2100+ Nouns that Start with N that You Should Know!

Hey there, our word wanderers! Today, we’re diving into the delightful domain of nouns that start with the letter “N.” 

Nestled within the vast realm of the English language, you’ll be amazed at the numerous nouns that begin with this nimble and notorious letter. Whether you’re a neophyte wordsmith or a seasoned lexiconnoisseur (a person who makes up a word and tells other about that new invented word!), prepare for a nose-dive into a nugget-filled, noun-nourishing adventure. 

From noble narwhals to nutty noodles, we’ve got ‘N’ words galore to nourish your linguistic curiosity. 

So, without further ado, let’s navigate this lexical landscape and unearth some fascinating nouns that’ll make you exclaim, “Now, that’s noteworthy!”

The Letter “N”

Today, we’re going to meet a new friend, and its name is the letter ‘N.’ The letter ‘N’ looks like a vertical Z, isn’t it?

Can you see it? It’s like two tall sticks standing side by side. ‘N’ is a special letter because it makes a unique sound. It sounds like the noise you make when you say ‘nnnnn’ with your mouth closed.

Now, let’s think of some words that start with the letter ‘N.’ How about ‘nest’? A nest is where birds make their homes. Can you say ‘nest’?

And there’s ‘nose.’ Your nose is on your face, and you use it to smell things. Can you point to your nose?

You can find the letter ‘N’ in many of your favorite words, and it’s a pretty cool letter to know. So, let’s practice saying ‘N’ and finding it in words as we learn more about this letter. 

What other ‘N’ words can you think of? Let us know!

Nouns Starting with “N”

Here, we have collected and made a list of nouns that starts with N, but with a pinch of creativity for you all! 

You can go through each category and learn the nouns as you like! Please go ahead-

Nouns starting with letter N- Animal

Nouns Starting With Letter N- Animal For Kids
NabarlekNewtNorway Rat
NaegleriaNguni CattleNorwegian Buhund
Naked Mole RatNigerian GoatNorwegian Elkhound
NarwhalNight AdderNorwegian Forest
NatterjackNight SnakeNorwegian Lundehund
NautilusNile CrocodileNorwich Terrier
NeanderthalNile MonitorNose-Horned Viper
Neapolitan MastiffNile PerchNova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever
NebelungNilgaiNubian Goat
NeedlefishNo See UmsNudibranch
Nelore CattleNorfolk TerrierNumbat
Neon TetraNorth American Black BearNurse Shark
Neptune GrouperNorthern Alligator LizardNut Weevil
Netherland Dwarf RabbitNorthern Fur SealNutria
NewfoundlandNorthern Inuit DogNyala
NewfypooNorthern Water Snake

Nouns starting with letter N- Science

NerveNebulaNuclear fusion
NymphNucleic acidNociceptor
NectaryNephelometerNuclear reactor
NanobotsNerve impulseNucleation
NanomaterialsNystagmusNeutron star
Nuclear fissionNacreNode
Nuclear medicineNectosomeNectar
Niche partitioningNephrologyNutraceuticals
NephelineNutationNuclear envelope
Nucleolar organizerNictitating membraneNanocomposites
Nucleic acid hybridizationNutritional biochemistryNeoplasia
NematologyNucleotide excision repairNanopore
Nuclear power plantNucleolar organizer regionNeoteny
Natural resourceNoncoding RNANucleoside diphosphate kinase
Nectar guideNymphal stageNitration
NanosatelliteNonvolatile memoryNucleic acid sequence
Nuclear transmutationNucleoside analogNephrotoxicity
Nautical mileNephropathyNoise pollution
Nuclear matrixNanoprocessorNanowire
NucleaseNutrient cyclingNitrile
Nutritional ecologyNephronophthisisNatural selection
Nervous systemNuclear magnetic resonance

