5 Letter Words Starting With K For Kingdom of Knowledge!

Embarking on a journey into the world of words is like setting sail on a literary adventure. It’s a quest where each word you discover is like a treasure waiting to be unearthed. And when it comes to 5-letter words starting with the letter “K,” the possibilities are as diverse as the colors in a kaleidoscope.

From the intriguing and enigmatic to the simple yet powerful, these words paint a vivid picture of human expression. 

Whether you’re a logophile seeking to expand your vocabulary or a parent looking for fun and educational activities for your kids, the world of “K” words has something to offer.

So, step into the realm of letters and linguistics as we explore a curated list of 5-letter words that start with “K.” Discover their meanings, play word games, and let the magic of language sweep you away. 

Get ready to unravel the charm of “K” words!

List Of 5-Letter Words Starting With Letter K

Incredible 5 Letter Words Starting With K For Kids
KaabaA building at the center of Islam’s most important mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
kababA type of dish, typically consisting of skewered and grilled pieces of meat.
kabobAn alternative spelling of “kebab,” a dish made of skewered and grilled meat or vegetables.
KabulThe capital city of Afghanistan.
kachaUnripe or not fully matured.
kadisPlural of “kadi,” a Muslim judge or magistrate.
kafirA term used in Islam to refer to a non-believer or infidel.
KafkaReferring to Franz Kafka, a famous Czech writer known for his surreal and existential works.
kaftaA Middle Eastern dish made of spiced ground meat, often shaped into skewers or patties.
kaganA title used for rulers or leaders in various Central Asian and Turkic cultures.
kagosPlural of “kago,” a type of Japanese basket.
KagyuOne of the major schools of Tibetan Buddhism.
kahalA Jewish community or congregation.
KahlsA surname of German origin.
kaiakAn alternate spelling of “kayak,” a small, narrow watercraft typically paddled by one or more persons.
kaidsPlural of “kaid,” a Turkish military officer or commander.
kaiesPlural of “kai,” a type of clam found in Japanese cuisine.
kaifsPlural of “kaif,” a state of euphoria or well-being in Islamic mysticism.
kaijuA Japanese term referring to giant monsters, often seen in science fiction films.
kaikaA Maori term for food.
kaiksPlural of “kaik,” a New Zealand term for a small food stall or eatery.
kailsPlural of “kail,” a dialectal word for cabbage.
KaimaA town in India.
kaimsPlural of “kaim,” a Scottish term for a low ridge or hill.
kainsPlural of “kain,” a fine silk fabric used in clothing.
kajalA type of cosmetic eyeliner used in South Asia and the Middle East.
KajinA term referring to the indigenous people of the Marshall Islands.
kakasPlural of “kaka,” a type of parrot native to New Zealand.
kakisPlural of “kaki,” an alternative name for the persimmon fruit.
kakkeA Scottish word for a small wooden vessel or pail.
kalamA type of reed pen used in Arabic calligraphy.
kalanA type of Asian cooking pot.
KalaoA surname of Filipino origin.
kalasPlural of “kala,” a Finnish word for fish.
kalesPlural of “kale,” a type of leafy green vegetable.
kalifAn alternative spelling of “caliph,” a religious and political leader in Islam.
kalisPlural of “kali,” a type of Filipino fighting sword.
kalonA Scottish word meaning cheerful or lively.
kalpaIn Hinduism, a vast cosmic time period.
kamalA traditional Indian navigation tool.
kamasPlural of “kama,” a Sanskrit term for desire or pleasure.
KambaA Bantu ethnic group in Kenya and Tanzania.
KamboA type of amphibian found in the Amazon rainforest.
kamelA surname of Arabic origin.
kamesPlural of “kame,” a glacial landform.
kamikTraditional Japanese footwear.
kamisPlural of “kami,” a term used in Shintoism for spirits or deities.
kammeA surname of Swedish origin.
KamsaA character from Hindu mythology, a demon associated with Lord Krishna.
KanabA city in Utah, USA.
kanaeA Hawaiian name.
KanakA term referring to the indigenous Melanesian people of New Caledonia.
kanasPlural of “kana,” a Japanese script used for writing syllables.
kandyA city in Sri Lanka.
kanehA Hebrew word meaning “cane” or “stalk,” often used in the context of plants.
kangaA type of traditional African garment.
kangoA colloquial term for a kangaroo.
kangsPlural of “kang,” a term for a river in Nepal.
kanjiA system of Japanese writing using Chinese characters.
Goofy 5 Letter Words Starting With K For Kids
KannsA surname of German origin.
kanonA Japanese term for a type of musical instrument.
KansaAn alternative name for the Kaw Nation, a Native American tribe.
kantsPlural of “kant,” a unit of currency in Laos.
kanzuA traditional East African garment, often worn by men.
kaonsPlural of “kaon,” a type of subatomic particle.
KapanA town in Armenia.
kapasPlural of “kapa,” a type of Hawaiian cloth.
kaphsPlural of “kaph,” a Hebrew letter.
