2100+ Nouns that Start with M for Mighty Vocabulary

Hey there, word enthusiasts and kiddos! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the marvelous world of nouns that start with the letter ‘M.’ 

Yes, you read it right – we’re about to embark on a linguistic journey where words get mysteriously magnificent, merrily morph into mesmerizing nouns, and mingle in a medley of meaningful expressions!

From mystical mountains to mischievous monkeys, and from mouth watering mangoes to melodious melodies, the letter ‘M’ is like a magician’s hat, hiding all sorts of fascinating things inside. It’s as if every ‘M’ noun has its own secret recipe for making language more magnificent, so we’re going to unveil those magical ingredients one by one.

Buckle up, dear readers, as we set sail on a merry-go-round of nouns that start with ‘M’ – where words meet whimsy, and language becomes a magnificent mosaic. 

Ready to get this M-party started? Let’s dive in and uncover the mysteries of ‘M’!

The Letter “M”

‘M’ is a super cool letter because it makes a special sound when we say it. It sounds like ‘mmm,’ just like when you eat something delicious, like chocolate or marshmallows.

‘M’ looks like two humps coming together, and it’s shaped like two mountains touching each other at the top. You can write ‘M’ by starting at the top, going down, coming back up, and then down again. It’s like making two big humps with your pencil.

Now, let’s think of some words that start with the letter ‘M.’ Can you think of any? How about ‘monkey,’ ‘mango,’ or ‘moon’? ‘M’ is a magical letter that can be found in so many wonderful words.

Let’s practice saying ‘M’ together – ‘Mmmmm.’ Great job! 

Nouns Starting with “M”

Here, we have collected and made a list of nouns that starts with M, but with a pinch of creativity for you all! 

You can go through each category and learn the nouns as you like! Please go ahead-

Nouns starting with letter M- Animal

Nouns Starting With Letter M- Animal For Kids
MacaqueMason BeeMole Cricket
MachaeroidesMassasaugaMole Snake
Mackenzie Valley WolfMastadorMollusk
Madagascar Hissing CockroachMastiff MixMonarch Butterfly
Madagascar Tree BoaMauzerMongoose
Madora MothMay BeetleMongrel
MaggotMayan CichlidMonitor Lizard
Mahi Mahi (Dolphin Fish)MeagleMonkfish
MaiasauraMealworm BeetleMonocled Cobra
Maine CoonMealybugMonte Iberia Eleuth
Mal ShiMeerkatMoon Jellyfish
Malayan CivetMegalaniaMoonglow Boa
Malayan KraitMegalochelysMoose
Malayan TigerMegalodonMoray Eel
MalchiMegamouth SharkMorkie
MalteagleMeganeuraMorpho Butterfly
Maltese MixMeiolaniaMoscow Watchdog
Maltese Shih TzuMekong Giant CatfishMosquito
MaltipomMexican Alligator LizardMoth
MaltipooMexican Black KingsnakeMountain Beaver
MambaMexican Fireleg TarantulaMountain Cur
Mamushi SnakeMexican Free-Tailed BatMountain Feist
Man of War JellyfishMexican Mole LizardMountain Gorilla
ManateeMicroraptorMountain Lion
Manchester TerrierMidget Faded RattlesnakeMouse
Mandarin Rat SnakeMikiMouse Spider
MandrillMilk SnakeMouse-Deer (Chevrotain)
Maned WolfMilkfishMozambique Spitting Cobra
Mangrove SnakeMilkweed aphidsMud Snake
Mangrove SnapperMillipedeMudi
Manta RayMini LabradoodleMudpuppy
Mantella FrogMini LopMudskipper
Marble FoxMiniature Bull TerrierMule
Maremma SheepdogMiniature HuskyMule Deer
MargayMiniature PinscherMulga Snake
Marine IguanaMinkMullet Fish
Marine ToadMinke WhaleMuntjac
MarkhorMoccasin SnakeMusk Deer
MarmosetMojarraMuskellunge (Muskie)
MarmotMojave Ball PythonMuskox
Marsh FrogMojave RattlesnakeMuskrat
Marsican Brown BearMola mola (Ocean Sunfish)Mussurana Snake
Masked AngelfishMole Crab (Sand Flea)Muttaburrasaurus
Masked Palm Civet