Nouns starting with letter N- Birds

Nouns Starting With Letter N- Birds For Kids
Naked-faced spiderhunterNew Ireland boobookNorthern bentbill
Namaqua doveNew Ireland dwarf kingfisherNorthern black flycatcher
Namaqua sandgrouseNew Ireland friarbirdNorthern black korhaan
Namaqua warblerNew Ireland myzomelaNorthern bobwhite
Namuli apalisNew Zealand bellbirdNorthern boobook
Nanday parakeetNew Zealand bitternNorthern brownbul
Nankeen kestrelNew Zealand dotterelNorthern brown-throated weaver
Nankeen night heronNew Zealand falconNorthern cardinal
Napo sabrewingNew Zealand fantailNorthern carmine bee-eater
Narcissus flycatcherNew Zealand fernbirdNorthern cassowary
Narcondam hornbillNew Zealand grebeNorthern catbird
Naretha bluebonnetNew Zealand kakaNorthern chestnut-tailed antbird
Narina trogonNew Zealand king shagNorthern crombec
Nariño tapaculo†New Zealand merganserNorthern dark newtonia
Narrow-billed antwrenNew Zealand quailNorthern double-collared sunbird
Narrow-billed todyNew Zealand rock wrenNorthern fantail
Narrow-billed woodcreeperNew Zealand scaupNorthern fiscal
Narrow-tailed emeraldNew Zealand storm petrelNorthern flicker
Narrow-tailed starlingNewell’s shearwaterNorthern fulmar
Nashville warblerNewton’s parakeetNorthern gannet
Natal spurfowlNewton’s sunbirdNorthern giant petrel
Natewa silktailNiam-Niam parrotNorthern golden bulbul
Natterer’s slaty antshrikeNias hill mynaNorthern goshawk
Naumann’s thrushNiau kingfisherNorthern grey-headed sparrow
Naung Mung scimitar babblerNicaraguan grackleNorthern grosbeak-canary
Nauru reed warblerNicaraguan seed finchNorthern harrier
Nava’s wrenNiceforo’s wrenNorthern hawk-owl
Nazca boobyNicholson’s pipitNorthern jacana
Neblina metaltailNicobar bulbulNorthern lapwing
Neblina tapaculoNicobar imperial pigeonNorthern Marquesan reed warbler
Nechisar nightjarNicobar jungle flycatcherNorthern masked weaver
Necklaced barbetNicobar megapodeNorthern mealy amazon
Necklaced spinetailNicobar parakeetNorthern mockingbird
NeddickyNicobar pigeonNorthern mountain cacique
Needle-billed hermitNicobar scops owlNorthern nightingale-wren
Neergaard’s sunbirdNicobar sparrowhawkNorthern parula
Negros bleeding-heart pigeonNight parrotNorthern pied babbler
Negros fruit doveNightingale Island finchNorthern pintail
Negros leaf warblerNightingale reed warblerNorthern potoo
Negros scops owlNihoa finchNorthern puffback
Negros striped babblerNile Valley sunbirdNorthern pygmy owl
Nelicourvi weaverNilgiri blue robinNorthern red bishop
Nelson’s sparrowNilgiri flowerpeckerNorthern red-billed hornbill
NeneNilgiri flycatcherNorthern rockhopper penguin
Neotropic cormorantNilgiri laughingthrushNorthern rosella
Neotropical palm swiftNilgiri pipitNorthern rough-winged swallow
Nepal cupwingNilgiri thrushNorthern royal albatross
Nepal fulvettaNilgiri wood pigeonNorthern royal flycatcher
Nepal house martinNimba flycatcherNorthern saw-whet owl
Neumann’s starlingNkulengu railNorthern schiffornis
Neumann’s warblerNoble snipeNorthern screamer
New Britain boobookNocturnal curassowNorthern scrub flycatcher
New Britain bronzewingNoisy friarbirdNorthern scrub robin
New Britain dwarf kingfisherNoisy minerNorthern shoveler
New Britain friarbirdNoisy pittaNorthern shrike
New Britain goshawkNoisy scrubbirdNorthern silvery kingfisher
New Britain pittaNonggang babblerNorthern slaty antshrike
New Britain sparrowhawkNordmann’s greenshankNorthern tufted flycatcher
New Britain thicketbirdNorfolk gerygoneNorthern variable pitohui
New Caledonian crow†Norfolk ground doveNorthern waterthrush
New Caledonian cuckooshrikeNorfolk kakaNorthern wheatear
New Caledonian friarbirdNorfolk parakeetNorthern white-crowned shrike
New Caledonian lorikeetNorfolk robinNorthern white-crowned tapaculo
New Caledonian myzomelaNoronha elaeniaNorthern white-faced owl
New Caledonian nightjarNoronha vireoNorthern white-fringed antwren
New Caledonian owlet-nightjarNorth Island brown kiwiNorthern yellow white-eye
New Caledonian parakeetNorth Island kōkakoNubian bustard
New Caledonian rail†North Island piopioNubian nightjar
New Caledonian thicketbirdNorth Island robinNubian woodpecker
New Caledonian whistlerNorth Island saddlebackNuku Hiva monarch
New Georgia dwarf kingfisherNorth Island snipeNullarbor quail-thrush
New Guinea bronzewing†North Island takahēNumfor leaf warbler
New Guinea flightless railNorth Melanesian cuckooshrikeNumfor paradise kingfisher
New Guinea friarbirdNorth Moluccan pittaNuthatch vanga
New Guinea scrubfowlNorth Solomons dwarf kingfisherNuttall’s woodpecker
New Guinea thornbillNorthern bald ibisNutting’s flycatcher
New Guinea woodcockNorthern barred woodcreeperNyanza swift
New Holland honeyeaterNorthern beardless tyrannulet

