2100+ Nouns that Start with C for Curious Vocabulary!

Hey there, all you awesome young word explorers! Are you ready to dive into the amazing world of words that start with the super cool letter “C”? 

You see, nouns are like the superstars of our language world! They’re the names of people, places, things, and even some furry, feathered, or scaly friends!

We are about to find what’s that buzz for the letter C is all about, here. But wait, there’s more! We’ll sprinkle in some fun facts, and even whip up a bit of crafty creativity to make our word adventure even more exciting.

So, grab your thinking caps and get ready to begin this adventure. Let’s learn, laugh, and love the magic of language together!

The Letter “C”

You must be familiarised with the word C….that curvy letter which looks just like a vertical smile?

Well, the most exciting part about “C” is the sound it makes! When you say a word with “C,” it can be like a “k” or an “s.” Try saying these words out loud: “cat” and “circle.” See how “C” can change its sound? 

You’ll find “C” making words like “car,” “castle,” “cake,” and even “chocolate”!

It’s like a secret code that only you and “C” know!

Nouns Starting with “C”

Here, we have collected and made a list of nouns that starts with C, but with a pinch of creativity for you all! 

You can go through each category and learn the nouns as you like! Please go ahead-

Nouns starting with letter C- Animal

Nouns Starting With Letter C- Animal For Kids
Cabbage MothCheagleCollared Peccary
Cactus MothCheckered Garter SnakeCollett’s Snake
Cactus MouseCheetahCollie
CaecilianChesapeake Bay RetrieverCollie Mix
CaimanChi ChiColossal Squid
Caiman LizardChicken SnakeComb Jellyfish
Cairn TerrierChiggerComet Moth
California KingsnakeChihuahuaComfort Retriever
California TarantulaChihuahua MixCommon Carp
CamelChildren’s pythonCommon European Adder
Camel CricketChilean Recluse SpiderCommon Frog
Camel SpiderChilean Rose TarantulaCommon Furniture Beetle
Canaan DogChilesaurusCommon House Spider
Canada LynxChimaeraCommon Spotted Cuscus
Canadian Eskimo DogChimpanzeeCommon Toad
Canadian HorseChinchillaCompsognathus
Cane CorsoChinese AlligatorCone Snail
Cane RatChinese CobraConger Eel
Cane SpiderChinese Crested DogCongo Snake
CantilChinese PaddlefishCookiecutter Shark
Cape LionChinese Shar-PeiCopperhead
CapuchinChinese Water DeerCoral
CapybaraChinookCoral Snake
CaracalChinook SalmonCorgidor
Caribbean Reef SharkChipitCorgipoo
Carolina DogChipooCorman Shepherd
CarpChitonCorn Earworm
Carpenter AntChiweenieCorn Rex Cat (Cornish Rex)
Carpet BeetleChorkieCorn Snake
Carpet PythonChow ChowCory Catfish
Carpet ViperChow PomCoryphodon
Carrion BeetleChow ShepherdCosmic Caterpillar
CascabelChristmas BeetleCoton de Tulear
Cashmere GoatChristmas Island Red CrabCotton-top Tamarin
CatChromodoris WillaniCottonmouth
Cat SnakeChuskyCoues Deer
Cat-Eyed SnakeCicadaCougar
Cat-Faced SpiderCichlidCow
Catahoula BulldogCigarette BeetleCow Reticulated Python
Catahoula LeopardCinnamon Ball PythonCoyote

Nouns starting with letter C- People


Nouns starting with letter C- Food

Nouns Starting With Letter C- Food For Kids
CarrotCorianderClam Chowder
ChocolateCherry PieChicken Fajitas
CheeseCheeseburgerChicken Tenders
ChickenCreme BruleeChicken Parmesan
CroissantCitrusChocolate Mousse
CucumberColeslawCorn Pudding
CabbageCaramel AppleCorn Fritters
CornClafoutisCranberry Juice
CerealChimichangaCarrot Cake
CookiesColby CheeseCoffee Cake
CustardCorned BeefCucumber Sandwich
CauliflowerCottage CheeseCheese Fondue
CashewsChicken SoupCrab Cakes
CaviarCucumber SaladCinnamon Swirl Bread
CupcakeCaesar SaladChicken Curry
ChiliChocolate CakeCoconut Shrimp
CinnamonCinnamon RollChocolate Chip Cookies
CherryCoconut MilkCaramel Popcorn
CoconutCucumber SoupCarrot Soup
CantaloupeCoconut PieChicken Enchiladas
CranberriesCherry JamCrab Legs
ClamCranberry SauceCherry Cheesecake
CrabCabbage SoupChocolate Brownies
CilantroCaprese SaladCucumber Sushi
CheddarChicken SaladCinnamon Toast
CornbreadCrepeCoconut Cream Pie
CurrantsCurryCilantro Lime Rice
CrackerCarbonaraCaramelized Onions
CouscousCorn ChowderCranberry Muffins
ChivesCheesesteakClam Linguine
CaramelChutneyChicken Noodle Soup
CeleryCoq au VinChocolate Fondue