Nouns starting with letter M- People


Nouns starting with letter M- Birds

Nouns Starting With Letter M- Birds For Kids
Macaroni penguinMarbled frogmouthMindanao miniature babbler
Maccoa duckMarbled godwitMindanao pygmy babbler
MacGillivray’s warblerMarbled honeyeaterMindanao racket-tail
MacGregor’s bowerbirdMarbled murreletMindanao scops owl
MacGregor’s honeyeaterMarbled wood quailMindanao white-eye
Mackinlay’s cuckoo-doveMarbled wren-babblerMindoro bleeding-heart
Mackinnon’s shrikeMarble-faced bristle tyrantMindoro bulbul
Macleay’s honeyeaterMarcapata spinetailMindoro hawk-owl
Macquarie parakeetMargaret’s batisMindoro hornbill
Macquarie shagMariana crowMindoro imperial pigeon
MacQueen’s bustardMariana fruit doveMindoro racket-tail
Madagascan blue pigeonMariana kingfisherMindoro scops owl
Madagascan buttonquailMariana swiftletMinute hermit
Madagascan cisticola†Marianne white-eyeMiombo blue-eared starling
Madagascan cuckooMarico flycatcherMiombo pied barbet
Madagascan cuckooshrikeMarico sunbirdMiombo rock thrush
Madagascan fish eagleMarigold lorikeetMiombo scrub robin
Madagascan flufftailMarkham’s storm petrelMiombo tit
Madagascan grebeMarmora’s warblerMiombo wren-warbler
Madagascan green pigeonMaroon orioleMishana tyrannulet
Madagascan harrier-hawkMaroon shining parrotMississippi kite
Madagascan hoopoeMaroon woodpeckerMistle thrush
Madagascan ibisMaroon-backed accentorMistletoe tyrannulet
Madagascan jacanaMaroon-backed whistlerMistletoebird
Madagascan larkMaroon-bellied parakeetMitred parakeet
Madagascan magpie-robinMaroon-belted chat-tyrantMocking cliff chat
Madagascan mannikinMaroon-breasted philentomaModest tiger parrot
Madagascan nightjarMaroon-chested ground doveMoheli brush warbler
Madagascan owlMaroon-fronted parrotMoheli bulbul
Madagascan partridgeMaroon-naped sunbirdMoheli scops owl
Madagascan ploverMaroon-tailed parakeetMoltoni’s warbler
Madagascan pochardMarquesan ground doveMoluccan cuckoo
Madagascan pratincoleMarquesan imperial pigeonMoluccan cuckooshrike
Madagascan pygmy kingfisherMarquesan kingfisherMoluccan drongo-cuckoo
Madagascan railMarquesan monarchMoluccan dwarf kingfisher
Madagascan sandgrouseMarquesan swiftletMoluccan flycatcher
Madagascan serpent eagleMarsh antwrenMoluccan goshawk
Madagascan snipeMarsh babblerMoluccan hanging parrot
Madagascan sparrowhawkMarsh grassbirdMoluccan king parrot
Madagascan spinetailMarsh owlMoluccan masked owl
Madagascan starlingMarsh sandpiperMoluccan megapode
Madagascan stonechatMarsh seedeaterMoluccan monarch
Madagascan swamp warblerMarsh tapaculoMoluccan owlet-nightjar
Madagascan wagtailMarsh tchagraMoluccan scops owl
Madagascan wood railMarsh titMoluccan starling
Madagascan yellowbrowMarsh warblerMoluccan woodcock
Madagascar buzzardMarsh widowbirdMombasa woodpecker
Madagascar cuckoo-hawkMarsh wrenMongolian finch
MadangaMarshall’s ioraMongolian lark
Madarasz’s tiger parrotMartens’s warblerMongolian short-toed lark
Madeira firecrestMartial eagleMonk parakeet
Magdalena antbirdMartinique orioleMonotonous lark
Magdalena tapaculoMarvellous spatuletailMontagu’s harrier
Magellanic diving petrelMasafuera rayaditoMontane foliage-gleaner
Magellanic oystercatcherMascarene cootMontane nightjar
Magellanic penguinMascarene grey parakeetMontane racket-tail
Magellanic ploverMascarene martinMontane tiny greenbul
Magellanic snipeMascarene paradise flycatcherMontane widowbird
Magellanic tapaculo†Mascarene parrotMontane woodcreeper
Magellanic woodpeckerMascarene petrelMonte yellow finch
Magenta petrelMascarene swiftletMonteiro’s bushshrike