Nouns starting with letter N- People


Nouns starting with letter N- Food

Nouns Starting With Letter N- Food For Kids
Nigella seedsNettlesNopalitos
NectarNutritional yeastNougat
Nasi gorengNeapolitan ice creamNashi pears
Nut crackersNectarine jamNut bars
Noodle soupNanceNut butter
Navel orangesNouvelle cuisineNut roll
NutellaNorwegian salmonNectarine tart
Noodle saladNoodle bowlNigiri
Noodle stir-fryNigiri sushiNoodle dish
Navajo fry breadNanking cherriesNihari
Nut milkNutcrackerNopales salad
Nasi lemakNachosNew potatoes
Nut roastNutmeg teaNut-filled pastry
Nutmeg cookiesNutella crepesNut loaf
Nettle soupNopales tacosNut brittle
Nectarine cobblerNoodle casseroleNut loaf
Nuts and seedsNutmeg chickenNoodle broth
Noodle bowlNoodles with sauceNasturtium pesto
Nourishing smoothieNoodle pieNut-stuffed dates
Napa cabbageNut loafNoodles in broth
Nantucket cranberriesNutmeg-flavored dishesNut-topped cake
Noodle sandwichNougat ice creamNut-based sauce
Nectarine preservesNutty fudgeNectarine salsa
Nettle teaNut and fruit saladNigella seed bread
Noodle rollsNutmeg spiced coffeeNectarine vinegar
Nonya cuisineNoodle bakeNut-crusted fish
Noodle dishesNutmeg-flavored custardNourishing broth
Noodles with vegetablesNutty dessertsNettle-infused broth
Noodle potNougat parfaitNantucket pies
Nectarine-infused waterNoodle platterNut granola
Neapolitan pizzaNew York cheesecake

Nouns starting with letter N- Vehicles

Navigational systemNitrousNomad
NoseNavigation lightsNeutral gear
NitroNeck restNudge bar
Narrow-gauge trainNumber plateNail
Nautical mileNuclear-powered shipNight-vision goggles
Nut and boltNose coneNoise-canceling headphones
Nacelle fairingNon-skid tiresNavigational chart
Neutral safety switchNuclear submarineNut driver
Night lightNacelle coverNitrous oxide system
Nut splitterNon-return valveNose gear
Navigation computerNeutral density filterNuclear reactor
Nautical compassNitrogen-filled tiresNacelle strut
Navigation aidNeutralizerNose wheel
Nudge guardNon-studded tiresNumber plate frame
Nitrogen tankNight vision systemNacelle pylon
Navigation radioNeutral wireNitrogen pump
Nose artNudge bar bumperNon-slip pedals
Navigation receiverNeutralization reactionNitrogen generator
Nacelle engineNon-slip matNut cover
Nacelle intakeNavigation systemNon-contact tire
Nose capNeutralization tankNut plate
Navigation consoleNacelle mountNudge bar grill
Nitrogen valveNut assemblyNose assembly
Nose maskNeutral safety featureNautical equipment

