1100+ Nouns that Start with Y that You Might Know!

Hey munchkins! Get ready because today, we’re diving into the fascinating realm of nouns that start with the letter “Y.” 

Now, you might be thinking – “Y is only for yellow, and yawn, right?” Wrong! We’re about to unravel a linguistic treasure trove where “Y” takes on a whole new level of excitement.

Think of it as a journey through words that are as vibrant as a yo-yo in the hands of a juggler on a yoga ball. From yodeling yaks to yawnsome yarns, we’re about to discover the weird, the wonderful, and the “Why didn’t I know that existed?” words!

So, grab your favorite beverage, cozy up in your comfiest chair, and let’s yank open the curtain on the wild and whimsical world of “Y” nouns. Trust us; it’s going to be a yippee-worthy ride!

The Letter “Y”

Now, let’s dive into the magical world of letters, and we’re setting our sights on a special one – the letter “Y”! Now, “Y” is like a superhero in the alphabet brigade, and it brings its own unique flair to the party.

Imagine “Y” as a yo-yo twirling through the air, going up and down with endless enthusiasm. It’s a bit like a yellow sunflower stretching toward the sky, always reaching for new heights. And just like a yummy piece of cake, “Y” adds sweetness to words and makes them extra special.

But here’s the coolest part: “Y” is a bit of a shape-shifter. Sometimes, it sounds like the beginning of “yellow” or “yarn,” and other times, it can be a sneaky ninja hiding at the end of words like “happy” or “bunny.”

So, my little friend, as you embark on your alphabet adventure, remember that “Y” is your trusty sidekick, ready to add a dash of excitement to your words and a sprinkle of magic to your reading journey. Ready to discover all the fun “Y” has in store? Let’s go on a letter quest together! 

nouns beginning with y

Here, we have collected and made a list of nouns that starts with Y, but with a pinch of creativity for you all! 

You can go through each category and learn the nouns as you like! Please go ahead-

Nouns starting with letter Y- Animal

Nouns Starting With Letter Y- Animal For Kids
YabbyYellow Bullhead CatfishYellow-faced Bee
YakYellow CobraYellowfin Tuna
Yakutian LaikaYellow Crazy AntYellowish Cuckoo Bumblebee (formerly Fernald’s Cuckoo Bumblebee)
YararaYellow PerchYellowjacket (Yellow Jacket)
Yellow AnacondaYellow Sac SpiderYellowtail Snapper
Yellow AphidsYellow Spotted LizardYeti Crab
Yellow BassYellow TangYoranian
Yellow Belly Ball PythonYellow-Bellied Sea SnakeYorkie Bichon
YorkiepooYorkshire Terrier

