25+ Day of The Dead Activities that Are Mysterious

I have always believed in the power of cultural exploration and celebration as a way to nurture my little ones’ learning and understanding of the world 🌎 around them. 

One such vibrant and meaningful celebration is the Day of the Dead, also known as Dia De los Muertos in Mexico.

It is a beautiful Mexican tradition that pays tribute to the departed loved ones ❤️. The Day of the Dead, with its vibrant and expressive tradition and rich symbolism, provides a unique opportunity to spread cultural knowledge and helps to create beautiful and lasting memories. 

interesting Day of The Dead Activities

If you are eager to grow a deeper connection between your toddler 👦 and the rich cultural heritage and traditions of the Day of the Dead celebration, you have come to the right blog post 📯. 

Here, I have put together an exciting list of heartfelt activities where you can engage your little one in the beauty of this traditional celebration and build a meaningful connection with the spirit of recollection and celebration. 

Sugar Skull Decorating Party 

Decorating Sugar Skull Party Activity For Kids

Gather your little ones around a table and host a lively sugar skull decorating party. 

Provide your little one with edible markers, icing, and various candies 🍬, and allow them to show their artistic skills. This activity of decorating sugar skulls 💀 becomes a beautiful experience for cultivating their imagination 😄. 

Encourage your kid to share their memories ✨ and feelings through their beautiful designs. 

Pro tips: I share little anecdotes and stories 📖 about the people we are honoring with our sugar skull. 

Storytime with Day of the Dead Books

Storytelling Activity For Kids

You can join your kids for a cozy storytelling session🗣️ featuring beautiful, age-appropriate books about the Day of the Dead. 

Use this as an opportunity to explain the cultural aspects and answer any questions they might have related to this occasion. 

Try choosing bilingual stories to introduce your young ones to the basics of the Spanish language and vocabulary, making it an engaging language learning experience.

Marigold Planting Activity 

Planting Marigold Activity For Kids 

You can engage your kid in the world of gardening with a marigold planting activity. Planting marigolds serves as a beautiful experience to teach your little one the importance of marigolds on the Day of the Dead celebration. 

As they dig into the soil 🪴, discuss the significance and importance of marigolds and how they are believed to be a guiding spirit. Through this activity, you can create a mini garden 🏡 as a tribute to your loved ones. 

You can use this activity to teach them about the importance of the life cycle of the plants, making it an educational experience fused with the celebration.

Interactive Storytelling

Stories have a powerful way of connecting generations. You can engage your little one by creating a circle of storytelling, sharing personal stories 🗣️ about the departed ones in an interactive and captivating manner.

 Encourage the kids to ask questions and share their own stories, memories, and thoughts 💭. Ensure that you keep the tone positive and celebrate the memories.

Altar Building Workshop

You can engage your children in creating mini altars using adorable photographs, toys, trophies 🏆, and trinkets. Jump into a heartfelt conversation about the importance and memories of each product. 

This activity becomes a beautiful representation of the family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦history. This experience introduces them to the significance of the altar and opens up opportunities to ask questions about departed loved ones.

Pro tip: I share stories and memories associated with each item on the altar that can educate them and help create a beautiful atmosphere through storytelling.

Memory Jar Craft 

You can encourage your children to create their memory jars. Have each kid decorate a memory jar ⚱️throughout the day, encourage them to write down memories, thoughts, and messages to their departed ones on a piece of paper 📜 and place them in the jar. 

This could be an ongoing project, with a collection of sentiments becoming a heartfelt keepsake for parents and children and can help in continuous reflection and building strong connections. 

Keep the tissues handy, as this activity can be sentimental and touching.

Pinata Fun 

You can try adding an element of excitement and joy with a Day of the Dead-themed pinata 🪅 filled with treats 🍭. Allow the children to feel the excitement and take turns breaking open the pinata, representing the breaking of barriers between the living and the dead. 

Pro tip: Always ensure safety by using a soft pinata stick and provide blindfolds for your little ones for an added element of fun.

Traditional Mexican Cuisine Cooking Class 

Baking Mexican Cuisine Activity For Kids 

You can transform your kitchen into a traditional Mexican cooking classroom. Involve the children in the preparation of traditional and easy Mexican dishes 🌮. 

While chopping and mixing, involve them in conversation about the importance of each dish ❤️ and its connection to the Day of the Dead celebration.

Pro tips: I choose simple recipes that allow for active participation, turning cooking sessions into a delightful and memorable bonding experience.

Bake Pan de Muertos 

You can engage your little one in the making of a traditional Day of the Dead bread together 🍞. As you guys prepare the dough, take a moment to share memories and the rich symbolism of the sweet bread. Involve your children in baking by allowing them to shape and decorate the bread with symbolic shapes. 

This experience can become a cherished memory and become a bridge to connect your child with the heritage 💝.

Day of the Dead Movie Night

Watching Movie At Night Activity For Kids 

You can transform your living room into a cinematic wonderland by carefully selecting age-appropriate movies and animated shorts featuring the Dead of the Dead celebration. 

Bring together your whole family, complete it with popcorn 🍿, and discuss the cultural aspects involved in the storyline with your child. 

Try choosing movies that can entertain you and your little one and offer insights into Mexican folklore and celebrations 💫.

Face Painting Fiesta 

You can create an artistic afternoon for your budding artist by organizing a fun face-painting fiesta. You can transform your little ones into lively characters, nurturing a sense of playfulness while discussing the cultural significance of this celebration. 

You can tell them about the symbolism behind the vibrant designs and colors 🖌️ and encourage your children to express themselves creatively👩‍🎨. 

Pro tip: I use non-toxic and washable face paints, which makes for an easy cleanup.

