1500+ Nouns Beginning with V that You Might Know!

Hey there, word enthusiasts and language lovers! Today, we’re embarking on a whimsical journey through the wondrous world of nouns that start with the letter “V.” 

Now, we know what you might be thinking – “V? That’s a bit of an underdog in the alphabet, isn’t it?” Well, hold onto your vocabulary hats because you’re about to be pleasantly surprised!

From vibrant vegetables to valiant vikings, the realm of “V” is filled with an array of fascinating and sometimes downright quirky nouns. 

We’re diving headfirst into a vault of vocabulary that will leave you seeing the letter “V” in a whole new light.

So, whether you’re a voracious reader, a vivacious writer, or just someone with an insatiable curiosity for all things linguistic, you’re in for a treat. Let’s set sail on this voyage of vivid, vivacious, and veritably fantastic nouns that start with “V.” 

Get ready to venture into a world of vocabulary you never knew existed!

The Letter “V”

Alright, kiddo, today we’re going to make friends with the letter “V”! Imagine the letter “V” like a rocket ship, ready to blast off into the world of words.

“V” is for lots of cool things, like “volcano,” which is like a mountain that goes BOOM! It’s also for “violin,” a musical instrument that makes beautiful music, and “vegetables,” which are super healthy foods that help us grow big and strong.

And guess what? “V” is also for “vampire,” but don’t worry, they’re only in fun stories! They have sharp teeth and like to come out at night.

So, whenever you see the letter “V,” think of all the amazing words and adventures it can take you on. Vroom, vroom, off we go with the letter “V”!

Nouns That Starts With V

Here, we have collected and made a list of nouns that starts with V, but with a pinch of creativity for you all! 

You can go through each category and learn the nouns as you like! Please go ahead-

Nouns starting with letter V- Animal

Nouns Starting With Letter V- Animal For Kids
Valley BulldogVervet MonkeyViper Shark (dogfish)
Vampire BatVestal Cuckoo BumblebeeViperfish
Vampire CrabVicuñaVirgin Islands Dwarf Gecko
Vampire SquidVine SnakeVizsla
VaquitaVinegaroonVolcano Snail
Venus FlytrapViper BoaVolpino Italiano

Nouns starting with letter V- People


Nouns starting with letter V- Birds

Nouns Starting With Letter V- Birds For Kids
Vampire ground finchVelvety black tyrantViolaceous quail-dove
Van Dam’s vangaVenezuelan bristle tyrantViolet crow
Van Hasselt’s sunbirdVenezuelan flowerpiercerViolet cuckoo
Vanikoro flycatcherVenezuelan flycatcherViolet sabrewing
Vanikoro monarchVenezuelan parakeetViolet turaco
Vanikoro white-eyeVenezuelan sylphViolet wood hoopoe
Vanuatu imperial pigeonVenezuelan troupialViolet-backed hyliota
Vanuatu kingfisherVenezuelan tyrannuletViolet-backed starling
Vanuatu megapodeVenezuelan wood quailViolet-bellied hummingbird
Vanuatu petrelVeracruz wrenViolet-breasted sunbird
Vanuatu white-eyeVeraguan mangoViolet-capped hummingbird
Variable antshrikeVerdinViolet-capped woodnymph
Variable goshawkVerditer flycatcherViolet-chested hummingbird
Variable hawkVermiculated fishing owlViolet-crowned hummingbird
Variable orioleVermiculated screech owlViolet-eared waxbill
Variable oystercatcherVermilion cardinalViolet-fronted brilliant
Variable seedeaterVermilion flycatcherViolet-green swallow
Variable shrikethrushVermilion tanagerViolet-headed hummingbird
Variable sunbirdVernal hanging parrotViolet-hooded starling
Variable wheatearVerreaux’s couaViolet-necked lory
Varied buntingVerreaux’s eagleViolet-tailed sunbird
Varied honeyeaterVerreaux’s eagle-owlViolet-tailed sylph
Varied lorikeetVerreaux’s monal-partridgeViolet-throated metaltail
Varied sittellaVersicolored barbetViolet-throated starfrontlet
Varied solitaireVersicolored emeraldVirginia rail
Varied thrushVersicolored monarchVirginia’s warbler
Varied titVervain hummingbirdViridian dacnis
Varied trillerVesper sparrowViridian metaltail
Variegated antpittaVictoria crowned pigeonVisayan blue fantail
Variegated bristle tyrantVictoria’s riflebirdVisayan broadbill
Variegated fairywrenVictorin’s warblerVisayan bulbul
Variegated flycatcherVieillot’s barbetVisayan fantail
Variegated laughingthrushVieillot’s black weaverVisayan hornbill
Variegated tinamouVietnamese crested argusVisayan miniature babbler
Varzea piculetVietnamese cutiaVisayan pygmy babbler
Varzea schiffornisVietnamese greenfinchVitelline masked weaver
Várzea thrushVigors’s sunbirdVitelline warbler
Vaurie’s nightjarVilcabamba brushfinchVivid niltava
Vaux’s swiftVilcabamba tapaculoVogelkop bowerbird
VeeryVilcabamba thistletailVogelkop melidectes
Vega gullVillage indigobirdVogelkop owlet-nightjar
Vegetarian finchVillage weaverVogelkop scrubwren
Velasquez’s woodpeckerVinaceous doveVogelkop superb bird-of-paradise
Vella Lavella white-eyeVinaceous rosefinchVogelkop whistler
Velvet asityVinaceous-breasted amazonVolcano hummingbird
Velvet flycatcherVincent’s buntingVolcano junco
Velvet scoterVinous-breasted sparrowhawkVolcano swiftlet
Velvet-browed brilliantVinous-breasted starlingVon der Decken’s hornbill
Velvet-fronted euphoniaVinous-throated parrotbillVon Schrenck’s bittern
Velvet-fronted grackleViolaceous coucalVulturine guineafowl
Velvet-fronted nuthatchViolaceous euphoniaVulturine parrot
Velvet-mantled drongoViolaceous jayVelvet-purple coronet

