7 Letter Words Starting with D for Dynamic Diction!

Hey, there, word explorer! Want to know a secret? Building your kid’s word treasure chest is like sprinkling magic dust on their talking and writing superpowers!

When small children collect a bunch of big words, they get to unleash their creativity and unlock the secrets of all the tricky grown-up stuff.

So, get ready for an adventurous ride through the land of seven-letter words, all starting with ‘D.’ These words are like secret keys to make your child’s language skills soar and turn their imagination into a firework show of awesomeness!

List Of 7-Letter Words Starting With D

Incredible 7 Letter Words Starting With D For Kids
DabbingPresent participle of “dab,” the act of applying or patting something gently.
Dabbledto immerse or involve oneself in an activity without serious commitment.
DackersInformal term for a person’s legs that are shaking or trembling.
DacoitsPlural form of “dacoit,” a member of a gang of armed robbers or bandits, especially in South Asia.
DacoityThe act of committing robbery or banditry, often associated with a gang of armed criminals.
Dactylia metrical foot in poetry consisting of one stressed syllable followed by two unstressed syllables.
DadaismAn art movement and literary style that emerged in the early 20th century,
DadaistAn artist or writer associated with the Dada art movement, 
DaddiesPlural form of “daddy,” referring to fathers.
DaddingPresent participle of “dad,” the act of being a father or fulfilling a fatherly role.
DadoingThe act of installing a decorative horizontal molding or paneling along the lower part of a wall.
DaemonsAlternative spelling of “demons,” supernatural beings often associated with evil or malevolence.
DaffingFoolish or playful behavior.
DaggersSharp-edged, pointed weapons used for stabbing or thrusting.
DaggingThe act of trimming or cutting the wool from a sheep’s hindquarters to keep it clean.
DaggledWet and dirty, often referring to clothing or hair.
DagglesThird person singular form of “daggled,” meaning to become wet and dirty.
DaglockA type of coarse wool.
DagobasLarge, bell-shaped Buddhist shrines or stupas found in South Asia, 
DahliasA type of flowering plant with colorful and ornamental flowers.
DahoonsA type of evergreen tree found in tropical regions.
Daikersdikes or embankments used for flood control or land drainage.
DaikonsA type of large, white, or yellowish radish often used in Asian cuisine.
DailiesPlural form of “daily,” referring to things that happen or are done every day.
DaimiosPlural form of “daimio,” a Japanese feudal lord.
DaimonsPlural form of “daimon,” a supernatural being or spirit.
DaimyosAlternative spelling of “daimios,” plural of “daimio.”
DairiesPlaces where milk is processed and dairy products are made.
Dakoitsa member of a gang of armed robbers or bandits, especially in South Asia.
Dakoitythe act of committing robbery or banditry, often associated with a gang of armed criminals.
Deaconsa member of the clergy who assists the priest or minister in various religious duties.
DeadensMakes something less sensitive or less lively.
DeadestSuperlative form of “dead,” meaning the most lifeless or lacking vitality.
DeadeyeA round, wooden block with a hole through the center 
DealateDealate is an entomological term used to describe an insect that has shed its wings, 
DealersDealers are individuals or businesses that engage in the buying and selling of goods, typically within a specific industry or market.
Dealingact of conducting business or negotiations, often involving buying and selling goods or services.
Dearthsa scarcity or shortage of something, such as food or resources.
Deathlysomething that is related to death or reminiscent of death,
DeavingDeaving is a term that does not have a widely recognized meaning in the English language. 
DebacleA debacle is a sudden and complete failure or disaster, 
Debarksto disembark or unload passengers and cargo from a ship or aircraft.
Debasedto lower the value or quality of something, often by corrupting or adulterating it.
Debasera person or entity that engages in the act of debasing, which involves lowering the value 
Debasesindicating an action of lowering the value or quality of something.
Debatedto engage in a formal discussion or argument, often on a specific topic or issue.
DebaterA debater is a person who participates in debates, engaging in discussions or arguments 
Debatesto formal discussions or arguments in which individuals present and defend their viewpoints 
Goofy 7 Letter Words Starting With D For Kids
Debauchto lead someone into a life of immorality, involving excessive indulgence in sensual pleasures.
Debeaksto remove or trim the beak of a bird, often done in poultry farming.
Debitedto deduct or remove money from an account, often as a financial transaction.
Debitorrefers to a person or entity that owes money or a debt.
DeboiteDeboite is a term that does not have a standard definition in the English language. 
DebrideDebride is a medical term used in wound care and surgery, 
Debriefto question or interview someone, typically after a mission, task, or event, 
Debtorsindividuals or entities that owe money or have outstanding debts to creditors or lenders.
Debunksto expose the falseness or hollowness of a belief, idea, or myth.
Deburrsto remove burrs or rough edges from a metal or material surface, often in manufacturing.
Debusedto unload or disembark passengers or cargo from a bus or other vehicle.
Debusesindicating the action of unloading or disembarking from a bus or other vehicle.
Debutedto make a first public appearance, often in the context of a performance, product, or event.
DecadalDecadal is an adjective referring to a period of ten years or related to a decade.
DecadesDecades refer to periods of ten years each, often used to describe a specific range of time 
DecimesDecimes is the plural form of “décime,” which is a former French coin worth one-tenth of a franc.
DecimusDecimus is a Roman praenomen (personal name) that was used by ancient Romans.
DeckelsDeckels is a plural form of “deckel,” which can refer to a lid or cover for a container or object.
Deckerspeople associated with the business of making or selling decks, or it could be a surname.
DeckingDecking refers to the process of building a surface with wooden or composite boards 
