40+ rhyming activities for kindergarten (printables + reels)

As parents and educators, we know early literacy skills are essential for a successful education.

From learning to recognize letters and numbers to understanding story structure and using language to express ideas, literacy skills are key to a child’s development.

But how can we help children develop these skills? Rhyme time is one way to get kids engaged in early literacy activities. This article will look at the most fun ways to encourage rhyming and early literacy skills in preschoolers.

Table of Contents

Rhyming Activities for Kindergarten

Puzzle Rhyming Pairs Activity (3-5 Years)

Puzzle Rhyming Pairs Activity

Puzzle Rhyming Pairs Activity is a lovely language building exercise that combines play with learning. Children match words that rhyme, developing their phonemic awareness through engaging puzzle pieces that fit together.

Material: Worksheet with words and corresponding images that rhyme with a scissor.

How to Do:

  1. Give your kid a worksheet that has words and images that rhyme, or use our printable. Cut our puzzle pieces with scissor.
  2. Spread out the puzzle pieces on a flat surface.
  3. Encourage your child to look at the words and images on each piece.
  4. Ask them to find two pieces that rhyme and fit together.
  5. Once a pair is matched, say the words out loud together and discuss the rhyming sounds.
  6. Continue until all rhyming pairs are matched.

Rhyming Word Spinner Activity (4-6 Years)

Rhyming Word Spinner Activity

The Rhyming Word Spinner Activity is a fun and interactive game that improves children’s phonological awareness. By spinning to create and find rhymes, kids can playfully increase their vocabulary and develop a stronger understanding of language patterns.

Materials: A spinner with different consonants or word beginnings, an ending sound or word part affixed next to the spinner, and a pointer that can spin freely around the center.

How to Do:

  1. Make or provide a spinner with various consonant letters or blends around the edge.
  2. Attach the spinner to a surface where it can rotate freely.
  3. Choose an ending sound or word part and fix it next to the spinner.
  4. Spin the pointer and encourage the child to mix the ending with the consonant the pointer lands on to create a rhyming word.

Rhyming Sticks Activity (4-7 Years)

Rhyming Sticks Activity

The Rhyming Sticks Activity is a crafty and educational game that helps children with language development, specifically in understanding rhyming patterns. This DIY project creates a visual representation of words that rhyme, making it a hands-on experience.

Materials: Popsicle sticks, a circular central piece with a word ending or sound written on it, a marker, and a list of words that rhyme with the central word part.

How to Do:

  1. Write a word ending or sound in the middle of the circular piece.
  2. Write words that rhyme with the central sound on individual popsicle sticks.
  3. Place the circular piece flat on a surface and arrange the sticks around it like spokes on a wheel, with the rhyming word on each stick pointing towards the central sound.
  4. Take turns with the child picking a stick, reading the word, and discussing how it rhymes with the central sound.

Rhyming Spoons and Cups Activity (3-6 Years)

Rhyming Spoons and Cups Activity

The Rhyming Spoons and Cups Activity is a colorful and interactive way to teach children about rhyming words. By matching spoons to the correct cups based on rhyming endings, kids can enjoy a fun sorting game while enhancing their phonics skills.

Materials: Colored plastic spoons, cups in various colors, markers to write on spoons and cups.

How to Do:

  1. Write different word endings or sounds on each cup.
  2. On the spoons, write words that rhyme with the endings on the cups.
  3. Mix up the spoons and ask the child to sort them by placing them in the cup with the matching rhyming sound.
  4. Once all the spoons are in the correct cups, go through the rhymes together.

Rhyming Stone Activity (4-7 Years)

Rhyming Stone Activity

The Rhyming Stone Activity is an enjoyable and hands-on way for kids to engage with language. By matching stones with painted words that rhyme, children can explore the sounds and rhythms of words, which is a key skill in language development.

Materials: Smooth stones, paint in various colors, and markers or paint pens for writing words on the stones.

How to Do:

  1. Paint each stone a different color and let them dry.
  2. Choose pairs or groups of words that rhyme and write one word on each stone.
  3. Mix the stones up and spread them out on a flat surface.
  4. Encourage the child to find stones that rhyme and place them together.
  5. Discuss each word, its meaning, and its rhyming partners.

