55+ Best January Activities That You’ve Never Seen Before!

Starting from celebrating a new year with my little ones to making sure I don’t miss out on having fun in the snow ❄️ – there is a lot for all mothers to cope with during the month of January.

What does a typical morning in January look like for a mother of two adorable kids?

I start off my day by throwing my hair into a ponytail, preparing a bottle of milk 🍼 and a bowl of cereal 🍵 for my kids, finding the missing sock, and digging into my breakfast while being distracted by the thoughts of planning the activities for the rest of the day.

I used to wish that if only I could find an organized list of activities for the month of January, then I could just totally focus on relishing my breakfast.

Interesting January Activities For Kids

Here I am, sharing a list of activities I enjoy with my kids during the month of January with all the mothers out there.

I made this list when my son was a toddler 👶, and it has been getting longer ever since my daughter 🥰 arrived.

Read on to find all the fantastic January activities I have put together.

January Activities for Toddlers

Snow ❄️ is the only thing my toddler doesn’t get bored of easily.

January also brings in another concern for mothers- cold and flu 🤧 affecting their child’s health. No matter how hard we try to protect our kids, sometimes they catch a cold and miss out 🤒 on all the outdoor activities in the snow.

The month of January not only brings in lots of opportunities for snow activities but for numerous indoor activities, too.

Read on to discover some of them.

Watch Movies with Your Kids

Movies Watching Activity In January

Winter brings a lovely opportunity to sit on the cozy couch 🛋 and enjoy a wholesome family movie 🎬 while sipping hot cocoa.

Last January, we watched Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus 🧚‍♀️ because my daughter loves the winged horse featured in the movie.

Wrap up your little ones in a warm blanket, watch their favorite movie, and ask them about what they liked the most, their favorite 💞 character, and everything else.

These questions make children think and analyze their likes and dislikes.

Make a Greeting Card

January marks the beginning of a new year. Therefore, grab the pencils, crayons 🎨, accessories, embellishments, cotton balls, and everything your little one likes to make a beautiful greeting card 💌 together.

My son makes greeting cards for me every year with a note, ‘I love you ❤️, Mom.’ I have kept these precious love-filled cards safely in my closet.

Sticky Snowman on the Wall

Sticky Snowman Making Activity In January

I believe a snowman ⛄️ is a kid’s favorite winter buddy. You can create one at home.

In the month of January, I often team up with my son and daughter to make a cute little snowman on the wall. 


  • Just take a spare piece of cardboard, draw an outline of a snowman, and hang it on the wall. 
  • Cut out a cute little carrot-shaped 🥕 nose from a piece of foam or chart paper along with the 👀 eyes.
  • Ask your little ones to stick it on the cardboard. Your cute little snow buddy ⛄️ is ready to accompany your kids at home.

Pro Tip

Whenever I am sharing this activity with my kids, I add colorful cotton balls, threads🧶, and anything that adds to the fun of building a snowman according to my kid’s imagination.

Indoor Picnic

Winter is a golden time for 🧺 family picnics. You can enjoy numerous games, drink hot cocoa, and relish winter treats 🥙 with your kids indoors.

Grab a blanket and spread it over in a place where you can enjoy the view of a snow-covered lawn.

Many families follow a tradition of having a picnic on the first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere- the Winter Solstice.

Pro Tip

Take your little ones for ice fishing 🎣if it is possible in your area.

Snowball Battle at Home

Snowball Battle In January

Snowball ❄️ fights are one of the things I am always looking forward to during this month. I have a hard time whenever my son and daughter are having a snowball fight face-off, and I am asked to choose a side.

I often arrange for a snowball fight at home (without using snow 😏).

I take a thick piece of Styrofoam and cut out semi-circular pieces out of it. I stick them together to make white Styrofoam balls resembling snowballs.

And thereby, we have a fantastic snowball battle 🥳 at home.

Pro tip

Styrofoam balls are extremely light in weight, so throwing them might not create the desired excitement; hence, you can crush tissue papers or papers with a heavier weight into balls and use them instead.

Snow Painting

Toddlers love to play with paint 🎨 , and snow painting makes them even more curious.

I painted a masterpiece with my toddler using cotton balls. You just need a colorful chart paper, dip a cotton ball into the color blue or white on a palette, and dab it randomly on the paper.

