7 Letter Words Starting With A For For Authentic Artistry!

Do you know that boosting your child’s vocabulary is vital for speaking and writing well? For kids, having a big word collection is key to expressing themselves and grasping tricky texts as they grow.

Let’s focus on learning 7-letter words that begin with ‘A.’ These words are like building blocks for improving their language skills.

Join us on this amazing journey to uncover a list of 7-letter words with the alphabet “A.” These words will help to enhance your child’s language abilities. Also to add this list will unleash their creativity as well. 

List Of 7-Letter Words Starting With A

Incredible 5 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
AbacistA person who uses an abacus.
AbaculiPlural of “abaculus,” which refers to small mosaic tiles.
AbaloneA marine mollusk with a colorful shell, often used in jewelry and culinary dishes.
AbasersPlural of “abaser,” which means one who degrades or humiliates others.
AbashedFeeling embarrassed, ashamed, or self-conscious.
AbdomenThe part of the body between the chest and pelvis, 
AbducedPast tense of “abduce,” meaning to draw or pull something away 
Abductsto kidnap or forcibly take someone away.
AbidingAdjective form of “abide,” which means to remain, continue, or tolerate.
AbigailA female servant or handmaiden.
AbilityThe quality of being able to do something; the capacity to perform a task or skill.
AbiosesPlural of “abiosis,” which means the absence of life or living organisms.
AbiosisThe condition of being without life or living organisms.
Abioticnon-living factors in the environment, such as abiotic factors in an ecosystem.
Absorbsto take in or soak up a liquid or information.
Abstainto refrain from doing something, 
Abuliasa medical term describing a loss of willpower or the ability to make decisions, 
AbusageImproper or abusive use.
AbusersPeople who engage in the act of abusing, mistreating, or harming others.
Abusingto misuse, mistreat, or harm someone or something.
AbusiveInvolving or characterized by verbal or physical maltreatment, harm, or unjust treatment, 
AbuttalThe act of abutting, which means to touch or be adjacent to something.
AbyssesPlural form of “abyss,” referring to multiple deep chasms or voids.
AcademyAn institution of learning, research, or training, 
AcaudalLacking a tail or tail-like structure.
AcausalNot caused by any preceding events or factors; lacking a causal relationship.
AccededThe past tense of “accede,” meaning to agree to or accept a demand, request, or position.
AcolyteA person who assists in religious services or rituals, 
AcquireTo obtain possession of something through purchase, exchange, effort, or other means.
Acquitsto free or clear someone from a charge, accusation, or guilt.
AcrobatA person skilled in performing acrobatic feats or stunts, in a circus or similar entertainment.
AcrogenA plant that grows from its tip or apex, such as a tree or fern.
AcronymAn abbreviation formed from the initial letters or syllables of a sequence of words, 
AcroticPertaining to or affecting the extremities or the outermost parts of a body or structure.
AcrylicA type of synthetic resin used in paints and plastics, known for its transparency and durability.
AcrylylA chemical group or compound derived from acrylic acid.
ActressA female performer in films, television, or theater.
AdmiredPast tense of “admire,” which means to regard with respect, pleasure, or approval.
AdmirerSomeone who holds a favorable opinion or feeling of respect for someone or something.
AdopterA person who legally takes another person’s child as their own.
AechmeaA genus of tropical American plants, known for their colorful and ornamental foliage 
Aecidiaa type of fungal structure that produces spores in the life cycle of certain rust fungi.
AedeagiThe plural form of “aedeagus,” which is the male reproductive organ in certain insects.
Aedesesa genus of mosquitoes known for transmitting various diseases to humans.
AedilesRoman magistrates responsible for the maintenance of public buildings, etc.
Aegisesrefers to the protection, sponsorship, or support of a person, organization, or deity.
AeneousHaving a bronzy or coppery appearance, resembling the color of bronze.
AeolianRelating to the wind, often used in the context of geological features shaped by wind erosion.
Aeonianlasting for an extremely long or indefinite period, 
AffairsMatters or events of personal, professional, or public importance, 
Affinesreferring to relatives by marriage or those closely related through marriage.
AgoniseTo suffer intense physical or emotional pain.
Goofy 5 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
AgonizeTo experience intense physical or emotional pain or distress.
AgonizeA Sanskrit term meaning non-violence, associated with the philosophy of Mahatma Gandhi.
AidlessWithout aid or assistance.
AigletsThe metal or plastic tips at the end of shoelaces that make lacing shoes easier.
AkashasEtheric fluids in Hindu philosophy
AketonsPadded jackets worn under armor
AkineteAnon-motile, resistant spore in certain algae
AkvavitA Scandinavian distilled liquor
AlaliasSpeech disorder characterized by mispronunciation
AlamodeIn fashion or in the style of the time
AlbumenThe white of an egg
AmateurA person who engages in a particular activity, such as a hobby or sport, for the love of it 