Nouns starting with letter N- Household Items

Nouns Starting With Letter N- Household Items For Kids
NotebookNapkin holderNesting tables
NutcrackerNight lightNut chopper
NetNut bowlNameplate
Nest thermostatNurseryNail file
Napkin ringsNoodle makerNoise machine
Night tableNettingNapkin dispenser
Nail polish removerNightstand lampName tag
Nursery rugNeck pillowNautical decor
Nesting bowlsNotion organizerNail brush
Nail clippersNose hair trimmerNutmeg grater
Napkin setNapkin folding kitNail scissors
Nutmeg millNesting dollsNight light projector
Nail bufferNightstand organizerNoodle bowl set
Needle threaderNapkin pressNeck massager
Nautical chartNursery furnitureNesting trays
Night vision gogglesNut roasterNightstand clock
Napkin caddyNail care kitNesting canisters
Nut splitterNote holderNautical rope
Night vision cameraNoodle strainerNail art kit
Nut shellerNose fluteNanny cam
Nut milk bagNight serumNeti pot
Nail strengthenerNectar dispenserNeck hammock
Night guardNail glueNight cream
Nougat cutterNail stickerNectarine cutter
Night guard caseNail varnish removerNose warmer
Navel ringNoodle pressNose rings
Nightshade cutterNail dryerNail sterilizer
Night cream dispenserNose piercing jewelryNail enamel
Night guard cleanerNougat rollerNipple shield
Nightstand drawerNail clipper setNose pliers
Nail clipper holderNail polish bottle holderNightstand organizer tray
Nighttime moisturizerNectar collectorNeedlepoint kit

Nouns starting with letter N- Fantasy


Nouns starting with letter N- Nature

Nouns Starting With Letter N- Nature For Kids
NectarNarwhalNile crocodile
Nocturnal animalsNuthatchNewt
Nectarine treeNettleNorthern lights
Nuthatch birdNene birdNorthern pike
NeedlegrassNuthatch songNutmeg tree
Newt speciesNorway spruceNorthern hemisphere
Night-blooming cereusNorway mapleNarcissus flower
Nutmeg palmNight heronNut pine
Narwhal tuskNorthern mockingbirdNatterjack toad
Nasturtium plantNene gooseNatterjack toad habitat
Northern cricket frogNectarine orchardNut tree
Nutria habitatNeedleleaf treesNorthern white cedar
Nut-bearing plantsNuthatch habitatNannyberry tree
Nootka cypressNutmeg spiceNight-blooming jasmine
Naked mole ratNanking cherry treeNorway spruce forest
Nettle plantNopal cactusNighthawk bird
Northern saw-whet owlNutria rodentNorthern flicker
Nectar sourcesNuthatch nestNarrowleaf cottonwood
Nut grassNodding thistleNorthern leopard frog
NumbatNightshade familyNorway rat
Northern redbelly snakeNuthatch feathersNorthern goshawk
Nut tree groveNectar feederNeem tree
Nightingale birdNettle teaNudibranch
Nut pine forestNightcrawlerNorthern bayberry
Nutcracker birdNettlesome vineNorthern bobwhite
Nectar-loving birdsNettle soupNight-blooming cereus flower
Needle palm treeNectar-producing plantsNeedle palm
Nodding onionNightcap orchid

Nouns starting with letter N- Art

NeoclassicismNaïve artNib
Negative spaceNeutralsNeedlepoint
NominalismNeoplasticismNarrative art
NaturalismNonobjective artNib holder
Nonrepresentational artNouvelle vagueNew media art
NacreNouveau richeNib pen
Nonfigurative artNumerical artNeo-Expressionism
Nontraditional mediaNotanNeolithic art
Non-fungible token (NFT)Neo-romanticismNiche art
National GalleryNative artNon-chronological order
Napier’s bonesNeo-popNeedle felting
NuanceNon-linear perspectiveNeedlecraft
NihongaNiche marketNotion
Narrative filmNeo-constructivismNovella
NymphNeo-baroqueNature printing
New wave cinemaNoh maskNapkin art
Neo-figurative artNon-artNeo-dada
Naturalistic styleNom de plumeNight photography
NotepaperNymph artNaïve realism
Newsprint artNose artNuanced color
Nostalgia artNeo-surrealismNational treasure
Nave artNettingNewlyn School
Nib paintingNet artNeo-gothic

Nouns starting with letter N- Fashion

Nouns Starting With Letter N- Fashion For Kids
NailsNewsboy capNeckline
NegligeeNeck scarfNail polish
NubuckNeckpieceNautical wear
NightdressNail artNotch collar
Nappa leatherNeon attireNylon stockings
Novelty socksNubuck shoesNeck chain
NightwearNeck warmerNewsprint clothing
Neck corsetNecktie pinNautical fashion
Nomex fabricNecktie scarfNecktie tack
Nap dressNautical stripesNecktie clip
Neck braceNegligee dressNightcap
Nautical accessoriesNecktie knotNecktie holder
Net dressNail stickerNecktie bar
Nail fileNecktie bowNecktie chain
Necktie broochNecktie buckleNecktie pendant
Nubuck beltNylon fabricNecktie scarf clip
Necktie slideNecktie studNecktie tape
Necktie cufflinksNecktie hangerNecktie pin holder
Nettie loopNecktie sleeveNecktie ring holder
Necktie holder clipNecktie loopNecktie sleeve holder
Necktie ringNecktie hookNecktie keeper
Necktie hookNecktie pendant chainNecktie organizer