Nouns starting with letter Y- People


Nouns starting with letter Y- Birds

Nouns Starting With Letter Y- Birds For Kids
Yap cicadabirdYellow-browed seedeaterYellow-rumped cacique
Yap monarchYellow-browed shrike-vireoYellow-rumped flowerpecker
Yapacana antbirdYellow-browed sparrowYellow-rumped flycatcher
Yelkouan shearwaterYellow-browed titYellow-rumped honeyguide
Yellow bishopYellow-browed tody-flycatcherYellow-rumped mannikin
Yellow bitternYellow-browed toucanetYellow-rumped marshbird
Yellow buntingYellow-browed tyrantYellow-rumped seedeater
Yellow canaryYellow-browed warblerYellow-rumped siskin
Yellow cardinalYellow-browed woodpeckerYellow-rumped thornbill
Yellow chatYellow-capped pygmy parrotYellow-rumped tinkerbird
Yellow grosbeakYellow-capped weaverYellow-rumped warbler
Yellow honeyeaterYellow-casqued hornbillYellow-scarfed tanager
Yellow longbillYellow-cheeked becardYellow-shouldered amazon
Yellow orioleYellow-cheeked titYellow-shouldered blackbird
Yellow penduline titYellow-chevroned parakeetYellow-shouldered grassquit
Yellow railYellow-chinned spinetailYellow-shouldered grosbeak
Yellow thornbillYellow-collared chlorophoniaYellow-sided flowerpecker
Yellow titYellow-collared lovebirdYellow-spotted barbet
Yellow tyrannuletYellow-crested cockatooYellow-spotted bush sparrow
Yellow wattlebirdYellow-crested helmetshrikeYellow-spotted honeyeater
Yellow-backed orioleYellow-crested manakinYellow-streaked greenbul
Yellow-backed tanagerYellow-crested tanagerYellow-streaked warbler
Yellow-bearded greenbulYellow-crested woodpeckerYellow-striped brushfinch
Yellow-bellied bulbulYellow-crowned amazonYellow-tailed black cockatoo
Yellow-bellied bush warblerYellow-crowned barbetYellow-tailed oriole
Yellow-bellied chat-tyrantYellow-crowned bishopYellow-tailed parrot
Yellow-bellied dacnisYellow-crowned canaryYellow-thighed brushfinch
Yellow-bellied elaeniaYellow-crowned elaeniaYellow-throated antwren
Yellow-bellied eremomelaYellow-crowned euphoniaYellow-throated apalis
Yellow-bellied fantailYellow-crowned gonolekYellow-throated bulbul
Yellow-bellied flowerpeckerYellow-crowned night heronYellow-throated bunting
Yellow-bellied flycatcherYellow-crowned parakeetYellow-throated bush sparrow
Yellow-bellied flyrobinYellow-crowned tyrannuletYellow-throated bush tanager
Yellow-bellied gerygoneYellow-crowned whitestartYellow-throated cuckoo
Yellow-bellied greenbulYellow-crowned woodpeckerYellow-throated euphonia
Yellow-bellied hyliotaYellow-eared barbetYellow-throated flycatcher
Yellow-bellied longbillYellow-eared bulbulYellow-throated fulvetta
Yellow-bellied priniaYellow-eared parrotYellow-throated greenbul
Yellow-bellied sapsuckerYellow-eared spiderhunterYellow-throated hanging parrot
Yellow-bellied seedeaterYellow-eared toucanetYellow-throated honeyeater
Yellow-bellied siskinYellow-eared woodpeckerYellow-throated laughingthrush
Yellow-bellied sunbird-asityYellow-eyed babblerYellow-throated leafbird
Yellow-bellied tanagerYellow-eyed black flycatcherYellow-throated leaflove
Yellow-bellied titYellow-eyed bristlebillYellow-throated longclaw
Yellow-bellied tyrannuletYellow-eyed juncoYellow-throated miner
Yellow-bellied warblerYellow-eyed penguinYellow-throated nicator
Yellow-bellied wattle-eyeYellow-eyed pigeonYellow-throated sandgrouse
Yellow-bellied waxbillYellow-eyed starlingYellow-throated scrubwren
Yellow-bellied whistlerYellow-faced flamebackYellow-throated seedeater
Yellow-bibbed fruit doveYellow-faced grassquitYellow-throated spadebill
