40+ February Activities To Dive into the Heart of Winter’s Secrets!

February is the shortest month of the year, but the list of activities πŸ“ for little ones during this month is quite long. If your little one is a kindergartner, then the concept of a leap year( when February has an extra day) might be really fascinating πŸ€” for them.

For me, this month of love ❀️ brings a lot of opportunities to spend time with my kids and enjoy several activities.

I know all the mothers out there have a lot to take care of πŸ€• during this holiday season at home. Therefore, here I am sharing a list of all the activities I enjoy with my son and daughter throughout this month.

Interesting February Activities for Kids

Starting from snowy 🌨 activities to Spring 🌺 activities, this month offers a lot for the little ones.

Kids get bored πŸ₯± with one activity pretty soon, but I always have another activity planned out to keep them engaged.

We celebrate everything, starting from Valentine’s Day to the Lunar New Year.

Plant a Seed

Plant A Seed In February

My son and I plant a seed 🌱 every year on our lawn during this month. These seeds have sprouted to make a beautiful garden of 🌼 flowers.

Now, my beautiful daughter has joined us, too.

With Spring lurking around the corner, it’s an amazing idea to plant flowering and ornamental plants around your house.

Pro Tip

You can visit a Botanical Garden 🌻 or a Horticultural Garden during this time to grab the experience of learning closely about many flowering or ornamental plants.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Activities In February

February brings in a lot of fun in the form of skiing ⛷️ , sledding πŸ›· , tube races, and other outdoor activities.

I love watching my kids enjoy a tube race. All I need to do is mark a path for them comprising a starting point and a finishing point.

My kids use their feet to navigate along a zig-zag path to reach the finish point. The one who reaches first πŸ† wins the race.

Pro Tip

If there is a Ski Town close by, don’t miss the opportunity to make a lot of memories there with your family.

Important Note:

Please keep your children under strict supervision during outdoor activities to avoid any accidents ☠️ or mishaps.

Segregate the Hearts

This activity keeps my kids engaged for a long time. I cut out a bunch of hearts πŸ’• from chart papers of different colors.

I mix up all of them and ask my little one to segregate them separately according to the colors. This activity is beneficial for the development of their 🧠 brains. 

Make a Snowman

Make A Snowman In February

My kids and I love playing with snow and especially building a ⛄️ snowman. They also decorate their snowman with a carrot for the nose, buttons for the eyes, and branches for the hands.

Isn’t it a fun way of teaching them the names of body parts?

I love helping my daughter decorate her snowman with mufflers and 🎩 hats.

Pro Tip

You can blindfold your kid and ask them to put the hat on the snowman’s head.

Celebrate Dental Health Month

February is Dental Health Month 🦷 therefore, it is mandatory to teach our little ones how to keep our teeth healthy during this time.

My children usually gorge on sweets 🍑 and are equally careless when it comes to brushing their teeth twice a day.

Every year, I help my kids make a poster or a routine using printed cut-outs of diagrams signifying how to take care of our 😁 teeth.

Many dental clinics and schools hold workshops for the same purpose. It is an excellent idea to ask your little ones to participate in their workshops.

Make a Sensory Snow Dough

Make A Sensory Snow Dough In February

Sometimes, when my son or daughter catches a cold 🀧 , they end up missing out on some of the outdoor activities in the snow.

I mix some amount of cornstarch with conditioner to make a perfect dough of fake snow for them.

You can place some of their toys 🧸 inside the dough and let them locate these toys using their hand. It will be a beneficial sensory play for them.

Pro Tip

You can substitute the toys with a bunch of hearts πŸ’• and tiny dragons πŸ‰ to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the Chinese New Year with this activity.

Hearty Puppet

I love interacting with my children using cute little puppets.

Just cut out a big heart ❀️ from a chart paper and attach an ice cream stick to it to serve as a holder. You can also stuff a sock 🧦 with cotton balls to make the puppet’s body.

Decorate it with buttons, beads, and embellishments to make the eyes, nose, and mouth with your little one.

Interact with them using these hearty puppets for a memorable πŸ₯° interaction.

Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day

Eat Ice Cream In February

This is one of the favorite days in February for all kids who love 🍨 ice cream. You can make snow ice cream using cream and milk at home or get your favorite flavors 🍦to relish on Eat Ice Cream for Breakfast Day.

I love sharing my bowl of ice cream with my kids because their love ❀️ makes it taste sweeter.

Celebrate Mardi Gras with Kids

You can start by studying the Mardi Gras origin, making masks, playing Cajun music, and making a King Cake.

You can even dress up and have a parade πŸ₯° with your kids.

Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day In February

You can read books with your little one on this day. I love reading The Night Before Groundhog Day with my kids every year.

There are several other books available to enjoy πŸ₯° a perfect reading time over a cup of hot cocoa with your little ones.

Decorate the Brownies

My kids and I celebrate Valentine’s Day with lots of love and food. Brownies are a must in our household during February.

Let your kids decorate the brownies with chocolate chips, sprinkles, candies 🍬 , marshmallows, and everything they love.

You can also cut the brownies in the shape of a heart ❀️ for your little ones.

Chinese Dancing Dragon

Dragons πŸ‰ symbolize luck and are an integral part of the celebrations of the Lunar New Year or Chinese New Year.

It is an amazing time to engage in making dragon crafts with your little ones. You can make a dancing dragon 🐲 using paper or cut out a dragon from a paper plate, creating it as your kid likes.

Bao Bao

As a parent and as a mother, I will highly recommend you to watch the film that won the Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film at the 91st Academy Awards – Bao.

Also, February is an amazing time to make dumplings, which are a popular part of Chinese cuisines. My daughter loves having a bao πŸ₯Ÿ as much as I do.

Make a Bird feeder

Make A Bird Feeder In February

February is the time when you will find a lot of pine cones all around the snow-covered lawn.

Take one of those and cover it with peanut butter. Let your little one πŸ₯° decorate it with seeds, nuts, and anything suitable for the birds.

Hang it on a tree and watch your little one burst into giggles when a bird relishes food from the bird feeder.

Cherry Burst

February is popular as the National Cherry Month.

Grab this amazing opportunity to make your little ones relish a wide range of deserts made up of cherries πŸ’ as the king ingredient.

My son and I love making cherry slime at home. He loves mixing chocolate 🍫 , cherries, candies, marshmallows, and jellies in a bowl with his hands. I feel so lucky when he offers me πŸ₯° a big bite, too.

Greeting Cards

Make Greeting Cards In February

The holiday season is incomplete without greeting πŸ’Œ cards.

My son loves making adorable greeting cards for me every year. His greeting cards are beautifully decorated with drawings and embellishments.

Make a greeting card with your little one, which will make a memory for you to cherish 😍 for a lifetime.

I treasure all the hand-made greeting cards gifted to me by my kids. 

Presidents’ Day

I take this day as a wonderful opportunity to teach my children πŸ“ about the Presidents of the country.

You can read books πŸ“š and show them pictures of the various presidents to educate them about history.

You can also make Abraham Lincoln’s Cabin 🏠 by sticking ice cream sticks on a piece of paper. Complete the cabin by adding a triangular-shaped paper cut-out for the roof and square-shaped cut-outs for the doors and windows.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger Hunt Activity In February

Ask your little one to collect anything they find interesting from the lawn in a basket. It could be twigs 🌱, rocks, flowers 🌼 , or anything they like.

Help them to make a college by sticking these things on a piece of chart paper. I have framed almost all the collages made by my children.

Play Detective

  • Cut out a bunch of hearts ❀️ from a piece of red chart paper.
  • Hide these pieces in different locations in the house.
  • Give your little one a clue about each piece. For example, if you have hidden a heart under the table, make a diagram of a table on a sheet.
  • The little ones will get busy using their brains 🧠 to crack down the clue, thereby improving their thinking abilities.
  • Make them count the number of hearts to brush up their counting abilities.

The greater number of hearts they are able to locate, the better the prize.

Heart and Craft

Heart And Craft In February

My kids and I celebrate this month of love by making endless crafts with a big heart ❀️ and key decorations.

You can also make a heart cactus 🌡 using socks. Stuff socks with cotton balls and join them together to resemble a cactus. Replace the spines with tiny hearts πŸ’• cut out from chart paper.