Nouns starting with letter N- Instruments

Nagoya harpNagado daikoNajdiyyah
Ney fluteNabalNanajo
Nose fluteNangaNapier’s bones
Najdi fluteNay (Arabic reed flute)Nay-e tiz

Nouns starting with letter N- Sports

Nouns Starting With Letter N- Sports For Kids
NetballNunchucksNordic skiing
Nine-ballNose guardNeutral zone
NoviceNo-look passNo-handed catch
Neck guardNutmeg (soccer)National team
Nose tackleNear fall (wrestling)No-huddle offense
Nautical sportsNosepieceNet minder
No-gi grapplingNose cone (motorsport)Nutshot (boxing)
Nose clip (swimming)Noggin (boxing)Nutcracker (gymnastics)
Northpaw (baseball)Narrowboat racingNerve (horse racing)
No-horse bar (archery)Number (cycling)Neck roll (football)
Nut shot (martial arts)Necktie raceNo-decision (boxing)
Neck gaiter (skiing)Neck strap (archery)Nutting (golf)
Niblick (golf)Nutria trappingNetting (fishing)
Neck protector (motorcycling)Night hunt (hunting)No-look shot (basketball)
Natural (surfing)Nose wire (kayaking)No-sail zone (sailing)
Nosepiece (skiing)Net cord (tennis)Neck catch (football)
Neck stretch (gymnastics)North Ridge climbNut driver (auto racing)
Neck vein (boxing)Nascar raceNo-check zone (hockey)
Nordic walkingNeck crank (wrestling)Neck hold (jujitsu)
No-stopping zone (skateboarding)North Pole trekNeck toss (wrestling)
No-slope zone (skiing)Nose guard (basketball)Noggin (soccer)
Neck check (hockey)No-arms race (swimming)Neck bridge (bodybuilding)
No-jump line (volleyball)Nautical mile runNeck hold (martial arts)
No-stride jump (track and field)Neoprene suit (diving)Netting (hunting)

Interesting activities

Nouns Starting With Letter N- Tongue Twisters For Kids

In today’s interesting activity, we will be doing the Tongue twisters! Tongue twisters are like linguistic acrobatics, where words dance and tumble, testing your tongue’s twists and turns.

So, are you ready for a rollicking ride through the tongue-twisting “N” nouns?

  1. Naughty Nancy nibbled nine nutritious nuts.
  2. Nimble ninjas never neglect their nunchucks.
  3. Nervous nurses need nurturing, nutritious noodles.
  4. Nine noble narwhals navigated the northern narrows.
  5. Numerous naughty newts nibbled on nougat.
  6. A noisy neighbor named Ned napped near the nursery.
  7. Nifty nurses neatly knit neon-colored napkins.
  8. Nancy’s new necklace made noise near the nest.
  9. Norman’s noisy nose never noticed the nifty narwhal.
  10. Naughty nymphs nestle near the narrow creek.
  11. Noble knights never neglect their noble steeds.
  12. Nelly’s nutty nephew nibbled on her noodles.
  13. A nimble nutcracker neatly nailed the nuts.
  14. Nellie and Ned need new narwhal necklaces.
  15. A nosy squirrel nested in the napping tree.
  16. Naughty Nancy needed nine nickels for the necklace.
  17. Nervous Nick never notices the noisy neighbors.
  18. A nimble nanny navigated the narrow, winding path.
  19. Nifty newts nestled in the gnarled tree.
  20. Numerous nymphs napped in the northern wilderness.

These tongue twisters are not only fun to say but also great for improving pronunciation and diction. Give them a try and see if you can master the “N” challenge!


The world of nouns that start with the letter “N” is a rich and nuanced tapestry of language, full of unexpected treasures waiting to be discovered.

Whether you’re a student at school or home-schooling, the “N” nouns offer a gateway to a world of imagination and communication! 

So, the next time you encounter a noun that starts with “N,” take a moment to savor the nuances and richness it brings to our conversations and stories. 

It’s a reminder that the alphabet is not just a tool for communication; it’s a gateway to a universe of ideas, experiences, and possibilities waiting to be explored. BRB!!

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