Rhyming Tree Activity (3-6 Years)

Rhyming Tree Activity

The Rhyming Tree Activity is a creative and visual way to help children understand rhyming words.

It involves placing words that rhyme on the branches of a tree, which allows kids to make connections between sounds and spellings in an enjoyable, engaging way.

Materials: A large paper or poster board for the tree, construction paper cut into leaf shapes, markers or crayons, and glue for sticking leaves onto the tree.

How to Do:

  1. Draw or paste a tree with branches onto your large paper or poster board.
  2. Write one word on each leaf.
  3. Have the children match leaves with rhyming words and stick them on the corresponding branches.
  4. Once all the rhyming pairs or groups are on the tree, review them together, and talk about the similar sounds each pair shares.

Unlocking Rhyme Activity (4-6 Years)

Unlocking Rhyme Activity

The Unlocking Rhyme Activity is a clever game that challenges children to match pairs of rhyming words. Each “lock” has a word, and its key is the word that rhymes with it.

Materials: Printed cards shaped like locks with words on them, key-shaped cards with rhyming words, and a playing surface.

How to Do:

  1. Spread out the lock cards on the playing surface.
  2. Mix up the key cards and spread them out as well.
  3. Ask the child to pick a key and find the lock with a word that rhymes with the word on the key.
  4. Once a match is found, they can place the key card next to the lock card.
  5. Continue matching until all the locks have the correct rhyming keys.

Circle the Rhyming Picture Activity (3-6 Years)

Circle the Rhyming Picture Activity

The Circle the Rhyming Picture Activity is a visual and engaging way for children to practice phonemic awareness by identifying words that rhyme through pictures. It’s a simple yet effective literacy activity.

Materials: A worksheet with several rows of images, each accompanied by a word label, and a pencil or crayon.

How to Do:

  1. Give the child the worksheet and a pencil.
  2. For each row, have them look at the first picture and say the word out loud.
  3. Then look at the other pictures in the row to find the one that rhymes with the first word.
  4. Circle the rhyming picture.
  5. Continue until all rows are completed, discussing the rhyming words as you go.

Complete Rhyming Words Activity (4-7 Years)

Complete Rhyming Words Activity

The Complete Rhyming Words Activity is designed to improve children’s spelling and phonics skills. By figuring out the missing letters, kids can complete the set of rhyming words, which helps them understand word patterns.

Materials: A worksheet with illustrated words where one or more letters are missing or use our printable, a pencil, and an eraser.

How to Do:

  1. Hand out the worksheet and a pencil to the child.
  2. Ask them to look at the first word with the picture and say it aloud.
  3. Then, have them think about the missing letter that would make the second word rhyme with the first.
  4. Write the missing letter in the blank space.
  5. Repeat for all the word pairs on the worksheet.

Rhyming Counting Activity (3-6 Years)

Rhyming Counting Activity

The Rhyming Counting Activity combines numerical counting skills with word rhyme recognition, helping children to improve both their math and language abilities in a playful way.

Materials: Printed worksheet with pictures in sets for counting, blank spaces for writing numbers, and a pen or pencil.

How to Do:

  1. Give the worksheet and a pen or pencil to your kids.
  2. Have them count the items in each picture set and write the correct number in the provided space.
  3. Then, look at the rhyming word and find the picture set that rhymes with that word.
  4. Write the number of items in the rhyming picture set in the corresponding circle.
  5. Continue through all the sets on the worksheet, counting and matching rhymes.

Rhyming Rain Activity (3-6 Years)

Rhyming Rain Activity

The Rhyming Rain Activity is a creative way to engage children with words and their sounds, encouraging them to find rhymes and develop phonemic awareness.

Materials: You’ll need a paper cloud with a word ending written on it, paper raindrops with words that rhyme with the cloud’s ending, and some tape or magnets to stick them onto a surface.

