25+ Best Greek Activities to Do With Your Kids Now!

As a mother, I have personally seen how brainstorming activities 🧩can influence a child’s growth. Engaging kids in these activities helps them to become well-rounded individuals by encouraging their creativity and social skills.

I believe and assure that kids who participate in engaging activities develop holistically, improving their creativity, social skills, and resilience as they shape a more promising future.

 Also, engaging in these activities🧩 with children helps a parent to build a strong bond with their kids. Both can forge enduring memories and fortify the bond via mutual happiness, learning, and laughing.

Interesting Greek Activities for kids.

Children who are exposed to a variety of cultures develop empathy, broader perspectives, and a respect for difference. It creates the groundwork for intercultural understanding, encouraging tolerance and peaceful coexistence. 

With time, Greek mythology, educational value, and rich history make Greek activities🧩 a hit with children. 

Are you also looking for activities that introduce your children to diversity, cultural enrichment, historical appreciation, resilience, teamwork, and creativity? Here, in this blog, I have listed a few Greek activities for kids. So, let’s dig in!

Greek Coloring Pages

Recently, I gave my children Greek coloring 🎨pages to color, telling them stories about legendary ancient figures. 

So kids can try this exercise that will encourage creativity, teach history, and spark imaginative inquiry. It’s a fun way for kids to express themselves artistically and learn about Greek culture.

Greek Mythological Stories

I read Greek mythology stories to my children, transforming bedtime into magical🪄 journeys with gods and heroes. Parents can try this with their kids. 

This engages young minds in folklore from the past. It helps kids develop their imaginations while also improving language skills and creating a love of storytelling.

Greece Word Searches

I turned learning into a fun search for hidden treasures by introducing my children to word searches about Greece. 

Kids can do this by using Greek Printed Word charts to improve focus, vocabulary, and problem-solving🧩 abilities. Children can explore Greek culture in a way that is both entertaining and educational.

Greece Mythological Word Searches

My two-year-old daughter and I started playing word searches based on Greek mythology, which turned learning about Gods into an exciting game. 

This is an educational and entertaining activity that kids can do to improve their vocabulary and problem-solving abilities. It’s an enjoyable way for children to learn cognitive skills.

Athena Paper Roll Crafting

I introduced this activity to my son for a craft competition. Kids can create their goddesses with paper🧻 rolls, which encourages creativity and skill. 

It’s an engaging and instructive approach to learning about Greek mythology that develops creativity and imaginative abilities.

Pro-Tip: Ensure that kids are supervised while using paper for crafting; do not put it inside their mouth, and keep sharp objects like scissors away from them.

Making Dragons

I inspired my children’s creativity, giving them the joy of creating paper dragons🐉. Kids can do this creative project using sketch pens and scissors to cut, which provides a fun way to improve fine motor skills. 

Children who create such activity learn patience, focus, and a sense of accomplishment.

Pro-Tip: Make sure that once sketching is done, the colors and pens are kept away from kids.

Cyclops Paper Roll Craft

By showing my children how to make the Cyclops Paper Roll Craft, I helped them visualize the world of mythology. 

Kids can create giants, which piqued their interest in Greek mythology. For children, this imaginative play fosters fine motor skills and an appreciation for folklore while fusing creativity and education.

Paper Flute

I made my kids learn how to make Greek flutes. Kids can do this activity by rolling paper, sticking together, and coloring the flutes 🪈with their favorite paint. It makes kids involved in creating their historical instruments. 

Kids can learn about Greek culture entertainingly, all while improving their motor skills.

Pro-Tip: Ensure that kids are safe while making the flutes. Keep the glues and other objects away from kids. I ensured that the flute was not put into the mouth or ears while playing. I would also suggest looking after this.

Crafting Harpy

Children can create Harpy, the wing-wielding death spirit, by having them cut out colored paper wings and stick them to a bird figure. 

I believe that Greek mythology is introduced in a hands-on manner in this imaginative activity🧩. Children enjoy making while learning about mythological animals.

Make Icarus

Kids can do this by cutting and shaping paper into the shape of a winged figure to create Icarus. By introducing the story of Icarus, this craft encourages curiosity about Greek mythology. 

I believe that the project helps children learn a timeless story while honing their fine creativity and storytelling abilities.

Craft a Laurel

My son made this activity while attending a mythological workshop in school. Kids can give a shape of green construction paper into leaves🫒 and glue them to a circular base to create a DIY laurel or olive wreath. 

As children create crowns, this interactive activity introduces them to Greek customs.

