25+ Human Body Activities for Kids to Encourage Curiosity!

Apart from entertaining our children, I understand as a mother how important it is to impart new knowledge🤓 and skills that will contribute to their overall development📈.

Youngsters grow weary of playing the same old games all day long. They are constantly looking for something enjoyable😆 and novel.

Human body activities help all the kids know their body and body systems better. It will help them learn📒 more about digestive systems, respiratory systems, muscular systems, nervous systems, etc. 

The human body is a complex system. Doing human body activities will help them understand this complex system better. These are educational🤓 as well as enjoyable activities.

some Human body activities for kids

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for some entertaining😆 and engaging human body activities for your children!

If you’re looking for engaging and informative human🚶‍♀️ body activities, I’d recommend some that will help them improve their skills across the board, be instructive as well as entertaining, and be enjoyable to do. They can make their dull 🥱 day more enjoyable with these activities.

A list of fun😁 and useful human body activities for kids has been compiled by me in this blog post. You will undoubtedly find some new kid-friendly activities to investigate with the aid of this blog.

Set up a life-sized model of the anatomy

You can outline your kids’ bodies and make an anatomy model🩻 according to them. You would need an unused cloth, markers, colored sheets, scissors✂️, and glue. 

Kids will have fun with this model and will get intrigued to know more about the human body. They will get a close and deep look into the human body and will get to know all body parts like the esophagus, heart🫀, intestine, liver, kidney, etc.

Pro Tip:

I made my kids a life-sized model. They got curious and excited😆 to know more about their body. It was a fun-filled and productive activity. It also helped in improving my observation🤔 and concentration skills.

Pasta skeleton

You can make your kids make a skeleton with the help of raw pasta🍝. They will have fun assembling all the pasta pieces into a skeleton💀. They will also get a basic idea of how a skeleton looks and how we can draw it. 

According to me, this is a very interactive and entertaining activity that will make your kids’ boring🥱 day more interesting. You must conduct this activity at home with your kids to engage them in something productive.

Move model muscles

You can make your kids make a model representing muscles, and it’s working. Provide your kids with balloons🎈, a cardboard tub, rubberbands, glue, and markers🖊️. Kids can use cardboard as bones and balloons as muscles. 

This visual👁️ representation will help your kids gain a better understanding of different types of muscles and how they work. Kids easily understand anything when shown physically. They find it interesting and can relate to it more. 

My kids also performed this activity at home🏠. They gained more knowledge and had fun while performing it.

Pro Tip:

You can guide your children if they face any difficulty😥 while performing these activities. They can face difficulties in shaping balloons🎈 or cutting colored sheets. You must help them maintain efficiency in their activities.

Construct a model hand.

You can make your kids design a model hand with bones🦴 and skin. Provide them with cardboard, straws, scissors✂️, thread, and glue. They can use cardboard as hands and straws as bones. 

It will be an interesting and fun-filled activity. It will help them improve their creativity and practical skills. They will get to know more about the functioning of the hand✋.

My kids did this activity at home🏠. They enjoyed making models of the hand and learned more about its functioning. It was a new and different experience for them. You must also try this activity with your kids at home.

DIY Stethoscope

Kids love crafting and designing things. You can assign your kids to make a DIY Stethoscope🩺 themselves. Provide them with cardboard, plastic cups🥤, rubber bands, and tape. 

You can help them in the stethoscope-making process. After completion, kids can use this stethoscope to listen to their heartbeat.

I am sure they will find it intriguing and exciting😆. They would want to know more about the stethoscope and their heart.

In my opinion, this activity is a complete package of enjoyment and productivity. Your kids will get to learn about their hearts 🫀 and will also have fun making the stethoscope.

Pumping heart model

You can assign your kids to make a pumping heart🫀 model representing how heart muscles work. It will be an interesting and exciting activity that will help them learn more about the functioning of the heart.

Provide your kids with a jar🫙, glass, straws, large balloons, red-colored water, tape, rubber bands, scissors✂️, and a tray. You can guide your kids throughout this activity as they might face difficulties while making this model.

Pro Tip:

I forced my children to do this at home🏠. It was a mess, but they enjoyed it a lot. They also gained more knowledge about their body systems. Overall, this activity was educational🤓 and informative.

Egg carton spine model

The most crucial component of our body is our spine🚶‍♀️. It safeguards the spinal cord, promotes mobility, and aids in giving our bodies structure. 

You can make your kids create a spine model with the help of egg cartons🥚. Provide your kids with egg cartons, scissors✂️, foam sheets, and tape. You can help your kids shape the egg cartons in the form of a spine.

This would be a fun😆 and interesting activity to do at home. It will help them learn the importance of the spine in their body.

My kids also did this activity at home. They had fun constructing👷‍♂️ a model out of egg cartons.

Balloon lung model

Lungs🫁 play an important role in the function of your body. You breathe through the lungs only. To make your kids understand the importance and working of lungs, you can make them design a balloon🎈 lung model.