How to Do:

  1. Place the cloud with the “-ug” ending at the top of your activity area.
  2. Spread out the raindrops with the rhyming words below the cloud.
  3. Ask your kids to match each raindrop to the cloud by identifying the rhyming words.
  4. They can then stick or place the raindrops around the cloud to form a “rhyme rain”.

Rhyming Pairs Activity (3-5 Years)

Rhyming Pairs Activity

The Rhyming Pairs Activity is designed to teach kids about rhyming words through a fun and interactive cut-and-paste exercise.

Materials: You’ll need a worksheet with pictures of different objects, corresponding rhyming words, and blank spaces for pasting. Scissors and glue or tape for cutting and pasting.

How to Do:

  1. Give the child the worksheet and a set of picture cards.
  2. Have them cut out the picture cards.
  3. The task is to match each picture with its rhyming pair (e.g., “snail” with “mail”).
  4. Once they find the pairs, they paste the picture next to its rhyming word on the worksheet.
  5. Encourage them to say the words out loud to hear the rhyming sounds.

Rhyming Word Card Flip Book Activity (2-5 Years)

Rhyming Word Card Flip Book Activity

The Rhyming Word Card Flip Book is best way to engage kids with phonics and word recognition by creating a homemade flip book with rhyming words.

Materials: You’ll need colored paper cards, markers, and split pins (brads).

How to Do:

  1. Write different consonants on individual cards and common word endings (like “at”, “ig”, “og”) on a separate set of cards.
  2. Punch holes on one side of each card.
  3. Use the split pins to combine the cards in a flip book format, with the consonants on top and the word endings on the bottom.
  4. Flip the cards to make different rhyming words (e.g., “H” + “at” = “Hat”, “S” + “un” = “Sun”).

Rhyming Word Search Activity (3-5 Years)

Rhyming Word Search Activity

The Rhyming Word Search is an engaging activity to help kids practice their phonics and word pattern recognition skills by finding and writing down words that rhyme.

Materials: You just need the printed word search grid and a pencil or pen.

How to Do:

  1. Look at the list of ‘starter’ words with pictures at the bottom of the grid.
  2. Search for words within the grid that rhyme with these starter words.
  3. Circle each found rhyming word in the grid.
  4. Write the rhyming words in the provided space next to each picture.

Color the Rhyming Card Activity (3-5 Years)

Color the Rhyming Card Activity

The Color the Rhyming Cloud Activity is a lovely way for kids to learn about rhyming words. In this exercise, they’ll find words that sound alike and use colors to link these pairs together.

Materials: You’ll need the “Color the Rhyming Cloud” worksheet. You can use our printable, along with colored pencils or crayons.

How to Do:

  1. Read all the words in the clouds with your child to familiarize them with the sounds.
  2. Look for words that rhyme, which are words that have the same ending sound.
  3. Once you find a pair, choose a color and shade both clouds with that same color.
  4. Continue until all the rhyming pairs are happily colored.

Rhyme Shadow Matching Activity (3-6 Years)

Rhyme Shadow Matching Activity

The “Rhyme Shadow Matching” activity is the best game that combines rhyming practice with visual matching skills. It’s designed to help children connect words that sound alike with their corresponding silhouettes.

Materials: You’ll need the “Rhyme Shadow Matching” worksheets, one has colorful objects and other has only shadow of that object, along with a pencil or a set of markers.

How to Do:

  1. Cut our objects from a colorful worksheet. And give your kids a shadow worksheet with cutting objects.
  2. Then look at the shadows to find the one that matches the shape of the colored object.
  3. Draw a line to connect the object with its rhyming shadow. For example, ‘cat’ would match with ‘hat’ even though the shadow might look different.
  4. Continue the process until all objects have been matched with their rhyming shadows.

Matching Rhyme Activity (3-5 Years)

Matching Rhyme Activity

The “Matching Rhyme” activity is a playful exercise that helps children pair words that sound similar. It’s a fantastic way to boost their phonetic awareness and vocabulary through rhyme recognition.

Materials: This activity requires a “Matching Rhyme” worksheet with pictures and words, each in separate circles. A pencil or a crayon.