The impression of cotton balls on the paper resembles snowballs or ❄️ round snowflakes. All the pieces I have painted with my toddler have put a smile ☺️ on our faces.

Pro Tip

You can add embellishments and colors to make the activity more fun, just as my daughter uses the color pink for making an adorable painting 💝 of pink snowballs.

Read Their Favorite Book

Reading Activity In January

This activity is suitable for children of all ages. Read their favorite winter-themed book 📚 and ask them some interesting questions urging them to think.

For example,

  •  Who is their favorite character, and why?
  •  What would they do 🤔 if they were the main character?
  •   Which character do they dislike and why?

Here are a few books your little one may like to read,

Important Note:

I will highly recommend all parents go through 🔎 all the books before letting their little one read them. Make sure the content is suitable for them in every way.

Leave a Footprint

You will enjoy this activity the most when the whole family participates in it together. Take pieces of cardboard and cut out outlines of the big footprints 👣 of Yeti.

Attach it to the base of the boots and march out on the snow with your little ones, creating the footprint tracks of a Yeti.

Pro Tip

You can also spend time observing the animals’ tracks 🦊 in the snow with your little ones.

The Mystery Snow Sensory Box

Solving The Mystery Snow Sensory Box Activity In January

This activity is a very innovative one.

I mix cornstarch with a suitable amount of conditioner in a plastic box to make a super soft dough resembling snow.

I hide the favorite toys 🧸 of my toddler in this intriguing mix of fake snow and let them use their hands to locate the toys inside it.

This is a pretty enjoyable sensory activity if you don’t want your kids to catch a cold 🤒 while playing outside in the snow.

Pro Tip

This dough mix might turn out to be dry or sticky when you’re making it for the first time. My daughter loves to use her strawberry-flavored 🍓 conditioner while making dough.

Important Note:

Make sure they don’t ☠️ end up eating or tasting this fake and sweet-smelling snow.

Frozen Ice Painting

My daughter is easily bored 🥱 with one activity, so I need to keep coming up with new ideas throughout the day to keep her 🏃‍♂️ busy.

This job becomes tougher when I have a lot of chores to do away with at the same time. I came up with this tricky activity to keep her busy for a long time.


  • Take an ice 🧊 cube tray.
  • Fill up half of each block with vibrant paints 🎨 (the ones that are non-toxic for your child).
  • Fill up the rest half of it with water and place ice cream sticks (broken into halves) in each block.
  • Freeze it till it transforms into ice cubes of different colors.
  • Your toddler can hold the ice cubes with the help of the stick embedded in it while painting🖌 with the end of the cube containing colors.

The ice will melt slowly while your toddler will be engrossed in this activity for a longer ⏰️ time.

Sensory Snow Bag

Do you want your child to play with snow indoors while not getting their hands dirty with the artificial snow made at home?

Just take a transparent zip-lock bag 🛍 and fill it up with the artificial snow made at home or with marshmallows and hair gel.

Your toddler can tap, squish, and play with it while not getting their hands dirty.

My daughter is a bit notorious, so she ends up opening the zip lock and pouring all the contents outside. She adds a smirk 😏 while looking at me after emptying the bag. Therefore, this activity doesn’t work for me 🙃 in this case.

Pro Tip

You can also add small toys 🧸 into the zip lock bag. It will turn out to be a good sensory activity for your toddlers while they try to feel and locate the toys hidden in the snow inside.

My Little Igloo

My Little Igloo In January

All of us have dreamed of living in igloos ❄️ during our childhood. Those dainty semi-circular snow huts have always grabbed the attention of kids of all age groups.

Even though it is not possible to make one at home, I still came up with the idea of using white blankets to form a snow hut.

I use some chairs and cover them with blankets to form a snow hut. Adding white cushions along with some snacks 🍔 (especially hot cocoa ) adds to the fun.

This activity always ends with priceless memories ❣️ for a lifetime.

My Gingerbread Man

A big ginger man of your toddler’s size would be a nice winter treat 💯 , isn’t it?

Ask your toddler to lie down on a huge piece of chart paper and draw his outline on it.

