50+ Amazing St Patricks Day Activities Experience the Luck of The Irish

Time to rock and roll in shams! Patrick’s Day is almost approaching, so you’re probably getting ready for a day filled with celebrations, fun, and, of course, a few Guinnesses.

There are so many enjoyable ways to commemorate Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, on March 17, whether you are of Irish ancestry or just enjoy donning green and enjoying it.πŸ™ƒ

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Interesting st-patricks-day-activities

If you’re unsure of what to do on St. Patrick’s Day this year, check out some of the finest games and activities for children as well as adults of all ages, like watching Irish films, creating adorable holiday crafts, and sharing smart memes to share the luck of the Irish.

St. Patrick’s Day activities for preschoolers 

Have you got a young leprechaun? I do! Why not give our top St. Patrick’s Day activities a try in March? These preschool exercises are fantastic for second and first grade as well! ]

The ideal method to simultaneously study and play is through hands-on preschool educational endeavors.πŸ₯°

Bake soda bread

Cooking Activity for Kids

In the early 1800s, Irish soda bread gave those who failed to own a furnace (which was the majority of people at that time) a way to cook bread.

If you have some flour, baking powder, butter and milk, and salt, with some other basic ingredients on hand, you may easily duplicate a conventional soda bread recipe in the oven today.πŸ₯–

Do a rainbow swirl experiment

Rainbow Experiment Activity for Kids

Use only milk, food coloring, a ball of cotton, and dish detergent to create a chemical response. The whirling rainbow will captivate your children.πŸŒ€

Read St. Patrik’s Day-themed book

Reading Activity for Kids

Just visit your Google and search πŸ” St.patrick day books, and you will get plenty of this. Your kids will love to read these books πŸ“š.

Make a leprechaun corner bookmark 

Even if there is something that can be said for tattered corners and worn-out spines, encourage your pupils to take care of their books by having them use bookmarks πŸ”–to indicate their places.

This adorable tiny leprechaun is the ideal reading buddy and is very easy to build. Thank me later for giving you this awesome πŸ‘ idea πŸ’‘.

Learn about Leprechauns

Leprechauns may be a challenging situation to deal with. Find out everything about these “fairy tricksters” who are frequently seen protecting the pot of treasure at the final point of a rainbow.🍁

Make music with Rainbow shakers

You may need to put some preparation into this exercise, such as asking grandparents to send in blank tissue paper rolls and offering to provide some additional materials (foam rolls, grain, and jingle rings), but the outcome will be worthwhile. It’s a musical rainbow shaker that makes a wonderful activity for youngsters to complete at home.☘️

Send your kids on a scavenger hunt

Hunt Activity for Kids

Get your children moving as they search for the products on this free printed scavenger hunt. The hunt might be timed, organized into teams, or even done outside.

You might give your pupils the option of decorating used tissue boxes to serve as treasure chests where they can save their discoveries to extend the excitement.πŸ’₯

Take a virtual field trip to the emerald isle of Ireland 

Discover Ireland’s natural splendor, including the Giants Causeway, the Cliffs of Moher, impressive museums, important cultural attractions, and much more.🀟

Create rustic poetry based on Irish history

Even though we also adore shamrocks and rainbows, St. Patrick’s Day is far greater than that. To teach pupils about information about Ireland, have them read something on Irish history or view one of these films. 

Acrostic poetry templates containing terms like “leprechaun,” “shamrock,” and “St. Patrick” are then given out for your children to complete. When they are finished, they can present to the class.✏️

Conduct a hands-on experiment with green slime

An ooey-gooey free-for-all masquerading as a challenging chemical lesson? Including us! Choose from among four slime dishes, all of which use simple grocery store goods ☺️

Things to remember

Though you might need to look outside for St. Patrick’s Day-appropriate glitter, sparkles, and other festive embellishments.🀠

Key fact

During one (or more!) of these fun St. Patrick’s Day chemistry lab activities, instruct your students on the different kinds of matter or ask them to write down their impressions and observations.

Learn how to say color in Gaelic

Learn the names of the various colors in the old Gaelic language and introduce them to your students. Master the names of the months, the seven days of the week, and animals by visiting the Irish Community Services channel on YouTube.πŸ’Ÿ

Study the movement of water molecules with the rainbow ring experiment

Use this simple yet eye-catching experiment to show the motion of water particles (and produce a rainbow). Ask your students to develop a hypothesis and document the method of experimentation in a diary, or have them use the internet 🌐 to receive a free, printable worksheet.