Similarly, you can make a heart fish and many more crafts.

Pro Tip

Attach magnets to a thread, and the heart fishes, letting your kid pick up those magnet-bearing heart fishes using the magnet tied to the thread.

Jar of Hearts

My son and I love playing with his glittery jar πŸ«™ of hearts.

Make one for your little one by putting heart-shaped cut-outs, glitters, beads, and embellishments in a jar. Add a little bit of hand wash and water to it.

Close the lid and shake it gently.

Ask your little one to rotate it from one end to another to visualize the hearts floating through the sea of bubbles.

Count to Ten

Counting Activity In February

Teach your little ones how to count from one to ten in Chinese. This is an interesting activity for the Chinese New Year that will brush up πŸ’― your little one’s counting abilities.

I have succeeded in teaching my son how to count to 20 in Chinese.

The Water Gun Painting

Grab your water gun πŸ”« loaded with colors 🎨 and head out to the snow-covered lawn with your little ones.

Teach your little one to shoot out the colorful shots from the water gun to make a stunning πŸ’― painting on the snow.

This activity will improve their motor abilities and treat your kids to an enjoyable time in the snow.

Groundhog Day Pancakes.

Cook Groundhog Day Pancakes In February

Does your little one love his/her pancakes with honey or with cream?

My kids prefer both.

Make a pancake to serve as the head. Make two tinier pancakes to serve as the ears. Put them together and add two olives to make a complete face.

Let your little one draw a smile with sugar or anything he/she likes on the pancake.

Pretend to be a Polar Animal

Make a snow fort at home using chairs and a blanket and pretend to be a πŸ»β€β„οΈ polar animal. I absolutely love playing pretend with my kids.

You can also tie up all the soft toys of your little ones, one behind the other in a line. Now march πŸšΆβ€β™‚οΈ around the whole house pretending to be a part of an Arctic parade.

Red Volcano

I love this cool yet simple scientific experiment, and adding a touch of Valentine’s Day makes it even more special for my kids.

  • Take some snow, white vinegar, baking soda, liquid soap, red or pink paint, and small containers.
  • Make a pyramid πŸ”ΊοΈ with snow that resembles a volcano. Leave a gap in the middle of it.
  • Place the container in the gap and load it with liquid soap, a substantial amount of baking soda, and red or pink colored paint. You can also add several tiny heart-shaped cut-outs for a better effect.
  • Take vinegar and squirt it into the loaded container. Vinegar will stunningly react with baking soda to yield a lovely volcanic eruption πŸŒ‹ full of hearts.

Your kid will enjoy it thoroughly. My kids keep asking me to repeat this activity whenever February knocks at the door.

Important Note:

This experiment should be performed under the strict supervision of the parents. Do not let ☠️ your kids fidget with baking soda or vinegar in your absence.

Watching Movies and Bedtime Activities

Watching Movies And Bedtime Activities In February

You can watch your little one’s favorite movie over a cup of hot cocoa and bites of popcorn 🍿 during the lazy afternoons of this month.

The streets are often beautifully decorated 😍 during the month of February on several occasions.

I love taking my little ones for a stroll down the street, and at bedtime, I ask them about all the things they find interesting on the streets and lanes.

I make a note of it, and it leaves me astonished at how observant these little ones are.

Visit a Museum

An awesome way to teach your little ones about President’s Day is to take them to a museum.

Not only will they learn about the history of the world, but they will also be fascinated by the fossils, specimens, and everything present in the museum.

Be prepared for the endless questions 🫨 they are going to shoot at you the moment they step inside the museum.

Visit a National Park

Visit A National Park In February

February is an amazing time to visit a national park and observe animals 🐯 in their natural habitat.

In fact, several zoological gardens have diverse programs for children to engage and learn about animals and birds.

I love visiting a Children’s Farm πŸ„ with my son and daughter.

Fire Safety Lessons

I consider it an unskippable activity for the month of February. Teach your little ones about fire emergencies 🧯 at home by making a poster.

You can also let your kid participate in the fire safety workshops organized by fire stations πŸ‘©β€πŸš’ during this month.

Squishy Heart Painting

Squishy Heart Painting In February

This activity is absolutely entertaining without any mess. Take a Ziplock bag and draw a heart on it with a marker pen.

