2100+ Nouns that Start with E for Empowered Vocabulary!

Hey there, our language lovers! Today, we’re diving headfirst into the whimsical world of nouns that start with the letter “E.” 

Ever wondered why the English language is like a treasure chest filled with endless linguistic gems? Well, “E” is one of those shiny keys that unlock a world of excitement, entertainment, and enlightenment. 

From elephants to eagles, enchiladas to Eiffel Towers, and everything in between, we’re about to embark on an epic expedition through the enchanting land of “E” nouns. 

So, grab a cup of espresso, or perhaps a piece of exquisite chocolate cake, and let’s embark on this exhilarating exploration of nouns that start with “E”!

The Letter “E”

Today, we’re going to have a fantastic time getting to know one of the coolest letters in the alphabet. It’s none other than the letter “E”!

Now, imagine “E” as a superhero letter because it’s so awesome. It’s like a magic wand for words. Whenever you see “E” in a word, you know something exciting is going to happen. “E” can make words sound funny, like when it’s in “elephant” or “egg.” It can also make words super exciting, like in “explorer” or “adventure.”

So, whenever you spot the letter “E” in a word, give it a little high-five because it’s one of the most excellent letters in the whole alphabet, making stories and words come to life with a touch of excitement and a dash of fun. 

Keep your eyes open for “E” in books, signs, and all around you, and you’ll see just how amazing this letter can be!

Nouns Starting with “E”

Here, we have collected and made a list of nouns that starts with E, but with a pinch of creativity for you all! 

You can go through each category and learn the nouns as you like! Please go ahead-

Nouns starting with letter E- Animal

Nouns Starting With Letter E- Animal For Kids
Eagle RayEgyptian Cobra (Egyptian Asp)English Setter
Earless Monitor LizardEgyptian GooseEnglish Shepherd
EarthwormEgyptian MauEnglish Springer Spaniel
EarwigEgyptian TortoiseEnglish Toy Terrier
East Siberian LaikaElandEntlebucher Mountain Dog
Eastern Barred BandicootElasmosaurusEpagneul Pont Audemer
Eastern Box TurtleElasmotheriumEpicyon haydeni
Eastern Brown SnakeElectric CatfishEpidexipteryx
Eastern ChipmunkElectric EelEquatorial Spitting Cobra
Eastern Coral SnakeElephantEquus giganteus
Eastern CottontailElephant BeetleErmine
Eastern Diamondback RattlesnakeElephant FishEryops
Eastern DobsonflyElephant SealEscolar
Eastern Fence LizardElephant ShrewEskimo Dog
Eastern Glass LizardElkEskipoo
Eastern GorillaEmber TetraEstrela Mountain Dog
Eastern Gray SquirrelEmbolotheriumEuoplocephalus
Eastern Green MambaEmerald Tree BoaEurasian Beaver
Eastern Hognose SnakeEmerald Tree MonitorEurasian Lynx
Eastern Indigo SnakeEmperor AngelfishEurasian Wolf
Eastern Lowland GorillaEmperor TamarinEurasier
Eastern RacerEnchi Ball PythonEuropean Corn Borer
Eastern Rat SnakeEnglish Angora RabbitEuropean Polecat
Eastern Tiger SnakeEnglish BulldogEuropean Wildcat
Eastern WoodratEnglish Cocker SpanielEurypterus
EchidnaEnglish Cream Golden RetrieverEvening Bat
Edible FrogEnglish Crested Guinea PigExecutioner Wasp
EelEnglish FoxhoundEyelash Viper
Eel catfishEnglish Longhorn CattleEnglish Pointer

