15+ Exciting Mouse Activities for Kids to Ignite Your Curiosity!

Our world is filled with tons of living beings, including us. Some of them are frightening, yet some of them are adorable; some of them are fast, some of them are slow, and some of them are huge, while some of them are also extremely small. 

Although the huge, fast, and frightening creatures do get more attention from us, the small, slow, and adorable creatures also deserve some attention from us. 

Thus, we need to provide knowledge about these creatures to our young generation. 

Thus, in this blog post, I am going to list a bunch of activities for your kids surrounding a small creature, a mouse.

Interesting Mouse Activities For Your Children

I would suggest that these few Mouse activities will be very fun and enjoyable for all of your kids. It will also bring with it lots of information and enjoyment surrounding this magical little creature, which is surprisingly not quite popular among kids despite its cuteness, so these activities should be performed by the newer generation 👦 to understand this creature more fluently. 

On top of this, your kids will also be able to experience and improve a bunch of new skills and abilities while performing these activities, which will also help them in the long run. 

So, in this blog post, I compiled a list of Mouse activities that are fun as well as enjoyable for your kids.😁

Easy Paper Mouse Craft 

According to me, this is a very interesting and unique game involving painting as well as learning. These foldable mouse 🐀 crafts are very similar to the origami processes. 

For this activity, your kids just simply need to fold along the dotted lines before decorating as your kid wishes! 

In this activity, your kids will need gray and pink cardstock, a marker, glue, googly eyes 👀, and black paper to perform this activity! 

Paper Plate Mouse

Here is another great activity for your little mouse lovers. This paper plate mouse craft is perfect for your kids who want an activity to be easy, low-cost, and a lot of fun! 

For this activity, your kids will have to use tissue paper 🤧, a pair of googly eyes, and piper cleaners for the ears and tail. 

Your kids can start it by folding the paper plate in half. Then, they can grab whatever materials they have handy to make their little cute mouse! 

Learning The Letter M With Mice

According to me, this is another great activity for your little mouse kids. This is a great learning activity for younger kids who still aren’t completely familiar with the alphabet. For them, this activity will help them to familiarize themselves with the alphabet “M.” 

Thus, in my opinion, this is a great activity for all the kids who are still new to learning about the alphabet 🔤.

Pro Tip:

Your kids can also turn the letter “M” into a cute cut-out and give it a mouse face to make it more attractive and fun for them.

Fun Finger Mice Puppets

This is another great activity for your kids who are interested in these little creatures. This activity will not only be exciting for your kids, but it will also improve their crafting skills along with their knowledge about mice 🐀. 

Your kids will also be able to create a whole production when they get their hands on these beautiful and creative finger mice puppets. 

For this activity, they just simply need to cut triangles and fold them so that they turn into mini cone-shaped structures. After this, your kids can easily decorate them so that the structure resembles a mouse.

Paper Roll Valentine’s Day Mice

According to me, this is another very interesting and unique game involving crafting as well as learning. Your kids of any age will surely love this game. For this, make sure not to throw away your toilet paper rolls! 

They can be up-cycled into a fun craft for your little kids👶🏻 who want to learn about the mice. Your kids can easily make these cute Valentine’s Day mice by attaching paper hearts to make their ears and noses. 

This is surely a very exciting and interesting activity that your kids will love to perform.

Pro Tip:

After creating this, your kids can also add a pair of googly eyes, a tail, and whiskers for additional details. It will eventually give this craft a complete look and will look much more like an actual replica of a mouse🐀.

Make Walnut Mice

According to me, this is another very interesting and unique game involving painting as well as learning. In this activity, with just a little bit of paint and paper ears, your kids will easily be able to make a cute mouse 🐀from a walnut. 

Kids will enjoy the sensory part of this activity since a walnut has so much texture in it. Along with this, this activity would also prove to be extremely great for them to work on their grip and motor control. 

Thus, I recommend this activity to all kids who are interested in learning about mice.

Mouse Wooden Spoon Craft

Here is another great and easy activity for all of the kids. This particular activity is also an all-time favorite activity of my little son. 

This activity is not only quick, but it is also a very easy one. This particular activity is perfect for your kids to make little stick characters. For this activity, your kids need to first glue the face of the mouse onto the back of a wooden spoon 🥄. 

This is a very entertaining and exciting activity that every kid must try.

Pro Tip:

After performing this activity, you can let your kids finish the craft by adding string as a tail and paper cut-outs as ears for additional details. 

Mickey Mouse Paper Bag Puppets 

Another great activity that my little son got highly addicted to was the “Mickey Mouse Paper Bag Puppets” activity. This activity is a Mickey Mouse craft that serves many purposes for your child. 

With the help of this activity, your kids will not only be able to make Mickey Mouse 🐭 out of a paper bag and use it as a puppet, but they can also use it as a goofy bag! 

Pro Tip:

These goofy bags can also be used by your kids for carrying goods and other substances. This will make this a very useful and productive activity for all the kids.