Following that, draw a pair of eyes and a nose. The rest of the work will be accomplished by your little one, who will color 🖌and decorate the giant ginger man according to his/her imagination.

My son and daughter have come up with the most colorful ones in all these years.

Pro Tip

You can also provide them with embellishments to stick on the ginger man. 

Important Note:

Please do it under strict supervision ☠️ so that they don’t end up gulping down those embellishments.

Can the Can

I love this activity. It combines painting 🖌 and playing 🏃‍♂️ with your toddler.


  • Take a few empty cans 🥫 and make sure to get rid of or tape the sharp edges.
  • Paint the face of a snowman or anything your little one likes on the surface of the cans.
  • Once done, stack them in the shape of a pyramid.
  •  Ask your toddler to throw a ball and make the cans fall off the table.
  • Compete with your child by taking a turn at throwing the ball. The one who displaces the least number of cans will have to stack up the cans 🤭 for the next round.

Sometimes, my daughter throws a tantrum 🫣 whenever she loses the game twice or thrice in a row. However, my son offers to help her rearrange the cans, being the amazing older brother he is.

Jump on the Iceberg

Most of us used to play this game during our childhood, and it was popularly known as ‘ice 🧊 and water.’

  • Cut out outlines of an iceberg on white chart paper resembling the cute animated icebergs with round corners.
  • Place these cut-outs in a zig-zag pattern on a mattress.
  • Turn on your toddler’s favorite rhyme on the loudspeaker 🎶 and let the race begin.
  • The participants of the race need to reach the finish line by hopping from one iceberg to another.
  •  The one in charge of the music should pause it ⏸️ at random intervals.
  • The tiny participants will be disqualified if they jump on the water (outside the iceberg cut-out) or don’t freeze when the music is paused.
  • Ultimately, the one finishing first when the music ends will win the opportunity to control the music 🎶 for the next round.

My younger one always finishes last during this activity, but her brother spoils 🤭 her by giving her his chance to control the music.

Sparkling Icicles

Toddlers are fascinated by the sight of icicles 🥶 in numerous animated movies. Just take a few aluminum foils 🧻 and cover them with blue and white shades of paint to create beautiful icicles.

Let your little one unleash his or her imagination by decorating it with cotton balls, embellishments, or foam paper in any way they like.

You can join together five or more such icicles in a circle to form the shape of a snowflake ❄️ or a 🌟 star.

Hang it on the threshold of your balcony or window by means of threads. These icicles created by your adorable ones 🥰 will definitely turn out to be prettier than the ones in any animated movie.

Pro Tip

You can also take a silver-colored paper plate and cut out holes in it such that it resembles a shiny snowflake. 

The Glittery Magic Bottle

The Glittery Magic Bottle For January Activities

We loved playing with these when we were kids. Just fill up half of a transparent bottle with water, glitters ✨️ foam snowflakes, a little bit of soap 🫧 , and a tiny plastic ⛄️ snowman.

Tighten the cap and shake the bottle.

Ask your toddler to turn the bottle 180 degrees and watch the snowman travel from one end of the bottle to the other end amidst a sea of bubbles, glitters, and snowflakes.

They won’t get bored of this glittery bottle for a long time.

Pro Tip

If you can find a plastic snowman, then you can make one out of foam. Instead of a snowman, you can use your kid’s favorite cartoon 🕺 character’s plastic model, too.

Snow Cake for Animal Buddies

This generous activity is going to be loved 💞 by your little ones.

Take some snow and mold it in the form of a cake somewhere near the woods or where animals can find it.

Decorate your snow cake with some fruits 🍇, vegetables 🥕, and bird seeds. The animals around that place will be absolutely happy to receive this generous gift from your little ones.

Attend Winter Carnivals and Festivals

This is an absolute favorite one for my son. We love attending winter carnivals offering various delicacies 🍟, treats, exciting games 🤖, and activities to all the visitors.

It is an excellent way to spend time with your family. You can also visit a Ski Town ⛷️ if possible.

The Water Gun Snow Painting 

The Water Gun Snow Painting In January

Suit up in your winter clothes along with a water gun 🔫 loaded with different colors 🎨 and head out to a snow-covered lawn with your toddlers.

Shoot out the colorful shots from your water gun to make a fantastic painting on the snow.