Nouns starting with letter V- Science

ViabilityVacuum chamberVapor
ViticultureVoltage dropVocal cords
Volitional behaviorVesicleVascular system
VertexVisceral organsVocalization
Vector fieldVapor pressureVanadium
Volitional movementValvular heart diseaseVitrification
Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)Vibrational frequencyVernal equinox
VoltmeterVertebral columnVolitional control
Vascular plantsVentricular fibrillationVitreous humor
VulcanizationVentral cavityVocal resonators
Virtual realityVulcanismVisual acuity
Vibrational modeVirtual imageVisual cortex
Vascular bundlesVariable starsVernier scale
Valence electronsVibrational spectroscopyVirtual particle
Vertebral arteryViscous fluidVisual perception
Ventricular septumVisual fieldVariable resistor
Vitelline ductVestibular systemVirtual environment
Volcanic craterVortex motionVan der Waals forces
Ventilation rateVital capacityVideo microscopy
Vertebrate embryosValence shellVirtual assistant
Visceral sensationVoice recognitionVibration sensor
Vapor depositionVesicular transportVisceral fat
Voltage regulator

Nouns starting with letter V- Food

Nouns Starting With Letter V- Food For Kids
VinaigretteVodka sauceVeggie burger
Velvet cakeVenisonVermicelli
VindalooVegetable oilVienna sausage
VatapaVol-au-ventVegetable broth
Vinaigrette dressingVegemiteVermouth
Veggie chipsVanilla extractVeal parmesan
Vegetable stir-fryVelveted meatVada pav
VatroushkaVeal piccataVareniki
VatrouchkaVegetable curryVegetable stew
Vegan cheeseVine-ripened tomatoesVanilla bean
Vegetarian lasagnaVidalia onionsVada
VerjuiceVeggie wrapVepřo-knedlo-zelo
Vanilla yogurtVegetable medleyVelvet shrimp
Veal MarsalaVine leavesVanilla ice cream
Vegetable biryaniVegetable tempuraVegan mayo
Vanilla podVegetable kebabsVeal chop
Vegetable frittataVada curryVegetable tart
Vanilla fudgeVeal scallopiniVegetable terrine
Velvet chickenVanilla sugarVegetable pizza
Vegetarian chiliVegetable dumplingsVanilla pound cake
Vanilla puddingVegetable casseroleVanilla pastry cream
Venison stewVegetable ragoutVegetable quiche
Vegetable couscousVanilla custardVegetable chowder

