7 Letter Words Starting with E for Energetic Vocabulary!

Hey, did you know that making your child’s word collection bigger is super-duper important for talking and writing awesomely? Having lots of cool words helps kids express themselves and understand tricky stuff as they grow.

Let’s go on a fun adventure to learn some 7-letter words that start with ‘E.’ These words serve as the cornerstone for elevating their language prowess.

Come join the fun with us on this exciting journey to find a list of 7-letter words that begin with “E.” These words will make your child’s talking and writing super cool. And guess what? They will become super innovative at the same time!

List Of 7-Letter Words Starting With E

Incredible 7 Letter Words Starting With E For Kids
EagerlyWith enthusiasm or keen interest, in a manner that shows eagerness.
EagletsYoung eagles, especially in the nest.
EarbobsDecorative ornaments or jewelry designed to be worn on or from the earlobes.
EarbudsSmall electronic devices that are inserted into the ears to listen to audio, such as music or spoken content.
EardropA decorative pendant or ornament for the ear.
EardrumThe thin membrane in the ear that vibrates in response to sound waves, transmitting them to the inner ear.
EarflapA part of a hat or cap that can be folded down to cover and protect the ears in cold weather.
EarfulsA large or complete amount of information or conversation received, often unexpectedly or involuntarily.
EarringsJewelry designed to be worn on the earlobes, typically consisting of a decorative piece attached to a stud or hook.
EarlapsProtection for the ears, often found on hats or headgear to keep the ears warm.
EarplugA small device inserted into the ear canal to block out or reduce noise.
EarringA piece of jewelry designed to be worn on the earlobe or in the ear, typically attached by a stud or hook.
EarshotThe distance within which sound can be heard or the range of hearing.
EarthedConnected to the ground or an electrical earth to prevent electric shocks or static discharge.
EatingsA non-standard or colloquial term for food or meals.
Ebonicsterm for African American Vernacular English, distinctive variety of English spoken by African American communities.
EboniesPlural of “ebony,” which refers to a dense, dark wood often used in furniture and decorative items.
EboniteA type of hard, black rubber used for making various objects like bowling balls and mouthpieces.
EbonizeTo darken or stain wood to make it resemble ebony.
EcartesPlural of “e carte,” a French term for playing cards.
EcbolicA substance or agent that induces or promotes childbirth.
EccrinePertaining to the sweat glands in the skin, which produce a watery sweat.
EcdemicRelating to a disease that is outside its usual geographic area or is introduced from elsewhere.
EcdysesPlural of “ecdysis,” the process of shedding the outer layer of skin or exoskeleton in animals.
EcdysisThe shedding of the outer skin or exoskeleton in animals as part of their growth or development.
EchoersPeople or things that produce echoes, repeating sounds or words.
EcologyThe scientific study of the relationships between living organisms and their environments.
EconomyThe system of production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services within a region or country.
EctopiaThe abnormal placement or position of an organ or tissue within the body.
EctypalServing as a model or pattern for something.
EctypesPlural of “ectype,” a copy or reproduction of an original work.
EczemasSkin conditions characterized by inflammation, itching, and redness.
EdacityExcessive or insatiable hunger or greed.
EdamameYoung soybeans, typically served in their pods and often boiled or steamed.
EdaphicRelating to the soil and its properties.
EdaphonThe community of organisms in the soil, including microbes, insects, and other life forms.
EddyingForming or moving in a circular current, like the swirling motion of water.
EdemataPlural of “edema,” the abnormal accumulation of fluid in body tissues, causing swelling.
EellikeResembling or characteristic of an eel, such as in shape or movement.
EelpoutA type of fish belonging to the family Zoarcidae, often found in cold waters.
EelwormA small, slender, parasitic nematode worm that infests the roots and stems of plants.
EeriestSuperlative form of “eerie,” meaning extremely strange, spooky, or unsettling.
EffableCapable of being expressed or described in words; able to be spoken about.
EffacedPast tense of the verb “efface,” meaning to erase, rub out, or obliterate.
EffusedPast tense of the verb “effuse,” meaning to pour out, flow, or spread out.