The paintings my toddlers end up creating on the snow look like meaningless, colorful pieces 😓 of destroyed modern art. But what matters is that they have a whole lot of fun doing it while I get a treat of unending giggles and smiles from them.

Important Note:

Please use non-toxic colors during this activity. Your kids may get into a water gunfight and end up shooting water at each other 🫣 instead of the snow.

The color might get into their eyes 👀 causing irritation; use transparent glasses 👓 made up of plastic to avoid such mishaps.

Outdoor Activities on The Snow

Ask your toddler to use a stick and draw the alphabet A to Z on the snow. You can also play tic-tac-toe ❎️ 🟢 with your adorable one on the beautiful snow.

You can ask your adorable little one to lie down on the snow and move their hands and feet to displace the snow, creating the impression of a beautiful 🧚‍♂️snow fairy.

If your kid is a kindergartner, there are numerous outdoor activities you can enjoy together, including skiing ⛷️, sledding 🛷, snowboarding, and snowshoeing. 

The Classic Bonfire

The Classic Bonfire In January

Winter months are incomplete without a bonfire 🔥 with your family members.

I love sitting by the bonfire, warming the hands of my little ones while roasting marshmallows and 🎵 singing songs. Sometimes, we also end up sharing a horror story or dancing to a wonderful tune.

My son loves the cinnamon rolls 🥐 roasted in the fire.

Fire Safety Lessons

This is an absolute must during the winter months. Some fire stations also hold workshops or offer lessons jointly with the schools to educate children about practicing 🧯 fire safety skills.

I make sure that my children are well-acquainted with the necessary skills required to keep them safe ⛑️ in case of an emergency.

My son and I had made a poster featuring images and diagrams indicating how to handle a sudden fire 👩‍🚒 last year.

Snow Maze

This game is a classic one. I grab some snow from the lawn and place it on a tray.

I used a spoon to scoop out a continuous zig-zag maze on the tray and place a tiny ball 🥎 or marble at one end of the maze.

What is your toddler’s job?

He/she must make the ball reach the other end of the maze just by means of tilting the tray upwards, downwards, left, or right.

This is a time-consuming activity, keeping these energetic little ones busy 😌 for a certain period of time.

Pro Tip

If you want to keep your little one busier, then increase the number of obstacles in the maze.

Stamp the Snowflake

You can get beautiful snowflake-shaped stamps ❄️ in the market, or you can make your own at home.

Cut out outlines of a snowflake on a piece of foam and stick it to a piece of cardboard. Attach an eraser to the cardboard to serve as a holder.

Ask your little one to dip the stamp in paint 🎨 and dab it on paper to create a masterpiece. You can also use a cork as a stamper.

Pro Tip

If you are making stamps at home, why limit your imagination to snowflakes?

Cut out outlines of a snowman, cookies 🍪 , and many more to make this activity super interesting for your toddler.

Penguin Party

The penguin 🐧 is my daughter’s favorite bird. Therefore, I have figured out a way to include them in our activities.

  • All we need is a bunch of white paper plates, chart papers, paint, glue, ice cream sticks, and a sprinkle 😉 of creativity.
  •  Just cut out the outline of a penguin on chart paper and draw the details with a marker.
  • Ask your toddler to color 🎨 the penguin as he/she wishes. My daughter colors her penguins purple, while my son likes them in black and blue.
  • Now, take the paper plate and cut it into half, forming two semi-circular pieces.
  • Attach an ice cream stick to the semi-circular end and cut out the straight end in a zig-zag pattern.
  • Attach it to the penguin cut out with glue such that the head of the penguin looks like it just hatched out of an egg 🐣 from the zig-zag end while the ice cream stick serves as a holder from the semi-circular end.

Your penguin puppet is ready 🥳 to join the party. Interact using these winter buddies with your toddler to create a lifetime of memories.

Pro Tip

If your kid loves it, then make similar puppets with the outlines of a snowman, a snow fairy 🧚‍♀️ , or anything your adorable one likes.

The Sock Snowman

Making Sock Snowman In  January

If your toddler is a fan of a big fat snowman ☃️, then this activity will lighten up their mood.

Take a pair of socks 🧦 (white ones preferably) and ask your toddler to fill them up with cotton balls. Tie up the open ends with threads and join them together.