Nouns starting with letter C- Science

CarbonClimatologyCervical Vertebrae
CellClimate ChangeCytopathology
ClimateCarnivoreCircular Motion
CosmologyCovalent BondCell Membrane
ChromosomeCyber-Physical SystemCompton Scattering
CatalystClinical TrialCosmic Rays
CytoskeletonCometCardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
Circadian RhythmCirculatory SystemCytogenetics
CyberneticsCapillaryCurvature of Space
ChromatographyChronobiologyComa Cluster
CalorimeterCepheid VariableCassiopeia
CarcinogenCreepCentripetal Force
Celestial MechanicsConvectionComputational Science
CloneCorneaCosmic Microwave Background Radiation
CrystallizationCatastrophismControl System
Cognitive ScienceCognitive PsychologyCreutzfeldt-Jakob Disease
CryogenicsCryosphereCirculatory Shock
CorrelationCrepuscular RaysClathrate Hydrates
CloningCosmonautCosmic Neutrinos
CatalysisCrustCoronal Mass Ejection
CerebellumCurie PointCalorimetry
ConservationChaos TheoryCross-Sectional Study
CybersecurityCurvatureCarbon Nanotube
Cosmic Microwave BackgroundCosmic DustConvergent Evolution
ComplementarityConduction BandCardiovascular System
CytokinesisChemical BondCoagulation Cascade
CryonicsCopernican PrincipleCyclin
CyclotronCircular DichroismClonal Selection
Carbon CycleCosmogonyCritical Mass
Control GroupCapacitorCrossbreeding
Carotid Artery

Nouns starting with letter C- Nature

Nouns Starting With Letter C- Nature For Kids
CoralChiffchaff (a bird)Coreopsis
CypressConiferChuparosa (a plant)
CloudCoral SnakeChiricahua (a tribe)
CliffCobwebCelandine Poppy
CattailCockatiel (a bird)Celandine (a flower)
ChrysanthemumCicadaCherry Blossom
CottonwoodCamphor TreeChervil (a herb)
CormorantCraneChinquapin (a type of chestnut)
ColumbineCalendulaCrane Flower
CrocusCaddisflyChacma (a type of baboon)
CrystalCelandine PoppyChinstrap (a type of penguin)
CricketChrysalisChrysoprase (a gemstone)
CragCaiman (a reptile)Candlebark (a type of eucalyptus tree)
CactusChinook (a type of wind)Cockleshell
CamelliaCarob TreeCrape Myrtle
CometChaga MushroomCoal Tit (a bird)
CelandineCatkinColumbian Mammoth
CormorantCaddo (a tribe)Cowslip
Coral ReefCoral SnakeCrossbill (a bird)
CardinalCardinal FlowerCommon Dolphin
CloudberryCranberryCorsican Hellebore
Cypress TreeConchCork Oak
ChickadeeCedar WaxwingClifftop
CapercaillieCaddo MapleConcho (a type of shell)
Chestnut TreeChestnut OakCockatoo
CarnationCarrotwood TreeCaspian (a type of sea)
CoyoteCopperhead SnakeCrocodile
Crater LakeCandlewoodCabbage White (a butterfly)
Cowrie Shell

Nouns starting with letter C- Vehicle

Compact executive carConveyor beltClub car
ConvertibleCorvairCovered motorcycle
Compact carCement truckCable transport
Cargo vanCoal truckCombine harvester
Classic carCompact MPVCompact sport utility vehicle
CabrioletCompact pickupCaleche
Camper vanCaissonCowcatcher
ChopperCaisse mobileCabless tractor unit
Cruiser bikeCustom carCity trolley
CanoeCoaster busCompact sportscar
Cement mixerCabin cruiserCustom van
CaravanCar transporterCaleche
Cable carCamionnetteCar trailer
CrossoverCity carCircus wagon
Coach busCarryallCombat boat
Compact SUVCattle truckCamp car
Coupe utilityConveyor carCamion
Container shipCrane truckCustom cruiser
Compact discCamaroChariot
Cruiser bicycleConcept carCorbillard
CorollaCompact SUVCoupé utility
Cycle rickshawCustom motorcycleCommand car
ConvertiplaneCabrio coachCitadine
Cargo planeCity busCartage
Commuter trainCustom chopperCompact hybrid vehicle
Compact truckConcept bicycleCity car
Cabless tractorCamion-citerneContainer ship
Covered wagonCartCar transporter
Cog railwayCombat vehicleCycle rickshaw
Cargo shipConvertible busCamper trailer
Cargo bicycleCement mixer truckCorn picker

Nouns starting with letter C- Fashion

Nouns Starting With Letter C- Fashion For Kids
CoatCocktail dressChino shorts
CapCossack hatCat-eye sunglasses
CardiganCozy socksCorduroy jacket
ChinosChuridarConvertible gloves
CorsetChambray shirtCamo jacket
CapeChiffon blouseCowboy hat
CamisoleCrewneck sweaterChecked shirt
Cargo pantsCapri pantsCollarless blazer
ClogsCycling shortsCable-knit cardigan
CulottesChenille scarfCuffless shirt
Cowboy bootsCrochet topCanvas sneakers
CufflinksCargo shortsCowl scarf
CoverallCamo pantsCropped pants
CaftanCable-knit sweaterCapelet
CravatCloche hatCompression tights
CheongsamCourt shoesCorduroy skirt
CloakCrisp shirtChambray dress
Compression stockingsCut-off shortsCanvas hat
Cowl neck sweaterCargosCoonskin coat
CostumeCircle skirtCircle scarf
CardiganCashmere sweaterCorduroy vest
Corduroy pantsCutoff glovesCargo vest
Crop topCorduroy blazerCollared jacket
ChapsCardigan sweaterCaplet
Chef’s hatCocktail hatCropped blouse
ChemiseCropped jacketChino shirt
CollarCaprisCorduroy shorts
Compression shortsChiffon dressCheckered dress
Crop pantsChef’s coatCrochet dress
Coonskin capCutoff jeansCanvas backpack
Camouflage jacketCardigan vestCropped trench coat
Cabbie hatCollarless shirtCorduroy suit
Corded pantsCable-knit scarfCargo skirt
Cloche gloves