Pro-Tip: I always keep the DIY paints out of my kid’s reach. I would suggest you to do the same. 

LEGO Greek Architectures

My kids love playing this. Kids can create Greek architecture using LEGO by creating structures that are modeled after classical Greek temples. 

Building with LEGO bricks gives children an interactive way to learn about architectural 🏛️ principles and develop an appreciation for historical buildings and ancient Greek culture.

Greece’s Online Jigsaw Puzzles

Kids can participate in Greece’s online jigsaw Puzzles🧩 by choosing digital pictures that are associated with Greek culture. 

I believe children are introduced to Greek mythology and landmarks through this virtual activity, which gives them a fun learning opportunity with educational advantages for an engaging and joyful learning environment.

Greek Mythology Photos

My kids love doing this. Kids can create a collection of photos of Greek mythology. Through visual storytelling, this activity engages children and helps them develop an early appreciation of Greek mythology and culture. 

Being exposed to famous pictures🖼️ piques interest and improves observational abilities.

Craft Greek Animal: Sheep

Using fluffy cotton balls, cover a shaped cardboard base and cut into shape. Through this tactile activity, children can learn about Greek farming traditions while developing their creativity and fine motor skills. 

I believe children enjoy a creative and enjoyable experience while gaining a practical understanding of cultural customs.

Pro-Tip: Make sure while kids play with cotton. Sometimes, the thread might go inside the eyes. Make sure they wear eye protection glasses 👓or strictly supervise them.

Greece Ocean Animals

I recently introduced this activity to my son, and he loved it. Kids can create Greek ocean animals by modeling sea life out of clay or paper. This practical exercise encourages imagination and respect for wildlife. 

Children gain knowledge about Greek marine ecosystems, making a playful connection between art and environmental awareness.

Pro-Tip: I always use the kid’s safe clay for doing such activities. I suggest you do the same and make sure they do not eat it.

Craft Medusa

Kids can create a Medusa with a snake-haired gorgon. First, create distinct snake🐍 shapes with paper and stick them to the head of a figurine. 

This improves fine motor control. I believe children participate in a creative process while studying legendary animals, which encourages a passion for folklore.

Crafting of Minos

My son loves making such miniatures. Kids can create a small clay or modeling dough figurine to bring Minos, the King of Crete, to life. 

Greek mythology is introduced, and kids can combine art with education by telling stories while they draw their interpretation of a legendary figure.

Make Phoenix

Kids can make a Phoenix by molding colorful paper into the shape of its wings and magnificent tail. 

Through the introduction of mythology, this creative activity improves fine motor skills and creative💭 thinking. I believe children learn about old stories and have a passion for storytelling about their mythical birds.

Greece Pottery Paper Plate Craft

I recently introduced this activity to my son. Kids can paint Grecian designs on paper plates to make a Greece Pottery Paper Plate Craft. 

Children’s creativity is developed as they engage in this interactive lesson about ancient Greek art🎨. It also adds an engaging element to the study of history.

Pro-Tip: While kids use the paintbrush to paint the paper plate, ensure that kids’ eyes are safe from paint and brush.

Craft Arachne: The Spider

Kids can create spiders using black threads 🧵and beads and tying them together. Greek mythology, which improves hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills, is introduced. 

I believe children get creative skills in addition to learning about the myth of Arachne, which makes the crafting process entertaining and instructive.

Crafting Greece Trojan Horse

Children can take shape and decorate a cardboard horse to create a paper 🧻craft Trojan horse. 

I believe that kids would learn about the ancient Greek story through this interactive activity that fosters their creativity and fine motor skills. The creation of the iconic horse encourages historical awareness.

Make Franky Paper Football 

My son loves this! Kids can create a paper craft football ⚽player using paper fasteners and movable limbs. Kids learn about sportsmanship and develop their creativity with this entertaining activity. 

By fusing art, kids develop a nurturing environment for football, which is famous in Greek culture.

Olympic Dove

The Olympic Dove🕊️ is an important symbol for Greece. Kids can make this by cutting out a felt or paper dove form and decorating it with olive leaves. 

I believe through this practical exercise, kids are exposed to Greek culture. Making a symbolic dove connects art with cultural lessons.

Olympic Torch

I introduced this activity to my son recently. Kids can create by using a paper towel roll as the base and flame-colored tissue paper for decoration, creating an Olympic Torch🔥. 

Through this practical exercise, children can learn about Olympic customs. By fusing art, it promotes an awareness of sportsmanship and unity.