Yellow-bibbed loryYellow-faced honeyeaterYellow-throated sparrow
Yellow-billed amazonYellow-faced mynaYellow-throated tanager
Yellow-billed babblerYellow-faced parrotYellow-throated tinkerbird
Yellow-billed barbetYellow-faced parrotletYellow-throated toucan
Yellow-billed blue magpieYellow-faced siskinYellow-throated vireo
Yellow-billed caciqueYellow-footed flycatcherYellow-throated warbler
Yellow-billed cardinalYellow-footed green pigeonYellow-throated whistler
Yellow-billed cotingaYellow-footed gullYellow-throated white-eye
Yellow-billed cuckooYellow-footed honeyguideYellow-throated woodland warbler
Yellow-billed duckYellow-fronted barbetYellow-throated woodpecker
Yellow-billed honeyeaterYellow-fronted canaryYellow-tinted honeyeater
Yellow-billed jacamarYellow-fronted parrotYellow-tufted dacnis
Yellow-billed kingfisherYellow-fronted tinkerbirdYellow-tufted honeyeater
Yellow-billed kiteYellow-fronted woodpeckerYellow-tufted woodpecker
Yellow-billed loonYellow-gaped honeyeaterYellow-vented bulbul
Yellow-billed lorikeetYellow-green brushfinchYellow-vented eremomela
Yellow-billed magpieYellow-green grosbeakYellow-vented flowerpecker
Yellow-billed malkohaYellow-green tanagerYellow-vented green pigeon
Yellow-billed nunbirdYellow-green vireoYellow-vented warbler
Yellow-billed nuthatchYellowhammerYellow-vented woodpecker
Yellow-billed oxpeckerYellowheadYellow-wattled bulbul
Yellow-billed pintailYellow-headed amazonYellow-wattled lapwing
Yellow-billed shrikeYellow-headed blackbirdYellow-whiskered bush tanager
Yellow-billed spoonbillYellow-headed brushfinchYellow-whiskered greenbul
Yellow-billed storkYellow-headed caracaraYellow-winged blackbird
Yellow-billed tealYellow-headed manakinYellow-winged pytilia
Yellow-billed ternYellow-headed warblerYellow-winged tanager
Yellow-billed tit-tyrantYellow-hooded blackbirdYellow-winged vireo
Yellow-billed turacoYellowish bulbulYemen linnet
Yellow-breasted antpittaYellowish flycatcherYemen serin
Yellow-breasted antwrenYellowish imperial pigeonYemen thrush
Yellow-breasted apalisYellowish pipitYemen warbler
Yellow-breasted barbetYellowish white-eyeYucatan amazon
Yellow-breasted boatbillYellowish-streaked honeyeaterYucatan bobwhite
Yellow-breasted boubouYellowish-streaked loryYucatan flycatcher
Yellow-breasted bowerbirdYellow-knobbed curassowYucatan gnatcatcher
Yellow-breasted brushfinchYellow-legged buttonquailYucatan jay
Yellow-breasted buntingYellow-legged flyrobinYucatan nightjar
Yellow-breasted chatYellow-legged gullYucatan poorwill
Yellow-breasted crakeYellow-legged pigeonYucatan vireo
Yellow-breasted flowerpeckerYellow-legged thrushYucatan woodpecker
Yellow-breasted fruit doveYellow-legged tinamouYucatan wren
Yellow-breasted greenfinchYellow-legged weaverYungas antwren
Yellow-breasted pipitYellow-lored bristlebillYungas dove
Yellow-breasted racket-tailYellow-lored tanagerYungas guan
Yellow-breasted satinbirdYellow-lored tody-flycatcherYungas manakin
Yellow-breasted tailorbirdYellow-mantled weaverYungas pygmy owl
Yellow-breasted warblerYellow-mantled widowbirdYungas screech owl
Yellow-breasted warbling antbirdYellow-margined flatbillYungas sparrow
Yellow-bridled finchYellow-naped amazonYungas tody-tyrant
Yellow-browed antbirdYellow-necked spurfowlYungas tyrannulet
Yellow-browed bulbulYellow-olive flatbillYungas warbler
Yellow-browed buntingYellow-plumed honeyeaterYunnan fulvetta
Yellow-browed camaropteraYellow-ringed white-eyeYunnan nuthatch
Yellow-browed melidectesYellow-rumped antwren