Nouns starting with letter C- Instrument

ClarinetChromatic AccordionChu-daiko
ConcertinaClarinoConcert Triangle
CongaCastanet MachineClaviola
ChimesChitarra ItalianaChirimia
ClavichordChirimiaCrook & Cranny
CelestaCümbüşConch Shell Horn
CornetCuban TresCuíca
CastanetsCraviolaChapman Stick
CuatroChapman StickChinese Violin
CrwthCeltic HarpChromatic Harmonica
Chromatic HarmonicaCarillonChamber Organ
CitternCongasContrabass Balalaika
CalliopeConcertinaChromatic Koto
CornamuseClarinet d’AmourClarinet d’Amour
Chapman StickCorClarsach
CelempungChao GongClarone
Concert FluteConcert MarimbaChirimía
Chinese BellsChalumeauCombolin
ClavesCornamuseCastanet Machine
CharangoContrabassoonCornetto Muto
CimbalomCuatroCelestial Harp
Cor AnglaisChromatic Button AccordionClavitherium
Chitarra BattenteCelestaComb
CymbalCowbellCello Horn
Chromatic KalimbaChapey

Nouns starting with letter C- Sports

Nouns Starting With Letter C- Sports For Kids
CricketCardioCricket bat
CleatsCorner kickCaddy
ChampionshipCartwheelCorner flag
CyclingCrossbarCrossfit box
CourtClay courtCross dribble
Cross-countryCar racingCatcher’s mitt
CyclistCross-country skiingChest pass
CatchCross-checkingCross-country race
Championship beltChip shotCricket ball
Curling stoneClimbing harness

Nouns starting with letter C- Art

CanvasCalligraphy pensCubist exploration
Color paletteComputer-generated artCartoonist’s illustrations
CalligraphyCraftsmanship traditionClassical sculptures
CollageContemporary portraitsCanvas design
Clay sculptureCanvas textureCeramic artistry
ChiaroscuroChoreographyContemporary interpretations
CarvingCopper etchingCarving techniques
CartoonCinematic masterpieceChalk drawing
CompositionContemporary realismCopper sculptures
Conceptual artCeramic glazingCartoon animation style
CeramicsConceptual frameworkConceptual creativity
CubismCollage techniquesCollage compositions
Classical paintingCubist influencesCanvas beauty
CraftsmanshipComputer artistryCubist interpretations
CinematographyCartoonist’s humorComputer art design
CaricatureClay potteryCraftsmanship excellence
CreativityCouturier’s creationsColorful canvases
Contemporary sculptureComic strip charactersCarved woodwork
Cubist paintingCubism movementCollage innovation
CraftworkCanvas abstractionCeramic craftsmanship
CartographyChiaroscuro contrastCartoonist’s portfolio
CraftsmenContemporary visionsCollage expressions
Candle makingCarved masterpieceConceptual masterworks
Cubist masterpieceColor harmonyComic book art
Ceramic potteryCollage masterpiecesChalk art
Crayon drawingsCeramic figurinesCloisonné art
Cartoon animationConceptual thinkingCollage montage
Collage artistCave drawingsCave painting
Curvilinear designCrayon colorsComputer-generated imagery
Craftsmanship skillsCartoon charactersCollage artworks

Nouns starting with letter C- Household item

Nouns Starting With Letter C- Household Items For Kids
ChairCushionsCrocheted doily
CouchClothes hangersCassette player
Coffee makerCuckoo clockCraft table
CutleryCoffee tableCupcake stand
CurtainsCounterCharger plates
ClockCookie cutterCoffee press
CandleChargerCoir doormat
CarpetCozy blanketCandle snuffer
CupboardCorner shelfCandelabra
Coat rackCocktail shakerCounter stool
ComputerColanderCoat tree
CabinetChina cabinetCroquet set
CookwareCoir matCorn on the cob holders
ComforterCoat standCake server
CorkscrewCanister setCocktail napkins
CalculatorConsole tableCozy slippers
CoastersCoffee grinderCheese dome
CrockpotCorkboardCrepe maker
ChimneyCurtain rodCoffee filter
ChandelierCream dispenserCeramic dishes
ClotheslineCutlery setCocktail picks
Can openerCrayon holderCup warmer
Ceiling fanCup and saucerCloth napkins
CradleClothespinColored pencils
CarafeCookie sheetCorkscrew opener
Cheese graterCarving knifeCrystal vase
CalendarCheese boardCandle warmer
CribCraft suppliesCake plate
Cookie jarCorner deskCocktail strainer
Chest of drawersCoffee thermosCappuccino cups
Casserole dishCandlestickCake lifter
Cleaning suppliesCoat hookCane basket
Condiment setCandleholderCozy throw
Cookie press