Decklesthe uneven edge of handmade paper, often used for artistic or decorative purposes.
DecodedTo translate or interpret a coded or encrypted message into a readable form.
DecoderA device or program used to decipher encoded or encrypted information.
Decodesto translate or interpret coded information.
DecolorTo remove or reduce color; to make something colorless or less colorful.
DecorumProper behavior, etiquette, or manners in a social or formal setting.
DiademsJeweled crowns or ornamental headbands often worn by royalty or as a symbol of power.
DiadicsThere is no commonly recognized English word “diadics.” 
DiagramA visual representation that explains or illustrates the structure or workings of something.
DialectA variety of a language that is specific to a particular region or group of people.
DialingThe act of making a phone call or selecting numbers using a dial.
DoctorsMedical professionals trained to diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses and injuries.
DoddersTo shake or tremble, often due to weakness, old age, or a lack of stability.
DodderyShaky or unsteady in one’s movements, often associated with old age.
DoddiesThere is no commonly recognized English word “doddies.” 
DoddlesAn informal term for easy or simple tasks or activities.
DodgersPeople or teams that avoid or evade something, such as responsibility or a difficult situation.
DodgeryThe quality or state of being evasive or deceptive.
DouceurA French term for a gift or bribe, often given to influence or persuade someone.
Douchedto rinse or cleanse a body part using a jet of water or another liquid.
DoutersPeople who doubt or are skeptical about something.
DovecotA structure or shelter for domesticated doves or pigeons.
DovekeyA colloquial term for the common murre, a seabird found in the Northern Hemisphere.
DovekieAnother name for the little auk, a small seabird in the auk family.
DrageesSmall, colorful, and often edible decorations used for cakes and pastries.
DraggedPast tense of the verb “drag,” which means to pull something with effort or force.
DraggerA fishing vessel that tows a trawl net to catch fish.
DraggleTo make something wet, muddy, or dirty by dragging it along the ground or through water.
Amusing 7 Letter Words Starting With D For Kids
DragnetA large, sweeping net used for catching fish 
DragonsMythical, often fire-breathing creatures that appear in folklore and mythology.
DragoonA mounted infantry soldier, historically known for using firearms and tactics on horseback.
DragsawA sawing machine or tool designed for cutting logs, timber, or other materials.
DragwayA straight and level section of road or track used for drag racing.
DrapersPeople or businesses involved in selling cloth and clothing materials.
DresserA piece of furniture with drawers or shelves used for storing clothing and personal items.
DressesThe plural form of “dress,” referring to garments worn for various occasions.
DribbleTo flow or let out small drops or a thin stream of liquid.
DrillerA person or machine that drills holes or openings in a material.
DrinkerA person or animal that consumes liquids, typically referring to someone who drinks beverages.
DrippedPast tense of the verb “drip,” which means to fall in drops or trickle slowly.
DrivageThe act or process of driving, often used in the context of mining or driving tunnels.
DrivelsFoolish or nonsensical talk; also, excessive saliva or drool coming from the mouth.
DriversPeople or things that operate or control vehicles, machinery, or other equipment.
DrivingThe act of operating a vehicle, typically referring to the action of driving an automobile.
DrizzleLight rain characterized by fine drops, or a verb that means to rain lightly.
DuctuleA small duct, often used in medical or biological contexts to refer to small ducts or channels.
DudeensA rare term, possibly a variation of “dude,” which colloquially refers to a man or guy.
DudetteA female equivalent of “dude,” referring to a woman or girl, often used in informal contexts.
DudgeonA state of anger, resentment, or offense, typically used in the phrase “in high dudgeon.”
DudleyaA genus of succulent plants native to North and Central America.
DuelersPeople who engage in a duel, a formal combat between two individuals, often to settle a dispute.
DuelingThe act of participating in a duel, a formal and usually illegal fight or contest of honor.
DuelistA person who engages in duels, often for matters of honor, pride, or personal disputes.
DukedomThe territory or domain ruled by a duke, or the rank and title of a duke.
DukkhasA term associated with Buddhism, referring to the concept of suffering or dissatisfaction in life.
DullishSlightly dull, lacking excitement or brightness.
DulnessThe state of being dull or lacking in interest, excitement, or sharpness.
DulosesA rare term with unclear meaning, possibly related to sweetness or sugar.
Dulosisa form of slavery in certain ant species, where one species is enslaved by another.
DuloticRelated to or characteristic of dulosis, the behavior of enslaving other ants.
DustupsMinor conflicts or quarrels, often characterized by a flurry of activity or commotion.
DuteousShowing or characterized by dutifulness, obedience, or a strong sense of duty.
DutifulConscientiously fulfilling obligations; obedient and respectful in carrying out responsibilities.
Dwelledto live in a place, to reside, or to remain in a particular state or condition.
DwellerA person or creature who lives in a particular place, such as a resident or inhabitant.
DyarchyA system of government or rule in which power is shared by two individuals or authorities, 
DybbuksIn Jewish folklore, a dybbuk is a malicious or malevolent spirit that is said to possess a living person, 
DyeableCapable of being dyed or colored with various substances to change its color.
DyeingsThe process of coloring or staining something using dyes or pigments, or the result of this process.
DyelineA term used in printing and graphic design to refer to the outlines or keylines 
DyewoodA type of tree whose wood is used for producing dyes, often used in the textile industry.
DynastyA sequence of rulers from the same family or group, 
DysuriaPainful or uncomfortable urination, often caused by infections, or inflammation, 
DysuricRelating to or affected by dysuria, a condition characterized by painful or difficult urination.