AmatingPresent participle of the verb “amate,” which means to bring together or unite.
AmativeRelating to love or sexual attraction.
AmazingCausing great astonishment or wonder; incredible or awe-inspiring.
Amazonsa race of female warriors, or it can refer to the multinational technology company Amazon.
Anaemicdescribing something or someone affected by or exhibiting the symptoms of anaemia.
AnagogyThe act of guiding someone toward a higher spiritual or moral understanding 
AnalogyA comparison between two things, 
AnalyseTo examine something in detail, typically through a systematic and careful examination.
AnalystA person who conducts analysis, 
AoristsVerb tenses that indicate simple, undefined actions or events in the past.
AoudadsA type of wild sheep native to North Africa.
ApachesA group of Native American tribes, often associated with the American Southwest.
ApanageA portion of a family estate or inheritance, especially for a younger member of a royal family.
Aquariaa transparent tank or container used to keep aquatic plants and animals for display.
AquaticRelating to or living in water; 
AquavitA Scandinavian alcoholic beverage, typically a strong distilled spirit like vodka or schnapps, 
AqueousConsisting of water; typically used to describe solutions that are dissolved in water.
Arabansa typographical error, and it does not have a widely recognized meaning.
ArabicaA species of coffee plant known for producing high-quality coffee beans. 
Arablesrefers to land that is suitable for cultivation or farming, typically for growing crops.
AracariA type of bird belonging to the toucan family, characterized by a large, brightly colored beak. 
ArachicThis term does not have a widely recognized or commonly used meaning in the English language. 
Araliasa genus of plants, including both shrubs and trees, known for their distinctive pinnately compound leaves.
AscribeTo attribute something to a particular cause, source, or person.
AsemiasThis term does not appear to have a widely recognized meaning in the English language.
Asepsesrefers to the absence of harmful microorganisms or germs, 
AsepsisThe state of being free from harmful microorganisms or germs, 
Asepticdescribing something that is free from harmful microorganisms or bacteria, 
AtacticLacking a regular or organized structure.
AtavismThe reappearance of ancestral traits or characteristics in an organism.
AtavistA person or organism that exhibits atavism, displaying ancestral characteristics.
AudibleCapable of being heard; loud enough to be heard.
Audionselectronic devices used in vacuum tube technology to amplify and control electrical signals.
AvailedTo make use of something for a specific purpose or to benefit from it.
AvariceExtreme greed for wealth or material possessions, often to the detriment of others.
AvatarsDigital representations of individuals, used in video games, virtual worlds, or online platforms.
Avenueswide streets or roads in a city, it can mean opportunities or ways to achieve a particular goal.
AverageThe result of adding a set of numbers together and dividing by the quantity of numbers, 
AverredPast tense of “aver,” which means to state or assert with confidence.
AvertedTo turn away or prevent something from happening or to avoid a potentially harmful situation.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
AwaitedPast tense of “await,” meaning to wait for or expect something.
AwaiterA person who is waiting for something or someone.
AwakensThe third person singular form of the verb “awaken,” meaning to wake up or become aware.
AwakingThe present participle of “awaken,” referring to the act of waking up or becoming aware.
Awardedto give or grant something, such as a prize or honor.
AwardeeSomeone who has received an award or honor.
AwarderA person or entity that grants or gives an award to someone.
AwelessLacking awe, used to describe something that doesn’t inspire admiration.
AwesomeExtremely impressive, inspiring admiration, or awe.
AwfullyUsed to intensify a negative adjective, meaning extremely or very.
AwkwardLacking skill, causing discomfort or embarrassment due to clumsiness or social discomfort.
AwlwortA type of water plant in the genus Subularia.
AxiallyIn relation to an axis or along an axis.
AxillaePlural of “axilla,” referring to the armpits or the undersides of the shoulder joints.
AxillarPertaining to the axilla or armpit.
AxiniteA type of mineral, usually brown to violet in color, known for its crystalline structure.
Axolotlaquatic salamander that is neotenic, it remains in its aquatic larval form throughout its life.
AxonemeThe central structural core of a cilium or flagellum, often made up of microtubules.
AxseedsA term that does not have a widely recognized meaning. 
AyousesA term that does not have a widely recognized meaning. 
AzaleasA type of flowering shrub, typically with colorful and showy flowers.
AzimuthThe horizontal angle of a celestial object, often measured in degrees from the north.
AzotizeTo treat or combine with nitrogen or its compounds.
AzulejoA type of decorative ceramic tile, used in traditional Portuguese and Spanish architecture.
AzuriteA blue mineral that is a source of copper.
AzygousA term used in anatomy to describe something that is singular or unpaired, 