Nouns starting with letter V- Vehicle

Vanadium batteryVandalismVanagon
VaneVanpoolingVapor lock
VariatorVanguardValet parking
ValveVacuum pumpValve stem
VauxhallVanadium steelVaporizer
VarianceVanadium redox batteryV-twin engine
Vending truckVanadium alloyVandal
VaudevilleVehicular accessVector
Vortex engineVelocipedeVespa
Victory motorcycleVarsity letterVandalproof
Vehicular trafficVerandahVerge
VentilatorVenueVespa scooter
Vintage carVintage motorcycleVinyl car wrap
Vinyl roofVision vanVise
Visionary carVitality airViper
Vibration damperVision zero vehicleVIP transport
VIP shuttleViscous fan clutchV-tail aircraft
Vessel trackingVehicular manslaughterVehicle tracking
Voltage regulatorVulcanizerVulcanized rubber
Volleyball busVeloce e-bikeValiant car
Vintage vanVirtual car showroomVisionary vehicle

Nouns starting with letter V- Household Items

Nouns Starting With Letter V- Household Items For Kids
Vacuum cleanerVaseVanity
Vinyl flooringVideo game consoleVisor
Vegetable peelerVoltage testerVoltage regulator
Velour cushionsVenetian blindsVotive candle holder
Vanity mirrorVCR playerVinyl siding
Voltage converterVinegar dispenserVacuum storage bags
Votive lightsVelvet throw pillowsVideo camera
Vegetable steamerVanity stoolValet stand
Vellum paperVotive holdersVinyl tablecloth
Volumetric flaskVault doorVacuum sealers
ViseVanity setVoltage transformer
Vanity trayVotive centerpieceVinyl gloves
Vent coverVotive rackVotive lantern
Vacuum flaskVarnishing brushVinyl records
Voltage stabilizerVacuum attachmentsVentilation fan
Vanity sinkVinyl cutterVideo projector
Votive displayVentilation systemVacuum bag sealer
Vanity unitVinyl repair kitViscoelastic pillow
Volume control knobVinegar bottleVegetable brush
Velcro strapsVinyl cleanerVentilation duct
Vinyl adhesiveVideo transmitterVacuum hose
Vacuum headVacuum wandVotive candle set
Vinyl stickersVentilation coverVarnish remover
Vacuum tubingVinyl blindsVanity light

Nouns starting with letter V- Fantasy

ValkyrieVeritas (truth)Vespera

Nouns starting with letter V- Nature

Nouns Starting With Letter V- Nature For Kids
ValleysVegetation coverVelvet grass
Valley floorVernal poolVine canopy
VerandaValley oakVeldt
Vapor trailVireoVeld grass
Violet flowerVelvetleafVale
Velvety mossVine mapleValley view
VastnessVicinityViolet petals
VinegaroonVernal equinoxVortex
Vine snakeViperVenus flytrap
Veld fireVineyard rowsVolcanic ash
Vireo songbirdViolet-tailed sylphVernal blooms
Vine tendrilsValley streamVelvet ant
Venus shellViolet-winged damselflyVulture roost
Volcanic coneVineyard grapesValley wildflowers
Velvet cloak mossViolet-crowned hummingbirdVelvet worm
Valley landscapeVortex motionVervet monkey
VoleVelvet geckoViolet-backed starling
Violet ground beetleVernal pool fairy shrimpValley grassland
Valley sceneryVelvet water bugVelvet scoter
Valley vegetationVolcanic landscapeVelvet snout beetle
Vervain plantVelvet miteValley formation
Valley ecosystemValerian flowerVelvet crab

Nouns starting with letter V- Instruments

Violoncello (Cello)VibraharpVibraslap
VibraphoneValveless hornVitar
Vocal cordsVichitra veenaVessels
Valve tromboneVinaVoice flute

Nouns starting with letter V- Fashion

Nouns Starting With Letter V- Fashion For Kids
Varsity jacketVelcroVanity
VixenVegan leatherV-neckline
VestmentV-neck sweaterVisitation robe
VersatileVestidoVulcanized rubber boots
Vanner hatVented hemlineVentile fabric
Venetian laceVestal virgin gownVaporwave fashion
Vegan suedeVoile dressVampy look
Vinyl trousersVelveteen jacketVictorian boots
Vibrant colorsVirago styleVintage denim
Voluminous skirtVegan silkVictorian dress
Velvet gownVelvet suitV-neck blouse
Varsity sweaterVeiled hatVictorian coat
Velvet pantsuitV-neck dressVisor cap
Velour tracksuitVelvet skirtVintage scarf
Vogue fashionVictorian collarVinyl dress
Vegan furVictorian blouseVelveteen dress
Victorian laceVintage bootsVest coat
Victorian glovesVarsity pantsVogue style
V-neck jumperVintage jacketVelvet blazer
Velour robeVest dressVinyl jacket
Victorian era fashionV-neck cardiganVintage shirt
Varsity skirtVelvet kimonoVisor sunglasses
V-neck pulloverVegan fashionVelour hoodie
Vintage suitVictorian bonnetV-neck bodysuit
V-neck teeVelvet topVintage hat