Nouns starting with letter Y- Science

Yield (in chemistry and physics)Yotta-electronvolt (a unit of energy)Yottawatt (a unit of power)
Ytterbium (a chemical element)Yersinia (a genus of bacteria)Yttrium fluoride (a chemical compound)
Y-axis (in mathematics and graphs)Yellowcake (uranium oxide used in nuclear processes)Yoctogram (a unit of mass)
Yoctosecond (a unit of time in physics)Yaws (a tropical disease caused by bacteria)Yersinia pestis (bacterium causing plague)
Yttrium (a chemical element)Yttria-stabilized zirconia (a ceramic material)Yttrium barium copper oxide (a superconductor)
Ylem (a theoretical substance in cosmology)Yttria nanoparticles (in nanotechnology)Y-axis motion (in physics and mechanics)
Yottameter (a unit of length in physics)Yttrium-aluminum garnet (a crystal material)Yttrium chloride (a chemical compound)
Ytterbium clock (an atomic clock)Y-chromosome (in genetics)Yoctonewton (a unit of force)
Young’s modulus (in materials science)Yttrium oxide (a compound used in electronics)Yersinia enterocolitica (a bacteria species)
Yoctoliter (a unit of volume)Young’s double slit experiment (in physics)Yttrium aluminum perovskite (a crystal structure)
Yoctometer (a unit of length)Yoctofarad (a unit of capacitance)Yoctowatt (a unit of power)

Nouns starting with letter Y- Food

Nouns Starting With Letter Y- Food For Kids
YamYolkYams (sweet potatoes)
YogurtYellowtail (a type of fish)Yerba mate (a South American herbal tea)
Yuzu (a citrus fruit)Yum cha (Chinese brunch with dim sum)Yabby pasta (pasta dish made with yabbies)
Yakitori (Japanese skewered chicken)Yuba (tofu skin)Yellow squash
Yabbies (a type of freshwater crayfish)Yabby (a small Australian freshwater crayfish)Youngberry (a hybrid between blackberry and dewberry)
Yautia (a tropical root vegetable)Yuzu kosho (Japanese citrus chili paste)Yabbie salad (salad with yabbies)
Youtiao (Chinese fried dough sticks)Yautia blanca (white taro)Yau char kway (Chinese crullers)
YeastYema (a Filipino milk candy)Yuba roll (a sushi roll with tofu skin)
Yama imo (Japanese mountain potato)Yuzu tea (a citrus-based tea)Yautia amarilla (yellow taro)
Yamberry (a type of berry)Yellowfin tunaYummy nut (a type of nut)
Yacon (a South American root vegetable)Yopparai na ebi (drunken shrimp)Yellow watermelon

Nouns starting with letter Y- Instruments

Yali tambur (a Turkish long-necked lute)Yaylı tambur (a Turkish string instrument)Yaylı çalgı (a family of Turkish stringed instruments)
Yatga (a Mongolian zither)Yolke (a medieval string instrument)Yodelhorn (a horn used for yodeling)
Yabahar (an experimental acoustic instrument)Yetti-petti (a Russian flute)Yangqin (a Chinese hammered dulcimer)
Yodel (a vocal technique)Yatiri (a type of Bolivian flute)Yatga morin khuur (a hybrid of Mongolian and Russian string instruments)

Nouns starting with letter Y- Household Items

Nouns Starting With Letter Y- Household Items For Kids
YardstickYoghurt containerYixing pottery (decorative items)
YarnYurt (portable dwelling)Yule candle holder
Yucca plant (if used as a houseplant)Yaffle (a type of tool or container)Yoke pillow (decorative pillow)
Yagi antenna (used for TV reception)Yixing clay pot (for cooking)Yacht model (for decoration)
Yule log (for fireplace decoration)Yarmulke (a religious head covering)Yali rug (a type of rug)
Yoghurt maker (a kitchen appliance)Yarning needle (sewing needle)Yoke hanger (for clothing)
Yixing teapot (a type of clay teapot)Yeast containerYarrow plant (used for decoration)
Y-shaped peeler (a kitchen tool)Yellow Pages (phone directory)Yellow paintbrush
Yerba mate gourd (used for drinking yerba mate)Y-shaped necklace holderYurt frame (portable dwelling)
Y-connector (used in plumbing)Yew wood furnitureYarn winder (for knitting)
Yellow duster (cleaning cloth)Yard brushYarn bowl (for knitting or crochet)

