5 Letter Words Starting with W for Witty Wordplay!

Venture into the world of 5-letter words that start with the letter ‘V’ – a realm filled with vibrant vocabulary and vivid expressions. 

Exploring these words can be a captivating journey, akin to discovering hidden treasures in the English language. From the playful “vixen” to the mysterious “vault” and the enchanting “vista,” this collection of 5-letter words offers a rich tapestry of linguistic delights. 

Whether you’re expanding your vocabulary, preparing for a word game, or just curious about the English language, this list of ‘V’ words is your gateway to a world of linguistic fascination. 

So, let’s embark on this lexical adventure and unravel the charm of 5-letter words that begin with the letter ‘V.’

List Of 5-Letter Words Starting With W

Incredible 5 Letter Words Starting With W For Kids
wadedSimple past tense and past participle of “wade,” meaning to walk through water or another liquid with some effort.
waderA person or bird that wades in water.
wadesThird person singular form of “wade.”
wadisPlural form of “wadi,” meaning a valley, ravine, or channel that is dry except in the rainy season.
waferA thin, crisp, often sweetened biscuit or cookie.
waftsThird person singular form of “waft,” meaning to pass or cause to pass easily or gently through or as if through the air.
WagahA village and border crossing point on the India-Pakistan border.
wagedPast tense and past participle of “wage,” meaning to carry on (a war or campaign).
wagerA bet or gamble.
wagesPayment for work done, usually on a daily, hourly, or piecework basis.
wagonA four-wheeled vehicle for carrying goods.
wagyuA breed of Japanese beef cattle, known for its high-quality meat.
wahooA tropical American shrub or small tree, or the fish with the same name.
WaidsA surname.
waifsPlural form of “waif,” referring to a homeless and helpless person, especially a child.
wailsThird person singular form of “wail,” meaning to give a cry of pain, grief, or anger.
wainsPlural form of “wain,” meaning a large, open, horse-drawn wagon.
waistThe part of the human body below the ribs and above the hips.
waitsThird person singular form of “wait,” meaning to stay where one is or delay action until a particular time or event.
waiveRefrain from insisting on or using (a right or claim).
wajibIn Islamic law, referring to obligatory or mandatory acts.
WakawA town in Saskatchewan, Canada.
wakedPast tense of “wake,” meaning to become or cause to become alert and aware.
wakenTo wake from sleep or make someone wake from sleep.
wakerA person or thing that wakes or is responsible for waking.
wakesThird person singular form of “wake.”
wakfsPlural form of “wakf,” a form of endowment in Islamic law.
waldoA given name.
waldsPlural form of “wald,” meaning a forest or wood.
waledPast tense and past participle of “wale,” meaning to mark with wales or ridges.
walesThird person singular form of “wale.”
walimA wedding banquet or feast, especially in Islamic tradition.
walksThird person singular form of “walk,” meaning to move at a regular and fairly slow pace by lifting and setting down each foot in turn.
wallaA South African informal settlement or shantytown.
wallsPlural form of “wall,” meaning a continuous vertical brick or stone structure that encloses or divides an area of land.
wallyA British slang term for a foolish or inept person.
waltzTo dance to music with a strong regular beat and a fixed pattern of three steps and a hop in each bar.
wamusA woman’s loose, full-length dress, typically of a single color.
WandaA given name.
wandsPlural form of “wand,” referring to a thin, slender stick or rod, often associated with magic or sorcery.
wanedPast tense of “wane,” meaning to decrease in vigor, power, or extent; become weaker.
wanesThird person singular form of “wane.”
WanjiA Native American Lakota Sioux word for “feather.”
wanlyIn a gloomy, dejected, or despondent manner.
wannaA colloquial contraction of “want to” or “want a.”
wanstArchaic or dialectal form of “was not.”
wantsThird person singular form of “want.”
waqfsPlural form of “waqf,” a form of endowment in Islamic law.
WarayThe language of the Waray people in the Philippines.
warbyA surname of English origin.
wardsThird person singular form of the verb “ward,” meaning to guard or protect.
waresPlural form of “ware,” referring to manufactured goods or merchandise.
warezIllegally copied software or other media that is distributed without authorization.
warmsThird person singular form of the verb “warm,” meaning to raise the temperature or make something comfortable.
WARNOAcronym for “Warning Order,” a preliminary notice of an impending military operation.
warnsThird person singular form of the verb “warn,” meaning to inform or alert someone about a possible danger or problem.
warpsThird person singular form of the verb “warp,” meaning to become bent or twisted out of shape.
WarrsA surname of English origin.
warshA dialectal variant of “wash,” meaning to clean something with water and soap.
Goofy 5 Letter Words Starting With W For Kids
WartaA river in Poland.
wartsSmall, hard lumps on the skin, typically caused by a viral infection.