Olympic Rings

Recently, I helped my kids with this activity, and they enjoyed it. Kids can cut and color the paper strips to create connecting circles ⭕that represent the Olympic Rings. 

Children are introduced to the sports symbol of unity through this entertaining activity. It also promotes conversations about diversity and teamwork.

Draw Greece Flag

My kids love this! Kids can create a Greek flag colored by applying blue to the top and bottom stripes, white to the middle, and placing a white cross and a blue square in the upper left corner. 

Through the introduction to flag symbolism, children’s cultural awareness is enhanced. 

Paper-Mache Greek Pottery Vases

I introduced this to my kids, and they enjoyed it! Kids can create by using newspaper strips soaked in a flour-water paste, stacking the strips on top of a balloon🎈, and shaping it into a vase shape. 

Children’s creativity is enhanced as they engage in making ancient art. 

Pro-Tip: I always put the glues and rubber-related items out of the kid’s reach. I suggest you supervise them while sticking the strips into the balloon.

Labyrinth Art Project

Kids can start a labyrinth art project by sketching and coloring a labyrinth in imaginative designs on paper. 

I believe Greek mythology is introduced to children through this creative activity, which also improves focus and helps construct the labyrinth, encouraging comprehension of archaic symbolism.

Ancient Greece Chariot

Kids can create an Ancient Greece Chariot by cutting a small cardboard box📦 into the shape of the frame and painting or drawing on it. 

I believe that hands-on exploration of ancient transportation enhances historical comprehension and adds a dynamic element to education.

Crafting Temple with Straw

My son loved trying this activity for his project. Kids can build a cardboard base by following straw pieces to it to form the roof and columns. 

With this practical exercise, children can learn about ancient architecture. Building a temple🕍 cultivates respect for history and enhances the study of ancient civilizations.

Pro-Tip: I used a paper straw for the activity. I recommend you use paper straws instead of plastic as they are harmful to kids.

Greek Clay Coins

Kids can create this by forming air-dry clay into small circles and using toothpicks or other small objects to imprint designs. 

Through this practical exercise, children can learn about ancient money. Learning becomes a tactile and interesting experience and promotes an understanding of historical artifacts.

Pro-Tip: Make sure the clay is safe for kids and coins are put safely into containers back, and be careful while kids use the toothpicks.

Parthenon Craft

Kids can cut and put together a cardboard or paper model of the famous Greek temple to create a Parthenon craft. 

I believe the Parthenon’s construction promotes awareness of historical sites and makes studying ancient cultures engaging and entertaining.

Greek Mythology Matching Card Game

I sometimes let my kids play this activity. Kids can draw or print mythological characters on cards🎴 and play matching games based on colors or designs, etc. 

Greek myths are introduced to children. Learning about ancient tales can be entertaining and educational, which cultivates an appreciation for mythology and storytelling.

Make Greek Worksheet

I have introduced this worksheet to my kids. You, too, can try creating the same with a list of all the Greek letters and activities such as matching, writing, and drawing corresponding objects.

Children learn a new alphabet through this interactive activity. Playing with Greek letters improves cognitive abilities.

Olympic Venn Diagram

Kids can make a Venn ⭕diagram labeled “Modern vs. Ancient Olympics” and list the features of the modern Olympics in one circle and the features of the ancient Olympics in the other.

Take note of the shared elements in the overlapping section. I believe this exercise promotes critical thinking.

Greek Mask

Kids can create this by cutting a cardboard mask form and applying paint or markers to decorate it in the style of Greek theater masks🎭.

Children’s creativity is enhanced. I believe making masks encourages appreciation of historical art forms and adds an interactive and entertaining element to learning.

Pro-Tip: Make sure that kids do not put masks on their faces. It might irritate their skin. 

Greece Timeline Scrapbook

My kids enjoyed while making this activity. Kids can use images, captions, and drawings and arrange historical events on each page to create a scrapbook.

Engaging and thorough learning is fostered by the visual presentation that deepens understanding of the chronological flow of ancient Greek history.

Play Go Fish

Kids can get engaged with this activity with a Greek twist by using cards that are depictions of gods, mythological animals, or historical personalities.

I believe that introducing children to Greek mythology, this activity improves their memory skills. The game is a fun way to learn about ancient characters.


These Greek games and activities🧩 will keep your child entertained while fostering important developmental skills that should be incorporated into daily routines. 

By reading the listed activities🧩 above, I hope you enjoyed and got a clear idea of how to engage your kids in a fun way.

Please leave a comment below if you have any more Greek activity ideas to add to this list or have any questions for me to answer – I would love to hear your feedback! ❤️

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