go up a notch and let him or her choose a word. 

After this, they can follow the same way of arranging rocks or small pebbles to frame that word. This will further help them to understand this thing.

Magic Math Box

Here is another easy and simple task that I believe has some unique attributes to further improve your kid’s learning 🧠. 

So, this particular activity uses construction to develop math skills. For this activity, you will require a box 🎁, paper towel roll 🧻, and pom-poms. 

This activity will not only teach your kids about building a device but also make them fall in love with construction and math.

Pro Tip:

If you somehow do not have a paper towel roll, you can also replace it with a self-made cardboard roll. You can let your kid make this on their own and add it to the activity to provide your kid with a crafting experience. 

So, along with the other skills, your kid will also be able to enhance or master their crafting skill through this activity.

Building Shapes

This is yet another great activity that I got approval from my son through his excited and joyful face 😆while he was performing this activity. 

For this activity, your kid needs to grab some colored craft sticks and build shapes. This can be done by placing the craft sticks down. 

With the help of this great math activity, your kid’s hand-eye coordination will significantly improve.

Pro Tip:

To correctly build the shapes with the help of the craft sticks, you can use a reference sheet if necessary. This will help the kids understand the concept of this activity and will also make it simpler and easier for the kids👶🏻.

Edible Structures

This is, again, one of those interesting and unique activities that almost every kid loves to perform. 

Having a son who is a big foodie🤤, this activity could be one of his favorite activities among all of the other activities on this list. For this activity, you will only need a few food items that are mostly available around the house 🏠. 

Marshmallows. Cheddar cheese 🧀 or apples 🍎 can work great for this building project. 

Fun, Personal Fact:

Being a mother of a foodie son, I had high hopes for this activity. And the results did not disappoint me. My son loved this new way of teaching, which, according to him, was just a new recipe. But for me, it was a bit more. 

This activity not only helped my son develop his skills but also helped me tap into one of my hidden talents, which I had always wanted to try out. 

Building⚒️ structures out of edible substances was always on my bucket list, and being able to complete it with decent results really uplifted me and also overjoyed my excited little son 🥰.

Marble Run

Building a structure closely correlates with the baseline idea of engineering. So, this activity focuses on improving some of your kids’ basic engineering skills to help them in the long run. 

In this activity, your kids will need a piece of a paper roll🧻 and a piece of a tap. After this, your kids have to attach the paper roll pieces and then repeat to create a marble run. Kids 👶🏻will have enormous fun while building and using this marble run. 

Thus, I highly recommend this activity for all those little learners who want to learn about building.

Egg Carton Pyramids

Who doesn’t like homemade🏠, fun, and simple activities that are also time-effective? 

This specific activity fulfills all of those criteria. In this activity, your kids have to cut up an egg carton into each egg hole. After this, your kids need to paint each one of them with a different color. 

And then, in the end, your kids can easily create a fun building challenge with these egg carton creations. According to me, this is surely a simple and great activity that most of the kids will surely get fond of. 

Pro Tip:

Your kids can use this activity as a way to create a DIY non-LEGO building kit. Other than this, they can also set up challenges on their own, or you can give them several tasks that they must do with the help of these egg carton creations that they made.

Cardboard Cars

This cardboard building activity is another very special and unique activity that your kids will cherish forever after its completion. 

For this activity, your kids will require a cardboard box, which will be used as the base of the car 🚗, and then they have to cut out other pieces of the cardboard to make other parts of the car. 

After its completion, the kids will not only have an improvement in their crafting skills, but they will also have a very special item made by no one other than them. 

Thus, I highly recommend performing this activity with your kids in order to enhance their learning experience.

Pro Tip:

You can also let your kids paint the cars to add the extra or the finishing touch to this creation. This will not only make the car look more attractive but also help them improve their painting skills, and they will also be able to use all of their creativity in it.