Provide your kids with balloons, bottles, and knives 🔪. Now, help your kids in making the model. It would be an interesting and educational activity for your kids. 

According to me, you should try this activity at home🏠 to help them gain a better and deeper understanding of the lungs.

Pro Tip:

This activity requires the use of a knife🔪. Make sure that they are doing this activity under your supervision in case they hurt themselves.

Blind taste test

You can conduct a blind taste😋 test with your kids at home. Blindfold their eyes and make them taste and guess different food items. 

This would be a fun and exciting😆 activity for your kids. Materials required for this activity are blindfold, different types of foods, and books📚 about the mouth and tongue.

This activity will help your kids know about different taste buds in their mouth, like sweet🧁, sour, salty, etc. This activity will also help them develop vocabulary and efficient communication skills.

I also made my kids do this activity at home🏠. Their boring day got exciting and fruitful through this activity.

Playdough faces

Kids enjoy making shapes and designs from playdough. You can make your kids create faces🌝 with the help of this playdough. Materials required for this activity are playdough and a sheet with a face drawn on it.

This activity will help your kids learn more about the different organs on their faces. It will bring happiness😊 to your kids’ faces.

According to me, you must conduct this activity at home🏡 to make your kids learn more about their bodies. This activity will also help them develop their creativity and will improve finger strength💪.

Pro Tip:

Make sure that while playing with playdough, kids don’t touch their hand✋ in their eyes as it contains chemicals and can provide harm to their face.

Movement dice

You can gather your kids and their friends and make them play an interesting game related to human body movements. Make two dice🎲; there are movements on one dice and body parts on the other. When the dice are rolled, the kids have to finish the tasks listed on it.

All the kids will have fun watching each other doing different movements. Materials required for this activity are dice, scissors✂️, tape, and glue.

I conducted this activity at home with my kids and their friends. The joy and happiness😊 they experienced while playing this game were visible on their faces.

Organ stones

Kids find stones🗿 very interesting. They built towers and castles with stones. You can make your kids create a digestive system with the help of stones. Materials required in this activity are stones, pictures of organs🫁, and sheets with outlines of the human body.

Now, place the sheet on the table and outline the human body on it. Now make your kids paste organs on stone🪨 and place it accordingly on the outline.

Pro Tip:

This will be an interesting activity for your kids. My kids also did this activity at home🏡. They had a fun time placing stones on the outline.

Body parts bingo

You can also make your kids play body parts bingo. Provide your kids with a printable body part bingo card and markers🖊️. This game would be interesting and exciting😆 for them. 

You can also keep rewards for the winning person. This will increase the enjoyment😆 in the game. This game will help your kids improve their teamwork and cognitive function.

My kids and their friends🥰 also did this activity at home. It also helped them gain more recognition of different body parts.

DIY Digestive system shirt

You can make your kids wear a DIY digestive system shirt👕. Provide them with a white shirt, colored markers, and a black pen. Now help them in making this shirt.

This activity will enable kids to learn more about their digestive system and how each organ works in their food🥩 digestion.

Pro Tip:

I also made my kids participate in this activity. It was a messy activity. Their clothes👔 got dirty with paint, but they had fun and also learned more about their body system. You should also conduct it with your kids at home.

Model eye

You can make your kids make a model eye with the help of balloons🎈. Provide your kid with a white colored balloon, markers, and a rubber band. Now your kids can make the eye.

This activity will help your kids gain a better understanding of the complex structure of the eye👁️. Guide your kids if they face any difficulty while doing this activity.

According to me, you must conduct this activity with your kids. They will have fun doing experiments with the balloon🎈. This activity will be both enjoyable and productive.

Ear model

You can make your kids construct an ear👂 model. It will help them gain a better understanding of the ear and its functions.

Provide your kids with a balloon🎈, cardboard, glue, a wooden spoon, tape, scissors✂️, a bowl of water, and straws. Now help your kids in making the model of the ear👂. 

After completion, you can demonstrate to them the functions of the ear for their better understanding.

Pro Tip:

My kids also did this activity at home🏠. They had fun designing this model, and they’re proud of themselves. Their bland day was happy and exciting.

Design circulatory system

You can make a diagram of the circulatory system on a chart paper. Provide your kids with chart paper, colored markers🖊️, and a black pen. This activity will help your kids learn more about blood vessels and their types. 

My kids did this activity at home🏡. They learned more about their body and were intrigued to know more. These types of activities help kids learn practically, which makes them understand things more clearly.


These enjoyable human body-related activities will make your kids’ day even more enjoyable😆. These activities will help your kids develop new skills and gain more knowledge. 

Your children will undoubtedly enjoy themselves greatly and pick up a lot of knowledge from these activities. I hope you enjoyed reading about the human body activities your children can participate in. 

Your kids’ improved ability to observe and be creative will be beneficial 🤏. Because they enjoy the novelty of new experiences, children are constantly willing to try them.

If you have any queries for me to answer or if you have any ideas for other things to add to this list, kindly leave a comment below. I would be happy to speak with you! ❤️

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