Magenta-throated woodstarMascarene tealMonteiro’s hornbill
Maghreb larkMasked antpittaMonteiro’s storm petrel
Maghreb magpieMasked boobyMontezuma oropendola
Maghreb owlMasked bowerbirdMontezuma quail
Magnificent bird-of-paradiseMasked cardinalMontserrat oriole
Magnificent frigatebirdMasked crimson tanager†Moorea reed warbler
Magnificent riflebirdMasked duckMoorea sandpiper
Magnificent sunbirdMasked finchMoorland chat
Magnolia warblerMasked finfootMoorland francolin
Magpie gooseMasked flowerpiercerMoreau’s sunbird
Magpie mannikinMasked fruiteaterMorelet’s seedeater
Magpie shrikeMasked gnatcatcherMoreno’s ground dove
Magpie starlingMasked lapwingMorepork
Magpie tanagerMasked larkMorningbird
Magpie-larkMasked laughingthrushMorotai white-eye
Maguari storkMasked mountain tanagerMosque swallow
Major Mitchell’s cockatooMasked saltatorMoss-backed tanager
Makatea fruit doveMasked shining parrotMossy-nest swiftlet
Makira cicadabirdMasked shrikeMottle-backed elaenia
Makira dwarf kingfisherMasked tanagerMottle-breasted honeyeater
Makira fantailMasked tityraMottle-cheeked tyrannulet
Makira flycatcherMasked trogonMottled berryhunter
Makira honeyeaterMasked water tyrantMottled duck
Makira leaf warblerMasked woodswallowMottled flowerpecker
Makira starlingMasked yellowthroatMottled owl
Makira thrushMatinan blue flycatcherMottled petrel
Makira woodhenMato Grosso antbirdMottled piculet
Malabar barbetMato Grosso swiftMottled spinetail
Malabar grey hornbillMatsudaira’s storm petrelMottled swift
Malabar larkMaui ʻakepaMottled wood owl
Malabar pied hornbillMaui ʻalauahioMount Cameroon speirops
Malabar starlingMaui nukupuʻuMount Cameroon spurfowl
Malabar trogonMaui parrotbillMount Kupe bushshrike
Malabar whistling thrush†Maui Nui ʻakialoaMount Victoria babax
Malabar woodshrike†Mauke starlingMountain avocetbill
Malachite kingfisherMaupiti monarchMountain bamboo partridge
Malachite sunbirdMauritius blue pigeonMountain barbet
Malagasy black swiftMauritius bulbulMountain blackeye
Malagasy brush warblerMauritius cuckooshrikeMountain bluebird
Malagasy bulbulMauritius fodyMountain bulbul
Malagasy coucalMauritius grey white-eyeMountain buzzard
Malagasy green sunbirdMauritius kestrelMountain caracara
Malagasy harrierMauritius night heronMountain chickadee
Malagasy kestrelMauritius olive white-eyeMountain chiffchaff
Malagasy kingfisherMauritius owlMountain elaenia
Malagasy palm swiftMauritius sheldgooseMountain firetail
Malagasy paradise flycatcherMaxwell’s black weaverMountain fulvetta
Malagasy pond heronMayan antthrushMountain greenbul
Malagasy sacred ibisMayotte drongoMountain hawk-eagle
Malagasy turtle doveMayotte scops owlMountain honeyeater
Malagasy white-eyeMayotte sunbirdMountain illadopsis
Malaita dwarf kingfisherMayotte white-eyeMountain imperial pigeon
Malaita fantailMayr’s forest railMountain kingfisher
Malaita white-eyeMayr’s honeyeaterMountain leaf warbler
Malayan banded pittaMayr’s swiftletMountain masked apalis
Malayan laughingthrushMbulu white-eyeMountain mouse-warbler
Malayan night heronMcConnell’s flycatcherMountain myzomela
Malayan peacock-pheasantMcConnell’s spinetailMountain oriole
Malayan whistling thrushMcGregor’s cuckooshrikeMountain owlet-nightjar
Malaysian blue flycatcherMcKay’s buntingMountain parakeet
Malaysian crested argusMeadow buntingMountain peacock-pheasant
Malaysian eared nightjarMeadow pipitMountain peltops
Malaysian hawk-cuckooMediterranean flycatcherMountain pipit
Malaysian honeyguideMediterranean gullMountain plover
Malaysian partridgeMedium ground finchMountain pygmy owl