Your stuffed snowman is ready. Just glue two buttons and a carrot 🥕 cut out to give it a better appearance.

Add a tiny woolen piece around its neck resembling a muffler. My daughter also added a hat 🎩 to this one, stolen from one of her Barbie doll sets.

The Cereal Snowman

Take your toddler’s favorite cereal, rice grains, olives, marshmallows, and 🍫 chocolates.

Take a tray and draw the outline of a snowman on it. Make a snowman by using rice grains as a base (resembling snow), olives for the eyes, and marshmallows or chocolates for 😄 smiling. Add other ingredients to increase the details.

The best part is that you need not worry if your toddlers end up eating these ingredients 😉 during this sensory activity.

January Activities for Preschoolers

Activities are always enjoyable with preschoolers who keep asking tons of questions. They always find something interesting 🥸 to talk about.

When my son was a preschooler, he was extremely active 🏃‍♂️and kept asking about everything around him. Engaging in activities with him was a treat of joy and fun.

Here are some of the activities I enjoyed with my son, and I can’t wait for my daughter to join us ❤️ soon.

Explore Nature

Nature Exploration In January

The sceneries, ambiance, and environment outdoors during the month of January are unmissable. It’s an excellent time to observe bald eagles 🦅 hunting for their prey, or watch beautiful geese 🪿 in their habitat.

In addition to the snow, the little explorers will curiously engage in picking up and learning about pine cones🌲, evergreen trees, birds, and flowers 🌸 around them.

Guide them through all the questions they ask about everything around them.

Hear it All

Take two sheets of paper. Categorize one with the heading ‘Sounds of Nature’ 🌲 while the other one with ‘Sounds of Machines 🤖 and Humans’.

Ask your toddler to make a rough diagram of the source of the sound 🎵 they are hearing. For example, if they hear a bird chirping, ask them to draw a bird 🕊on the first paper, whereas if they hear the sound of a car 🚘 honking, then they will draw a car on the latter one.

My son used to be fascinated by the sound of crunching snow.

Scavenger Hunting Adventure

Scavenger Hunting In January

Now, this one will make your little ones work hard. Ask them to collect twigs 🌿, stones, conifers, pine cones, branches, flowers 💐, leaves, and anything they like from the lawn outside in a basket.

Teach them to make a collage 🖼 using those materials. Frame it and hang it on the wall.

The one my son had made is still decorated beautifully ❤ ️ in our living room.

Important Note:

Never leave them alone ☠️ during this activity. They might end up putting a stone into their mouth if left unsupervised.

Styrofoam Fishing

Do you have magnets 🧲 at home?

Glue the magnets to Styrofoam balls and tie another magnet to a thread. Attach the thread to a stick to make a fishing rod 🎣 for them.

Ask your little one to displace the Styrofoam balls using the rod from one basket to another.

You may also cut out the Styrofoam in the shape of a fish 🐬 if you like.

Roll the Dice

I often play this game with my child during the winter months.

Roll out a dice 🎲 and ask your kid to add that many marshmallows to a mug. Keep repeating the same till the mug is full, and then ask them to count the marshmallows in the mug.

You can also microwave the marshmallows and let them observe 😯 the process.

Car Camping

A car camping trip 🚗 with your little ones should be on the bucket list of all parents.

Whenever we go car camping, we enjoy ourselves completely while stargazing 🌠, starting a fire 🔥, and playing games throughout the trip.

Setting up the tent with your little ones is an absolute delight. Witnessing it every time makes my heart melt ❤️ in a million ways.

Important Note:

If you have a toddler accompanying you on a trip, then keep them under your strict 💯 supervision.

Build a Snowman

Build A Snowman In January

‘Mom, do you remember the snowman ⛄️ we built last year? Let’s make a bigger one this year!’ My son always keeps repeating this every year🫠, and it sounds like a parenting win for me.

Not only does he love building one outdoors, but he also loves the one we build indoors.

How do we do it indoors? We just mix cornstarch with a suitable amount of conditioner to make a bucket of fake ❄ ️ snow.

Let your adorable one unleash their imagination to decorate their snowman☃️ over and over again.

Don’t forget to teach them the names of body parts while making a snowman, such as the eyes 👀, nose 👃, and 👐 hands.

