21+ Engaging Rain Activities for Preschoolers (Printables + Reels)

Rainy days can be challenging for parents looking for ways to entertain their children. Fortunately, plenty of fun activities can entertain preschoolers and kindergartners on rainy days.

These activities will make rainy days more enjoyable, from playing board games to crafting art projects. With the right supplies and creativity, you can create an exciting day indoors that will keep your children entertained and engaged.

Whether it’s “singing rainy day songs 🎶” or “conducting rain-themed science experiments 🌧️,” there’s no shortage of fun to be had even when the weather keeps you indoors.

Rain Activities for Preschoolers

Stone Painting Activity (4-8 Years)

Stone Painting Activity

“Stone Painting” is a lovely and therapeutic activity that allows children and adults alike to express their creativity. It’s an excellent way to transform ordinary stones into stunning works of art.

Materials: Flat stones, acrylic paint, paintbrushes, a cup of water to rinse brushes, and paper towels for clean-up. Optionally, clear sealant can be used to protect the artwork.

How to Do:

  1. Clean the stones to make sure the paint will stick.
  2. Paint a base coat if desired and let it dry.
  3. Sketch your design with a pencil, or go freehand with your paintbrushes.
  4. Paint your designs onto the stones with care. You can create anything from patterns to little scenes or creatures.
  5. Allow the paint to dry completely.
  6. If you wish, apply a clear sealant to protect your designs from the elements.

Rain Line Tracing Activity (3-5 Years)

Rain Line Tracing Activity

“Rain Line Tracing Activity” is a wonderful way for children to practice their pre-writing skills. Following the lines of rain down the page not only helps with pencil control but also concentration and coordination.

Materials: A printed worksheet with rain lines and images, or you can simply use our printable, a pencil or crayon for tracing, and coloring pencils or crayons for coloring.

How to Do:

  1. Start at the top of the worksheet where the clouds are.
  2. Carefully trace the dotted lines downward to represent rain falling.
  3. Once all lines are traced, color in the picture.
  4. Look for the caterpillars at the bottom and count them.

Raindrop Diy Card Activity (4-8 Years)

Raindrop Diy Card Activity

“Raindrop DIY Card” is an interactive craft that lets kids make a beautiful scene with raindrops. It’s a hands-on way to explore creativity and practice sewing skills, resulting in a lovely piece of art they can display or give away.

Materials: A piece of cardstock for the base, white and blue paper for the clouds and background, yarn or string for the raindrops, a needle or hole punch for making holes, and glue.

How to Do:

  1. Cut out cloud shapes from the white paper and glue them onto the blue cardstock.
  2. Use the needle or hole punch to make holes at the bottom of the clouds for the raindrops.
  3. Thread the yarn through the holes to create raindrop trails.
  4. Secure the ends of the yarn at the back of the card.

Raindrop Shapes Activity (2-4 Years)

Raindrop Shapes Activity

This educational activity is designed to help kids identify and match different shapes while having fun with the raincloud concept. It’s great for cognitive skills and shape recognition.

Materials: A worksheet with clouds and various shapes, cut-out raindrop shapes, and optionally, a laminator for repeated use.

How to Do:

  1. Look at the shapes within each cloud on the worksheet.
  2. Match the cut-out raindrop shapes to the correct cloud shape.
  3. Place each raindrop shape over the matching cloud shape.
  4. Once all matches are made, go through each shape with the child to reinforce their learning.

Rainy Day Art Activity (2-4 Years)

Rainy Day Art Activity

“Rainy Day Art Activity” is a creative and sensory experience where kids can simulate raindrops on paper. This process art activity is perfect for exploring color blending and patterns.

Materials: White paper or a canvas, blue and green watercolor paints, a paintbrush or a dropper, water, and a protective cover for the workspace.

How to Do:

  1. Lay the white paper or canvas flat on the covered workspace.
  2. Mix watercolor paints with a bit of water to get a runny consistency.
  3. Use the paintbrush or dropper to create “raindrops” on the paper by splattering the paint mix.
  4. Watch the colors blend and spread, creating a rainy day scene.

Finger Painting Cloud Collage Activity (2-5 Years)

Finger Painting Cloud Collage Activity

Finger painting is a classic and sensory-rich activity that helps children explore their creativity while improving their motor skills. This cloud collage can also be a playful way to learn about weather patterns and the sky.

Materials: Blue construction paper cut into cloud shapes, white paint, a smock or old clothes to protect from paint splashes, and paper plates.

How to Do:

  1. Place the blue cloud-shaped papers on the workspace.
  2. Pour a little white paint onto the paper plates.
  3. Dip your fingers into the white paint and make prints on the cloud shapes to mimic the fluffy texture of clouds.
  4. Cover as much of the cloud as you want with your finger prints.
  5. Once dry, you can arrange and attach your clouds on a larger piece of paper to create a collage.