Virtual St. Patrick’s Day parade

A mainstay of St. Patrick’s Day festivities is parades. Even though some people may not be able to go to the occasion in person, there are plenty of internet broadcasts for virtual St. Patrick’s Day parades.

Green Rice Sensory Bean

Rice Game for Kids

A fantastic St. Patrick’s Day sensory bin is made with rice that is green in color. Making green rice at home is straightforward.

For detailed instructions on how to color rice, see this. This sensory bin, which toddlers will also enjoy, is simple to assemble and only requires a few gold coins.πŸ’₯🌿

Shaving cream Count Hunt

Combined sensory play with a coin hunt! For simple St. Patrick’s Day entertainment for kids, hide coins made of gold in a pile of shaving cream!πŸ’«

Sink or float game

Float Game for Kids

The Leprechaun’s pot will be filled with how many coins? Set up this enjoyable sink or float activity as a fun St Patrick’s Day water-related game.πŸ‘Ύ

St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

With our free, printable bingo cards, you may play St. Patrick’s Day bingo. As the bingo cards are picture-based and feature well-known St. Patrick’s Day images, they are ideal for preschoolers.πŸ’―

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Kindergartens 

March implies that St. Patrick’s Day is coming up soon! This is an enjoyable holiday to observe in the classroom with your pupils.

Check out these kindergarten St. Patrick’s Day projects to make lesson preparation this month even simpler.πŸ’œπŸ’₯

St. Patrick’s Day word jumble

Playing word scrambles with students or coworkers is a fun and educational St. Patrick’s Day activity. These exercises are excellent warm-ups for online meetings or classes. Players must create words using a list of randomly arranged letters.πŸ’Ÿ

Make a rainbow in your classroom

Explain to the learners how rainbows form at the start of the course. One choice is to have your class listen to you read aloud from The Rainbow and You.

Then, you may make rainbows on your classroom’s floor, fences, and ceiling by using a prism, sunshine, and the appropriate angle. 


To change the width as well as the size of the rainbows, change the angles and intensity of the light.

Encourage your children to make notes about what they see or to create illustrations based on the rainbows they have made.✊️

Make shamrock pencil toppers

Craft Activity for Kids

Why not spread some love on St. Patrick’s Day? Make these adorable St. Patrick’s Day-themed shamrock pencil toppers using cardboard, then affix them to pencils with a charming message.☘️ ✏️

Irish fable storyline

Folklore in Ireland is well-known. Reading Irish fables while on a video conference is a fantastic way to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.πŸ€

Count your coins with a penny float experiment 

Count The Coins Game for Kids

To add a little enchantment to science class, you don’t need gold coinsβ€”just regular pennies will suffice!

Your children can learn about volume, mass, weight, and various other metrics while having fun with small pots made of plastic from your favorite craft store, a jar of water, and a few dollars in pennies.

Spin Irish Yarns with story starters

Encourage your children to use their imaginations and write a narrative about what they might do if they discovered a pot of gold towards the end of a spectrum.

Encourage children to reflect on the plot, characters, and ending of their stories. ❀️‍πŸ”₯

Fact To remember 

Either use Word to make a straightforward lined page with a colorful border or paste the story onto cauldron cutouts.

Make a shamrock stamper out of a bell pepper

Making art with fresh vegetables will be fun for young pupils! You can either try your hand at the potato, Ireland’s most well-known vegetable, or test the bell pepper shamrock.πŸ€

Shade shamrocks to practice synonyms, antonyms, and homophones

Why not make the answers in English class green, as they are rarely black and white? With the help of this coloring shamrock worksheet, teach your kids about synonyms, antonyms, and homophones. 

Facts to remember 

Make shamrock cutouts instead, and instruct your kids to write words on one side of the shamrock while writing the word’s syno, anto, or homophone on the other.☘️

Make the Irish Flag With Crayon

Flag Making Activity for Kids

Help children melt pieces of green, white, as well as orange crayons onto a white paper stock that is protected by cardboard by using a blow dryer. After letting it dry for the night, cover it with Mod Podge and fasten a sizable craft stick.


Go green by turning old milk jugs into planters

To be green this St. Patrick’s Day, you don’t need a top hat and coat. By having your pupils grow herbs or bouquets in used plastic milk jugs, you may teach them the value of recycling and conservation.

