7 Letter Words Starting with F for Fabulous Vocabs!

Have you ever considered the power of enriching your child’s vocabulary to unlock their potential in speaking and writing? Building a treasury of words is like holding the key to their self-expression and their understanding of complex texts as they journey through life.

Let’s set our sights on the magnificent world of 7-letter words that begin with ‘F.’ These words serve as the foundation for elevating their language prowess.

We invite you to embark on an exhilarating expedition to unearth a compendium of 7-letter words commencing with the letter “F.” These words will make your child better at talking and writing and bring out their creativity, too.

List Of 7-Letter Words Starting With F

Incredible 7 Letter Words Starting With F For Kids
FabadasA type of Spanish bean stew, typically made with white beans and various ingredients like sausage and pork.
FablersPeople who tell or invent fables, which are short stories with moral lessons often featuring talking animals.
FabliauA medieval verse tale, usually comic or satirical in nature, often featuring elements of humor, trickery, and eroticism.
FablingThe act of creating or telling fables, typically involving the use of allegorical or moral elements.
FacetedHaving multiple flat surfaces or facets, often used in the context of gemstones or geometric shapes.
FacialsBeauty treatments for the face, which can include cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, and other skincare procedures.
FacingsThe trim or fabric used to finish the edges or openings of a garment, often contrasting with the main fabric.
FaconneA type of silk fabric that has a wavy, iridescent pattern.
FactualRelating to facts or reality, based on verifiable information and not influenced by personal feelings or opinions.
FactureThe manner or style of making or constructing something, often used in the context of art and craftsmanship.
FaculaeBright spots or patches on the sun’s surface, often associated with increased solar activity.
FacularPertaining to or resembling faculae, which are solar features.
FacultyThe teaching or administrative staff of an educational institution, or the inherent ability or skill to do something.
FadableCapable of fading, losing color, or diminishing in intensity over time.
FaddierMore inclined to follow passing trends or fads, often to an excessive degree.
FaddiesPlural of “faddy,” which means someone who is excessively concerned with the latest trends and fashions.
FaddishCharacterized by being trendy or fashionable, often for a brief period.
FaddismThe practice of following fads or transient popular trends, often without a strong foundation.
FaddistA person who avidly follows and adopts fads or trends, often without a deep commitment.
FadedlyIn a faded manner, typically referring to something that has lost its original color or intensity.
FadlikeResembling or characteristic of a fad, which is a short-lived popular trend.
FaeriesAn alternative spelling for “fairies,” which are mythical, supernatural beings often associated with nature and magic.
Fagginga system in British public schools where younger students served as personal attendants for older students.
FaggishAdjective form of “fag,” often used pejoratively to describe someone who is perceived as effeminate or homosexual.
FailingA weakness or shortcoming, or the act of not succeeding in a task.
FaillesA type of woven fabric with a wavy or irregular pattern, often used for clothing and upholstery.
FailureThe lack of success in achieving a desired outcome or goal.
FaintedPast tense of the verb “faint,” which means to lose consciousness temporarily due to a lack of oxygen to the brain.
FainterComparative form of “faint,” describing something or someone that is less intense or vivid.
FasciaePlural of “fascia,” which refers to the connective tissue that surrounds muscles and organs in the human body.
FascialRelating to or associated with fascia, the connective tissue in the body.
FasciasPlural of “fascia,” used to describe the layers of connective tissue in the body.
FascineA bundle of sticks or twigs, often used in civil engineering for erosion control or military applications.
FatbackA cut of pork from the back of a pig, typically used for rendering into lard or for seasoning other dishes.
FatbergA large mass of congealed fat and non-biodegradable materials,
FatbodyAn informal term used to describe someone who is overweight or obese.
FatefulHaving significant consequences or being marked by destiny or fate.
FattestSuperlative form of “fat,” describing something or someone with the greatest amount of body fat.
FattilyIn a manner related to being fat or overweight.
FattingThe process of becoming fat or accumulating fat in the body.