Design an Umbrella Activity (3-7 Years)

Design an Umbrella Activity

Designing an umbrella is a fantastic art activity that allows children to use their imagination and creativity. It’s also a fun way to learn about colors, symmetry, and patterns.

Materials: A worksheet with a blank umbrella outline..for that use our printable, colored paper, scissors, and glue.

How to Do:

  1. Cut the colored paper into strips or shapes.
  2. Arrange the pieces on the umbrella outline to create a colorful design.
  3. Once you’re happy with the design, glue the pieces in place.
  4. Let the glue dry and your umbrella design is complete!

Count the Rain Drops Activity (2-4 Years)

Count the Rain Drops Activity

This educational activity is a playful method to help children practice counting and number recognition. By counting raindrops and using paper clips to mark the correct number, kids engage in a hands-on learning experience.

Materials: Printed cards with clouds and raindrops, paper clips, and optionally, a laminator for durability.

How to Do:

  1. Lay out all the cards.
  2. Ask the child to count the raindrops falling from each cloud.
  3. Find the correct number on the card.
  4. Attach a paper clip to the correct number to mark the answer.

Rainy Day Art Activity (2-5 Years)

Rainy Day Art Activity

This Rainy Day Art Activity is a perfect blend of sensory play and creative expression, where kids can use textured paint to create their own three-dimensional rainclouds.

Materials: White paper as the background, puffy paint or a mix of shaving cream and glue for the clouds, blue paint for the raindrops, and a tray or covered table for the workspace.

How to Do:

  1. Mix the shaving cream and glue to create puffy paint (if not using pre-made puffy paint).
  2. Spoon the puffy paint onto the paper in cloud shapes.
  3. Use the back of the spoon or fingers to spread the paint into a cloud-like texture.
  4. Drip blue paint from above to create raindrops falling from the clouds.
  5. Let the artwork dry completely to maintain the puffy texture.

Rain Jar Activity (3-7 Years)

Rain Jar Activity

This Rain Jar Activity is a science and art project for kids. They can create a simulation of rain in a jar, which demonstrates how clouds hold and release rain. It’s a visually appealing experiment and a creative way to learn about weather.

Materials: A clear jar or container, water, shaving cream to represent the clouds, blue food coloring to simulate rain, and a dropper or spoon for adding the food coloring.

How to Do:

  1. Fill the jar about three-quarters full with water.
  2. Carefully spread a layer of shaving cream on top of the water to form a cloud.
  3. Slowly drop blue food coloring onto the shaving cream cloud.
  4. Watch as the color seeps through the shaving cream into the water, resembling rain.

Color the Rhyming Cloud Activity (4-6 Years)

Color the Rhyming Cloud Activity

This activity helps kids practice rhyming words and phonemic awareness in an engaging way. It’s an interactive approach to blend literacy skills with an art exercise.

Materials: A rhyming cloud worksheet and colored pencils or crayons.

How to Do:

  1. Read the words in each cloud aloud.
  2. Find clouds with words that rhyme.
  3. Color the matching rhyming clouds with the same color.
  4. Continue until all rhyming pairs are colored.

Discuss the water cycle Activity (4-8 Years)

Discuss the water cycle Activity

Understanding the water cycle is fundamental in learning about Earth’s weather and environment. This coloring activity is a fun and interactive way for children to grasp the concepts of evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.

Materials: A water cycle diagram worksheet..for that you can use our printable, and colored pencils or crayons. Optionally, a textbook or resource to explain the water cycle in more detail can be used.

How to Do:

  1. Start by coloring the sun, which drives the water cycle by heating water in rivers, lakes, and oceans.
  2. Color the clouds and the rain to illustrate precipitation.
  3. Use blue to shade water bodies representing collection.
  4. Discuss each part of the cycle as you go, explaining how the sun’s heat causes evaporation, the rising water vapor cools to form clouds (condensation), and then falls as rain or snow (precipitation).

Letter Raindrops Activity (3-5 Years)

Letter Raindrops Activity

This activity helps children with letter recognition and alphabet ordering. By matching letters to their corresponding clouds, they practice identifying and sorting letters in a visually engaging and interactive way.

Materials: A worksheet with clouds labeled with letters, cut-out raindrop shapes with letters on them, glue or adhesive, and scissors.

How to Do:

  1. Cut out the raindrop shapes with letters from the provided strip.
  2. Identify the letter on each raindrop.
  3. Match the letter raindrop to the same letter on the cloud.
  4. Glue the raindrop to the correct cloud.
  5. Repeat until all raindrops have been placed on the matching clouds.