Now squeeze your little one’s favorite color inside the bag and close the zip. Ask your little one to spread the colors 🎨 in the shape of the heart by squishing and pressing the ziplock bag’s surface.

I love watching my daughter stay completely focused during this activity.

Save the Hearts

For this activity, I put in a bunch of differently colored heart cut-outs, heart-shaped erasers, and soft toys, along with some candies in a tub.

I place sticks on the open end of the tub in a random manner to serve as obstacles. I ask my little ones to save the hearts πŸ’• of a certain color from the tub by picking it up with the help of tongs.

This activity will improve their motor πŸ’ͺ skills. Try it at home with your adorable kids.

Hearts and Alphabets

  • Cut out a bunch of hearts ❀️ from chart papers.
  • Cut the hearts into two pieces from the center. Write capitalized alphabets (for example, ‘A’) on one piece while a corresponding small letter (for example, ‘a’) on the other one.
  • Repeat it with all the pieces and mix them up.
  • Ask your kindergartner to segregate the pieces and join the pieces with the same alphabet πŸ” πŸ”€ (one piece carrying the capitalized letter and the other piece carrying the small letter) to make a complete heart.

Pro Tip

You can do the same with odd numbers and even numbers instead of alphabets.

Shadow Tracing

For this activity, I take the cut-out of a Groundhog from a piece of chart paper. I stick it on the glass of my window. The sunlight falling on the window leads to the formation of a groundhog’s shadow on the other side.

I ask your little ones to take a piece of paper and trace πŸ“ along the shadow. This activity keeps them engaged and improves their 🧠 focus.

Coin Sorting

Coin Sorting Activity In February

Do you have coins πŸͺ™ at home featuring the different presidents?

Mix them up and ask your little one to segregate the coins featuring the same face into different containers. It will help them remember and recognize the different presidents.

I end up laughing when my son places one coin above another to stack a tower of coins, and my daughter pushes it down before running away.

Important Note:

Please keep your children under strict supervision to avoid any mishaps ☠️ regarding your kid gulping down a coin.

Make a Cherry Tree

Ask your little one to use their hand to form the trunk of a cherry πŸ’ tree. Dip your little one’s hand in brown paint and ask them to put the impression of their hands up to their elbows on a sheet of white paper.

His/her finger will form the branches of the tree. Dab cotton balls dipped in red paint on the paper to make the impression of cherries.

I love making leaves by means of finger painting while helping my kids to finish their masterpieces.

Pro Tip

You can also add pompom balls, leaves, and embellishments to make an absolutely wonderful πŸ˜‰ cherry tree to serve as a wall hanging.

Impression Painting

Take a heart-shaped ❀️ cut out and draw a line with a pencil in the middle to make two identical halves on each side.

Paint one side as you like and fold the heart along the middle line to get exactly the same impression on the other side. I feel so happy when my daughter gifts me one of these beautiful hearts every year,

Triangular Play

Preschoolers and Kindergartners are fascinated with shapes. Let them explore the triangle πŸ”ΊοΈ with this activity.

Cut out pieces of differently-sized triangles to make a groundhog. The biggest triangle will serve as the body, while the smaller ones will make the feet and the ears. You can also use buttons πŸ”˜ for the eyes.

Pro Tip

You can also use circles and squares to make a groundhog.

Stick Counting

For this activity, I usually prepare a random number of heart cut-outs and glue them to ice cream sticks. You can also use cut-outs of their favorite cartoon characters.

I ask my little one to count the number πŸ”’ of hearts on each stick and arrange them in ascending or descending order.

Photography Time

Photography In February

I hand over a camera πŸ“· to my little one and let them turn into a photographer for a day. With all the fantastic decorations for Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year all over the place, they always grab some really awesome clicks.

I take a heart-shaped ❀️ cut-out and stick the picture clicked by them in the middle. We finish off decorating it by finger painting or using embellishments.


Amongst all the activities, I love making chocolate cherry πŸ’ slime with my son and daughter. Watching them smile ☺️ and share the sweet together makes my heart melt.

Which activity did you like the most from the list mentioned above?

Let me know πŸ₯° in the comments.

February Activities

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