Nouns starting with letter E- People


Nouns starting with letter E- Birds

Nouns Starting With Letter E- Birds For Kids
Eared doveEcuadorian piedtailEuler’s flycatcher
Eared pittaEcuadorian railEungella honeyeater
Eared poorwillEcuadorian seedeaterEurasian bittern
Eared pygmy tyrantEcuadorian thrushEurasian blackcap
Eared quetzalEcuadorian trogonEurasian blue tit
East Amazonian fire-eyeEcuadorian tyrannuletEurasian bullfinch
East Andean antbirdEdible-nest swiftletEurasian collared dove
East Brazilian chachalacaEdwards’s fig parrotEurasian coot
East Brazilian pygmy owlEdwards’s pheasantEurasian crag martin
East coast akalatEgyptian gooseEurasian curlew
East Coast boubouEgyptian nightjarEurasian dotterel
Eastern alpine mannikinEgyptian ploverEurasian eagle-owl
Eastern barn owlEgyptian vultureEurasian golden oriole
Eastern bearded greenbulEiao monarchEurasian hobby
Eastern black-eared wheatearEl Oro parakeetEurasian hoopoe
Eastern black-headed batisEl Oro tapaculoEurasian jay
Eastern bluebirdElegant crescentchestEurasian magpie
Eastern bluebonnetElegant crested tinamouEurasian nuthatch
Eastern Bonelli’s warblerElegant euphoniaEurasian oystercatcher
Eastern bristlebirdElegant honeyeaterEurasian penduline tit
Eastern bronze-naped pigeonElegant imperial pigeonEurasian pygmy owl
Eastern buzzardElegant parrotEurasian reed warbler
Eastern cattle egretElegant pittaEurasian rock pipit
Eastern chanting goshawkElegant quailEurasian scops owl
Eastern chat-tanagerElegant sunbirdEurasian siskin
Eastern clapper larkElegant ternEurasian skylark
Eastern crowned warblerElegant titEurasian sparrowhawk
Eastern double-collared sunbirdElegant trogonEurasian spoonbill
Eastern golden weaverElegant woodcreeperEurasian stone-curlew
Eastern grass owlEleonora’s falconEurasian teal
Eastern grey woodpeckerElf owlEurasian three-toed woodpecker
Eastern ground parrotElfin woods warblerEurasian tree sparrow
Eastern imperial eagleElliot’s laughingthrushEurasian treecreeper
Eastern jungle crowElliot’s pheasantEurasian whimbrel
Eastern kingbirdElliot’s storm petrelEurasian wigeon
Eastern long-billed larkElliot’s woodpeckerEurasian woodcock
Eastern marsh harrierElusive antpittaEurasian wren
Eastern meadowlarkEmei leaf warblerEurasian wryneck
Eastern miombo sunbirdEmei Shan liocichlaEuropean bee-eater
Eastern nicatorEmerald starlingEuropean crested tit
Eastern olivaceous warblerEmerald tanagerEuropean golden plover
Eastern Orphean warblerEmerald toucanetEuropean goldfinch
Eastern ospreyEmerald-bellied pufflegEuropean green woodpecker
Eastern parotiaEmerald-chinned hummingbirdEuropean greenfinch
Eastern phoebeEmerald-spotted wood doveEuropean herring gull
Eastern plantain-eaterEmin’s shrikeEuropean honey buzzard
Eastern rock nuthatchEmperor bird-of-paradiseEuropean nightjar
Eastern rosellaEmperor fairywrenEuropean pied flycatcher
Eastern screech owlEmperor gooseEuropean robin
Eastern spinebillEmperor penguinEuropean roller
Eastern spot-billed duckEmpress brilliantEuropean serin
Eastern striolated puffbirdEmuEuropean shag
Eastern subalpine warblerEnggano cuckoo-doveEuropean stonechat
Eastern towheeEnggano hill mynaEuropean storm petrel
Eastern violet-backed sunbirdEnggano scops owlEuropean turtle dove
Eastern wattled cuckooshrikeEnggano thrushEvening grosbeak
Eastern whipbirdEpaulet orioleEverett’s scops owl
Eastern whip-poor-willEquatorial akalatEverett’s thrush
Eastern wood peweeEquatorial greytailEverett’s white-eye
Eastern woodhaunterErckel’s spurfowlEvergreen forest warbler
Eastern yellow robinErect-crested penguinEversmann’s redstart
Eastern yellow wagtailEskimo curlewExclamatory paradise whydah
Eastern yellow-billed hornbillEsmeraldas antbirdEyebrowed jungle flycatcher
Eaton’s pintailEsmeraldas woodstarEyebrowed thrush
Echo parakeetEspañola cactus finchEyebrowed wren-babbler
Eclectus parrotEthiopian boubouEye-ringed flatbill
Ecuadorian caciqueEthiopian cisticolaEye-ringed thistletail
Ecuadorian ground doveEthiopian orioleEye-ringed tody-tyrant
Ecuadorian hillstarEthiopian siskinEyrean grasswren
Ecuadorian piculetEthiopian swallow