Pro Tip

You can also make a snowman by sticking pieces of cotton balls, pompoms, and embellishments on a piece of cardboard to make an excellent wall hanging.

Snowball Counting

This simple activity is extremely beneficial for your kid’s 🔢 counting abilities. Ask them to make as many snowballs as they can within five minutes. Compete with them regarding who can make the greatest number of snowballs.

Don’t forget to click a picture 📷 while posing in front of the huge heap of snowballs you’ll end up with after this activity.

What Can a Snowman Do?

Children have a limitless imagination. Before going to bed, take a sheet of paper📝 and ask your children what a snowman can do or what a snowman likes to 🍽 eat.

Note down these things, and you will be astonished 🫨 at their creative thinking. My son had told me that a snowman can just take a chill ‘pill’ 💊 when he is ill.

Pretend To Be a Snowman or A Snowflake

Little ones absolutely love to pretend to be a snowman, snowflake, or even a reindeer. Play with them all around the house, pretending to be a snowman or anything you like.

The activity will not only help them with their creative skills 🧠 but it also keeps their 💪 body active.

You can add costumes to make it more memorable.

Snowflake Hunting

Make a certain number of snowflakes ❄️ and hide them all around the house. Ask your little one to find as many snowflakes as they can. Count the number of snowflakes they could find and reward them for it accordingly.

My son would get his favorite chocolate 🍫 on discovering five snowflakes. If he could find more than five snowflakes, then I used to take him to the 🏞 park.

Snow Art

Now, this one will be an interesting activity for the parents as well as the kids.

  • Take a piece of paper(any color) and fold it in half.
  • Take a squeeze bottle 🧴 and fill it with a vibrant paint of your choice.
  • On the left-hand side, along the line of the fold, draw the pattern of half a snowflake ❄️ starting from the center. The center of the snowflake should be along the line of the fold, while the outer edges will be closer to the edge of the paper.
  • After you have finished drawing, fold the paper to get an identical impression on the other right-hand side half, too.

Your complete snowflake painting is ready. You can use the same process to make a butterfly 🦋 too.

Penguin Dance

Penguin Dance In January

Play the music and hop on to awesome dance moves imitating a penguin 🐧 with your little one. I remember by the time the music stopped, my whole house was filled with giggles 🤗, laughter, and smiles.

This is an energetic activity for your little ones who love penguins.

Earbuds and the Grater

This was a frequent activity at home. You may have many cheese 🧀 graters at home with larger holes. Whenever you’re not using it, ask your little one to pass an earbud, one at a time, and throw each hole in the grater.

Use the thinner earbuds, or you can tear up tissue paper into pieces and roll them to use for the same purpose.

Lastly, I used to ask my toddler to count the number of earbuds he had successfully passed through the holes.

It keeps them engaged for a long time ✅️ while you can finish the other chores in the house.

Pipette and the Bottle Caps

Take a plastic pipette and bowl of water.

Everyone has bottle caps of different sizes at home. Ask your little one to use the pipette and fill up each cap up to the brim.

This activity will enhance their fine motor skills 🧠 while they study the different sizes of the caps.


Grab pieces of Styrofoam cut into blocks along with some sticks. Set off on the mission to build a snow den ⛺️ with your little one to protect their tiny toys from the evil snow 👸 queen.

You can build a small one or a big one according to your comfort.

The activity is going to fetch a whole lot of memories ❤️ for you and your little one. It will keep them engaged for a long time.

Pro Tip

You can also make your little one segregate the caps according to the colors.

Make a Snow Globe

We have around five to six snow globes ⚪️ at home by now. It’s easy as well as interesting to make one.

  • Take an inflated🎈 balloon.
  • Tear down a newspaper 🗞 into small pieces and glue them to the surface of the balloon without leaving gaps. Ask your adorable kid to help you out. I highly recommend using a mixture of glue and water.  
  •  Let it dry.
  •  Add another layer on top of it using white tissue paper 🧻 and let it dry. Use a safety pin to prick the balloon inside.
  • Join hands with your little one to paint it white, along with drawing cookies 🍪 or candies in place of continents and islands.

You can also use cotton balls or anything you like to decorate it.