Nouns starting with letter V- Art

Vanishing pointVignettingViewfinder
VividnessVoyeurismVignette painting
Vellum paperVisual artsVisionary
VocalizationVocalistVocal technique
Vocal performanceVirelayVocal exercises
ViolinistViolin musicVocal cords
Vocal rangeVibrancyVintage art
Visual designVisual appealVideo art
Varnishing dayVersificationVector art
Vernacular architectureVisual displayVitrine
Votive offeringVinyl artVoluptuousness
Vellum manuscriptVideo installationVarnishing brush
Video editingViewpointVisual perception
Visual styleVibrationVirtual art
Visual communicationVisual storytellingVisual representation
Visual languageVisual metaphorVoiceover
Voice modulationVolume controlVisual identity
Voice recognitionVisual rhythmVirtual reality art
Visual symbolismVisual artistVignette effect
Visual memoryVisual cultureVisual effects

Nouns starting with letter V- Sports

Nouns Starting With Letter V- Sports For Kids
VigorVictory lapVolleyball net
Vertical jumpVaulting horseVarsity team
Victory celebrationVolleyball courtVictory medal
Victory poseVictory ceremonyVertical bar
Volleyball serveVictory marchVictory dance
Victory speechVolleyball spikeVictory parade
Victory signVertical ascentVolleyball game
Victory laneVictory bellVaulting pole
Victory runVolleyball tournamentVictory flag
Victory standVarsity jacketVictory moment
Vaulting techniqueVictory lap raceVolleyball match
Victory partyVictory recordVolleyball championship
Victory saluteVaulting competitionVictory lap victory
Volleyball teamVictory lap finishVictory hat
Victory speech podiumVolleyball playerVictory lap finish line
Volleyball practiceVictory celebration ceremonyVolleyball skills
Victory ceremony stageVolleyball skills competitionVictory bell ringing
Victory streakVolleyball trainingVictory lap finisher
Victory podiumVolleyball enthusiastVictory party celebration
Volleyball drillVolleyball coachVictory race
Volleyball uniform

Interesting activities

Nouns Starting With Letter V- Tongue Twisters For Kids

In today’s interesting activity, we will be doing the Tongue twisters! Tongue twisters are like linguistic acrobatics, where words dance and tumble, testing your tongue’s twists and turns.

So, are you ready for a rollicking ride through the tongue-twisting “V” nouns?

  1. Vicky’s vibrant violets vary in value.
  2. Vincent’s vintage violin vanished very mysteriously.
  3. Victor’s vicious vipers vigorously vocalized.
  4. Veronica’s versatile vegetables vied for victory.
  5. Valerie’s velvet vest vanished from the vehicle.
  6. Vivian’s valuable vase vibrated violently.
  7. Vanessa’s voluminous volumes vanished overnight.
  8. Victor’s voracious vultures voraciously devoured a vole.
  9. Violet’s vivid visualization was virtually visionary.
  10. Veronica’s vintage vinyls vexed Vincent.
  11. Valentina’s vibrant velvet vases validated her vision.
  12. Valerie’s victorious volleyball victory was very visible.
  13. Vincent’s very vivid view vanished in the valley.
  14. Victor’s vigilant watchdog verified the visitor’s visit.
  15. Vanessa’s violet veil veered into the vacant venue.
  16. Vivian’s valuable violin vibrated vigorously.
  17. Victor’s vivacious voice validated his victory.
  18. Vincent’s vintage vinyl vest vanished.
  19. Valerie’s vibrant violet vest vibrated violently.
  20. Vanessa’s velvet violets varied in value

These tongue twisters are not only fun to say but also great for improving pronunciation and diction. Give them a try and see if you can master the “V” challenge!


The world of nouns that start with the letter “V” is a vibrant and varied one. From the natural world to the man-made, from the practical to the whimsical, there’s no shortage of intriguing items and concepts that fall under this letter’s domain.

Whether it’s the vivacious violets in a garden, the versatile tools in a workshop, or the various creatures that inhabit our planet, the diversity of nouns starting with “V” reflects the richness of our language and the breadth of our experiences.

Next time you encounter a “V” noun in your daily life, take a moment to appreciate the vastness of the vocabulary we have at our disposal. 

Who knows what vibrant and valuable nouns await our discovery in the world of language? Happy exploring!

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