How to Do:

  1. Look at the picture and read the word below it with your child to ensure they understand what it is.
  2. Find another word that sounds the same at the end (rhymes) with each word.
  3. Draw a line from one rhyming word to its pair.
  4. Continue this process until all the words have been matched with their rhyming partners.

Rhyme Star Activity (3-5 Years)

Rhyme Star Activity

The “Rhyme Star Activity” is a creative and fun way to help children recognize rhyming words. It features colorful stars each with a word that kids can match with another rhyming word.

Materials: You need the “Rhyme Star” worksheet full of star-shaped cutouts in different colors, each with a word written on it.

How to Do:

  1. Spread out all the star cutouts on a flat surface.
  2. Search for two stars with words that sound similar at the end as those are rhymes.
  3. Place rhyming stars next to each other.
  4. Continue until all rhyming pairs are found.

Rhyming Fish Activity (3-7 Years)

The “Rhyming Fish Activity” a splashing fun way to learn rhymes! This activity lets children match fish with words that sound the same, swimmingly increasing their phonetic skills.

Materials: You’ll have a school of fish cutouts, each brightly colored and labeled with a different word.

How to Do:

  1. Lay out all the fish cutouts so the words are clearly visible.
  2. Read each word with your child and talk about how it sounds.
  3. Look for another fish whose word rhymes with the first one you picked.
  4. When you find a match, place the two rhyming fish together.
  5. Keep going until all the fish have found their rhyming partners.

Rhyme Word Tracing Activity (2-4 Years)

Rhyme Word Tracing Activity

“Rhyme Word Tracing” is the best activity where kids can trace words and discover the magic of rhymes. This engaging exercise supports both handwriting practice and phonics skills.

Materials: You need the “Rhyme Word Tracing” worksheet that shows pairs of rhyming words with traceable letters, and have some pencils or colored markers on hand.

How to Do:

  1. Give your child the worksheet and a pencil.
  2. Ask them to trace the letters of each word carefully.
  3. Talk about the sounds of the words and find the pairs that rhyme.

Rhyming Bingo Card Activity (3-5 Years)

Rhyming Bingo Card Activity

The “Rhyming Bingo Card” activity turns the classic game of bingo into a fun-filled rhyme time. It’s an excellent way for kids to match sounds and pictures in an exciting game format.

Materials: For this activity, you’ll need a “Rhyming Bingo Card” worksheet with pictures and words beneath them. Scissors for cutting cards.

How to Do:

  1. Cut our cards from the worksheet.
  2. Place all cards face down in a pile.
  3. Tell your kids a turn picking a card and identifying the image and word.
  4. If the picked card rhymes with a word on the bingo card, cover that square with a counter.
  5. Continue the activity until your kid can match all rhyming cards.

Rhyming Ice Cream Activity (3-6 Years)

Rhyming Ice Cream Activity

The “Rhyming Ice Cream” activity is a sweet way for kids to learn about rhyming words. This game involves matching scoops of ice cream with cones that have words on them that sound alike.

Materials: This cool activity needs ice cream cone cutouts with words written on them and ice cream scoop cutouts with matching rhyming words.

How to Do:

  1. Spread out the ice cream cone cutouts and scoop cutouts.
  2. Read the word on each cone and scoop with your child.
  3. Find the scoop that rhymes with the word on the cone and place it on top.
  4. Keep matching until all the cones have their rhyming scoops.

Rhyming Clip Card Activity (2-5 Years)

Rhyming Clip Card Activity

The “Rhyming Clip Card” activity is an easy way to sharpen your kid’s phonetic skills. In this activity, children clip together the fun of rhyming words.

Materials: You’ll need a set of rhyming clip cards, each featuring a central word and picture, with additional images around it. Clothespins or paper clips will be used to mark the rhyming words.

How to Do:

  1. Present one card at a time to your child, identifying the central word and its picture.
  2. Look at the surrounding pictures and read those words out loud.
  3. Find the picture that rhymes with the central word and use a clothespin or paper clip to mark it.
  4. Move on to the next card and continue the process of finding and clipping the rhymes.

Rhyming Building Blocks Activity (2-6 Years)

Rhyming Building Blocks Activity

The “Rhyming Building Blocks Activity” is a good way to mix construction play with language learning. Kids will boost their rhyming skills by matching blocks with words that sound the same.