Malaysian pied fantailMedium tree finchMountain quail
Malaysian ploverMeek’s lorikeetMountain robin
MaleoMeek’s pygmy parrotMountain robin-chat
Malherbe’s parakeetMees’s nightjarMountain saw-wing
Mali firefinchMees’s white-eyeMountain scops owl
MaliaMekong wagtailMountain serin
Malindi pipitMelancholy woodpeckerMountain serpent eagle
MallardMelanesian flycatcherMountain shrike
Mallee emu-wrenMelanesian kingfisherMountain sooty boubou
MalleefowlMelanesian megapodeMountain starling
Mamberamo shrikethrushMelanesian thicketbirdMountain swiftlet
Manchurian bush warblerMelanesian whistlerMountain tailorbird
Manchurian reed warblerMeller’s duckMountain thornbill
Mandarin duckMelodious babblerMountain thrush
Maned owlMelodious blackbirdMountain trogon
Mangareva kingfisherMelodious larkMountain velvetbreast
Mangareva reed warblerMelodious warblerMountain wagtail
Mangrove blue flycatcherMenetries’s warblerMountain wheatear
Mangrove cuckooMentawai scops owlMountain wren
Mangrove fantailMerida brushfinchMountain wren-babbler
Mangrove finchMérida flowerpiercerMountain yellow warbler
Mangrove gerygoneMérida sunangelMourning collared dove
Mangrove golden whistlerMérida tapaculoMourning dove
Mangrove honeyeaterMérida wrenMourning sierra finch
Mangrove hummingbirdMerlinMourning warbler
Mangrove kingfisherMetallic pigeonMourning wheatear
Mangrove pittaMetallic starlingMouse-colored antshrike
Mangrove railMetallic-green tanagerMouse-colored thistletail
Mangrove robinMetallic-winged sunbirdMouse-colored tyrannulet
Mangrove sunbirdMeves’s starlingMouse-coloured penduline tit
Mangrove swallowMewing kingfisherMouse-coloured tapaculo
Mangrove vireoMexican caciqueMoussier’s redstart
Mangrove warblerMexican chickadeeMoustached antpitta
Mangrove whistlerMexican duckMoustached antwren
Manicoré warbling antbirdMexican hermitMoustached babbler
Manipur bush quailMexican jayMoustached barbet
Manipur fulvettaMexican parrotletMoustached brushfinch
Mantanani scops owlMexican sheartailMoustached flowerpiercer
Mantled hawkMexican violetearMoustached grass warbler
Manu antbirdMexican whip-poor-willMoustached hawk-cuckoo
Manu parrotletMexican woodnymphMoustached kingfisher
Manus boobookMeyer’s friarbirdMoustached laughingthrush
Manus cuckooshrikeMeyer’s goshawkMoustached puffbird
Manus dwarf kingfisherMeyer’s parrotMoustached tinkerbird
Manus fantailMicronesian imperial pigeonMoustached treeswift
Manus friarbirdMicronesian megapodeMoustached turca
Manus masked owlMicronesian myzomelaMoustached warbler
Manus monarchMicronesian starlingMoustached woodcreeper
Manx shearwaterMiddendorff’s grasshopper warblerMoustached wren
Many-banded aracariMiddle American screech owlMrs. Gould’s sunbird
Many-colored bushshrikeMiddle spotted woodpeckerMrs. Hume’s pheasant
Many-colored Chaco finchMidget flowerpeckerMugimaki flycatcher
Many-colored fruit doveMid-mountain berrypeckerMulga parrot
Many-colored rush tyrantMikado pheasantMulticoloured tanager
Many-spotted hummingbirdMilitary macawMunchique wood wren
Many-striped canasteroMilky storkMurphy’s petrel
MaoMillerbirdMuscovy duck
Maquis canasteroMimic honeyeaterMusician wren
Marabou storkMinahassa masked owlMusk duck
Maracaibo tody-flycatcherMinas Gerais tyrannuletMusk lorikeet
Marail guanMindanao bleeding-heartMussau fantail
Marañón crescentchestMindanao blue fantailMussau monarch
Maranon pigeonMindanao brown doveMussau triller
Marañón spinetailMindanao hawk-owlMute swan
Marañón thrushMindanao hornbillMyrtle warbler
Marbled duckMindanao lorikeet