FattishSomewhat fat or having a tendency to be fat.
FatwoodResinous, highly flammable wood that is often used as kindling for starting fires.
FaucetsValves or spigots that control the flow of liquid, typically used in plumbing to regulate the flow of water.
FaucialRelating to the throat or the fauces, which are the upper part of the throat near the back of the mouth.
FavoredPast tense of “favor,” meaning to prefer, support, or show kindness to someone or something.
FavorerSomeone who gives preference or support to a particular person or thing.
FearfulFeeling or showing fear, anxiety, or apprehension.
FearingThe act of experiencing fear or being afraid.
FeastedPast tense of “feast,” meaning to eat and drink in a celebratory or luxurious manner.
FeedbagA bag, often worn by horses, containing feed or food for animals.
FeedboxA container for holding animal feed, typically used for feeding livestock.
FeedersDevices or individuals responsible for providing food or sustenance to animals.
FeedingThe act of providing food or nourishment to someone or something.
FeedlotA confined area or facility where livestock, such as cattle, are raised and fattened before slaughter.
Goofy 7 Letter Words Starting With F For Kids
FeelersOrgans or appendages, often in insects, that are used for sensing the environment or detecting touch and vibrations.
FeelessWithout a fee or cost; free of charge.
FeelingThe emotional or physical sensation or perception of something.
FelafelMiddle Eastern food made from ground and spiced chickpeas or fava beans, often shaped into patties and deep-fried.
FelinesMembers of the cat family, including domestic cats and wild cats.
FellahsA term used historically to refer to peasants or agricultural workers in Arabic-speaking regions, particularly in Egypt.
FellersPeople or tools used for cutting down trees or chopping wood.
FiftiesReferring to the numerical range from 50 to 59, or the fifth decade of a century.
FiggierComparative form of “figgy,” describing something that resembles or relates to figs.
FighterSomeone engaged in a physical or verbal battle, often to defend or assert their rights or beliefs.
FilbertA type of nut, often used in confections and baking, derived from a species of hazelnut.
FilmingThe process of capturing moving images on film or digital media.
FilmsetThe location or setting where a film or movie is being shot.
FishersPeople who engage in fishing, either as a hobby or a profession.
FistfulA small quantity or handful of something that can be held in a closed hand, 
FistulaAn abnormal connection or passage between two organs or vessels that are not normally connected, 
Fitchesa group of leguminous plants used for fodder, green manure, and sometimes as food for humans.
FitchetAn archaic term for a polecat, which is a small carnivorous mammal related to weasels.
Fittestreferring to the quality of being the most suitable, strong, or well-adapted to a particular purpose or situation.
FittingAdjective referring to something that is appropriate, suitable, or proper for a particular purpose or occasion.
FixatedObsessively focused on or attached to something, 
FixtureA piece of equipment, furniture, or device that is permanently attached or fixed in place, 
FizgigsA term that can refer to a frivolous or trifling entertainment, often used in the context of a prank or jest.
FizzersA colloquial term for effervescent tablets or substances that produce bubbles and fizz when dissolved in water.
FlakierComparatively more flaky, meaning something that is more likely to crumble or disintegrate into small pieces.
FlakilyIn a flaky manner, which can refer to behavior characterized by unreliability, eccentricity, or unpredictability.
FlambesA culinary term referring to a dish that is flambéed, meaning it is briefly set on fire with alcohol to enhance the flavor.
FlamensIn ancient Rome, a flamen was a priest dedicated to serving a particular deity or god.
FlamersSlang for people who post inflammatory or offensive comments on the internet, often to provoke reactions.
FlamingBurning with a visible, intense flame, or displaying strong, passionate emotions, 
FlammedA past tense form of “flam,” meaning to burn with a visible flame.
FlaneurA French term for a person who strolls or wanders leisurely in a city, observing life and culture.
FlangedHaving a raised rim or edge, 
FlangerA device used in audio production to create a swirling or jet plane-like effect on sound.
FlangesPlural of “flange,” which is a projecting rim or edge used for joining, attaching, or strengthening objects.
FrankenA misspelling or typo; there is no common English word “Franken” with a specific meaning.
Flankera position in sports, rugby or American football, or to a military tactic involving a surprise attack from the side.