January Activities for Kindergartners

If your little one is a kindergartener, I can completely understand how energetic 🏃‍♂️ he/she must be right now. They get bored of one activity very easily and start looking 🫡 for something new.

It is indeed difficult to keep them engaged for a long time. When my son was a kindergartner, he used to ask me tons of questions about everything 🤯 around him when he wasn’t preoccupied with an activity.

Here are a few activities to help you keep your little one engaged.

Put The Cap on The Snowman

If you enjoy making a ⛄️ snowman, then this activity is going to double your enjoyment.

Make your little one stand at a distance of one meter from the snowman. Ask him to throw a cap 🧢 towards the head of the snowman. If the cap lands on the snowman’s head, it’s a 🥳 win.

Keep increasing the distance after every time he/she succeeds.

Tube Race

Inflated tubes are a favorite during January. Mark a zig-zag path on the snow with a starting point and a finishing point.

Ask your little ones to sit on the tube and use their feet to navigate the way along the zig-zag path to reach the finishing point. The one who reaches first 🏆 wins the race.

This amazing activity will help you bond 🥰 with your kids.

Important Note:

Make sure your kid is under your supervision during this activity. Never ☠️leave them alone.

Volcano Blast

Want to conduct a cool scientific experiment with your kid? This one will leave them awestruck.

  • Grab some snow, baking soda, white vinegar, liquid soap, paint, and small bottles.
  • Make a pyramid with the snow resembling a 🌋 volcano. Leave a gap in the center of it.
  • Place a small bottle or container in the gap and fill it up with liquid soap, a generous amount of baking soda, and your little one’s favorite 🎨 color.
  • Take vinegar and squirt it into the container. Vinegar will beautifully react with baking soda to produce a lovely volcanic eruption.

Your kid will love it. My kids keep asking me to repeat this activity 🥰 again and again.

Important Note:

This experiment should be performed under the supervision of the parents. Never leave ☠️your kids unsupervised to avoid any mishaps. Do not ❌️ let your kids fidget with baking soda or vinegar in your absence.

The Monster in the Dark

Snow monsters 👽 are a classic topic during the winter months. Ask your little one to make an army of snow monsters.

  • Ask your kid to use the snow on your lawn to mold the figure of a monster. It doesn’t need to be a perfect one.
  • Dig out the snow from where you intend to make the eyes 👀 and ask your little one to place two glow sticks in there. Cover it with snow.

As the dusk sets in, your little one’s monster army will be staring at you with glowy eyes throughout the night.

Visit a Museum

Kindergartners will love to visit a museum 🏛 and explore all the interesting things present there. Be mentally prepared because they are going to ask you tons of questions 📝 too.

Many museums hold special programs for children during the month of January. It will be a delight 🤗 to experience it with your kids.

Make A Bird Feeder

Children love feeding the 🦢 birds. Why not make a bird feeder with them?

Take a pine cone🌲 and attach a string to it. Ask your little one to coat it with peanut butter and then sprinkle seeds (edible for birds) all over it. Your bird feeder is ready.

Hang it on a tree or on the threshold of your balcony, and see the smile 😄 pop up on your little one’s face.

Adopt a Tree

Go green with your little one. Winter is an amazing time to adopt a plant 🌱 and visit a Botanical garden.

Ask your little one to assist you in planting it in your backyard. Years later, when they grow up, this tree will remind them of these happy memories during the month of January.

You can also adopt flowering plants 🌻 because diverse ornamental plants are available during this time.

Your little one will grow alongside the tree as his best green buddy.

Pro Tip

You can also visit Horticultural Gardens💐 if you like ornamental plants. I love the ornamental plants my children choose for me.

Attend Charity Events

Several charity events take place during the month of January. These events are wonderful opportunities ✅️ to experience with your little ones.

Taking part in a charity event, especially at an orphanage or at an old-age home, will be a beneficial experience 😉 for your child.

Look at the Stars in The Sky

Winter skies are famous for being crowded with mesmerizing🌃 stars. One of my favorite childhood memories is counting stars ⭐️ with my father on the terrace.

My son and daughter love learning about constellations. You can count the stars, tell them about Venus (the morning star and the evening star), or wonder how beautiful the moon🌛 is.

