5 Letter Words Starting with D for Diverse Vocabulary!

Diving deep into the dictionary’s treasure trove, we embark on a linguistic adventure, seeking the hidden gems among five-letter words that commence with the enigmatic letter ‘D.’ 

These diminutive delights hold the power to dazzle, delight, and decode the secrets of language, all within the confines of their concise and captivating forms. 

So, let’s don our lexical scuba gear and plunge headfirst into the intriguing world of ‘D’ words, where every syllable is a drop in the ocean of linguistic wonder.

List Of 5-Letter Words Starting With D

dabbaDABCO is a chemical compound used in organic synthesis.
DaccaDacca is a city, formerly the capital of Bangladesh.
dachaA dacha is a Russian country house used for vacations or weekend getaways.
dacksDacks is a colloquial term referring to trousers or pants.
dadasDadas is a word that can be used to affectionately refer to fathers.
dadosdados are the lower part of interior walls decorated separately from the upper part.
DaeguDaegu is a city in South Korea.
daffsDaffs is a colloquial term for daffodils, a type of spring flower.
DafniDafni is a name that can be given to a person.
DafoeDafoe is a surname or family name.
DagdaDagda is a character in Irish mythology.
daggyDaggy is a colloquial term in Australian English, meaning unfashionable or old-fashioned.
DagurDagur is a name that can be given to a person.
DahmsDahms is a surname or family name.
dailyDaily refers to something that occurs or is done every day.
daineDaine is a name that can be given to a person.
DaishDaish is a surname or family name.
daisyA daisy is a type of flowering plant known for its white petals and yellow center.
DakarDakar is the capital city of Senegal.
DakesDakes is a surname or family name.
daledDaled is the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
dalekDalek is a fictional race of aliens in the British TV series “Doctor Who.”
dalesDales are valleys, especially in northern England.
daletDalet is the fourth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
DalitDalit is a term used in India to refer to members of the lowest social caste.
dallyTo dally means to waste time or linger in a leisurely or aimless manner.
DalryDalry is a town in Scotland, located in North Ayrshire.
damanDaman is a city and district in India, known for its scenic beauty and beaches.
damarDamar is a type of resin obtained from certain trees and used in varnishes and incense.
damboDambo is a term used in southern Africa for a seasonally flooded grassland.
damesDames is an informal term for women or ladies.
dammeDamme is a town in Belgium, known for its well-preserved medieval architecture.
damnsTo damn means to condemn someone or something to eternal punishment or condemnation.
DanaeDanae is a name from Greek mythology, known for being the mother of Perseus.
danceDance is a form of artistic expression involving rhythmic movements to music.
dandaDanda is a Sanskrit term referring to a mark made with a straight line
dandyDandy is a term used to describe a man who is excessively concerned with his appearance and clothing.
DanesDanes are people from Denmark, known for their culture and history.
danioDanio is a genus of small freshwater fish commonly kept in aquariums.
dannaDanna is a name that can be given to a person.
DanniDanni is a name that can be given to a person.
dannyDanny is a common nickname for people named Daniel.
DanskDansk is the Danish word for the Danish language.
danzaDanza is the Spanish word for dance.
darbyDarby is a name that can be given to a person.
darcyDarcy is a given name of French origin.
daredDared is the past tense of the verb “dare,” meaning to have the courage to do something.
darerA darer is someone who dares or challenges others.
daresDares is the plural form of the word “dare,” meaning challenges or dares to do something.
dargaDarga is a term used in India to refer to a Muslim shrine or tomb.
daricDaric is an ancient Persian gold coin.
darksDarks is the plural form of the word “dark,” referring to the absence of light.
darkyDarky is an outdated and offensive term used to refer to a black person.
DarloDarlo is a slang term that can refer to Darlington, a town in England.
darnsDarns is the plural form of the verb “darn,” meaning to mend or repair fabric by sewing.
DARPADARPA stands for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DarthDarth is a name often associated with Darth Vader, a fictional character from Star Wars.
dartsDarts is a game in which small missiles are thrown at a circular target.
DarugDarug is an indigenous Australian people and language group.
DARVODARVO stands for Deny, Attack, and Reverse Victim and Offender
darziDarzi is a term used in India for a tailor or dressmaker.
dashiDashi is a Japanese soup stock made from simmering fish and seaweed.
datedDated refers to something that is old-fashioned or no longer relevant in the current context.
DATEMDATEM is an acronym for Diacetyl Tartaric Acid Esters of Mono- and Diglycerides
daterA dater is someone who engages in dating or goes on dates with others.
datesDates are the sweet, edible fruit of the date palm tree 
datosDatos is a Spanish word that means “data” or “information.”
dattoDatto is a colloquial term for a digital data storage or backup device, often used in IT contexts.
datumDatum is a singular form of the word “data,” 
daubeDaube is a French dish, typically a stew made with beef or other meats, vegetables, and wine.
daubsDaubs are small, or unskillful brushstrokes used in painting or applying something with a brush.
daubyDauby is an adjective that describes something as being like daubs
daudsDauds is a Scots word meaning “beats” or “thumps,” 
dauerDauer is a German word that translates to “duration” or “period,” 
dauntTo daunt means to make someone feel intimidated, discouraged, or disheartened.
DauraDaura is a term that can refer to various places, including a town in Nigeria 
davenDaven is a Yiddish term that means to pray, often used in the context of Jewish religious rituals.
davidDavid is a common given name that has biblical origins and is used worldwide.