Ask your pupils what plants require to grow as well as remain healthy as you complete this project outside, if you can, to commemorate the warmer weather. πŸ€‘

Keep this thing in mind.

Ask them to compile a list of quick things they can do each day to safeguard the environment.

Assemble a Shamrock ☘️ shaker

Assist your pupils in assembling a shaker that contains a variety of jingly things inside two durable paper plates. Play some upbeat Irish music and invite participation.

Make a lucky charms bar graph 

Your children may practice counting as well as graphing while having a tasty treat with this simple-to-prepare exercise.

Two containers of Lucky Charms breakfast cereal are plenty for a class of 15 to 20 pupils. So all you’ll need is a measuring cup, some crayons, and a plain graph that you’ve made on paper.✏️

Build Lucky Charms Catapults

With the help of craft sticks, elastic bands, and plastic spoons, children will learn about a simple device of physics in this enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day STEM exercise. Make a couple of pots of gold for them to shoot at to make it further entertaining.

Look for luck with a four-leaf-clover hunt

Going on a hunt for four-leaf clovers on a day that is approaching springtime is the perfect reason to go outside.

If your school has a grassy area by the playground, take your children there so they may put together this little book of clover information before going in search of their own four-leaf clover.🍁🀟

Work your poetry chops by writing a limerick

Print out these straightforward limerick writing instructions, then ask your pupils to create their own to read to the class. Both middle schoolers and higher elementary school kids will like this project.

Learn an Irish step dance

Dancing Activity for Kids

Before breaking down the moves with an easy-to-follow tutorial, show your students a video or two of experienced Irish step dancers.

This is a fantastic exercise to do in gym class or whenever you see your pupils starting to grow restless. πŸŒΏπŸ’œ

Facts to remember 

Your kids will appreciate getting up on their toes and listening compared to conventional Irish music despite the challenging steps.

Make Rainbow Flip Books

Your kids will be drawn to these enjoyable flip books as they search for the golden pot at the bottom of the rainbow.

Everything you require to complete these enjoyable St. Patrick’s Day projects for kids may be found on this page.πŸ•Ί

Create a rainbow bulletin board 

Discover the pot of gold at the very end of each rainbow using this lovely and vibrant concept for a bulletin board. Hopefully, this will also draw some dishonest leprechauns!

Rainbow Loot necklace 

Create an enjoyable counting project that is also useful for developing fine motor skills by using an edible rainbow necklace. You just need a large big bag of Froot Loops attached with a string.

Leprechaun hat craft

Craft Activity for Kids

Create a Leprechaun hat by tracing it, then cutting it out to add some festive cuteness. With the exception of the headband, which you’ll need to manufacture, this free pattern includes all of the parts needed to make the hat.🌺

Things required 

  • green pipe cleaners
  • green, black, and yellow construction paper
  • scissors
  • glue

Roll-and-read sight words

Using a die and a dry-erase indicator, place rainbow roll-and-write-a-sight-word pages into plastic sleeve protectors. You have a free sight word exercise that emphasizes consistent practice.

Dance with streamers

Dancing Activity for Kids

To get their body moving and grooving to beats and movements, they dance πŸ’ƒ πŸ‘Œ using green streamers (also known as crate paper)!

It’s so easy but so enjoyable! To sneak in maths, dance to fast and slow beats, or cry out positional terms like upward or downward behind you.

Hide and seek

Shamrocks were concealed by some letters by the cunning leprechaun! Are they still there? With the help of these leprechaun letter cards, you can play a fun game to practice letter recognition.

If you want to include a sensory element, you may also cover the letter cards in multicolored rice and attach the shamrocks on the reverse. πŸŒΏπŸ‚

Stamp names

For young learners, the names of their classmates are significant and relevant. My students adore using letter stamps to imprint their friends’ names on green playdough. I bought foam shamrocks from Dollar Tree and scribbled the names of each student on them.πŸπŸ€

St. Patrick’s Day letter and sound match

With the aid of these alphabet boots and starting sound hats, students can assist this goofy cat in dressing for St. Patrick’s Day. Use simply the initial cards or only a piece of the alphabet (e.g., match letters and sounds A-L) to make the game simpler.🐾

Rainbow paper plates cutting craft

Paper Craft Activity for Kids

My students always love the exercises I do with paint chips. Simply divide a paper dish in two and then design a rainbow on it.