kapokA natural fiber obtained from the kapok tree, used for stuffing pillows and mattresses.
kaposPlural of “kaposi,” referring to Kaposi’s sarcoma, a type of cancer.
kappaThe tenth letter of the Greek alphabet.
kapurAn alternative spelling of “camphor,” a fragrant crystalline substance.
kaputA slang term meaning “broken” or “non-functional.”
KarajA city in Iran.
karasPlural of “kara,” a type of bird.
karatA unit of weight for precious gemstones and metals, such as gold.
KarbiAn ethnic group in India.
KarenA female given name.
karezPlural of “kareze,” an underground water channel in Central Asia.
KargsA surname of Scottish origin.
karksPlural of “kark,” a colloquial term for a car.
karmaIn Hinduism and Buddhism, the sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as affecting their future fa
KarnaA character from the Indian epic Mahabharata.
karnsPlural of “karn,” a Scottish term for a stack or pile of hay.
KarokA Native American people of California.
karooA type of arid region in South Africa.
KarpsA surname of German origin.
karriA type of Australian eucalyptus tree.
KarrsA surname of Scottish origin.
karstA landscape characterized by caves, sinkholes, and underground drainage.
karsyA Scottish term meaning aggressive or contentious.
kartsPlural of “kart,” a small, open, four-wheeled vehicle often used in racing.
KartuAn Australian Aboriginal people from the Pilbara region.
KarukA Native American people of California.
KarysA surname of Lithuanian origin.
karzyA British slang term for a toilet.
kashaA traditional Eastern European dish made from buckwheat.
KashiAn alternative name for Varanasi, a city in India.
kasmeA Swedish surname.
KasosA Greek island in the Mediterranean Sea.
kasraIn Arabic grammar, a diacritical mark indicating the short vowel “i.”
KastsA surname of Latvian origin.
katasPlural of “kata,” a term used in martial arts for a specific sequence of movements.
KatieA common given name, often a diminutive of Katherine.
katisPlural of “kati,” a unit of weight used in some South Asian countries.
kattiA weapon used in South Indian martial arts.
KauaiThe oldest of the main Hawaiian Islands.
kaughAn archaic word meaning to laugh loudly.
KaupsA surname of Latvian origin.
kauriA type of large evergreen tree found in New Zealand.
kauruA Maori term for greeting.
kauryA Scottish word meaning cheerful or lively.
kavasPlural of “kava,” a drink made from the root of the kava plant.
kavyaIn Indian literature, a genre of poetry or literary composition.
kawasPlural of “kawa,” a type of edible seaweed.
kawauA Maori term for the little shag, a bird species found in New Zealand.
kawedA Scottish term meaning chewed or gnawed.
kayakA small, narrow watercraft typically paddled by one or more persons.
kayleA Scottish word meaning cheerful or lively.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Starting With K For Kids
kayosPlural of “kayo,” a term for a knockout in boxing.
KazakRelating to Kazakhstan, a country in Central Asia.
KazanThe capital city of the Republic of Tatarstan in Russia.
kazisPlural of “kazi,” a Swahili term for a judge or magistrate.
kazooA musical instrument that produces a buzzing sound when the player hums into it.
kbarsPlural of “kbar,” a unit of pressure used in physics.
KeansA surname of Irish origin.
KearsA surname of English origin.
kebabA dish made of skewered and grilled pieces of meat.
kebapAn alternative spelling of “kebab,” a dish made of skewered and grilled meat or vegetables.
kebarA Scottish word meaning “wagtail,” a type of bird.
kebobAn alternative spelling of “kebab,” a dish made of skewered and grilled meat or vegetables.
KechiA city in Kansas, USA.
kecksA British slang term for trousers or pants.
KedahA state in Malaysia.
kedgeTo move a ship by using a small anchor or kedge.
kedgyA Scottish word meaning cheerful or lively.
keechA Scottish word for a sticky or muddy substance.
keefsPlural of “keef,” a variant spelling of “kief,” referring to the resinous trichomes of the cannabis plant.
keeksPlural of “keek,” a Scottish term for a quick look or peek.
keelsPlural of “keel,” the longitudinal structure along the bottom of a ship’s hull.
keeneAn adjective meaning sharp, clever, or enthusiastic.
keenoAn Australian slang term for a person who is overly enthusiastic or eager.
keensPlural of “keen,” meaning having a sharp edge or point.
keepsThird-person singular form of the verb “keep,” meaning to hold or retain possession of something.
keetsPlural of “keet,” a colloquial term for a young bird, especially a baby parrot.
keeveA Scottish word meaning to heave or toss.
kefirA fermented milk drink similar to yogurt.
kegelA type of pelvic floor exercise.
KehlsA surname of German origin.
KehmsA surname of German origin.
KehnsA surname of German origin.
KehrsA surname of German origin.
kehuaA Maori term referring to a supernatural apparition or spirit.
keirsPlural of “keir,” a Scottish term for a churn or tub used in dairy farming.