Children will come up with unending questions during this activity. Even you will be spellbound 🤩 at how far their imagination can go.

Visit a Pet Shop

During winter, several pet shops 🐶 hold events to spread awareness regarding how to take care of pets during this chilly season.

If your little one loves animals, this workshop will be an awesome activity for him/her. They will learn how to take care of, feed, and bathe the 🐱 pets.

Visiting a National Park 🐼 is another excellent idea during January.

Pro Tip

If there is a zoological garden 🐯 in your area, then a visit to the zoo to meet all the animal buddies 🐘 is an excellent idea for kids of all age groups.

Important Note:

This activity should be performed under strict supervision of parents. Please make sure that all the animals your child comes in contact with are properly ✅️ vaccinated.

Make the Snowman Smile

This game is a classic one for the month of January. If you have built a snowman, then add to the fun with this activity.

Cut out a smile for the snowman from the piece of cardboard.

Blindfold 👨‍🦯your little ones and let them put the smile in the right place. You can also ask him/her to put a carrot 🥕 for the nose and big buttons for the eyes to make a complete snowman.

Watch your little one burst into giggles 😆 when they remove their blindfold and observe the funny face of the snowman they have made.

Snow Pyramid

If your child is a kindergartener, then you can use the fake snow at home in another way.

  • Asking them to fill up plastic cups 🥤 with snow
  • Overturn and remove the cups slowly so that the snow remains compressed in the form of the cup’s shape.
  • Make a pyramid 🔺️ by placing these blocks side by side or on top of another.

Frozen Balloons in The Lawn

If you want to make colorful frozen balloons 🟡🟣🟢🟠🔵🔴 in an easy way, here is a solution-

  • Fill up balloons with water mixed with different colors.
  • Place them in the snow outside.
  • After the water inside has frozen, pop the balloon. Your colorful snow globes are ready.

Play Detective 

Cut out outlines of several snowmen from a piece of paper and hide them around the house.

  • Add clues 🔎 leading to the places you have hidden the snowmen by means of a drawing. For example, if the snowman is hidden in a closet, draw a diagram of a t-shirt or a bunch of clothes. Let your little one brainstorm and guess the location.
  • You can also assign random numbers 🔢 to the snowmen and reward him/her according to the sum of the numbers marked on the snowmen they were able to find. The higher the value we get after addition, the better the prize.

This activity will improve their ability to think 🧠 and 📝 evaluate.

Snow Lantern

Make a ‘Snow Lantern’ 🕯with them.

  • Arrange all the snowballs you have made in a ⭕️ circle. Now, place snowballs on top of this layer in another circle. The diameter of the circles should keep reducing till the top.
  • Keep repeating the process till you have a stable tower of snowballs. Leave a gap on the top and place a burning candle 🕯 inside it.
  • Trust me, the view from the sides of the small tower with light rays squeezing out of the gaps in between the snowballs is 😍 mesmerizing.

Choco Slime

Playing With Choco Slime In January

Your little one will turn into a chef with this activity and make chocolate slime 🍫 🍪 for you. My son loved it.

  • Take some marshmallows, cocoa powder, sugar, cream, chocolate chips, and any candy 🍬 your little one likes.
  • Put all these ingredients in a bowl and let your adorable one mix them together or squish them together using their tiny hands.

They will end up playing, smiling, eating, and offering you a bite ❤️ too.

Segregate the Shapes

If your kindergartner is bored of the stamps, you can buy the amazing punching machines available in the markets offering to punch out paper cut-outs resembling snowflakes, snowmen ⛄️, reindeer, and many more.

Mix up all the different cut-outs and ask your little one to segregate them. Use colorful papers to grab their interest in this activity.

Winter Photography

Winter Photography In January

Get your little ones a camera 📷 and ask them to capture a picture of anything they find interesting outdoors.

This will make them hunt down amazing clicks that would make a wonderful collage of memories 🖼 for them to cherish deeply in the future.

You can also let them take part in Winter Photography Competitions organized for kids during this month.


There are several activities you can enjoy 🤩 with your children during this snowy month. I always deeply cherish the time ⏰️I spend with my son and daughter. I hope you will enjoy these activities as much as we do. 

Let me know about your favorite activity in the comments.

January Activities

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