EffusesPresent tense of the verb “effuse,” meaning to pour out, flow, or spread out.
EgestasLatin term for “waste” or “excrement.”
EgestedPast tense of the verb “egest,” meaning to eliminate waste or excrement from the body.
EggcornA linguistic term for a word or phrase that is mistakenly used in place of another word or phrase, 
EggcupsSmall cups or holders used for serving boiled eggs.
EggheadInformal term for an intellectual or highly educated person.
EggnogsAcreamy drink made with eggs, milk, sugar, and often spiked with alcohol, typically served during the holiday season.
EgoismsThe quality of being self-centered or excessively focused on one’s own needs, desires, and interests.
EgoistsPeople who are excessively self-centered and prioritize their own interests above those of others.
EgotismExcessive self-centeredness or self-importance; a belief in one’s own superiority.
EgotistA person who is excessively self-centered and constantly seeks attention or admiration.
EideticRelating to or characterized by a photographic or exceptionally vivid and detailed memory.
EidolonAn idealized or perfect image or representation of a person or thing; a ghostly apparition.
Goofy 7 Letter Words Starting With E For Kids
EjectedPast tense of the verb “eject,” meaning to force someone or something out, expel, or throw out.
EjectorA device or mechanism that expels or ejects something.
EkisticRelating to the study of human settlement and urban planning.
EkpweleThe currency of Equatorial Guinea.
ElancesThird person singular form of the verb “elance,” which means to throw or dart out suddenly.
ElapidsA family of venomous snakes, including cobras and coral snakes.
ElapsedPast tense of the verb “elapse,” meaning to pass by or go by, especially in reference to time.
EldrichAn archaic or poetic term meaning eerie, strange, or otherworldly.
ElectedPast tense of the verb “elect,” meaning to choose or select for a specific position or role.
ElecteeA person who has been elected to a position or office.
ElectorA person who has the right to vote in an election, especially in the context of choosing a political representative.
ElectroA prefix meaning related to electricity or electrical phenomena.
ElegantCharacterized by refined beauty, sophistication, or simplicity.
ElegiacRelating to or resembling elegy, a mournful or sorrowful poem or song.
ElenchiThe plural of “elenchus,” which refers to a logical refutation or criticism, often used in philosophical debates.
ElepaioA type of bird found in Hawaii, known for its distinctive and melodious call.
ElevateTo raise something to a higher position or level, It can also mean to promote someone to a higher rank or status.
ElevensThe number eleven or a group of eleven items or individuals.
Embanksraised mounds of earth or other materials built to contain water, such as in a levee or dike.
EmbargoA government-imposed restriction on trade or other economic activity with a specific country or group, 
Embarksto go on board a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle, or to start a new project or journey.
EmbassyA diplomatic mission or the official residence and offices of an ambassador in a foreign country.
EmbayedRefers to the action of being enclosed or sheltered in a bay, typically used in a nautical context.
EmbiidsThis term does not have a widely recognized meaning in English. It might be a specialized term or a proper noun.
EmblazeTo set on fire or to cover something with a blaze or bright flames. 
EnactorA person who enacts or carries out something, such as a law or role in a play.
EnamelsA type of glassy, colorful coating applied to metal, ceramics, or glass objects for decorative or protective purposes.
EnamorsTo fill someone with a feeling of love, fascination, or admiration for someone or something.
EnamourAn alternative spelling of “enamor,” meaning to charm or captivate someone with feelings of love or fascination.
Encyststo enclose or surround something in a cyst, which is a protective, sac-like structure.
EonismsPlural of “eonism,” a term often used in psychology to describe the adoption of the gender role of the opposite sex.
EosinesA type of synthetic dye used for coloring in various applications, including biology and histology.
EosinicRelating to eosin, a type of red or pink dye often used in laboratories.
EpagogeA method of reasoning that involves making general conclusions based on specific examples or instances,
EparchsOfficials or rulers in the Byzantine Empire who governed provinces or regions.
EparchyA territorial unit or administrative division in certain Eastern Orthodox and Eastern Catholic churches, 
EpauletA decorative shoulder ornament often seen on military uniforms or other formal attire.