Eiffel Tower

There’s a saying that kids learn from what they see and also have a very high tendency of wanting to imitate whatever they observe. 

So, we can positively use this unique trait through this specific activity. In this activity, your kids will have to replicate one of the architectural wonders, the Eiffel Tower 🗼. 

For this activity, your kids will need tape, newspaper 📰, and a stapler. As per my, this is a great activity where your kids will get a unique and first-time experience of replicating such a widely-known wonder. 

Pro Tip:

While your kids are busy working on this activity, you can have a fun discussion with them regarding the different building structures and the uniqueness of the Eiffel Tower or other extremely popular structures. 

This will provide them with some quick knowledge 🧠 about these important and magnificent structures, which they will understand the value of these structures sooner or later.

Building Bridges

Another great example of a huge and important structure is a bridge 🌉. So, to teach the kids about building, you have to teach them about the building process of a bridge. 

This can be easily done by your kids through building paper bridges. For this activity, your kids will need construction paper 📜, small blocks, and an object to weigh the bridge down. 

Thus, according to me, this activity will help them gain more knowledge about the process of building.

Pro Tip:

You can let your kids try out as many models of the paper bridge as possible. This will help them practice this activity more than one time, which will also lessen the chances of errors and failures. 

In the end, your kid can see which one holds the best among the different models that your kid tried out.


Whenever kids want to build some structure, the first thought in every parent’s mind is to hand them a set of Legos so that they can fulfill their desires. 

But other than the normal use of it, this popular building block can also be used in a new way. This activity can be performed by your kids with the help of a LEGO tape with which your kids👶🏻 can create a portion of a wall that is perfect for sticking LEGOs on. 

On top of this, the kids should build outward instead of upwards. This will also allow the kids to use their creative🧠 thinking skills for such a new creation. Thus, I also recommend adding this activity to your to-do list.

Blueprint Making

This is a similar painting activity that your kids can perform with the help of blueprints. In this activity, kids have to design their buildings and paint them on normal paper 📃. 

With the help of this, they will also be able to unleash their full creative potential and can paint with their hearts out. In the end, they can even create building names. 

In my opinion, it is a great activity for the kids that is quick and effective.

Pro Tip:

This activity mainly focuses on replicating a miniature and childish form of an actual blueprint for a structure. So, if your kid has any issue with the blue color, you can discuss with him the description and importance of a blueprint in real life. 

This will not only provide him with the information of a blueprint but also help him focus much more on creating the painting of the structure instead of the color.

Pendulum Play

“Before creation comes destruction.” This is a famous quote that circulated to the masses and became famous in no time. 

However, this specific line is also applicable to a structure. Just like any other material, a structure needs to be destroyed to be created back again. 

So the destruction ☢️part is performed by a similar action of a pendulum. Thus, in my opinion, pendulums can be a great way to show the kids how buildings🌇 are knocked out.

Pro Tip:

If you lack an actual pendulum, your kids can also perform this activity with the help of a tennis ball 🎾 or a golf ball ⛳. 

This is a great yet fun way to demonstrate how real engineers create space for new buildings. This simple activity can be easily performed using household items.

Construction Hat

Another activity that my son got fond of was the construction hat👷🏻 activity. As he loves wearing new fashion dresses and is also a huge art lover, he loved the activity of making a construction hat. 

So, your kids can also get ready for any construction activity after making their very own construction hat. After finishing, the kids can even decorate a construction masterpiece, which I believe the kids will love to experience. 


My son and I have done these activities together to teach him about this interesting concept of building in a fun and exciting way. 

This also helped him improve various skills while enjoying the adventure and excitement that the activities provided 😍. 

In addition to all of this, he could also learn more about this special yet interesting field of building structures. I hope you enjoyed reading the above list of activities that I have listed in this blog post🥰

Please leave a comment below if you want to add more activities to this list or have questions for me regarding the activities I mentioned – I would love to hear from you! ❤️

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