wartyHaving warts; resembling or covered in warts.
washiA type of Japanese paper made from the bark of the gampi tree, the mitsumata shrub, or the paper mulberry.
washyLacking strength or depth; weak or diluted in color, flavor, or consistency.
wasntInformal contraction of “was not.”
waspsInsects known for their stingers and often striking black and yellow coloring.
waspyResembling or characteristic of a wasp in some way.
wasteTo use or expend carelessly or needlessly; to fail to utilize.
wasupInformal greeting meaning “What’s up?”
watchTo observe or monitor something, typically to maintain security or vigilance.
waterA clear liquid essential for the existence of life, vital for various biological processes.
wattsA unit of power in the International System of Units (SI).
waughA Scottish expression for laughter or amusement.
WaujaA South American indigenous people from Brazil.
waulkAn archaic word meaning to thicken or shrink cloth by soaking and beating it.
wavedPast tense of the verb “wave,” meaning to move to and fro or back and forth in a specified manner.
waverTo shake or quiver in movement; to be uncertain or hesitant.
wavesPlural form of “wave,” referring to a disturbance or variation that travels through a medium.
waxedPast tense of the verb “wax,” meaning to apply wax to something, make something shiny.
waxenMade of or resembling wax; having a pale or smooth complexion.
waxerOne who applies wax, a substance used for various purposes.
waxesThird person singular form of the verb “wax,” meaning to become larger, stronger, or more intense.
WayneA given name, typically a masculine first name.
WayuuA South American indigenous people from Colombia and Venezuela.
wazirA minister or high-ranking official in some Middle Eastern and South Asian countries.
wazooAn informal term referring to a person’s buttocks or an unspecified high amount.
wealdAn area of open high ground, often with woodland, in parts of England.
wealeA Middle English word meaning to be well or prosperous.
wealsPlural form of “weal,” meaning a raised mark on the skin, typically from a blow or a burn.
weansPlural form of “wean,” meaning young children or animals who are no longer dependent on their mother’s milk and have been introduced. 
wearsThird person singular form of the verb “wear,” meaning to have something on one’s body as clothing or an accessory.
wearyFeeling physically or mentally exhausted, often as a result of fatigue or prolonged stress.
weaveTo create fabric by interlacing threads or fibers in a specific pattern.
webbyResembling or covered in webs, typically referring to spiderwebs.
weberA unit of measurement in the International System of Units (SI) for magnetic flux.
wechtA Scottish dialect word meaning weight or a heavy load.
wedgeA piece of material, often triangular, used to secure or separate objects or as a simple machine.
wedgySlang term referring to a situation where something is wedged or stuck in a tight space.
weedsPlants that are considered undesirable or useless in a particular context, often growing in cultivated areas.
weedyCovered in or composed of weeds, or having the characteristics of weeds.
weeksPlural form of “week,” referring to a period of seven days.
weenyVery small or tiny; used informally to describe something as extremely diminutive.
weepsThird person singular form of the verb “weep,” meaning to shed tears, typically as an emotional response to sadness or distress.
weepyTending to cry easily or often; causing tears or emotional reactions.
weetsPlural form of “weet,” a Scottish word meaning wet.
weftsPlural form of “weft,” meaning the crosswise threads in a woven fabric.
weidsPlural form of “weid,” which is a Scottish word meaning an area of pasture or a piece of land.
weighTo determine the weight of something by using a scale or balance.
weirdSuggesting something supernatural or uncanny; strange or unusual in an unsettling way.
weirsA dam or small barrier built across a river or stream to control the flow of water.
welchAn informal term meaning to fail to honor an agreement, such as not paying a debt or bet.
weldsPlural form of “weld,” which refers to joining two pieces of metal together by heating and fusing them.
welksPlural form of “welk,” which can refer to a type of sea snail.
wellsPlural form of “well,” which can refer to a deep hole or shaft drilled to obtain water, oil, or gas.
wellyAn informal British term for a rubber boot, typically used in wet or muddy conditions.
WelpsPlural form of “welp,” which is an archaic word meaning a young child or a puppy.
welshTo fail to pay a debt or to not honor an agreement; often used informally.
weltsPlural form of “welt,” which is a raised, thickened area on the skin, often caused by injury or irritation.
wenchAn archaic term referring to a female servant or a young woman, often used in historical contexts.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Starting With W For Kids
WendiA feminine given name.
wendsThird person singular form of the verb “wend,” meaning to go or travel in a specific direction.
wengeA tropical African timber tree known for its dark, decorative wood.
WenksPlural form of “wenk,” which is an informal or dialectal term meaning a sign or gesture.