FlannelA soft, woven fabric, often used for making clothing, bed linens, or cleaning cloths.
FlashedThe past tense of “flash,” meaning to emit a brief burst of light or to display something suddenly and briefly.
FlasherA person or device that emits brief bursts of light, often used in signaling or warning.
FlashesThe plural form of “flash,” referring to sudden and brief bursts of light or displays of something momentarily.
FlasketA small, shallow basket or container, typically used for carrying or storing small items.
FlatbedA type of truck or vehicle with an open, flat cargo area used for transporting large or heavy objects.
Flossedto clean between teeth using dental floss, or to remove particles or debris from a surface by using a thread or string.
FlossesThe plural form of “floss,” referring to the thin thread or string used for cleaning between teeth or for other purposes.
FlotsamDebris or wreckage that is found floating on the surface of the water, often from a shipwreck or accident.
FlounceTo move in a lively or bouncy manner, with exaggerated movements, like a sudden toss or flaring of clothing.
FloutedTo openly disregard or mock a rule, law, or convention, often in a defiant or contemptuous manner.
FolacinA term often used to refer to folic acid, which is a B-vitamin essential for cell division and the prevention of certain birth defects.
FoldersPlural of “folder,” which refers to a device or tool for organizing and storing papers, documents, or files.
FoldingThe action or process of bending or creasing something to make it smaller or more compact, 
FoldoutA type of printed material, often in a book or brochure, that can be unfolded to reveal additional content or information.
Foldupssomething that can be folded or collapsed into a more compact form, such as a foldable chair or table.
FootmanA male servant, in a formal household, responsible for various tasks like opening doors, announcing guests, 
Amusing 7 Letter Words Starting With F For Kids
FootpadA historical term for a highwayman or robber who would ambush travelers on footpaths or roads.
FootsieA casual and playful game in which two people secretly touch or rub their feet together under a table as a sign of affection 
FootwayA pedestrian path or walkway, often alongside a road or through a public area.
FoozledTo play golf poorly or to mess up a golf shot, often by hitting the ball inaccurately.
Friskedto quickly and lightly pat down someone’s clothing or body to search for concealed weapons or contraband.
FriskerA person or tool that is used for frisking, often referring to a security or law enforcement officer.
FrisketA mask or stencil used in printmaking or painting to shield certain areas from being inked or painted.
FrissonA sudden, intense feeling of excitement, thrill, or shiver, often in response to an emotional or sensory stimulus.
FrondedHaving or resembling fronds, which are the divided leaves of ferns and certain plants.
Frontisan illustration or decorative front page in a book, typically containing the title and author’s name.
FrontonA building or arena used for playing the sport of jai alai, which involves a ball being bounced off a wall.
FrostedCovered with a thin layer of ice or frost, or having a sugary glaze or coating.
FrothedPast tense of “froth,” which means to produce or form a mass of small bubbles, often in a liquid.
FrowstyStale-smelling or musty, often referring to a room or space that lacks proper ventilation and cleanliness.
FructedA heraldic term used to describe a charge or design on a shield that features fruit or fruit-bearing branches.
FryableCapable of being fried, typically used to describe foods that can be cooked in hot oil.
FubbingThis term is less common and may be used to describe the act of cheating or deceiving someone in a playful manner.
FuchsiaFuchsia is a purplish-red color and also the name of a flowering plant known for its brightly colored, pendulous flowers.
FuchsinFuchsin is a synthetic dye, typically a deep red or magenta color, used in staining biological specimens, 
Fucoidsbrown algae or seaweeds belonging to the family Fucaceae. 
Fucusesrefers to a genus of brown seaweed commonly found in rocky intertidal zones.
FuddiesThis term is less common and may refer to people or things that are somewhat confused or muddled.
FuddledIn a state of confusion, bewilderment, or intoxication, typically due to the consumption of alcohol.
FuttockA futtock is a curved or bent timber used in the construction of the frame of a wooden ship.
FuzzilyIn a vague or unclear manner, often used to describe something that lacks precision or clarity.
FuzzingA technique in software testing and security, 
Fylfotsancient symbol resembling a swastika, which has been used in various cultural and religious contexts throughout history.