Materials: This activity includes colorful building blocks and paper strips with words. Each block can hold a word strip, and you can stack blocks to match rhyming words.

How to Do:

  1. Start with one word on a block, reading it out loud with your child.
  2. Search for another block with a word that sounds the same at the end.
  3. Once you find a match, stack the rhyming word block on top of the first one.
  4. Keep building up your rhyming towers with the rest of the words and blocks.

Rhyming Fruit Basket Activity (3-5 Years)

Rhyming Fruit Basket Activity

“Rhyming Fruit Basket” is a tasty activity that combines rhyming fun with fruit shapes. Children can ‘pick’ words that sound the same and place them together in a basket, just like pairing fresh fruit!

Materials: This activity comes with a basket illustration and fruit cutouts, each with a different word on it. You’ll be sorting through these fruity words and finding the ones that rhyme.

How to Do:

  1. Scatter the fruit word cutouts around the basket.
  2. Pick a fruit, read the word, and place it in the basket.
  3. Search for another fruit with a word that rhymes with the one you picked.
  4. Put the rhyming fruit in the basket as well, pairing them up.
  5. Continue until all the fruits have found their rhyming partners in the basket.

Rhyming Flowers Activity (3-5 Years)

Rhyming Flowers Activity

The “Rhyming Flowers Activity” is a blossoming way for kids to learn rhymes. Each flower represents a word, and children can have fun matching flowers with words that sound alike, just like pairing blooms in a garden!

Materials: You’ll be planting words with colorful flower cutouts, each with a word on it, and stems that can hold the flower heads.

How to Do:

  1. Spread out the flower heads and stems.
  2. Pick a flower, read its word, and attach it to a stem.
  3. Look for another flower whose word rhymes with the one you picked.
  4. Connect the rhyming flower to the same stem, creating pairs of rhyming words.
  5. Continue this lovely exercise until all flowers have found their rhyming pairs.

Rhyme Sort Activity (3-5 Years)

Rhyme Sort activity  for kids

Give the children a pile of objects or pictures and have them sort them into groups of things that rhyme.

For example, a cat, a hat, and a bat would be in one group, while a dog, a bird, and a frog would be in another.

Rhyming Word Activity (3-6 Years)

Rhyming Word Games activity  for kids

Word games are a great way to get your preschoolers engaged in language and to help them recognize patterns. Here are some fun rhyming word games that you can try:

  • Word Scramble: Give your preschoolers a list of words and have them unscramble the words to spell out a rhyme.
  •  Word Search: Give your preschoolers a list of rhyming words and have them find the words in a word search puzzle.
  •  Rhyme Match: Give your preschoolers a list of rhyming words and have them match each word with its rhyming partner.
  •  Rhyme Memory: Create a set of rhyming cards (with words or pictures) and have your preschoolers match the cards.

Rhyming Crafts and Art Activity (4-8 Years)

Rhyming Crafts And Art Activities for kids

Crafts and art activities are a great way to engage your preschoolers in language and help them explore new words. Here are some fun rhyming crafts and art activities that you can try:

  • Paint a Picture: Have your preschoolers paint a picture using rhyming words.
  •  Make a Collage: Have your preschoolers create a collage using rhyming words, and the collage can represent the storyline of the rhyme!
  •  Rhyme Scavenger Hunt: Have your preschoolers go on a scavenger hunt for objects that have rhyming words.
  •  Make a Rhyming Book: Have your preschoolers make a book of rhymes with pictures.

Rhyming Words Stack Building Block Towers Activity (2-5 Years)

Rhyming Words Stack Building Block Towers

Print and stick small pieces of paper with various rhyming words to individual building blocks. You can get your kids to stack the labeled building blocks belonging to the same word family group that rhymes to build a tower🗼. 

For example: 

Building blocks labeled with a Cat, Bat, Hat, Rat, and so on can be stacked to form a tower.

My son loved playing this game and had a lot of fun trying to build the towers while learning rhyming words.