Some Other Examples Of 7-letter Words Starting With D

Perfect 7 Letter Words Starting With D For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 7-Letter Words Starting With D

Teaching kids new words is fun. It’s not just about showing them words; they need to understand how to use them. To make learning a thrilling adventure, you can dive into word games and enjoy exciting activities together.

Let’s focus on seven-letter ‘D’ words, and here are some super cool activities to dive into with your kids!

Here are some great activities for you and your child to try.

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

Transform education into an exciting journey for your youngsters! Introduce them to seven-letter words that kick off with the letter D. You can make a cool game where your child answers questions with seven-letter words starting with D.

Or, let them be the quiz boss and ask you questions, where your answers must also begin with D.This game is a thrilling way to learn!

Q: What do we do when we are applying or patting something gently?

Answer: Dabbing.

Q: What is the plural word for the Plural form of dactyl?

Answer: Dactyli.

Q: What is the other word or Alternative spelling of demons?

Answer: Daemons.

Q: What are the terms for trimming or cutting the wool from a sheep’s hindquarters to keep it clean?

Answer: Dagging.

Q: What are Japanese feudal lords called?

Answer: Daimios.

Q: What is the superlative form of dead?

Answer: Deadest.

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Prepare for some word games with “Word Puzzles!” Test your kids with sentences that have hidden 7-letter words, all starting with ‘D.

This game is a magical way to help them discover new words and transform them into word wizards. Take a peek at these smart examples:

i) Da_fing (Hint: Foolish or playful behavior.)

ii) Dagg_rs (Hint: Sharp-edged, pointed weapons used for stabbing or thrusting.)

iii) De_acle (Hint: A sudden and complete failure or disaster.)

iv) Deca_es (Hint: Refer to periods of ten years each.)

v) Decorum (Hint: Proper manners in a social or formal setting.)

Answers: i)-Daffing, ii)Daggers, iii) Debacle, iv) Decades, v) Decorum

3. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

Introducing a fun way to learn new words with your kids! It’s like a matching game that helps them see what words are the same and what’s different.

Here’s how to play: first, make two lists. In one list, write down words with seven letters that start with ‘D.’ In the other list, explain what those words mean.

Now, mix up the meanings to make it exciting for your kids and ask them to find the right meanings from the second list.

Lastly, teach your young adventurers how to read these words and their cool meanings so they can remember them forever. And show them how to find words that mean similar things, like magic words that go together.

Dacoits i) A type of coarse wool.
Daikonsii) A device or program used to decipher encoded or encrypted information.
Dodderyiii) A gang of armed robbers or bandits, especially in South Asia
Daglockiv) Shaky or unsteady in one’s movements, often associated with old age.
Decoderv) A type of large, white, or yellowish radish often used in Asian cuisine.

Answers:  a-iii. b-v, c-iv, d-i, e-ii.


Did you have fun exploring seven-letter words that begin with ‘D’? Your kiddos can discover new seven-letter ‘D’ words right here. Remember, we are always available for all your little ones need. In our next adventure, we will explore seven-letter words that start with ‘E.’

Until then, you can visit our website for more adventures. We hope you enjoy your time learning with your little one!

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