KeithA common given name.
kelepA type of large wooden dish or trough.
kelimA type of flatwoven rug or carpet.
kellsPlural of “kell,” a Scottish term for a small stream.
kellyA shade of green or a surname of Irish origin.
KelmsA surname of Scottish origin.
kelpsPlural of “kelp,” large seaweeds belonging to the brown algae family.
kelpyA Scottish term meaning sticky or adhesive.
KelsoA town in Scotland.
keltsPlural of “kelt,” a young salmon.
keltyA Scottish word meaning lively or cheerful.
kemboA Congolese surname.
kembsA commune in France.
KemetAn alternative name for ancient Egypt.
kempeA Scottish word meaning lively or cheerful.
kempsThird-person singular simple present indicative form of “kemp,” meaning to strive or wrestle.
kemptNeat, tidy, or well-groomed in appearance.
kempyResembling or characteristic of a kemp, a coarse, tangled fiber found in wool.
kenafA type of plant, Hibiscus cannabinus, cultivated for its fibers and used in making cordage and paper.
KenaiA city on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska, USA.
kenchTo stink or emit an unpleasant odor.
kendiA small, two-wheeled cart used in India, typically pulled by hand and used for transporting goods.
kendoA modern Japanese martial art that emphasizes the use of bamboo swords and protective armor.
kenosPlural of “keno,” a gambling game similar to bingo.
kenteA colorful, handwoven fabric made by the Ashanti and Ewe peoples of West Africa, often used for clothing.
Relevant 5 Letter Words Starting With K For Kids
KerchA city in Crimea, Ukraine, located on the Kerch Peninsula.
kerelA type of fishing net used in the Netherlands.
KeresA Native American people of the southwestern United States.
kerfsPlural of “kerf,” a groove or slit made by cutting or sawing.
kerisA traditional Indonesian dagger with a wavy blade.
kerkyA dialectal term meaning to choke or strangle.
kermaA unit of measure for energy absorbed by material.
kerneAn obsolete term for a foot soldier in Ireland.
kernsPlural of “kern,” referring to medieval foot soldiers.
kerosA slang term for kerosene, a flammable liquid fuel.
kerryA breed of dairy cattle originating from Ireland.
kerveA dialectal term meaning to carve or cut.
kesarAn alternate spelling of “kesar,” which is saffron.
kestsPlural of “kest,” meaning to heap up or accumulate.
ketalA chemical compound used in organic synthesis.
ketasPlural of “keta,” a type of salmon.
ketchA type of sailing vessel with two masts.
ketolA term in organic chemistry referring to a keto group.
kevelA nautical term for a bollard used for mooring.
kevilA dialectal term meaning to cower or shrink away.
KevinA male given name of Irish origin.
kexesPlural of “kex,” an archaic word for a dry, hollow stalk.
KumykRefers to the Kumyks, an ethnic group in the Caucasus.
kumysA traditional Central Asian fermented dairy drink.
kunaiA type of short-bladed Japanese knife or dagger.
KunasPlural of “kuna,” the currency of Croatia.
KunquA traditional Chinese opera style.
KuntiA character in the Indian epic Mahabharata.
KurdsRefers to the Kurdish ethnic group in the Middle East.
KuriaA term that can refer to the Kuria people or language.
kurreA dialectal term meaning to purr.
KurskA city in Russia and the site of a famous World War II battle.
kurtaA type of traditional Indian clothing.
kurtiA shorter version of the kurta, also worn in India.
kurusA currency subunit, used in several countries.
kussoA plant used in traditional medicine.
kustiA type of traditional wrestling in India.
kutchA region in India.
kvassA fermented beverage made from bread.
kvellTo be extraordinarily pleased or proud.
KvensRefers to the Kven people of northern Norway.
KwazaRefers to the Kwaza people of Brazil.
kwelaA style of South African dance music.
KwereRefers to the Kwere people of Tanzania.
KWICsAn acronym for “Key Word In Context.”
kyackVariant spelling of “kayak,” a small canoe-like boat.
kyaksPlural of “kyak,” a variant spelling of “kayak.”
kyangA wild yak, a large bovine mammal.
kyarsPlural of “kyar,” a dialectal term meaning to quench.
kyatsThe currency of Myanmar (formerly Burma).
KyawsPlural of “kyaw,” a Burmese given name.
kylesPlural of “kyle,” referring to a narrow, deep inlet of the sea.
kylieA female given name.
kylinA mythical Chinese creature, a symbol of balance and harmony.
kylixA type of ancient Greek drinking cup.
kyloeA type of Scottish cattle breed.
KymryAn archaic term for the Welsh people.
kyndeAn archaic spelling of “kind,” referring to a category or class.
kyndsPlural of “kynde,” an archaic term for categories or classes.
kyngeAn archaic spelling of “king.”
KyotoA city in Japan.
kypesPlural of “kype,” referring to a hooked jaw in male salmon during spawning.
kyrieA liturgical prayer used in Christian worship.
kytesPlural of “kyte,” a dialectal term for a kite, a type of bird.
kytheAn archaic term meaning to show or reveal.
KyzylA city in Russia.