Some Other Examples Of 7-Letter Words Starting With A

Perfect 5 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 7-Letter Words Starting With A

Teaching new words to little kids can be really fun, and they would enjoy learning them! But it’s not just about telling them the words; they need to know how to use them, too.

To make learning fun and useful, you can play games and do cool stuff with words that have seven letters and start with ‘A.’ Here are some great activities to try out with your child.

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is a fun way to teach your kids seven-letter words that start with the letter A. You may ask a question or make it in quiz format, where your child answers using one of the words with A.

You can also play the same game in a different manner, where your child asks you the questions, and you answer with the words starting with A. This game can turn out to be very engaging, and these words can be used to teach your kids seven-letter words that start with A.

Below mentioned are some examples:

Q: Name the part of the body between the chest and pelvis containing the intestines, stomach, and other essential organs.

Answer: Abdomen.

Q: When you dip a piece of cloth in a glass of water, what the fabric does to the water?

Answer: Absorbs

Q: What do we call a female performer in films, television, or theater?

Answer: Actress

Q: What do we call the white of an egg?

Answer: Albumen

Q: What is the one word for extremely impressive, inspiring admiration, or awe?

Answer: Awesome.

Q: What is the opposite of the word inaudible?

Answer: Audible.

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Here’s another fun and learning game called “Word Puzzles.” Give your kids sentences with missing 7-letter words that start with the letter A.

This game helps them find new words and get better at using words correctly. Check out these examples:

i) Aba_don ( Hint: To leave something behind )

ii) Abil_ty (Hint: The capacity to perform a task)

iii) Ac_uire (Hint: To obtain or gain possession of something)

iv) A_rogen (Hint: A plant that grows from its tip)

v) Ada_ter (Hint: A device that connects one type of interface or plug into another)

Answers: i) Abandon, ii) Ability, iii) Acquire, iv) Acrogen, v) Adapter

3. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

Here’s another fun game that can help your kids to learn new words quickly. It’s a matching activity. This game will help your kids to understand the difference between similar and different things.

To play, you’ll need to draw two sets of columns. In the first column, write down colorful seven-letter words that start with the letter ‘A.’ In the second column, write down the meanings of these words.

Now, mix up the meanings in a jumbled way to make it exciting and creative for your kids.

Next, you can show your kids how to read the words and their meanings so they can remember them forever. Also, teach them how to match the words with similar meanings correctly.

Acrylyli) A person who assists in religious services.
Acolyteii)A type of synthetic resin used in paints and plastics.
Acronymiii) A chemical group or compound derived from acrylic acid.
Acryliciv) A person who legally takes another person’s child as their own.
Adopterv) An abbreviation formed from the initial letters of words, which is pronounced as a single word. 

(Answers: a-iii  b-i, c-v, d-ii, e-iv)


Here are some fun activities to teach your kids new words with seven letters and start with the letter A. Remember, we’re here to help if you need anything for your kid. Next time, we’ll explore seven-letter words that begin with B. Bye for now!

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