DavisDavis is a surname and given name that is common in English-speaking countries.
davitA davit is a small crane-like device on a ship or boat used to lower and raise small boats 
DavorDavor is a name of Croatian origin.
DavosDavos is a town in Switzerland known for hosting the annual World Economic Forum (WEF).
dawahDawah is an Arabic term that refers to the act of inviting or calling people to Islam
dawgsDawgs is an informal spelling of “dogs,” often used colloquially to refer to canines.
dawnsDawns refer to the early hours of the morning when daylight begins to appear.
DayakDayak refers to various indigenous peoples of Borneo, Indonesia, and nearby regions.
dayanDayan is a name of Hebrew origin.
DaygoDaygo is a slang term sometimes used to refer to someone from San Diego, California.
dayumDayum is an informal exclamation used to express amazement or admiration
dazedDazed means being in a state of confusion, disorientation, or bewilderment.
dazesDazes is the plural form of the word “daze,” meaning a state of confusion or bewilderment.
DBaaSDBaaS stands for Database as a Service
dBASEdBASE is a widely used database management system and software program.
DBEYRDBEYR is an acronym that stands for “Don’t Believe Everything You Read,”
DBSesDBSes is the plural form of the acronym DBS, 
DCNNsDCNNs stands for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
ddNTPddNTP means dideoxynucleoside triphosphate, a type of nucleotide used in DNA sequencing.
dealsDeals refer to transactions or agreements between parties
dealtDealt is the past tense and past participle of the verb “deal,”
deansDeans are individuals who are in charge of academic or administrative affairs 
deathDeath is the permanent cessation of all biological functions in a living organism
deaveDeave is an archaic term that means to deafen or make someone deaf due to a loud noise 
debarDebar means to prevent someone from doing something 
debbyDebby is a common given name.
debitDebit refers to a financial transaction in which money is taken from an account
debtsDebts are financial obligations or amounts of money that one owes to another person or entity.
debugTo debug means to identify and fix errors or defects in software or hardware.
debutA debut is a person’s first public appearance, performance, or publication, 
debyeDebye is a unit of electric dipole moment named after the physicist Peter Debye.
decadDecad refers to a period of ten years, often used in historical or cultural contexts.
decafDecaf is short for decaffeinated, referring to coffee or tea that has had most of its caffeine removed.
decalA decal is a decorative or informative sticker or design that can be transferred to a surface.
decanA decan is a subdivision of an astrological sign, dividing it into three equal parts.
decayDecay refers to the natural deterioration or decomposition of organic matter over time.
deckoDecko is a slang term that means a stylish, attractive, or fashionable person.
decksDecks are flat surfaces, typically made of wood or other materials,
deconDecon is an abbreviation for decontamination, 
decorDecor refers to the furnishings, decorations, and aesthetics of an interior space 
decoyA decoy is a device or tactic used to divert or mislead attention, 
decryTo decry means to publicly express strong disapproval or criticism of something.
deedsDeeds refer to actions or activities, often used in the context of moral or legal behavior.
deemsDeems is the third person singular form of the verb “deem,” 
deepsDeeps refer to areas of the ocean or other bodies of water that are below the surface.
deersDeers are plural for deer, 
deetsDeets is a slang term for details or information, often used informally in conversation.
deferTo defer means to postpone or delay something to a later time or date.
deffoDeffo is an informal abbreviation for “definitely,” 
defibDefib is a colloquial term for a defibrillator, 
defogTo defog means to remove or prevent the condensation of moisture, 
DefraDEFRA stands for the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs, 
degasDegas is the surname of Edgar Degas, a French Impressionist artist 
degenDegen is a slang term for someone who engages in risky or reckless behavior, 
deiceTo deice means to remove ice or frost from a surface, often done on vehicles or aircraft.
deifyTo deify means to worship or regard someone or something as a god or divine.
deismDeism is a philosophical belief in the existence of a deity or god who created the universe 
deistA deist is someone who adheres to deism, a belief in a distant, non-interventionist deity.
deityA deity is a god or goddess, often worshiped in religious or mythological traditions.
dekedDeked is the past tense and past participle of the verb “deke,” 
dekesDekes is the third person singular form of the verb “deke,” 
dekkoDekko is a British slang term that means to take a look or have a look at something.
delayDelay refers to the act of postponing or holding back something to a later time or date.
deledDeled is the past tense and past participle of the verb “dele,” 
delesDeles is the third person singular form of the verb “dele,”
delftDelft is a type of earthenware or pottery characterized by blue and white decoration,
DelhiDelhi is the capital city of India and one of its major cultural, historical, and political centers.
DeliaDelia is a common given name.
delisDelis are small shops or stores, often specializing in selling prepared foods, 
dellsDells are small, secluded valleys or hollows, often found in wooded or hilly areas.
dellyDelly is a slang term that means to play defense aggressively in sports,
delosDelos is a Greek island known for its historical and archaeological significance.
deltaA delta is a landform created at the mouth of a river where it meets a body of water,
deltsDelts is a slang term for deltoid muscles, the large muscles in the shoulders.
delveTo delve means to investigate, research, or inquire deeply into a subject or topic.
demesDemes are local populations often used in the context of anthropology and biology.
demobDemob is a slang term that means to demobilize or discharge military personnel 
demonA demon is a supernatural, malevolent being often depicted as an evil spirit 