Some Other Words Starting With K

Perfect 5 Letter Words Starting With K For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Starting With K

Exploring new words with young children is like embarking on a captivating treasure hunt through the world of language. Yet, simply introducing words isn’t enough; kids need to grasp how to use them effectively.

So, let’s turn language learning into an exciting adventure with some playful and educational activities centered around 5-letter words that start with the letter ‘K.’

Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

Get ready for the “Word Challenge” game! It’s a fantastic way to introduce your little explorers to intriguing 5-letter words that kick off with ‘K.’

In this game, take turns asking questions or providing clues related to words that start with ‘K.’ Encourage your child to jump in with the right answers. 

Q: What is the name of a colorful flying object made with paper?

Ans: Kite

Q: Name of a volcanic mountain in Africa?

Ans: Kilimanjaro

Match the Words with Meanings

Knowledgeable Word Matching Game For Kids

Create two sets of cards – one with vibrant images and the other with 5-letter words commencing with ‘K.’ Choose words like “kite,” “kangaroo,” “koala,” “kiosk,” and “knight.”

Teach your child how to read these cards and guide them in matching the pictures with the corresponding words. It’s a fun way to reinforce word associations and boost visual recognition.

Fill in the Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Let your child’s imagination soar with “Fill in the Blanks.” Share sentences that have missing 5-letter words starting with ‘K.’ This activity not only introduces them to new words but also strengthens their grasp of word usage. Here’s a handful of examples:

“In the sky, we can see a colorful ____ flying high.”

Answer: Kite

“I love visiting the zoo to see the cute ____ bears.”

Answer: Koala

“At the park, there’s a small ____ where you can buy ice cream.”

Answer: Kiosk

“Long ago, brave warriors were called ____.”

Answer: Knights

Create a Story

Fuel your child’s creativity by encouraging them to craft a short story using as many 5-letter words starting with ‘K’ as possible.

This activity not only enhances their storytelling skills but also expands their vocabulary. Join in the fun and take turns adding to the tale, making it a delightful collaborative experience.

Word Search Puzzle

Amazing Word Puzzles For Kids

Ready for a word hunt? Craft a word search puzzle with 5-letter words commencing with ‘K.’ Hand it to your child and watch them eagerly circle the hidden words. Not only will this sharpen their vocabulary, but it’ll also boost their problem-solving abilities.

With these engaging activities, your young wordsmiths can embark on a thrilling linguistic journey filled with fascinating 5-letter words starting with ‘K.’ 

Learning becomes an exciting adventure, and these newfound words will soon find their way into their everyday conversations.

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