Rhyming Words Ladder Formation Activity (3-5 Years)

You can start the rhyme ladder by writing a word from a word family on a whiteboard or sheet of paper.

Now, to add the rungs to the ladder, your kids can take turns adding rhyming words to form and complete the ladder.

You can make multiple ladders with different word family groups to help them practice more.

I tried this activity with my son, and he could think of many rhyming words to form the ladder as high as possible.

Rhyming Words Sensory Finding Game (3-5 Years)

Your kids can indulge in sensory play to nurture the senses and improve fine motor skills while playing a game to learn about rhyming words.

Add a dry sensory material to a container like sand, salt, rice, and so on to make a sensory bin 📤, and you can also add other small items and toys for them to play with.

Write rhyming words or draw pictures from the same word family on tiny pieces of paper and hide them in the sensory material. 

You can get your kids to play with the sensory bin to stimulate their senses and allow them to feel a sense of calm as they search for hidden words.

Pro Tip:

I suggest you make paper slips with rhyming words from a different word family for each round or make them in new pairs of rhyming words for each round of the game.

Rhyming Words Sorting Game (2-5 Years)

Your kids will love this simple sorting activity to match rhyming words into their main word family groups.

You can write down words or draw pictures on individual slips of paper with a few sets of rhyming words. Shuffle and place them in a basket or box.

Give your kids separate bowls to sort the various rhyming sets of paper slips according to their main word family group.

Rhyming Words Card Matching Game (3-6 Years)

Rhyming Words Card Matching Game

I suggest playing a card 🎴game with your kids to help them match various rhyming words and pictures in a fun way.

Write down or draw pictures of pairs of rhyming words like cat and bat, blue and glue, sun and run on individual cards, and shuffle them. 

This game can be played in a few ways –

You can get your kids to match the word cards only based on rhyme or picture cards only based on rhyme or let them match picture cards to their rhyming word cards.

Pro Tip:

You can include a time limit to make the game more exciting.

Rhyming Words Indoor Scavenger Hunt Activity (2-4 Years)

I recommend you make your kids play this scavenger hunt 🕵🏽‍♀️ game to match rhyming word pictures by going on a fun scavenger hunt.

You can hide printouts of various pictures around the house. Make a matching checklist with pictures rhyming with the printed pictures that you have hidden. 

Now for the exciting part of the game – let your kids try to find the hidden images and tick them off the checklist by matching them to the pictures that rhyme with the ones they found. 

For example – if kids find a picture of a cat, they can tick off a picture of a hat in the checklist.

Rhyming Words PowerPoint Slides Activity (2-5 Years)

Rhyming Words PowerPoint Slides

You can allow your kids to find whether the set of words or pictures is rhyming or non-rhyming with PowerPoint 💻 as a practice.

Create a PowerPoint presentation in which each slide has two or more words or pictures some can be rhyming while some can be non-rhyming.

You can instruct your kids to give a thumbs-up if the slide has rhyming words or pictures and a thumbs-down if the slide has non-rhyming words or pictures. 

Pro Tip:

Make your kids say the words aloud or describe the pictures aloud to help them register the rhyme.

Rhyming Words Toy Driving Game (3-5 Years)

I guarantee if you have toy-loving kids like my son, they will definitely have a lot of fun with this hands-on activity.

You can ask your kids to bring their toy vehicles like cars 🚗, trains 🚂, trucks 🛻, and so on from their collection. Stick small strips of paper on them with rhyming words belonging to the same word family. 

You can place cards to indicate each word family and get your kids to drive their toy cars and vehicles to match the rhyming words to their word family and group them together.

Pro Tip:

I cut out wide strips from black colored paper and added lines with white and yellow markers to create tracks for my son to drive his vehicles on these tracks toward the word family cards.

Rhyming Words Lacing Cards Activity (3-5 Years)

Rhyming Words Lacing Cards

Lacing cards are one of my son’s favorite activities. It also helps kids develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination, and you can make your kids match rhyming words using this fun matching plus lacing activity.

Cut a rectangle strip from a thick sheet of paper. Write words or draw pictures with matching rhyming words on the left and right sides of the rectangle in jumbled order. Punch holes next to all the rhyming elements.