Nouns starting with letter M- Science

Mendelian geneticsMutationMass spectrometer
Mass numberMercuryMoons
Molecular biologyMotionMagnet
Momentum conservationMolecular structureMolar mass
MetalloidMass balanceMatrix
Material scienceMycologyMeteor shower
Motion sensorMolecular weightMicroarray
MagnetizationMagnetic fieldMathematical modeling
Mach numberMegahertzMilieu
MagnetometerMetallicityMagma chamber
Motor neuronMass-energy equivalenceMitosis
MetalanguageMethaneMacrophage activation
Magnetic poleMitral valveMyofibril
MetallurgyMicroclimateMitochondrial DNA
ManganeseMelting pointMicrometer
Moon phaseModeMacromolecular structure
Meteorological phenomenaMoiré patternMonomer
Mass extinctionMagnificationMolecular bonding
MetaphaseMetallurgical engineeringMetallography
Monoclonal antibodyMutagenesisMeteoritic material
Moiré effectMyelin sheathMagnetic resonance spectroscopy
MicrosatelliteMyopiaMetallogenic province
Mole fractionMacroeconomicsMotor protein

Nouns starting with letter M- Food

Nouns Starting With Letter M- Food For Kids
MuffinsMacaroniMaple syrup
Mandarin orangesMarshmallowsMahi-mahi
MatzoMung beansMarinara sauce
MusselsMacadamia nutsManchego cheese
MolassesMiso soupMung bean sprouts
MayonnaiseMarjoramMackerel fillet
MasalaMuffin tinMaida flour
MahlebMilk chocolateMascarpone
Madras curryMatzo mealMirin
Muscat grapesMirepoix vegetablesMinestrone
MacaroonMulled wineMarmite
Mixed greensMoong dalMicrogreens
Meyer lemonMuesli barMatzo ball
Miso pasteMastic gumMole sauce
Malt extractMortadellaMutton
Mozzarella sticksMuffin mixMalt vinegar
Melba toastMackerel pâtéMochaccino
Montasio cheeseMulberry jamMolasses cookies
Maize flourMochikoMustard greens
Manuka honeyMiso dressingMatzo ball soup
Malted milkMonkfishMarmite spread
Mushroom gravyMesclunMarshmallow fluff
Mozzarella saladMushroom risottoMuscovado sugar
Matzah breiMung bean noodlesMango chutney
Meringue pieMushroom omeletteMiso glaze
Masa harinaMirabelle plumsMeat pie
Mango salsaMuffin batterMiso butter
MilletMezcalMaraschino cherries