Make a Paper Boat Activity (4-8 Years)

Make a Paper Boat Activity

The Make a Paper Boat Activity is perfect for teaching kids about buoyancy and simple physics, along with giving them a chance to practice their folding skills.

Materials: Colorful square sheets of paper and a flat surface for folding.

How to Do:

  1. Take Square-shaped paper and fold it half lengthwise.
  2. Fold the top corners down to the middle.
  3. Fold the bottom corners up to the middle.
  4. Fold the boat in half again.
  5. Slightly open it up and flatten the bottom.
  6. Your paper boat is ready to sail! You can watch our reel that my kids have made.

Make an Umbrella Activity (5-7 Years)

Make an Umbrella Activity

The Make an Umbrella Activity is perfect for creative playtime, and it’s great for discussing weather patterns and the use of umbrellas.

Materials: Colored paper or waterproof fabric, drinking straws or small sticks for the umbrella handles, glue or tape, and scissors.

How to Do:

  1. Cut the colored paper into the shape of an umbrella canopy.
  2. If using paper, you might want to waterproof it with clear tape or a plastic cover.
  3. Attach the straw or stick to the center of the umbrella canopy as the handle.
  4. Let any glue or adhesive used dry thoroughly.

Number Raindrops Activity (3-5 Years)

Number Raindrops Activity

This activity is designed to help little ones with number matching and sequence. By matching numbered raindrops to their corresponding clouds, children can enjoy a fun and educational experience.

Materials: A worksheet with clouds and numbers on it, cut-out raindrop shapes with numbers, scissors for cutting the raindrops, and glue or adhesive to stick the raindrops to the worksheet.

How to Do:

  1. Cut out the numbered raindrops.
  2. Identify the number on each raindrop.
  3. Match the numbered raindrop to the same number on a cloud.
  4. Stick the raindrop onto the corresponding cloud.
  5. Repeat until all numbers are matched correctly.

Paper Plate Cloud Activity (2-5 Years)

Paper Plate Cloud Activity

Creating a paper plate cloud is a fun and simple craft that allows children to explore different textures and shapes while learning about the sky and weather patterns.

Materials: Paper plates, cotton balls or white tissue paper, glue, blue construction paper for raindrops, and optionally, colored paper to create a rainbow.

How to Do:

  1. Take a paper plate and spread glue generously over one side.
  2. Stick cotton balls or white tissue paper onto the glue to create a fluffy cloud texture.
  3. Cut raindrop shapes from blue paper and glue them underneath the cloud.
  4. If you’re adding a rainbow, cut strips of colored paper and arrange them in an arc around the cloud.

Watch The Rain (2-8 Years)

Watch The Rain

Rain activities can also affect children’s gross motor skills development. Gross motor skills involve using large muscle groups in running, jumping, and climbing. 

Rain activities, such as jumping in puddles or playing catch with a ball, allow children to practice and improve their gross motor skills.

These activities require coordination and balance, which can help to strengthen the muscles and improve motor control. Additionally, playing in the rain can encourage children to be physically active, essential for their health and fitness.

Rain activities can help children build the strength, coordination, and balance they need to succeed in various physical activities by providing opportunities for gross motor skill development.

Go for a walk in the rain (2-8 Years)

Go For A Walk In The Rain With Kids

Put on your rain boots and walk in the rain. Encourage kids to jump in puddles along the way.

Drench in the rain (2-8 Years)

Drench In The Rain With Kids

Embrace the rain by going outside and getting wet. Enjoy the warm weather, playing in the rain, jumping in puddles, and feeling the splashes.

Observe the differences in the strength of the rain by standing at the edge of a roof compared to being in an open area.

Sing Rain songs or dance to rain songs (2-8 Years)

Kids Singing Rain Songs

Rain songs can be a fun and engaging activity for kids during rain. They can learn the song and improve their language and the time. Here are some popular rain songs for kids:

“Rain, Rain, Go Away” – a traditional nursery rhyme that is simple and catchy and encourages kids to sing along.

“Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head” – originally written for the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” this song has become a classic and fun way to sing and dance in the rain.

“Rain, Rain, Come Again” – a fun and upbeat song that encourages kids to sing and dance along and promotes a positive attitude towards rain.

“I Love the Rain” – a gentle and melodic song that expresses the joy of playing in the rain and enjoying the beauty of nature.

 “Rain is a Good Thing” – is an upbeat song that celebrates the positive aspects of rain, such as helping plants grow and providing a cool and refreshing experience.


Exploring “Rain Activities” has been a splashy adventure! Did they capture the fun and creativity that rainy days bring, or have you puddle-jumping with artistic delight?

Share your feedback. Your insights help our activity guide stay as engaging and captivating as the rain itself, with ideas that make the rainy day a source of inspiration! ☔

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