Nouns starting with letter C- Science & fantasy

CentaurCarnivalCreaking door
CauldronCreatureCursed artifact
CavernCuriosityCobblestone streets
ChimeraCandelabraCackling laughter
CourtCursed forestCursed mirror
CometCrystal ballCyclical
CharmCobwebCoral reef
CarriageCursed treasureCelestial beings
CloakCauliflower fieldsChrysalis
CitadelCurious creatures

Nouns starting with letter C – Birds

Nouns Starting With Letter C- Birds For Kids
Caatinga antwrenChestnut-eared laughingthrushCommon chaffinch
Caatinga cacholoteChestnut-faced babblerCommon chiffchaff
Caatinga parakeetChestnut-flanked sparrowhawkCommon cicadabird
Caatinga puffbirdChestnut-flanked white-eyeCommon crane
Cabanis’s buntingChestnut-fronted helmetshrikeCommon cuckoo
Cabanis’s greenbulChestnut-fronted macawCommon diuca finch
Cabanis’s ground sparrowChestnut-headed bee-eaterCommon diving petrel
Cabanis’s seedeaterChestnut-headed chachalacaCommon eider
Cabanis’s spinetailChestnut-headed crakeCommon emerald dove
Cabanis’s wrenChestnut-headed flufftailCommon firecrest
Cabot’s ternChestnut-headed nunletCommon flameback
Cabot’s tragopanChestnut-headed oropendolaCommon gallinule
Cachar bulbulChestnut-headed partridgeCommon goldeneye
Cachar wedge-billed babblerChestnut-headed sparrow-larkCommon grackle
Cackling gooseChestnut-headed tanagerCommon grasshopper warbler
Cactus canasteroChestnut-headed tesiaCommon green magpie
Cactus wrenChestnut-hooded laughingthrushCommon greenshank
Caica parrotChestnut-naped antpittaCommon ground dove
Calandra larkChestnut-naped forktailCommon gull
Calayan railChestnut-naped spurfowlCommon hawk-cuckoo
California condorChestnut-necklaced partridgeCommon hill myna
California gnatcatcherChestnut-quilled rock pigeonCommon house martin
California gullChestnut-rumped babblerCommon iora
California quailChestnut-rumped heathwrenCommon jery
California scrub jayChestnut-rumped thornbillCommon kestrel
California thrasherChestnut-rumped woodcreeperCommon kingfisher
California towheeChestnut-shouldered antwrenCommon linnet
Calliope hummingbirdChestnut-shouldered goshawkCommon loon
Cambodian laughingthrushChestnut-sided shrike-vireoCommon merganser
Cambodian tailorbirdChestnut-sided warblerCommon miner
Cameroon greenbulChestnut-tailed starlingCommon moorhen
Cameroon indigobirdChestnut-throated apalisCommon murre
Cameroon olive greenbulChestnut-throated flycatcherCommon myna
Cameroon olive pigeonChestnut-throated huet-huetCommon newtonia
Cameroon sunbirdChestnut-throated seedeaterCommon nighthawk
Camiguin hanging parrotChestnut-throated spinetailCommon nightingale
Camiguin hawk-owlChestnut-tipped toucanetCommon ostrich
Campbell albatrossChestnut-vented conebillCommon paradise kingfisher
Campbell shagChestnut-vented nuthatchCommon pheasant
Campbell tealChestnut-vented warblerCommon pochard
Campbell’s fairywrenChestnut-winged babblerCommon poorwill
Campina thrushChestnut-winged chachalacaCommon potoo
Campo flickerChestnut-winged cinclodesCommon quail
Campo minerChestnut-winged cuckooCommon raven
Campo troupialChestnut-winged foliage-gleanerCommon redpoll
Canada gooseChestnut-winged hookbillCommon redshank
Canada jayChestnut-winged starlingCommon redstart
Canada warblerChico’s tyrannuletCommon reed bunting
Canary flyrobinChiguanco thrushCommon ringed plover
Canary Islands chiffchaffChihuahuan ravenCommon rock thrush
Canary Islands oystercatcherChilean elaeniaCommon rosefinch
Canary Islands stonechatChilean flamingoCommon sandpiper
Canary white-eyeChilean flickerCommon scale-backed antbird
Canebrake groundcreeperChilean hawkCommon scimitarbill
Canebrake wrenChilean mockingbirdCommon scoter
Canivet’s emeraldChilean pigeonCommon shelduck
CanvasbackChilean seaside cinclodesCommon smoky honeyeater
Canyon canasteroChilean skuaCommon snipe
Canyon towheeChilean swallowCommon square-tailed drongo
Canyon wrenChilean tinamouCommon starling
Cape Barren gooseChilean woodstarCommon sunbird-asity
Cape batisChiloé wigeonCommon swift
Cape bulbulChimango caracaraCommon tailorbird
Cape buntingChiming wedgebillCommon tern
Cape canaryChimney swiftCommon tody-flycatcher
Cape clapper larkChin Hills wren-babblerCommon waxbill
Cape cormorantChinchipe spinetailCommon whitethroat
Cape crowChinese babaxCommon wood pigeon
Cape eagle-owlChinese bamboo partridgeCommon woodshrike
Cape gannetChinese barbetCommon yellowthroat