Nouns starting with letter M- Vehicles

MotorcycleMinivanMack truck
MopedMonster truckMail truck
MotorboatMobile homeMotorbike
Model TMilitary vehicleMegayacht
MonorailMotorcoachMotorized bicycle
Maglev trainMudflapsMining truck
Motor gliderMuscle carMotorhome
Milk floatMass transit vehicleMini bike
Mobile craneMunicipal busMotorized wheelchair
Missile launcherMaintenance truckMail van
Military helicopterMulti-axle truckMini car
Motorized skateboardMobile command centerMicrocar
Motorized rickshawMotorized surfboardMotorized kayak
Mobile shopMobile stageMobile clinic
Motorized unicycleMotorized trikeMotor-driven bicycle
Mortar carrierMaintenance vanMotorcycle sidecar
Motorized tricycleMobile gymMobile laboratory
Mobile police unitMobile food truckMobile medical unit
Motorized snowboardMotorized hang gliderMotorized wheelbarrow
Motorized sledMotorized dollyMotorized glider
Mobile workshopMobile billboardMotorized cooler
Motorized droneMotorized trolleyMobile canteen
Mobile home parkMobile officeMotorized catamaran
Mobile power stationMotorized bargeMobile library
Motorized paraglider

Nouns starting with letter M- Household Items

Nouns Starting With Letter M- Household Items For Kids
MatMagnifying glassMailbox
Magazine rackMeasuring cupsMeasuring spoons
Mantel clockMortar and pestleMahogany desk
MantlepieceMousetrapMedicine cabinet
Metal hangersMusic systemMounting bracket
Muffin tinMason jarMixing bowls
Milk jugMini-fridgeMallet
Mandoline slicerMilk frotherMemo board
Motion sensor lightsMatryoshka dollsMuffin pan
Magnetic knife holderMahogany bookcaseMug tree
Melon ballerMini blindsMurphy bed
Mantle clockMosquito netMandoline
Medicine organizerMagnetic boardMilk frothing pitcher
Mesh laundry bagMasonry trowelMarble countertop
MothballsMincing knifeMeat grinder
Matchstick blindsMantelpiece clockMortise lock
Mug warmerMicrofiber clothMixing paddle
Music standMuffin trayManual juicer
Metal strawMail sorterMandolin slicer
Message boardMesh strainerMulti-tool
Magazine holderMarble cutting boardMat cutter
Mandoline cutterMortise gaugeMisting fan
Masking tapeMilk dispenserMemory card holder
Makeup organizerMortar mixerManual toothbrush holder
Metal file cabinetMilk steamerMop bucket
Melon slicerMixing spatulaMuffin wrapper
Moisture meterMicrofiber dusterMesh laundry basket
Memo pad holderMantel decorMeal planner board
Mold detectorMagnetic key holderMosquito zapper
Miter sawMultiport USB chargerMakeup brush holder
MicroscopeMotion detectorMemory foam pillow

Nouns starting with letter M- Fantasy

MermaidMystic bladeMaze

Nouns starting with letter M- Fashion

Nouns Starting With Letter M- Fashion For Kids
Maxi dressMiniskirtMoccasins
Midi skirtMulesMantilla
MotifMuslinMandarin collar
Motorcycle jacketMoro jacketMoheli
MademoiselleMarinièreMohawk hairstyle
MonochromeMandarin dressMiddy blouse
Mock neckMad hatter hatMonks
Mule shoesMilitary jacketMink
Modesty panelMontaukMaillot swimsuit
Moroccan styleMilitary-inspired jacketMoleskin trousers
Moto jeansMuffMohawk boots
Maternity wearMohawk haircutMadeleine hat
MatronlyMina dressMenswear
Mao jacketModal scarfMuumuu
Mod dressMink coatMod clothing
Moccasin bootsMoroccan kaftanMandarin gown
Moiré fabricMoto jacketMonogrammed shirt
Moroccan jewelryMod fashionMatador jacket
Mock-wrap dressMermaid skirtMoon boots
MarabouMandarin topMonochrome outfit
Moto bootsMiddy dressMoiré gown
Mod coatMudclothMesh top
Moiré skirtMicro miniskirtMenswear-inspired outfit
Maternity pantsMohawk hatMilitary-style boots
Moleskin blazerMock neck sweaterMod-style sunglasses
Moto leggingsMoroccan printMenswear jacket
Metal beltMonogrammed handbagMink stole
Muslin dressMoiré blouseMidi dress
Maternity clothesMillineryMinaudiere bag