Some Other Examples of 5-Letter Words Starting With D


Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Starting With D

Introducing new words to young children can be an exciting journey. However, simply teaching them words won’t be enough if they don’t know how to use them in context. 

To make the learning experience enjoyable and practical, you can engage them in fun and educational activities. Here are some exciting activities centered around 5-letter words that start with the letter D.

Name Game

The Word Challenge game is a fantastic way to introduce your little ones to new 5-letter words that start with the letter D while teaching them how to use these words correctly.

In this game, you’ll take turns asking questions or providing clues related to words that begin with D, and your child will respond with the answers. Here are some examples:

Q: What’s the opposite of “up”?

Ans: Down

Q: What do you call a large land area with trees and animals?

Ans: Dense

Q: What’s the color of a banana when it’s ripe?

Ans: Daffy

Q: What do we call the light that appears in the sky during the day?

Ans: Dayly

Q: What’s the name for a person who tells stories in front of an audience?

Ans: Doral

Match the Words with Meanings

Create two sets of cards: one set featuring colorful pictures and the other with 5-letter words starting with the letter D. Words like “daisy,” “dolphin,” “dance,” “diner,” and “dream” are great examples.

Teach your young learners how to read these cards and guide them in matching the pictures with the corresponding words. Encourage them to follow the steps you’ve demonstrated.

Fill in the Blanks:

Another enjoyable and educational activity is “Fill in the Blanks.” Provide your children with sentences that have missing 5-letter words starting with D.

This activity not only helps them discover new words but also reinforces their understanding of word usage. Here are some examples:

DO___T (Hint: A place where you can get medical help.)

Answer: Doctor

DE___H (Hint: The opposite of life.)

Answer: Death

By engaging your children in these entertaining activities, you can help them expand their vocabulary with 5-letter words starting with the letter D while making the learning process enjoyable and memorable.

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