Nouns starting with letter Y- Art

Yarn painting (a traditional Mexican art form)Yodan Uchiwa (Japanese hand fan art)Yutaka Matsuzawa (Japanese artist)
Yliaster (a theoretical substance in alchemy)Yama-gata (Japanese woodblock printing)Yil Lull (Aboriginal storytelling art)
Yixing pottery (Chinese clay pottery)Yarka (a brand of art supplies)Yatate (Japanese portable writing set)
Yupo paper (a synthetic paper used in art)Yilgarn (Australian Aboriginal art)Yoko Ono (Japanese multimedia artist)

Nouns starting with letter Y- Nature

Nouns Starting With Letter Y- Nature For Kids
Yew (a type of coniferous tree)Yellowhammer butterflyYellow-legged gull
Yak (a bovine animal found in mountainous regions)Yacare caiman (a crocodilian species)Yellow-bellied marmot (a rodent species)
Yabby (a freshwater crayfish species)Yellow-eyed penguinYellow-throated warbler (a bird species)
Yellowtail (a type of fish)Yellowtail snapper (a fish species)Yellow-throated vireo (a bird species)
Yabby pump (a tool used to catch yabbies)Yellow-bellied sapsucker (a woodpecker)Yellow-dotted butterfly
Yellowhammer (a bird species)Yellowfin tuna (a fish species)Yellow-headed blackbird
Yellowwood (a type of tree)Yellow-crowned night heronYellow-shouldered Amazon (a parrot species)

Nouns starting with letter Y- Vehicles

Yacht (a recreational boat)Yellow bus (a school bus)Yard crane (a type of vehicle used in industrial yards)
Yoke (a part of a vehicle’s steering system)Y-plate (a license plate format in some regions)Y-frame (a frame design for vehicles)
Yard tractor (a small vehicle used in warehouses or ports)Yaw sensor (a vehicle sensor for detecting angular movement)Yuba cargo bike (a type of cargo-carrying bicycle)
Yugo (a brand of automobile)Yoke axle (a type of axle design in vehicles)Yoke steering wheel (a type of steering wheel design)
Yellow cab (a type of taxi)Yoke cover (a protective covering for vehicle components)Yutong bus (a brand of buses)
Yard truck (a specialized truck for moving trailers in yards)Yacht transporter (a vehicle for transporting yachts)Yema SUV (a type of sport utility vehicle)

Nouns starting with letter Y- Fashion

Nouns Starting With Letter Y- Fashion For Kids
Yoke dress (a dress with a fitted top portion)Y-silhouette (a clothing silhouette)Yoke top (a top with a fitted upper part)
Yarn (used in textile and knitting)Yarn count (measure of yarn thickness)Yoke sweater (a sweater with a fitted upper portion)
Yardage (amount of fabric or material)Y-front (a type of men’s briefs)Yataghan collar (a collar style)
Y-neck (a neckline style)Yoruba robe (traditional African attire)Yoke pants (pants with a fitted waist)
Yashmak (a face veil)Yataghan sleeves (wide sleeves at the elbow)Yoke blouse (a blouse with a fitted upper section)
Y-strap (a type of clothing strap design)Y-necklace (a necklace design)Yataghan hem (a hemline style)
Yarmulke (a Jewish skullcap)Yoke skirt (a skirt style)Yoke jacket (a jacket with a fitted upper part)
Yoke collar (a collar style)Yoke waistband (a waistband design)Yoke bodice (a fitted bodice design)