Cape grassbirdChinese beautiful rosefinchComoros blue pigeon
Cape long-billed larkChinese blackbirdComoros cuckooshrike
Cape longclawChinese blue flycatcherComoros fody
Cape May warblerChinese bush warblerComoros green pigeon
Cape parrotChinese crested ternComoros olive pigeon
Cape penduline titChinese cupwingComoros thrush
Cape petrelChinese egretCompact weaver
Cape robin-chatChinese francolinCone-billed tanager
Cape rock thrushChinese fulvettaCongo bay owl
Cape rockjumperChinese grassbirdCongo martin
Cape shovelerChinese grey shrikeCongo moor chat
Cape siskinChinese grosbeakCongo peafowl
Cape sparrowChinese grouseCongo serpent eagle
Cape spurfowlChinese hwameiCongo sunbird
Cape starlingChinese leaf warblerConnecticut warbler
Cape sugarbirdChinese monalCook reed warbler
Cape tealChinese nuthatchCook’s petrel
Cape Verde buzzardChinese penduline titCook’s swift
Cape Verde shearwaterChinese pond heronCooper’s hawk
Cape Verde storm petrelChinese rubythroatCoopmans’s elaenia
Cape Verde swiftChinese shortwingCoopmans’s tyrannulet
Cape Verde warblerChinese sparrowhawkCopper pheasant
Cape vultureChinese thrushCopper seedeater
Cape wagtailChinese white-browed rosefinchCopper sunbird
Cape weaverChinspot batisCopperback quail-thrush
Cape white-eyeChinstrap penguinCopper-rumped hummingbird
Capped conebillChipping sparrowCoppersmith barbet
Capped heronChiribiquete emeraldCopper-tailed starling
Capped wheatearChirinda apalisCopper-throated sunbird
Capped white-eyeChiriqui foliage-gleanerCoppery emerald
Capuchin babblerChiriqui quail-doveCoppery metaltail
CapuchinbirdChiriqui yellowthroatCoppery-bellied puffleg
Caquetá seedeaterChirping cisticolaCoppery-chested jacamar
Caracas brushfinchChirruping wedgebillCoppery-headed emerald
Caracas tapaculoChivi vireoCoppery-tailed coucal
Carbonated sierra finchChoco brushfinchCoquerel’s coua
Cardinal loryChocó poorwillCoqui francolin
Cardinal myzomelaChocó screech owlCoral-billed ground cuckoo
Cardinal queleaChocó tapaculoCoral-billed scimitar babbler
Cardinal woodpeckerChoco tinamouCoraya wren
Carib grackleChoco toucanCordillera Azul antbird
Caribbean doveChocó trogonCordillera ground warbler
Caribbean elaeniaChoco tyrannuletCordilleran canastero
Caribbean horneroChocó vireoCordilleran flycatcher
Caribbean martinChoco warblerCordilleran parakeet
Carmelite sunbirdChocó woodpeckerCórdoba cinclodes
Carmiol’s tanagerChocolate boobookCorn bunting
Carnaby’s black cockatooChocolate-backed kingfisherCorn crake
Carola’s parotiaChocolate-vented tyrantCoroneted fruit dove
Carolina chickadeeChoiseul pigeonCorrendera pipit
Carolina parakeetChopi blackbirdCorsican finch
Carolina wrenChorister robin-chatCorsican nuthatch
Carolinian reed warblerChotoy spinetailCory’s shearwater
Carpentarian grasswrenChowchillaCoscoroba swan
Carp’s titChristmas boobookCosta Rican brushfinch
Carrion crowChristmas frigatebirdCosta Rican pygmy owl
Carrizal seedeaterChristmas imperial pigeonCosta Rican swift
Carruthers’s cisticolaChristmas Island swiftletCosta’s hummingbird
Carunculated caracara†Christmas sandpiperCotton pygmy goose
Carunculated fruit doveChristmas shearwaterCouch’s kingbird
Caspian gullChristmas white-eyeCozumel emerald
Caspian ploverChubb’s cisticolaCozumel thrasher
Caspian snowcockChubut steamer duckCozumel vireo
Caspian ternChucao tapaculoCrab-plover
Caspian titChuck-will’s-widowCrag chilia
Casqued oropendolaChukar partridgeCrane hawk
Cassia crossbillChurring cisticolaCraveri’s murrelet
Cassin’s aukletChusquea tapaculoCream-backed woodpecker
Cassin’s finchChuuk monarchCream-breasted fruit dove
Cassin’s flycatcherCinderella waxbillCream-browed white-eye
Cassin’s hawk-eagleCinereous antshrikeCream-colored courser
Cassin’s honeybirdCinereous becardCream-colored woodpecker
Cassin’s kingbirdCinereous bulbulCream-eyed bulbul
Cassin’s malimbeCinereous buntingCream-striped bulbul
Cassin’s sparrowCinereous conebillCream-throated white-eye
Cassin’s spinetailCinereous finchCream-vented bulbul
Cassin’s vireoCinereous ground tyrantCream-winged cinclodes
Castelnau’s antshrikeCinereous harrierCreamy-bellied antwren
Cattle tyrantCinereous mournerCreamy-bellied gnatcatcher
Cauca guanCinereous owlCreamy-bellied thrush
Caucasian grouseCinereous tinamouCreamy-crested spinetail
Caucasian snowcockCinereous titCreamy-rumped miner
Caura antbirdCinereous tyrantCrescent honeyeater