Nouns starting with letter M- Instruments

MandolinMusical sawMiking technique
MelodicaMoog synthesizerMelodeon
MetronomeMusic standMellotron
MicrophoneMaracaMouth organ
MusetteMulti-neck guitarMbira dzavadzimu
MouthpieceMridangamMusicians’ gloves
Mahogany pianoMellophoneMelodion
MbiraMusic boxMandocello

Nouns starting with letter M- Sports

Nouns Starting With Letter M- Sports For Kids
MarathonMountaineeringMartial arts
Match pointMoundMouthguard
Motorbike racingMonofinMud run
Mixed martial artsMonoskiingMuscle strain
Multi-sportMartial artistMountaineering equipment
MahjongMuzzleloaderMotorsport enthusiast
Mixed doublesMonoskierModern pentathlon
Moto trialsMuay ThaiMarathoner
MooringMotorboat racingMotorsport race
Mountain bikingMartial arts dojoMarathon racing
Match ballMuzzleloading rifleMotorbike race
Match-fixingMatch officialMallet sports
Mountain climbing gearMotorboat raceMountaineering rope
Motor raceMatch winnerMotorcycle rally
Martial arts gymMooring lineMatchbox
MarkingMarathon racing trackMotorcycling race

Nouns starting with letter M- Art

Murano glassMuralistMezzotint
Mixed mediaMimesisMannequin
Mark-makingMoiré patternMeander
ModernistMetal sculptureMusician
MinimalismMolding clayMemento
MountingModelling clayMonogram
Master classMusicologyManuscript illumination
MuralscapeMetal artMonument
MandolinMusic standMask maker
Mural paintingMonographMacchiato art
Master printMetal leafingMosaicist
Mechanical pencil artMillefioriMixed media collage
Mosaic muralMunsellMetal engraving
Monastic artMedia artsMonogramming
Muralist painterMime artMetalcraft
Muffler artMask designMask dancer

Nouns starting with letter M- Nature

Nouns Starting With Letter M- Nature For Kids
MarshMossMaple tree
MeteorMushroomMagnolia tree
Milky WayMonarch butterflyMangrove
Mountain lionMountain ashMonolith
Mulberry treeMineralMarshland
Marshmallow plantMayflyMarsh grass
MoleMongooseMountain goat
ManateeMonarda flowerMorning glory
Mountain laurelMontane forestMeteor shower
MooseMourning doveMagnolia blossom
Mackerel skyMarine lifeMountain hare
MeadowlarkMolehillMilk thistle
Marsh marigoldMudflatMallard duck
Mandarin duckMountain mahoganyMarsh orchid
Monkshood flowerMountain bluebirdMallow flower
Mole ratMuntjac deerMudslide
Meadow saffronMountain avensMountain zebra
Mule deerMullein plantMudpuppy
MockingbirdMountain clematisMountain mint
MuskratMistle thrushMountain daisy
Mountain currantMayweedMountain lettuce
Mountain ebonyMoonwort fernMarsh wren
Manchineel treeMountain goldenrodMountain pink
MayappleMountain ash treeMoss campion
Mountain lady’s slipperMountain bladder fernMountain pepper
Mountain sennaMilk snakeMarsh harrier
Montbretia flower

Interesting activities

Interesting games for kids are like a treasure box of valuable life skills wrapped in a bundle of joy. So, let us start with this section with fun where we will play two games, namely Tongue twisters and Match the following-

Tongue Twisters

Nouns Starting With Letter M- Tongue Twisters For Kids

Hey there, little word wranglers! You know those crazy sentences that make your tongue twist and turn like a rollercoaster ride? Well, we call those “tongue twisters,” and they are a boatload of fun! 