Epaxialepaxial muscles, i.e. a group of muscles located on the upper side of the vertebrate body, typically along the spine.
EpazoteA type of aromatic herb commonly used in Mexican cuisine, known for its strong, pungent flavor.
EpeeistA fencer who specializes in using an épée, a type of sword used in the sport of fencing.
EpeiricReferring to a shallow, epeiric sea, which is a type of epicontinental sea that covers a part of a continent.
EpigyneIn biology, it refers to the female reproductive structure in certain arachnids, such as spiders.
EpigynyA term describing the condition where the ovary of a flower is positioned above the attachment point of floral parts.
EpilateTo remove hair by plucking or using another method, such as waxing.
EpochalPertaining to a significant and defining moment or event in history.
EponymsWords or names that are derived from a person’s name, such as “sandwich” from the Earl of Sandwich.
EponymyThe practice of naming something after a particular person, 
EpopeesEpic poems or narratives, typically of heroic or historical nature.
EpoxideA chemical compound characterized by the presence of an oxygen atom bonded to two adjacent carbon atoms.
EpoxiedPast tense of the verb “epoxy,” which means to bond or seal using epoxy resin, a type of adhesive.
EpoxiesPlural of “epoxy,” referring to the adhesive resin or the products made from it.
EquablyIn an even-tempered or calm manner, without significant fluctuations.
EqualedPast tense of the verb “equal,” meaning to be the same in quantity, size, or value.
EroselyIn an amorous or passionate manner, often associated with love and desire.
ErosionThe process of wearing away or breaking down of materials by natural forces, such as water, wind, or ice.
ErosiveHaving the ability to erode or wear away material, often referring to substances or forces that cause erosion.
ErotemaA rhetorical term for a question asked for rhetorical effect, often not requiring an answer.
EschewsThe third person singular form of the verb “eschew,” meaning to deliberately avoid or abstain from something.
Amusing 7 Letter Words Starting With E For Kids
Ethinesa compound containing two carbon atoms linked by a triple bond.
Etymolsterm used to humorously refer to the origin of a word’s etymology (wordplay).
Euchreda card game typically played by four players in partnerships.
EuchresPlural of “euchre,” referring to multiple instances of the card game.
EuripusA term used in geography to describe a narrow, winding strait or channel,
EustacyThe global sea level changes caused by factors such as glacial melt, thermal expansion, etc.
EustasyA variant spelling of “eustacy,” which refers to changes in sea levels.
Eusteleplant stem structure with a central core of vascular tissue surrounded by ground tissue.
Eustylea term describing the spacing of columns, where they are set at a moderate distance apart.
Eutociareferring to a normal, uncomplicated childbirth without significant medical intervention.
EuxiniaEuxinia is a term used in geology and oceanography to describe a condition in a body of water, 
Evadersindividuals or entities that intentionally avoid or escape something, 
Evzonesmembers of an elite ceremonial unit of the Greek Army, 
EweriesEweries is not a commonly recognized word, and it does not have a specific meaning 
Exabytea unit of digital information storage, equal to one quintillion bytes, 
Exactasa type of horse racing bet where the bettor selects the first and second-place finishers in a race 
Exactedto demand and obtain something, such as payment or punishment, with precision or strictness.
Exudingto release or ooze out, typically a liquid or a quality or feeling.
Exultedto express great joy, triumph, or delight, often in a jubilant or boastful manner.
Exurbanareas or communities located beyond the suburbs of a city but not entirely rural. 
Exurbiathe collective exurban areas or regions, typically located at the outskirts of urban centers.
ExuviaeExuviae are the shed exoskeletal coverings or outer layers of arthropods, 
EyassesEyasses are young, unfledged hawks, particularly those that are raised and trained for falconry.
Eyecupsthe protective or cushioning rings around the eyepieces of binoculars 
Eyefoldcrease or fold of skin, often found in the upper eyelid, that varies among individuals 
Eyesomeadjective that describes something as visually pleasing, delightful, or charming to the eyes.
EyesoreAn eyesore is something that is visually unpleasant, unattractive, or offensive to look at.
Eyespota small, round marking or spot that resembles an eye, 
Eyewasha saline solution used to rinse and cleanse the eyes, 