Now, for the fun part of the activity – give your kids a piece of thread 🧶 or string and let them lace through the holes of the rectangle card by matching the rhyming pairs on the left with the ones on the right. 

Rhyming Words Lacing Donuts Activity (3-5 Years)

You can also try this lacing activity, which is almost like the previous one but with a slight difference in the process, by including pipe cleaners and donut 🍩 cutouts.

Print small outlines of donuts, as many as you want, and let your kids color and decorate them. Write rhyming words on the individual donuts to create various sets from the same word family.

You can allot as many donuts as you want for each word family. Collect a few pipe cleaners to represent each of the word family sets.

Make your kids lace the rhyming donuts through the pipe cleaners based on the word family they belong to for an exciting activity.

Rhyming Words Coloring Sheets Activity (2-5 Years)

If your kids love coloring 🖍️ activities, as my son does, this would be an enjoyable and perfect activity for them while they can also learn along the way.

I recommend you divide the sheet of paper into square boxes and either print or draw outlines of two or more rhyming and non-rhyming pictures from the same word family in each square.

Your kids can color only the rhyming picture outlines in each square while leaving the non-rhyming ones blank.

Pro Tip:

You can also do the same activity in another version. Assign a picture for each row and draw 3 to 4 picture outlines in the same line, with one being non-rhyming; get your kids to color only the outlines that rhyme with the main assigned picture. 

Rhyming Words Shape Puzzle Activity (3-5 Years)

This activity is so simple and fun, and kids will be excited to play it.

You can choose a shape 💠 like a heart, star, circle, or square. Draw and cut outlines on paper. You can make as many shape outlines as you want for the game.

Cut these shapes into two parts in the middle and draw or stick pictures of rhyming word pairs on the two broken parts of the shapes.

Shuffle them on the floor and let your kids try to match the pairs correctly by bringing together the broken pieces of rhyming pairs.

Pro Tip:

You can reuse the back portions of the shapes by drawing more rhyming pairs for kids to play another round of the game.

Rhyming Words Prompts Jar Activity (2-5 Years)

You can write down words and draw pictures on small pieces of paper to serve as prompts and put them in an empty jar 🫙 for an engaging activity. 

Then, get your kids to pick a piece of paper and encourage them to list a few rhyming words according to their prompt. 

I suggest you also get them to form two sentences with the last words rhyming with their prompt to help them learn how rhyming words are used in sentences.

Rhyming Words Footprints Hopping Game (3-5 Years)

You can print cutouts of a few footprint 👣 outlines. Stick a piece of paper with words or a printout of pictures on all left and right footprints to form rhyming pairs. 

Place them on the floor in such a way that two footprint cutouts with matching rhyming words are close to each other, making it easier for them to hop. 

Now for the fun part get your kids to hop from one footprint cutout to the next matching one while saying the rhyming pairs out loud as they hop on the cutouts for this engaging activity. 

Pro Tip:

You can also spread footprints on the floor with rhyming words from the same word family with a few non rhyming words. Get your kids to hop across all the rhyming ones to complete the task.

Rhyming Words Clothespin Clip Cards Activity (3-5 Years)

On a piece of thick paper or cardboard, you can write a word or draw a picture from the same word family in a larger size in the middle of the paper as the main rhyming element.

Write or draw a combination of rhyming and non-rhyming words or pictures around the sides of the paper or cardboard.

Get your kids to clip clothespins on the edges of the shape to the segments of words or pictures that rhyme with the main words or pictures in the middle as a fun learning activity.

Pro Tip:

You can cut the thick paper or cardboard into shapes like squares, rectangles, circles, diamonds, or hearts for different word families for your kids to clip clothespins around their edges.


Rhyming Activities is an engaging and fun way to help your preschoolers develop their early literacy skills. From word games to storytelling to crafts and art activities, there are plenty of ways to get your preschoolers engaged and help them explore language.

With these fun activities, you can help your preschoolers get the most out of rhyme time and develop the early literacy skills they need for a successful education.

Rhyme Time Activities for kids
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