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Fun

Here is another great activity containing the all-time kid’s favorite cartoon character, “Mickey Mouse.” Performing an activity surrounding such popular cartoon characters will eventually build their interest in that activity. 

So this activity revolves around making a pumpkin-shaped 🎃 Mickey Mouse. So, if it’s Halloween and your kids are looking for a less spooky pumpkin, then why not carve Mickey Mouse? 

It’s not as hard as you think, and your kids will easily be able to follow this easy tutorial to get started. After this activity, your kids will love coming home to their Mickey Mouse all lit up. 

Easy DIY Mice Ornaments

Another great activity that I recommend is performing this easy DIY mice ornaments activity. In this activity, instead of using an outside material, your kids will create a homemade ornament. 

Such homemade ornaments are always special! For this specific activity surrounding the creation of the homemade mice ornament, your kids first need to cut a small circle and then cut it in half. 

After this, they need to first fold it to make a cone-shaped 🌲 structure. After this, your kids can easily glue on the pom poms, googly eyes 👀, and piper cleaner for the tail. 

And lastly, as a finishing touch, they can make a small hole punch at the bottom and tie a ribbon through! This will be a great activity for your kids to boost their crafting and creative skills.

Minnie Mouse Door Wreath

Here is another great activity surrounding the famous cartoon of Mickey Mouse. This time, the kids need to create a door wreath based on another character named Minnie Mouse from the same cartoon show. 

If you’re planning to throw a Disney-themed party, then make sure to welcome guests with this cute Minnie Mouse door 🚪 wreath made by your kids. 

For this activity, your kids won’t have any trouble putting it together with a glue gun. All your kids need for this specific activity are two small and one big pre-purchased wreaths, shower sponges, and a bowl. 

With the help of this equipment, your kids will easily be able to make the wonderful craft of a Minnie Mouse door wreath.

Mickey Mouse Party Hats

To me, this is one of the best activities among the whole series of activities associated with Mickey Mouse products. This specific activity is not only super easy for your kids to perform but also very fun and helps your kids master their crafting and creative skills. 

For this activity, your kids need to grab colored construction paper📃 and fold the pieces into cone-shaped structures. After this, they can add cardstock ears onto each one, and then they can staple a piece of string to each side of the hat! 

Kids will not only love making this beautiful craft but also wear their self-made party hats whilst watching a sweet Mickey movie. 

Learn Simple Shapes With Mice

In my opinion, this is another great activity that not only focuses on the fun elements but also teaches your kids a variety of other things. This activity is a different way for your kids to learn about shapes with the help of mice. 

For this activity, you need to let them fold paper into these exact simple shapes. After this, they can play with the paper mice that have different trunk shapes to understand the basic differences between them. 

One mouse may have a rectangular-shaped body while another has a circle 🔴 or triangle-shaped body.

Pro Tip:

You can let your kids identify and spot differences between any kind of shape that can be understood by a little kid. With the help of this activity revolving around mice, kids will find it very exciting to perform this specific activity.

Make a Cute Mouse Envelope

To me, this is another wonderful activity that is not only innovative but also very valuable and filled with lots of fun for your kids. In this activity, your kids will be able to learn or even master a pretty basic and unique skill of crafting by making a fresh mouse-themed envelope ✉️. 

With the help of this cute, paper-folding activity, your kid will try to turn a regular envelope into a mouse-themed one! For this activity, your kids simply just need to fold along the dotted lines. 

After this, they can start gluing the sides together and also attach the ears for a complete look of the mouse 🐭. 

Pro Tip:

After performing this, they can also add additional features to level it up a bit. They can not only color the mouse-themed envelope but also add different items according to their creative choices.

Quick Cut-and-Paste Mouse Craft

Here is one of the most unique yet simple activities that your kids must try out as soon as possible. These kinds of activities are extremely simple and time-conserving. So you can easily try this activity with your little one even if you all have a tight schedule. 

These cut-and-paste activities are great because they not only work on students’ motor skills but are also super effective in building a kid’s creative thinking 🤔 abilities. 

In this activity, kids can work on their fine motor skills by folding the edges of the mice and then pasting them onto their sheets of paper to make a complete picture of the mice. 

Pro Tip:

You can collect all the required images either from the internet or by going through the different types of magazines or articles containing the picture of a mouse. This will be a very entertaining activity for all the kids 👶🏻.


My son and I have played these activities together to teach him about the importance and significance of small, adorable creatures like a mouse. This also helped him learn and improve various varieties of skills while also enjoying the fun and excitement that all of these activities provided 😍. 

In addition to all of it, he also could learn more about these different varieties of fun yet valuable mouse activities that were so innovative and creative. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post of mine, and I hope that my suggestions were helpful for all of you🥰.

Please leave a comment below if you want to add more activities to this list related to this topic regarding the activities I mentioned – I would love to hear from all of you! ❤️

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