Cultural Costume Parade

You can encourage your children to explore the cultural experience by dressing up in traditional Mexican attires or as characters related to the Day of the Dead celebration 💃. 

Host a costume parade for your young ones to display their beautiful attires with a small prize for creativity 💫. 

This activity helps in fostering creativity and cultural exploration 🧥. 

Create a DIY Dead of the Dead T-shirt 

You can engage your child in transforming a plain t-shirt into a vibrant Day of the Dead fit. Provide them with fabric markers, stencils, and color and allow them to explore their creative side by designing the t-shirt👕. 

They can wear these unique creations during family celebrations or at the local Day of the Dead celebration 🎇.

Papel Picado Creation Station

You can introduce your children to the delicate and fun art of papel picado, a form of decorative paper-cutting art ✂️. Provide your little ones with papers, templates, and scissors to create their beautiful designs, adding a festive touch to the celebration🎉. 

You can display some of their amazing creations as festive decoratives, highlighting the beauty of Mexican folk art and culture.

Candle Making Workshop 

Light up the celebration by introducing your child to the art of candle making. Let your toddler craft and decorate candles 🕯️with meaningful symbols while discussing the role of candles in lighting the way for the spirit 🌻.

Using various colors and molds while preparing these candles with little ones makes it an exciting and vibrant activity. 

Pro tip: Try ensuring safety measures during the candle-making process, making it a safe and hassle-free experience.

Folklore Dance Class 

Dance Class Activity For Kids 

You can turn your living room into a dance floor for a folklore dance class 🕺. Collaborate with fellow mothers in the neighborhood and arrange for a dance instructor to teach traditional Mexican dances associated with the Day of the Dead🕯️. 

A dance instructor can teach various Mexican dance steps with a discussion about the cultural significance of each movement. 

You can include upbeat music 🎵 to keep the children excited and keep the atmosphere joyful. This activity makes it a lively and culturally enriching experience for the children. 


Virtual connection with relatives

If possible, take the help of technology 🛜 and arrange a virtual call with extended family members to share stories and memories 🫶.

This activity can be a beautiful bonding session, helping your little one foster a sense of community and connection.

Fiesta Face Masks 

You can engage your little one in the world of expressions with face masks🎭. Transform plain masks into vibrant expressions of creativity.

Provide plain masks to your children and allow them to decorate and personalize their masks with Day of the Dead-inspired designs while discussing the significance of masks in various cultures 🎨.

You can use the activity to discuss the importance of expressing emotions and cultural traditions.

Musical Mariachi Parade 

Charge the celebration with music by arranging a musical mariachi parade 🎺. 

Teach the children a simple tune and let them march around, creating a lively and festive atmosphere that reflects the celebratory spirit of the Day of the Dead. Capture the parade on video for long-lasting memories📸. 

Paper Mache Skeleton Sculptures 

Creating Skeleton Using Paper Activity For Kids 

You can engage the children in a paper mache activity to create their skeleton sculptures. As the kids mold and shape, discuss the significance of skeletons in the Day of the Dead celebration 🎉. 

You can join hands with your little ones in this activity, which can be very engaging and helpful to them and can foster creativity. 

Pro tip: I designate a specific drying area to avoid messes and mishaps.

Symbolic Bracelet Making 

You can engage your children in a jewelry-making session with symbolic bracelets 📿. Provide them with beads of different symbols representing Day of the Dead elements and guide the children in making personalized bracelets with beautiful combinations. 

You can discuss the significance of each symbol used in the bracelet, creating a deeper connection to the culture. This activity can help in turning crafting into a meaningful experience. 

Day of the Dead Bingo

You can transform the traditional game of bingo into an educational and entertaining one with the Day of the Dead celebration twist 🌻.

You can create customized bingo cards with symbols and terms related to the celebration and play together as a family. Include the educational elements in a game and discuss each element as it comes up. 

You can use small treats 🍭as markers for your little ones, making it an engaging and joyful playtime experience.

Tissue Paper Flower Making

Tissue Paper Flower Making Activity For Kids

You can engage your toddler in the world and introduce them to the making of traditional tissue paper flowers 🌼 used in Day of the Dead celebrations. Provide them with a variety of colorful tissues and let them make beautiful flowers 🌺. 

These Day of the Dead decorations can be used to prepare beautiful bouquets or decorate the altar. 

You can use the activity to discuss the importance of vibrant colors in Mexican culture.

Family Recipes Sharing

You can connect generations through the flavors of tradition. Ask your family members to share recipes passed down from generations🍽️. 

You can cook and enjoy these dishes together, connecting the role of food to memories and cherishing various memories associated with the recipes and your loved ones. You can create a beautiful family recipe book 📙to honor your loved ones.

Wishing lantern release 

Wishing lantern Release Activity For Kids

You can end the beautiful day with a magical moment of releasing wishing lanterns. Ask the kids to write small wishes and messages to the departed loved ones in the family on a small piece of paper 📜. 

You can attach these to biodegradable lanterns and release them into the night 🌉. Watching their lanterns float away can be an emotional and symbolic experience for your kids.

Pro tip: Choose an open area for a hassle-free and safe lantern release.

Summing Up

In conclusion, celebrating the Day of the Dead with our kids with these beautiful and emotionally rich activities helps introduce cultural knowledge and create a beautiful collection of memories.

Watching my children engage in each traditional craft, conversation, and shared moment adds to our family connection. 

As we close the chapter on celebration, I invite you to share your experiences and insights on how you incorporate cultural traditions into your family celebrations and what unique ideas and traditions you have discovered along the way. 

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and continuing this beautiful conversation. 

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