Cave swallowCinereous vultureCrescent-chested babbler
Cave swiftletCinereous warbling finchCrescent-chested puffbird
Cayenne jayCinereous-breasted spinetailCrescent-chested warbler
Cayenne nightjarCinnabar boobookCrescent-faced antpitta
Ceará gnateaterCinnamon attilaCrested ant tanager
Ceara woodcreeperCinnamon becardCrested auklet
Cebu flowerpeckerCinnamon bitternCrested barbet
Cebu hawk-owlCinnamon bracken warblerCrested becard
Cedar waxwingCinnamon flycatcherCrested bellbird
Celestial monarchCinnamon ground doveCrested berrypecker
Central American pygmy owlCinnamon hummingbirdCrested black tyrant
Cerulean cuckooshrikeCinnamon ibonCrested bobwhite
Cerulean kingfisherCinnamon neopipoCrested bunting
Cerulean paradise flycatcherCinnamon quail-thrushCrested caracara
Cerulean warblerCinnamon screech owlCrested coua
Cerulean-capped manakinCinnamon tanagerCrested cuckoo-dove
Cetti’s warblerCinnamon tealCrested doradito
Chabert vangaCinnamon warbling finchCrested drongo
Chaco chachalacaCinnamon weaverCrested duck
Chaco eagleCinnamon woodpeckerCrested eagle
Chaco earthcreeperCinnamon-banded kingfisherCrested finchbill
Chaco owlCinnamon-bellied flowerpiercerCrested fireback
Chaco puffbirdCinnamon-bellied ground tyrantCrested francolin
Chad firefinchCinnamon-bellied imperial pigeonCrested gallito
Chalk-browed mockingbirdCinnamon-breasted buntingCrested goshawk
Changeable hawk-eagleCinnamon-breasted titCrested guan
Channel-billed cuckooCinnamon-breasted tody-tyrantCrested guineafowl
Channel-billed toucanCinnamon-breasted warblerCrested honey buzzard
Chapada flycatcherCinnamon-breasted whistlerCrested hornero
Chapin’s apalisCinnamon-browed melidectesCrested ibis
Chapin’s babblerCinnamon-chested bee-eaterCrested jay
Chapin’s flycatcherCinnamon-chested flycatcherCrested kingfisher
Chaplin’s barbetCinnamon-crested spadebillCrested lark
Chapman’s antshrikeCinnamon-faced tyrannuletCrested malimbe
Chapman’s bristle tyrantCinnamon-headed green pigeonCrested myna
Chapman’s swiftCinnamon-rumped foliage-gleanerCrested oropendola
Charlotte’s bulbulCinnamon-rumped seedeaterCrested owl
Charming hummingbirdCinnamon-rumped trogonCrested partridge
Chat flycatcherCinnamon-sided hummingbirdCrested pigeon
Chatham albatrossCinnamon-tailed fantailCrested quail-dove
Chatham bellbirdCinnamon-tailed sparrowCrested quetzal
Chatham fernbirdCinnamon-throated hermitCrested satinbird
Chatham gerygoneCinnamon-throated woodcreeperCrested serpent eagle
Chatham oystercatcherCinnamon-vented pihaCrested shelduck
Chatham parakeetCipo canasteroCrested shriketit
Chatham petrelCirl buntingCrested spinetail
Chatham pigeonCitreoline trogonCrested tit-warbler
Chatham railCitril finchCrested treeswift
Chatham shagCitrine canary-flycatcherCrested white-eye
Chatham snipeCitrine lorikeetCrestless curassow
Chattering cisticolaCitrine wagtailCrestless fireback
Chattering gnatwrenCitrine warblerCretzschmar’s bunting
Chattering kingfisherCitrine white-eyeCricket warbler
Chattering loryCitron-bellied attilaCrimson chat
Checkered woodpeckerCitron-headed yellow finchCrimson finch
Checker-throated stipplethroatCitron-throated toucanCrimson fruitcrow
Checker-throated woodpeckerClamorous reed warblerCrimson rosella
Cheer pheasantClapper railCrimson seedcracker
Cherrie’s antwrenClapperton’s spurfowlCrimson shining parrot
Cherry-throated tanagerClaret-breasted fruit doveCrimson sunbird
Chestnut antpittaClarión wrenCrimson topaz
Chestnut bulbulClarke’s weaverCrimson-backed flameback
Chestnut buntingClark’s grebeCrimson-backed sunbird
Chestnut forest railClark’s nutcrackerCrimson-backed tanager
Chestnut muniaClaudia’s leaf warblerCrimson-bellied parakeet
Chestnut piculetClay-colored sparrowCrimson-bellied woodpecker
Chestnut quail-thrushClay-colored thrushCrimson-breasted finch
Chestnut railClicking shrike-babblerCrimson-breasted flowerpecker
Chestnut seedeaterCliff flycatcherCrimson-breasted shrike
Chestnut sparrowCliff parakeetCrimson-breasted woodpecker
Chestnut tealCliff swallowCrimson-browed finch
Chestnut thrushCloud cisticolaCrimson-collared grosbeak
Chestnut wattle-eyeCloud-forest pygmy owlCrimson-collared tanager
Chestnut weaverCloud-forest screech owlCrimson-crested woodpecker
Chestnut wood quailCloven-feathered doveCrimson-crowned flowerpecker
Chestnut woodpeckerClub-winged manakinCrimson-crowned fruit dove
Chestnut-backed antbirdCoal titCrimson-fronted barbet
