35+ Harvest Activities to Celebrate the Season with Joy!

I am the mother of two kids, and I want to briefly portray how the extra activities 🧩 have added value to my kids’ lives.

It not only provided them with a good fun time but also enhanced their basic skills in such a way that they are becoming self-resilient to take up activities that give them exploration at a very early age.

Games and activities 🧩let the children take experiences, learn, and implement in real life. You can see them active by being physically involved in these games, and I assure you that it will make them an all-around person.

Amazing Harvesting Activities for Kids

Is this the time of summer vacation🏖 and are you wondering how to keep your kids engaged in nature with simple and easy games? Then, of course, you have landed on the right page. 

Whether the activities are sowing seeds with parents or visiting the paddy fields, the easiest and most entertaining activities for kids have been listed below to help you get them interested and learn many new things.

These activities will enhance their recognition skill, and motor skills and let their creativity and imagination come to life.

So, let’s quickly move ahead with some amazing activities.

Fall Harvest Sensory Bins

I introduced this to my kids, and they learned a lot from it. Kids can play with harvest 🚜🌾sensory bins where they can add the miniatures related to harvesting.

Kids can learn many things out of it and play according to the situation. It enhances the motor skills of children.

Apple Season

My kids get excited when the apple season comes. Kids can take the help of elders and sow apple seeds in the garden or just visit the farm when the apple is fully grown.

This gives them a lesson on the science behind the harvesting of apples. It also increases their curiosity about harvesting🚜. 

Pumpkin Sensory

My daughter loves playing with the sensory objects. Kids can play with the senses related to pumpkins.

Kids can add affordable toys along with that and make a play to understand the surroundings better. This helps them to enhance their coordination skills and motor skills as well.

Paper Farm

I introduced this to my kids, and they loved it. Kids can make a paper farm using paper boards and make grasses using paper, too.

Later, they can design it in such a way that it looks like a farm. This helps to enhance their creativity and imagination.

Cardboard Tractor

My son loves making something different using paper. Kids can make tractors🚜using cardboard and can get help from the videos or the elders.

After they make the tractor, they can paint over it. This helps them to bring imagination and creativity to the table.

Cardboard Play Set

I brought this idea to my son, and he just made it amazingly. Kids can make a harvesting field or any vegetable or fruit garden using cardboard.

They can add the trees and make fields, baskets, etc., required for harvesting. This makes them more imaginative and creative to understand what harvesting looks like.

Paper Vegetable Garden

My son made this using wasted paper. Kids can make vegetable gardens using paper by stripping them down to look like grass and making small balls to look for vegetables.

And then make a field using those. This gives kids an idea of the various vegetables grown.

Rice Field

Kids can make a rice field by using paper and clays. Kids can make paper paddy and grasses, and with clay, can make soil.

This outstanding look would give kids a feel of what a paddy or rice field looks like. I believe this enhances their imagination🚜. 

Wheat Field

My son did this project, and it turned out amazing. Kids can make wheat fields using soil, paper, and dry grass to look at the field.

Kids can take help from elders and try making it. Once done, they can add colors to the board to give a proper finish.

Potato Field

Kids can make beautiful potato fields using minimal craft supplies. Kids can take stones and strip paper to take a look at grass and soil and place them all together on a board appropriately.

After that, they can color the stones light yellow. I believe this enhances their imagination.

Strawberries Harvesting

I recently took my children out to pick up the strawberries. Kids with elders can go to pick up the strawberries, watch how the harvesting is done, or help them keep the berries in a basket.

This way, kids learn about the basics of harvesting and agriculture.

Calico Corn Art

My kids love painting. Kids can make calico corn art using minimal craft supplies. They can paint it on paper or cloth and frame it that can be used for wall hanging.

This activity helps them indulge in great artwork and enhances their imagination.

Carrot Harvesting

My kids love harvesting 🌾 with their dads. Kids can take help from elders and seek advice on how to pluck carrots and have a great learning time in nature.

This activity helps them understand the basics of harvesting and agriculture.

Harvesting Bags

Kids can make harvesting bags using paper or re-make the wasted delivery bags. After that, they can add colors to the bag or write some amazing names to it.

I believe this activity helps kids to be more creative and understand the practice of recycling.

Harvesting tools

My son recently made a cardboard harvesting tool. Kids can make harvesting tools with the use of leftover metal plates or any spoons.

This can be used in harvesting 🚜 where they can scoop the soil, or just used to collect the unwanted kinds of stuff from the garden. This enhances their coordination skills.