Nouns starting with letter E- Vehicle

EngineElectric carExcavator
Estate carEscortEntourage
Estate wagonEighteen-wheelerE-bike
EnduroEl CaminoExpress train
Evacuation vehicleExcursionElectric bike
EurostarElectric scooterExcelsior
E-type JaguarExotic carEmergency vehicle
ExpresswayE-JetElectric motorcycle
EctomobileEco-carExpedition vehicle
EarthmoverExplorer vanExecutive car
Electric vanE-busExercise bike
Economy carEdselExpress bus
Entry-level carEstate taxiEvaporator
Executive jetElectric truckElectric skateboard
Electric mopedExpedition truckElectric aircraft
Excursion SUVEight-wheel driveExcavation truck
Electric vehicleElectric quadEmergency ambulance
Electric boatElectric minibusElectric wheelchair
Express cargo vanEmergency fire truckElectric monorail
Exhibition truckElectric snowmobileElectric tractor
Exhibition busExpedition yachtElectric RV
Electric tow truckElectric shuttleElectric garbage truck
Express mail truckElectric golf cartExpansion van

Nouns starting with letter E- Food

Nouns Starting With Letter E- Food For Kids
EclairEdible flowersElderberries
EggnogEgg rollElk
English muffinEvaporated milkEgg salad
Egg drop soupEmuEggplant Parmesan
Einkorn wheatElk meatEndive salad
EelEmmental cheeseElderflower
Egg creamEgg breadEscargot
Egg tartElephant garlicEbi (shrimp)
Egg washEggo wafflesEgg foo young
Elbow macaroniÉclair cakeEnokitake mushrooms
Egg noodlesEmmentalEggplant dip
Egg flourEgg washEgusi soup
Einkorn flourEndive leavesEggplant lasagna
Egg yolkEmmental fondueEggless cake
English walnutsEggplant casseroleEgg noodles soup
Eggplant sandwichEggplant friesEggplant curry
Eggplant pizzaEggplant chipsEggplant salsa
Eggplant saladEggplant bakeEggplant croquettes
Eggplant quicheEggplant stewEggplant spread
Eggplant curryEggplant chipsEggplant relish
Eggplant chutneyEggplant pureeEggplant soup
Eggplant saladEggplant rollsEggplant bake
Eggplant croquettesEggplant curryEggplant quiche
Eggplant terrineEggplant tempuraEggplant fritters
Eggplant parmigianaEggplant moussakaEggplant kebabs
Eggplant bhartaEggplant caponataEggplant gnocchi
Eggplant ravioliEggplant souffléEggplant involtini
Eggplant picklesEggplant pâtéEggplant medley
Eggplant burgersEggplant soupEggplant pasta

Nouns starting with letter E- Instrument

EuphoniumE-flat clarinetElephant bells
Electric guitarElbow pipesEunuch flute
ErhuElectric violinEktar-tar
English hornEgg shakerEktara bean
Electronic keyboardErxianEktara gourd
Electric bassEktarEktara plectrum
EktaraElectric organEktara body
Ewe drumEmicarinaEktara strings

Nouns starting with letter E- Household Items

Nouns Starting With Letter E- Household Items For Kids
End tableEspresso machineElectric blanket
Extension cordEntertainment centerElectric kettle
Egg timerEgg slicerEasel
Exercise equipmentEnvelope openerEntryway rug
Eye maskEssential oil diffuserExhaust fan
Egg cartonEgg poacherEmery board
EnamelwareElectric mixerExtension ladder
Eye dropperEarmuffsElectric razor
Eyeglass caseExtension poleEmbroidery hoop
Evaporative coolerEarthquake kitEngraving tool
Electric can openerEntertainment unitEnamel pot
Egg cupEtagereElectric toothbrush
Evacuation planEraserEgg beater
Electric fanEquestrian gearEspresso cup
Engraved glasswareEgg cookerE-reader
Extension tableElectric griddleElectric fryer
Espresso potEyewear cleanerExercise mat
Entry matElectric blanketExercise ball
Enamel mugExpandable rackEntry organizer
Entry benchExtension mirrorElectric corkscrew
Egg separatorEnamel trayExtension board
Entrance matElevation pillowElastic band
Endurance matEntry handleExtension socket
Electric shaverElectric steamerExercise bike
Espresso setEnamel bowlEggshell paint
Extension tableclothEgg holderElastic strap
Extension adapterExtension hookElectric skillet
Envelope scaleEntertainment cabinetEssential oil holder
Eyelet curtainElectric scaleEntry lock
Entrance rugEgg whiskEgg boiler
Enamel jugElectric timerExercise bench
Electric juicerExtension leadEntryway bench
Espresso spoonElectric scrubberEmergency kit