Nouns starting with letter Y- Fantasy

Yggdrasil (the mythical tree in Norse mythology)Yokai (Japanese supernatural beings)Yithian (a cosmic entity in H.P. Lovecraft’s works)
Yeti (a legendary ape-like creature)Yara-ma-yha-who (an Australian mythical creature)Yblis (a figure in some mythologies)
Ylem (a hypothetical substance in cosmology)Yara-ma-yha-who (an Australian mythical creature)Yowie (an Australian mythical creature)
Yowie (an Australian mythical creature)Yrden (a magical sign in The Witcher series)Yara-ma-yha-who (an Australian mythical creature)

Nouns starting with letter Y- Sports

Nouns Starting With Letter Y- Sports For Kids
Yachting (sport involving sailing)Yard line (in American football)Yawata game (a traditional Japanese sport)
Yawara (a type of martial arts stick)Yabbying (recreational yabby catching)Yak golf (a form of golf played in Mongolia)
Yak polo (a traditional game played on yaks)Yarding (Australian rodeo event)Yabby nets (nets used in yabby fishing)
Yabby racing (a novelty sport with yabbies)Yak wrestling (traditional sport in Mongolia)Yawl racing (a type of sailboat race)
Yacht racing (competitive sailing)Yawara stick (a martial arts weapon)Yatzy (a dice game)
Yards (measurement in track and field)Yawar mallku (a traditional sport in Bolivia)Yak racing (traditional sport in Mongolia)
Yardage book (used in golf for course information)Yagura game (a traditional Japanese sport)Yablonoi game (a traditional game in Russia)
Yards gained (American football statistic)Yogi cabs (electric bicycle cabs)Yotsudama (a Japanese sport with four balls)

Interesting activities

Nouns Starting With Letter Y- Tongue Twisters For Kids

In today’s interesting activity, we will be doing the Tongue twisters! Tongue twisters are like linguistic acrobatics, where words dance and tumble, testing your tongue’s twists and turns.

So, are you ready for a rollicking ride through the tongue-twisting “Y” nouns?

  1. Yawning yellow yaks yodel yuletide yips.
  2. Yarn-loving yo-yos yanked yams yesterday.
  3. Young yellow canaries yipped near the yurt.
  4. Yodeling yaks yawned, yielding yodeling yawns.
  5. Yummy yogurt yanked your yoyo!
  6. Yonder yacht’s yellow yawn yanked your yearning.
  7. Yowling yetis yanked yellow yarn yesterday.
  8. Yodeling yellow yo-yos yield yawns yearly.
  9. Young yodelers yanked yummy yucca yams.
  10. Yodeling yaks yawning yonder yelped.
  11. Yawning yellow yetis yanked yellow yams.
  12. Yellow yo-yos yanked young yodeler’s yarn.
  13. Yodeling yaks yawned at yellow yurts yesterday.
  14. Yellow yaks yodeled, yielding yips.
  15. Yonder yo-yo yanked yodeling yeti’s yarn.
  16. Yawning yaks yanked yummy yellow yams.
  17. Yonder yellow yo-yos yanked yesterday’s yarn.
  18. Yodeling yetis yawned, yearning for yams.
  19. Yellow yaks yelped, yanking yarn year-round.
  20. Yummy yellow yams yanked yodeler’s yowls.

These tongue twisters are not only fun to say but also great for improving pronunciation and diction. Give them a try and see if you can master the “Y” challenge!


In this journey, we’ve discovered the charm of yellow yurts, the versatility of yoga mats, and the delight of yesteryear’s yule logs. From the practicality of household items to the enchantment of fantasy nouns, the letter “Y” has proven itself to be a gateway to a linguistic wonderland.

Whether you found yourself captivated by the yips of young creatures or marveled at the yonder world of fantasy, the letter “Y” has shown us that language is a playground where creativity knows no bounds. 

So, let’s continue to embrace the beauty of words, savor the nuances of nouns, and keep the linguistic journey alive!

As we bid goodbye to our exploration of “Y” nouns, remember that the alphabet is full of surprises waiting to be uncovered. Stay curious, keep reading, and who knows what extraordinary nouns the next letter holds in store for us? Until then, wait for the final list of nouns, here!

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