Harvesting Painting

My kids love painting amazing nature-related pictures. Kids can make the painting using variant colors and give an actual look of the farm, garden, or any harvesting fields.

This activity helps add colors to their busy schedule and also increases their imagination and creativity.

Clay Field

Kids can make a field using clay or slime. Kids can take a box or a paper plate where they can add the clay and give a rough touch to look like in real. Then, color the field using brown and add pebbles to it.

Scarecrow Art

My kids love painting the most realistic things. Kids can focus on many other things that are found in nature.

Just like scarecrows are mandatory in the field, kids can make a painting of it and signify it in their own words. This enhances their imagination and creativity.

Scarecrow with Bamboo

Kids can make scarecrows using sticks and erasers. Kids can take a circled eraser and stick it on the top of bamboo or any sharp-straight lined object.

They can add dried grass to the hands of it. This activity helps them to enhance their creativity and imagination.

Make Baskets

My son made baskets using paper. Kids can make baskets using paper strips and fold them one after another.

Once the strips are conjoined together, they can mold it to give the look of a basket 🧺 and glue it. This helps to enhance their imagination and creativity.

Harvesting Song

Kids can make lyrics or compose a harvesting song in their language. And sing it all alone or with the group to add extra fun to their daily schedule.

I believe this activity helps them to understand their capabilities of doing things extraordinarily.

Visit Harvesting Field

My kids love visiting harvesting fields with their grandparents. Kids can ask elders about their visit to harvesting 🚜 fields and ask their curiosity about the cropping patterns, the seeds, fertilizers, etc, used in the field. This helps them to understand the basics of nature early.

Writing About Harvesting Season

I introduced this activity to my kids. Kids can write about the harvesting season and harvesting crops or can write a story on how farmers do the cropping and then harvest it.

This activity helps them to develop their imagination, writing, and creativity, along with developing their motor skills.

Role Play

Kids can do a role play of a daily market scene. Kids can play the role of shopkeeper, farmer, or harvester, where they cut the fields and sell them to the shop, and the shopkeeper sells them to the customer.

This activity helps them to understand commerce and also increases their creativity.

Word Flashcards

Kids can play the word flashcards where the names of seasons, vegetables, or fruits are written.

As the cards are chosen, the kids can play or act on the given name and have great fun over it. I believe this activity enhances their creativity and motor skills.

Ploughing the soil

My kids help their dad by plowing the soil, and it is worth watching. Kids can get help from elders to take small plows and help plow the soil. And they can help sow the seeds or can watch carefully how it is done.

Pro-Tip: I recommend you keep a close eye on how they are using the tools. Make sure that they do not use sharp objects. 

Pick vegetables

My kids help me in picking the vegetables from the garden. Kids can help elders by picking up fresh vegetables when it is the time of harvest 🚜. This activity helps them indulge in physical activity and enhances their fine motor skills.

Pro-Tip: I always ensure my kids are safe from unwanted sharp weeds while plucking vegetables. I recommend you to look after your kids while they do the same.


My kids love puzzles. Kids can play the seed, fruit, vegetable, or harvest-related puzzles. They can then match the picture of various items and get to the correct one.

This activity helps to enhance their imagination and motor skills.

So many seeds

Kids can do this activity by getting help from elders. They can sow different seeds🌰 in the backyard of a house or any free space.

This activity helps them to improve their coordination skills and understand science and agriculture at an early age.

Make barn

My son made this, and it came out very beautiful. Kids can take cardboard to make big boxes over free space in the garden and bedsheets to put it below.

And make a barn where they can collect the small herbs and vegetables. This activity helps in increasing their creativity.

Seed collage

My kids made this amazing activity. Kids can get help from elders in identifying the seeds and making a collage for learning purposes.

This would help them enhance their creativity and also help to understand the variety of seeds in agriculture🚜.

Seed collective project

Kids can take seeds of various fruits and vegetables and collect them in different sample bags. And they can attach those in a copy to make it a project.

Also, they can write names below the sample for future help. I believe this helps them to gain knowledge on harvesting.


These harvesting 🚜🐄🌾games and activities will keep your child entertained while also teaching them important developmental skills that should be incorporated into their daily routine.

I hope you enjoyed reading about the activities listed above and gained some ideas for how to engage your children in a fun way.

Please leave a comment below if you have any additional activity suggestions or questions for me to answer – I’d love to hear from you! ❤️

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