wentsPlural form of “went,” the past tense of the verb “go,” indicating a previous action of moving from one place to another.
westsPlural form of “west,” referring to the direction of the compass opposite to east.
wetlyIn a wet manner, indicating that something is moist or damp.
WFSPsAn acronym or abbreviation with a specific meaning, not commonly available.
whackTo strike or hit something forcefully and abruptly.
whaleA large marine mammal belonging to the order Cetacea, known for its size and aquatic habitat.
whamsSudden, loud noises or impacts, often used informally.
whangTo produce a sharp, ringing sound, or a loud noise or impact.
whareA Maori meeting house or dwelling, typically found in New Zealand.
wharfA structure built along the shore of a water body for docking ships, loading and unloading cargo, and other maritime activities.
whataA Maori term for a food storehouse or shelter used to store supplies and food.
whatsInformal contraction of “what is” or “what has.”
whaupA bird of the sandpiper family, known for its loud call, often found in northern regions.
whaurScottish dialect term meaning “where.”
whealA small, inflamed swelling or pustule on the skin, typically caused by a mosquito bite.
wheatA cereal grain widely cultivated for its edible seeds and used in various food products, especially bread.
wheekA high-pitched or squeaky sound, often associated with small animals or birds.
wheelA circular device that rotates around an axis and is used to facilitate movement or transportation.
wheenA Scottish dialect term meaning “few” or “a small number.”
whelkA type of marine mollusk with a spiral shell, often found in seashore environments.
whelmTo engulf or submerge something completely, typically used in a figurative sense.
whelpA young offspring of certain animals, such as dogs or wolves.
whensPlural form of “when,” indicating multiple occurrences of a particular time or moment.
whereIn or at which place or location, often used to inquire about a specific location.
whetsThird-person singular form of the verb “whet,” meaning to sharpen or stimulate.
wheysThe watery liquid that separates from curd during cheese-making, or a liquid byproduct from other processes.
whiffA brief, faint odor or puff of air, or an informal term for a short amount of time.
whigsA political faction or group, often used historically to describe a faction in British politics.
whileA period of time during which an action or event occurs; conjunction indicating a contrast or concession.
whilkA Scottish dialect term meaning “which.”
whimsSudden and unpredictable ideas, notions, or impulses that are often fanciful or playful.
whineTo make a high-pitched, complaining or mournful sound, often used to describe a dog’s vocalization.
whingA Scottish dialect term meaning to whine, complain, or grumble.
whinsA term for various spiny or prickly shrubs, particularly gorse or furze.
whinyComplaining or fretful, often used to describe someone with a tendency to whine.
whipsPlural form of “whip,” a long, flexible instrument used for striking or controlling.
whiptPast tense and past participle form of the verb “whip,” meaning to strike or beat with a whip.
whirlTo spin or rotate rapidly in a circular or spiral motion, often used to describe movement.
whirrA buzzing or whirring sound, typically associated with the rapid spinning of machinery.
whirsThird-person singular form of the verb “whir,” meaning to make a soft, humming, or buzzing sound.
whishTo make a soft, hissing or swishing sound, often used to describe the sound of something moving through the air.
whiskA kitchen utensil with a handle and a bunch of wire loops used for whipping, beating, or stirring.
whispA small, thin, or delicate fragment or trace, often used to describe something barely visible.
whistA card game that was a precursor to bridge, typically played by four players in two partnerships.
whiteThe color of snow or milk; a blank or colorless canvas; also used to describe a person’s race.
whitsInformal term for small pieces or fragments of something, often used in the phrase “little white bits.”
whizzTo move or travel very quickly, often with a whirring or buzzing sound; can also refer to someone very skilled at something.
whoahAn exclamation used to command a slowing down or stopping of movement or activity.
wholeEntire, complete, or undivided; a food product made from the entire grain or unprocessed ingredients.
whompA loud and heavy thumping or pounding sound; can also be used as a slang expression for a heavy blow or impact.
whoofAn exclamation used to express the sound of air being expelled, often used to describe a sudden release of air or gas.
whoopA loud, exuberant cry or shout expressing enthusiasm, joy, or excitement.
whootAn informal expression of celebration or approval, similar to “woo-hoo.”
whoreA derogatory term for a prostitute, or more broadly, a person who engages in promiscuous or immoral sexual behavior.
whorlA pattern, mark, or arrangement of something in a spiral or circular shape, such as the patterns on a fingerprint.
whortA common name for various plants, often used to describe a type of berry-bearing plant.