The paint strips should be narrow in size. Students cut the paint strips into smaller pieces and adhere the colors to the plate. 🌱

St. Patrick’s Day sensory table

Green, orange, as well as yellow straws are all over the sensory table. Beads, pipe cleaners, a pair of scissors, and sequins provide amusing additions for more glitz.

The straws can be snipped, or the beads with straws can be strung together on pipe cleaners. Straws are typically available at Walmart and Dollar Tree.🌲

St. Patrick’s Day activities for toddlers 

For young children, the environment is full of shamrocks, greenery, and rainbow colors. Even though kids may not grasp the holiday itself, they can start to appreciate the joy it gives to March by participating in a few enjoyable activities.πŸ’

I celebrated these activities with my son when he was a toddler, and now I want to celebrate 😍 these actually with my cute princess πŸ‘Έ.

Draw shamrocks with stencils 

Using a stencil can be enjoyable when your child lacks the fine motor skills to create artwork that, to be honest, looks like anything other than a collection of scribbles.

Key fact

It makes use of the abilities they currently possess and provides them a sense of empowerment that “I Can Do” ☘️

Make a rainbow cake with your little one

Baking Cake Activity for Kids

Children find rainbows to be a magnificent natural phenomenon that inspires awe. To support your discussion about rainbows and color, you may make a rainbow cake πŸŽ‚.

Additionally, it can be applied to teach fresh abilities like measuring and mixing. The most enjoyable aspect is that when you’re done, you get the pleasure of eating a rainbow.

Make a rainbow with fighter paint

Your child will experience a new sensory world with sight, slick touch, and bouncy sounds when you use finger paints. You can also stimulate his sense of smell by including mint or vanilla extract.🐾

Make shamrock with cookie cutters

Shamrock Game for Kids

A cookie cutter can assist your toddler in creating something he recognizes when he is unable to draw the object, just like stencils or sponge art can. Any kid who is hesitant to participate in art activities can start with this activity.☘️

Take a walk and find green things

It’s the ideal time to introduce your child to the color green because St. Patrick’s Day is centered around it. 

Get on the ground and search beneath the layer of winter-dead, brown grass for emerging fresh shoots. Look for green blooms that are forming on tree branches. Find green caterpillars 🦠 if you can.

Have a green snack 

You can begin reiterating those ideas once you’ve taken a walk and discussed environmentally friendly items. Be sure to discuss any green snacks you prepare, such as gelatin. 

Things to remember 

Not only on St. Patrick’s Day, but every time you offer your child food, it’s a good idea to keep this in mind. Given how important food is to a toddler’s Day, why not use this opportunity to discuss a meal’s color, size, form, or quantity?πŸ€”

Drink Green milkshake 

Drinking Activity for Kids

Yes, you can make a green shake by blending a few grabs of ice cream with food coloring. In a pinch, you could even grab a green shake at a McDonald’s drive-thru. However, you can prepare a toddler milkshake without pulling out the blender.πŸ€ͺ

Play with green dough

Dealing with green playdough is a further activity that complements your lesson about ecology. Playdough is a creative outlet that greatly aids in your child’s development of fine motor skills.☘️🐾

Wear Green

Green Clothes Activity for Kids

Naturally, March 17 won’t pass without wearing at least one item of green attire. Consider participating in the festive ritual, even with a straightforward green item, if you’re looking to avoid getting pinched or just want an excuse for wearing your green pleather trousers.πŸ’š

Online Irish Dance Class

Around St. Patrick’s Day, audiences love to watch Irish dancing performances. Taking a dancing lesson online is a great way to spend the Day.πŸ’₯πŸ•Ί

Serve an authentic Irish dish

There are many mouthwatering Irish-inspired recipes available to help you make your party even more genuine. Some examples are a classic beef stew flavored with two cups of Stout or roasted beef and vegetables with a mustard sauce.πŸ€

Hot Potato

To pay respect to one of Ireland’s favorite cuisines, use actual potatoes rather than a beanbag. Students circulate a potato (or several) until the blindfolded “caller” exclaims, “Hot!” πŸ™ƒ

The students who were holding the potato were then dismissed. Continue until you’ve had the final caller, who will be the last one standing.

Decorate room

St. Patrick’s Day decorations must be green, particularly if they include the recognized emblem. πŸŒ±πŸ€Consider decorating your room with your kid, and have the most fun on this day!


All these activities which are mentioned above are specifically made for you. I hope you will enjoy these activities and will spend this auspicious Day with your child happily πŸ’₯🍁

 St Patricks Day Activities
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