Some Other Examples Of 7-letter Words Starting With F

Perfect 7 Letter Words Starting With F For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 7-Letter Words Starting With F

Encouraging kids to discover new words can be incredibly entertaining. While you encourage them, they will enjoy super excitement while they learn! But the job is not restricted to introducing these words to your child.

At the same time, they also need to grasp how to use them. To make learning a fun and practical experience, you can engage in various word games and other practical, exciting activities. Let’s direct our attention to words with seven letters, all starting with ‘F.’

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

Transform learning into a playful adventure for your Young ones! Uncover seven-letter words starting with alphabet F. Engage in a quiz where they respond with seven-letter words commencing with the letter F.

Alternatively, let them assume the role of the quizmaster, posing questions to you, and your replies must start with C. This activity promises both excitement and enlightenment.

Q: What are the bright spots or patches on the sun’s surface known as?

Answers: Faculae.

Q: Who is the teaching or administrative staff of an educational institution?

Answers: Faculty.

Q: Which type of valves or spigots are used to control the flow of liquid?

Answer: Faucets.

Q: What is the name of the container used for holding animal feed, typically used for feeding livestock?

Answer: Feedbox.

Q: What are members of the cat family, including domestic cats and wild cats, known as?

Answer: Felines.

Q: What is the past tense form of “flam”?

Answer: Flammed.

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Are you ready for a wordy game called “Word Puzzles? Test your kids with sentences that contain mysterious 7-letter words that start with the letter ‘F.’

This game is an excellent way to help them discover new words and make them become word experts. 

Here are some cool examples:

i) Fa_ling (Hint: The act of creating or telling fables.)

ii) Fac_als (Hint: Beauty treatments for the face.)

iii) Fa_ries (Hint: An alternative spelling for fairies.)

iv) Fav_rer (Hint: Someone who gives preference or support to a particular person or thing.)

v) F_eding (Hint: The act of providing food or nourishment to someone or something.)

Answers: i) Fabling ii) Facials iii) Faeries iv) Favorer v) Feeding

3. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

Hey there, we’ve got a cool word game for your kids. It’s like a matching puzzle to help them understand words better.

To start, make two lists. In the first one, write seven-letter words that begin with ‘F.’ In the second list, put down what those words mean.

Now, jumble up the meanings to make it fun for your kids.

Last but not least, show your child how to pronounce all these words and also tell them what each word means so they can remember them forever. Furthermore, help your kid to connect words that mean the same thing, just like two pieces of magnet stick together!”

Facingsi) The process of capturing moving images on film or digital media.
Feelessii)The manner or style of making or constructing something, often used in the context of art and craftsmanship.
Failingiii) The trim or fabric used to finish the edges or openings of a garment, often contrasting with the main fabric.
Filmingiv) Without a fee or cost; free of charge.
Facingsv) A weakness or shortcoming or the act of not succeeding in a task.

(Answers: a-ii, b-iv, c-v, d-i, e-iii.)


Here, we presented seven-letter ‘F’ words. Now, you can be the teacher and introduce your little one to some fresh seven-letter ‘F’ words.

If your child needs any assistance, we are there to help you always. Next up, we’ll dive into seven-letter words that start with ‘G.’ Until then, enjoy the learning journey with your child!

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