Some Other Examples of 5-Letter Words Starting With W

Perfect 5 Letter Words Starting With W For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Starting With W

Embark on a journey through the captivating realm of 5-letter words that begin with ‘W.’ Learning new words can be an enchanting adventure, and here are some innovative activities that will add an element of wonder and exploration to your child’s vocabulary-building experience.

Word Wizards Scavenger Hunt

Transform vocabulary building into a thrilling scavenger hunt. Prepare a list of 5-letter words that start with ‘W’ and hide clues or hints throughout your home or outdoor space.

As your child unravels each clue and finds a word, they inch closer to the final discovery. This activity not only introduces new words but also enhances problem-solving skills in a playful way.

Word Pictionary with a Twist

Add a creative spin to the classic game of Pictionary. Create visual flashcards with imaginative illustrations representing 5-letter ‘W’ words. Words like “whale,” “wings,” “winds,” “wonder,” and “wacky” can come alive through these vivid drawings.

Your child can have a blast while learning and connecting words to images.

Witty Fill-in-the-Blanks Tales:

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Spark your child’s imagination with witty fill-in-the-blank stories. Share a story in which certain words are missing, and your child can complete it using 5-letter words that start with ‘W.’

This not only introduces new words but also reinforces word usage within the context of a delightful narrative.


  1. Wa_ _
  2. Wai_ _
  3. Wal_ _
  4. We_ _
  5. Wh_ _
  6. Wi_ _
  7. Wo_ _


  1. Wager
  2. Wail
  3. Walk
  4. Weep
  5. Whisk
  6. Wilt
  7. Worn

Create a ‘W’ Wonderland

Encourage your child to become a storyteller and illustrator. Collaborate on crafting a storybook filled with captivating characters, enchanting locations, and thrilling adventures, all woven around 5-letter ‘W’ words.

Perhaps “Wally the Wizard” embarks on a “Whimsical Quest” to discover hidden “Wonders.” This activity expands vocabulary while nurturing their storytelling and artistic talents.

Word-ception Bingo:

Give traditional bingo a word-ception twist. Create bingo cards featuring 5-letter ‘W’ words along with their corresponding images.

As the game unfolds, you can call out descriptions or definitions of the words, and your child marks the words on their card. It’s a delightful way to reinforce word meanings and associations.

These inventive activities offer a fresh approach to learning 5-letter words that start with ‘W.’ 

And there you have it, folks – these activities are your golden ticket to the ‘W’ word factory, where your kids can become word-chocolate connoisseurs, unwrapping the sweet language secrets hidden within.

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