Chestnut-backed antshrikeCoal-crested finchCrimson-fronted cardinal
Chestnut-backed buttonquailCoastal cisticolaCrimson-headed partridge
Chestnut-backed chickadeeCoastal minerCrimson-hooded manakin
Chestnut-backed jewel-babblerCobalt-winged parakeetCrimson-hooded myzomela
Chestnut-backed laughingthrushCobb’s wrenCrimson-mantled woodpecker
Chestnut-backed owletCocha antshrikeCrimson-rumped myzomela
Chestnut-backed scimitar babblerCochabamba mountain finchCrimson-rumped toucanet
Chestnut-backed sparrow-larkCockatielCrimson-rumped waxbill
Chestnut-backed sparrow-weaverCockerell’s fantailCrimson-winged woodpecker
Chestnut-backed tanagerCock-tailed tyrantCrinkle-collared manucode
Chestnut-backed thornbirdCocoa thrushCrissal thrasher
Chestnut-backed thrushCocoa woodcreeperCroaking cisticola
Chestnut-banded ploverCocoi heronCroaking ground dove
Chestnut-bellied cotingaCoconut lorikeetCrossley’s ground thrush
Chestnut-bellied cuckooCocos cuckooCrossley’s vanga
Chestnut-bellied euphoniaCocos finchCrow honeyeater
Chestnut-bellied fantailCocos flycatcherCrow-billed drongo
Chestnut-bellied flowerpiercerCoiba spinetailCrowned chat-tyrant
Chestnut-bellied guanColetoCrowned cormorant
Chestnut-bellied hummingbirdColima pygmy owlCrowned eagle
Chestnut-bellied imperial pigeonColima warblerCrowned hornbill
Chestnut-bellied malkohaCollared antshrikeCrowned lapwing
Chestnut-bellied monarchCollared aracariCrowned sandgrouse
Chestnut-bellied mountain tanagerCollared babblerCrowned slaty flycatcher
Chestnut-bellied nuthatchCollared brushturkeyCrowned woodnymph
Chestnut-bellied partridgeCollared bush robinCrozet shag
Chestnut-bellied rock thrushCollared crescentchestCryptic antthrush
Chestnut-bellied sandgrouseCollared crowCryptic flycatcher
Chestnut-bellied seed finchCollared falconetCryptic forest falcon
Chestnut-bellied seedeaterCollared finchbillCryptic honeyeater
Chestnut-bellied starlingCollared flycatcherCryptic treehunter
Chestnut-bellied thrushCollared forest falconCryptic warbler
Chestnut-bellied titCollared gnatwrenCuban amazon
Chestnut-belted gnateaterCollared grosbeakCuban black hawk
Chestnut-breasted chlorophoniaCollared imperial pigeonCuban blackbird
Chestnut-breasted coronetCollared incaCuban bullfinch
Chestnut-breasted cuckooCollared kingfisherCuban crow
Chestnut-breasted malkohaCollared larkCuban emerald
Chestnut-breasted mannikinCollared laughingthrushCuban gnatcatcher
Chestnut-breasted mountain finchCollared loryCuban grassquit
Chestnut-breasted nigritaCollared mynaCuban green woodpecker
Chestnut-breasted partridgeCollared nightjarCuban kite
Chestnut-breasted quail-thrushCollared owletCuban macaw
Chestnut-breasted whitefaceCollared palm thrushCuban martin
Chestnut-breasted wrenCollared petrelCuban nightjar
Chestnut-capped babblerCollared ploverCuban oriole
Chestnut-capped blackbirdCollared pratincoleCuban palm crow
Chestnut-capped brushfinchCollared puffbirdCuban parakeet
Chestnut-capped flycatcherCollared scops owlCuban pewee
Chestnut-capped laughingthrushCollared sparrowhawkCuban pygmy owl
Chestnut-capped pihaCollared sunbirdCuban solitaire
Chestnut-capped puffbirdCollared towheeCuban tody
Chestnut-capped thrushCollared treepieCuban trogon
Chestnut-cheeked starlingCollared trogonCuban vireo
Chestnut-collared longspurCollared warbling finchCuckoo roller
Chestnut-collared swallowCollared whitestartCuckoo-finch
Chestnut-collared swiftColombian chachalacaCundinamarca antpitta
Chestnut-colored woodpeckerColombian crakeCurl-crested aracari
Chestnut-crested antbirdColombian grebeCurl-crested jay
Chestnut-crested cotingaColombian mountain grackleCurl-crested manucode
Chestnut-crested yuhinaColorful pufflegCurlew sandpiper
Chestnut-crowned antpittaComb duckCurve-billed reedhaunter
Chestnut-crowned babblerComb-crested jacanaCurve-billed scythebill
Chestnut-crowned becardCommon babblerCurve-billed thrasher
Chestnut-crowned bush warblerCommon black hawkCurve-billed tinamou
Chestnut-crowned foliage-gleanerCommon blackbirdCurve-winged sabrewing
Chestnut-crowned gnateaterCommon bronzewingCut-throat finch
Chestnut-crowned laughingthrushCommon bulbulCuzco brushfinch
Chestnut-crowned sparrow-weaverCommon bush tanagerCyprus scops owl
Chestnut-crowned warblerCommon buttonquailCyprus warbler
Chestnut-eared aracariCommon buzzardCyprus wheatear
Chestnut-eared buntingCommon cactus finch