Tongue twisters are like a game for your mouth! You get to say really silly sentences that sound super funny. 

And guess what? They’re secret tongue workouts, too! 

But that’s not all! Tongue twisters are sneaky teachers. They help you learn new sounds and tricky word combos. You’ll become a word wizard without even realizing it. Plus, they’re like your very own comedy show! 

In today’s interesting activity, we will be doing the Tongue twisters! Tongue twisters are like linguistic acrobatics, where words dance and tumble, testing your tongue’s twists and turns.

So, are you ready for a rollicking ride through the tongue-twisting “M” nouns?

  1. Marvelous monkeys munching on mangoes.
  2. Mysterious mimes mime in moonlight.
  3. Mischievous mice make merry mischief.
  4. Mighty mountains meet majestic meadows.
  5. Melodic magpies mimic melodious melodies.
  6. Multicolored marbles make mesmerizing mosaics.
  7. Miniature motorcycles maneuver through mazes.
  8. Misguided magicians mix magical mushrooms.
  9. Meddling mermaids mend mismatched seashells.
  10. Misbehaving marshmallows mess with marshmallow men.
  11. Miniature mummies march in a mystical parade.
  12. Merry milkmaids milk many merry cows.
  13. Mountainous moose make melodious mooing.
  14. Monstrous monsters munch on monstrous marshmallows.
  15. Muddy mudskippers merrily meander through mucky marshes.
  16. Mellow manatees meditate in the mellow moonlight.
  17. Mesmerising marmalade melts in the morning sun.
  18. Marauding Martians march to mysterious music.
  19. Magnificent mushrooms magically multiply.
  20. Mischievous muskrats make mayhem in the mud.

These tongue twisters are not only fun to say but also great for improving pronunciation and diction. Give them a try and see if you can master the “M” challenge!

Match the Following

Nouns Starting With Letter M- Match The Following For Kids

Imagine you have a bunch of puzzle pieces, and your job is to find their perfect pairs, like reuniting long-lost twins or matching up peanut butter with jelly. It’s like being a detective for words!

First, you get a list of things on one side and another list on the other side, like magic cards. Your mission? To find the secret connections, the missing links, and make them meet like best buddies at a playground. 

Now, get ready to rev up those mental engines and have some fun with a classic brain-teaser – “Match the Following.” If you’ve ever enjoyed the challenge of pairing things up, making connections, or just love a good old-fashioned mind-bender, you’re in for a treat. 

a) Monkeyi) large natural elevation of the Earth’s surface, typically with steep sides and a peak or summit.
b) Moonii) device that converts sound waves into electrical signals for amplification or recording.
c) Mountainiii) tropical fruit with sweet, juicy flesh and a large, flat pit, typically eaten when ripe.
d) Microphoneiv) the natural satellite of Earth, which orbits the planet and is visible in the night sky.
e) Mangov) A type of primate known for its agility and typically having a long tail.

(Answer: a-v, b-iv, c-i, d-ii,e-iii)


The world of nouns that start with the letter “M” is a vast and fascinating realm filled with a multitude of marvels and mysteries. 

From majestic mountains to mouthwatering meals, from mysterious moments to memorable melodies, the letter “M” has the power to bring to mind a wide range of concepts and ideas that enrich our language and our lives. 

As we’ve explored the various categories and examples of “M” nouns, it’s evident that the letter’s versatility and charm are a testament to the endless creativity and diversity of our world. 

So, whether you’re a language enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of words, “M” nouns offer a treasure trove of linguistic delights that can captivate your imagination and inspire your communication. 

Next time you encounter an “M” noun, take a moment to appreciate the magic it adds to our language and the myriad of meanings it can convey. See you soon, friends!

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