Some Other Examples Of 7-letter Words Starting With E

Perfect 7 Letter Words Starting With E For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 7-Letter Words Starting With E

Making kids familiar with new words can be an absolute delight, and they will thoroughly enjoy the learning process! Yet, it’s not only about presenting these words; they also need to know how to employ them.

To make learning both enjoyable and applicable, you can take part in a variety of word games and engaging tasks. Our focus today is on seven-letter words that all kick off with the letter ‘E.’

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

Get the fun flowing for your kids! Show them cool 7-letter words that begin with the letter E. How about a game where they guess words with seven letters, all starting with E?

Or, let them become the question boss and quiz you with answers having E words. This game is super fun and helps them learn.

Q: What is a baby eagle known as?

Answer: Eaglets.

Q: What is that small device inserted into the ear canal to block out or reduce noise?

Answer: Earplug.

Q: What is the plural form of Ebony?

Answer: Ebonies.

Q: It is a type of skin disease?

Answer: Eczemas.

Q: What is the name of the currency of Equatorial Guinea?

Answer: Ekpwele.

Q: What is the past tense of Epoxy?

Answer: Epoxied.

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

It’s time for a wordy adventure with “Word Puzzles!” Put your kids to the test with sentences featuring secretive 7-letter words, all beginning with ‘E.

This game is a fantastic tool to introduce them to new words and transform them into word wizards. 

Explore these awesome examples:

i) Earr_ngs (Hint: Jewelry designed to be worn on the earlobes.)

ii) Ear_hot (Hint: The distance within which sound can be heard or the range of hearing.)

iii) Ec_oers (Hint: People or things that produce echoes, repeating sounds or words.)

iv) Eel_out (Hint: A type of fish belonging to the family Zoarcidae)

v) El_ctor (Hint: A person who has the right to vote in an election)

Answers: i) Earrings ii) Earshot iii)Echoers iv)Eelpout v)Elector

3. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

Get ready for a word adventure with your kids! It’s like a game of matching, helping them spot the similarities and differences.

To start it off, make two columns. In the first one, jot down seven-letter words that commence with ‘E.’ In the other column, mention the meanings of the words. 

Then, mix up the meanings to make it an interesting word party for your little ones.

Finally, reveal to your little explorers how to read these words and their magical meanings so they won’t forget. Show them how words with similar meanings are like best buddies, sticking together like glue!”

Earlapsi) The shedding of the outer skin or exoskeleton in animals as part of their growth or development.
Ecdysis ii) A diplomatic mission or the official residence and offices of an ambassador in a foreign country.
Eggcupsiii) An archaic or poetic term meaning eerie, strange, or otherworldly.
Eldrichiv) Protection for the ears, often found on hats or headgear to keep the ears warm.
Embassyv) Small cups or holders used for serving boiled eggs.

Answers: a-iv, b-i,c-v,d-iii,e-ii


How was your experience exploring those seven-letter words, all beginning with ‘E’? It’s your turn to inspire and educate your young one with exciting seven-letter ‘E’ words. Keep in mind we are here to support you with anything your child requires.

In our upcoming adventure, we will venture into seven-letter words that start with ‘F.’ To witness more such word adventures, visit our website.

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