Interesting activities

Interesting games for kids are like a treasure box of valuable life skills wrapped in a bundle of joy. So, let us start with this section with fun where we will play two games, namely Tongue twisters and Match the following-

Tongue Twisters

Nouns Starting With Letter C- Tongue Twisters For Kids

Hey there, little word wranglers! You know those crazy sentences that make your tongue twist and turn like a rollercoaster ride? Well, we call those “tongue twisters,” and they are a boatload of fun! 

Tongue twisters are like a game for your mouth! You get to say really silly sentences that sound super funny. 

And guess what? They’re secret tongue workouts, too! 

But that’s not all! Tongue twisters are sneaky teachers. They help you learn new sounds and tricky word combos. You’ll become a word wizard without even realizing it. Plus, they’re like your very own comedy show! 

In today’s interesting activity, we will be doing the Tongue twisters! Tongue twisters are like linguistic acrobatics, where words dance and tumble, testing your tongue’s twists and turns.

So, are you ready for a rollicking ride through the tongue-twisting “C” nouns?

  1. Curious cats caper clumsily.
  2. Crispy crunchy cookies crumbled cheerfully.
  3. Clever Claire clipped colorful clippers.
  4. Chuck’s chubby chicken chased chipmunks.
  5. Charlie chose to chop cherries cheerily.
  6. Cora’s crimson car careened crazily.
  7. Cynthia’s cute kittens cuddled closely.
  8. Cranky crocodiles crawl cautiously.
  9. Carla carefully caught a croissant.
  10. Charming children chased a chameleon.
  11. Clumsy clowns clumsily climbed a cliff.
  12. Countless cows chew cud contentedly.
  13. Curly caterpillars crawl on cabbage.
  14. Crystal clear creek cascades calmly.
  15. Claire’s clothing caught in a clasp.
  16. Cute koalas climb eucalyptus trees.
  17. Carol’s colorful kites caught the current.
  18. Copper cups clinked in the cupboard.
  19. Cleo’s clear conscience is commendable.
  20. Crafty crabs crawl along the coastline.
  21. Curved canyons conceal caves completely.
  22. Cozy cabins cluster by the creek.
  23. Clara’s clairvoyant cat caught a cricket.
  24. Chirpy canaries chirp by the window.
  25. Carved candlesticks cast captivating shadows.

These tongue twisters are not only fun to say but also great for improving pronunciation and diction. Give them a try and see if you can master the “C” challenge!

Match the Following

Nouns Starting With Letter C- Match The Following For Kids

Imagine you have a bunch of puzzle pieces, and your job is to find their perfect pairs, like reuniting long-lost twins or matching up peanut butter with jelly. It’s like being a detective for words!

First, you get a list of things on one side and another list on the other side, like magic cards. Your mission? To find the secret connections, the missing links, and make them meet like best buddies at a playground. 

And guess what? There are no rules about how fast or slow you need to be. You can take your time and explore, and the more you play, the better you get at seeing patterns and connections all around you. It’s like a superpower!

Now, get ready to rev up those mental engines and have some fun with a classic brain-teaser – “Match the Following.” If you’ve ever enjoyed the challenge of pairing things up, making connections, or just love a good old-fashioned mind-bender, you’re in for a treat. 

Cati) A cylinder of wax or other solid material with an embedded wick that can be lit to provide light or fragrance when burning.
Carii) A large, fortified building, often with towers and walls, historically used as a residence for royalty or as a military stronghold.
Chairiii) A small, sweet baked food typically made from flour, sugar, and other ingredients, often enjoyed as a snack.
Cloudiv) A timekeeping device that displays the time and often the hours, minutes, and seconds, typically with hands or digital numbers.
Cakev) A device used to capture and record still or moving images by exposing light-sensitive film or a digital sensor to light.
Cameravi) A sweet baked dessert typically made with flour, sugar, eggs, and various flavorings, often frosted or decorated.
Clockvii) A visible mass of water droplets or ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere, often creating weather conditions like rain or snow.
Cookieviii) A piece of furniture designed for sitting, typically with a backrest and four legs.
Castleix) A wheeled motor vehicle used for transportation, typically with four wheels and an engine.
Candlex) small domesticated carnivorous mammal known for its playful behavior and often kept as a pet.

(Answer: a-x, b-ix, c-viii, d-vii, e-vi, f-v, g-iv, h-iii, i-ii, j-i)


And there you have it, our exciting journey through the fascinating world of nouns that starts with the letter “C” has come to an end! 

As you go about your day, whether you’re enjoying a cozy cup of cocoa, or cuddling with your favorite teddy bear, think of all the incredible “C” words around you. They’re like hidden treasures, waiting for you to find them and create your own fantastic stories! 

Keep your curiosity alive and your imagination soaring. Who knows what fantastic nouns you’ll discover next? (But, we won’t make you wait longer. We will BRB with a new list, soon!)

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