Nouns starting with letter E- Art

EraserEgg temperaEphemera
EmbossingEcclesiastical artEngraver
ExpositionExpressionistEcholocation art
ExhibitionistExquisite artEccentric artist
EtchingsEccentric artworkEthnic art
EtcherEccentric sculptureExhibition space
Exemplar artExquisite paintingExquisite sculpture
Enigmatic artExotic artEquine art
Expressionist paintingEthnicity in artElemental art
Exuberant artExquisite designExperimental art
Ecclesiastical paintingsExquisite craftsmanshipEclectic art
Enigmatic paintingExpressive artExquisite drawing
Ethereal artExhibition hallExemplary artistry
Exoticism in artExotic paintingsEthnographic art
Exemplary craftsmanshipEccentric drawingsEthereal sculptures
ExperimentalismEcclesiastical sculpturesElemental sculpture

Nouns starting with letter E- Nature

Nouns Starting With Letter E- Nature For Kids
ElandElkhorn coralEvening primrose
Eastern cottonwoodElandEpiphyte
EardrumEastern hemlockEarthstar
EcheveriaEuropean ashEastern redbud
European beechEvening grosbeakEremurus
European larchEuropean mistletoeEastern white pine
European yewEurypteridElderberry
Elephant sealEuropean hollyElderflower
Eastern screech owlEuropean aspenEuropean hornbeam
English oakEuropean field elmEuropean black pine
EelEastern bluebirdEurasian collared dove
Emerald ash borerEuropean goldfinchEastern chipmunk
Eastern tiger swallowtailEmperor penguinEuropean robin

Nouns starting with letter E- Fantasy

EtherEonEnchanter’s tower
Enchanted forestEssenceErotes
ElementalEchoEnchanted object

Nouns starting with letter E- Fashion

Nouns Starting With Letter E- Fashion For Kids
Evening gownEspadrillesEmbroidery
EpaulettesEyelinerEmpire waist
Ear cuffsEveningwearElastic
EmbellishmentsEnvelope clutchEspionage coat
EspalierEtchingEvening bag
Elbow patchesEyebrow pencilEyelet
Embossed leatherEnamel pinEmpire dress
Evening sandalsEye-catchingElastic waistband
Equestrian bootsEvening jacketEmpire line
Eyelash curlerEmbroidered dressEspadrille sandals
EccentricityEvening glovesExhibitionism
Elasticized cuffsEvening shoesEnglish tweed
Eton jacketEye motifEye mask
Evening coatExotic printsEthnic wear
Easy-fit pantsElegant attireEvening wrap
Evening shawlEmpire silhouetteElasticized waist
Embroidered blouseEvening wearElasticated hem
Epaulette blouseEspadrille wedgesEton collar
Eyelet laceEmbroidered jacketEtruscan necklace
Envelope skirtEmbroidered shirtElegant scarf
Empire-style dressEccentric hatEvening gown
Eye-catching dressEmbellished jeansEspadrille flats
Eyewear collectionEmbroidered skirtElegant blouse
Eye-catching topEvening handbagEyewear frames
Embroidered pantsElasticated skirtEmbroidered tunic
Epaulet jacketEveningwear collectionEye-catching jacket
Embellished dressEmbellished topEyelet dress
Embellished shoesEyelet topEquestrian fashion
Embroidered topElegant accessoriesEthnic-inspired dress
Envelope topEyewear fashionEmbroidered jacket
Evening dressEmbellished sandalsElasticated belt

Nouns starting with letter E- Sports

EquipmentExercise ballExercise mat
EllipticalEndorphinsElbow pad
EpeeExtreme sportsElevation
EquestrianismEnd zoneExercise bike
EventingElbow braceExercise routine
Exercise gearExercise clothingElliptical machine
Elbow guardEye protectionExercise program
Exercise trackExercise physiologyEquestrian sport
ExertionExercise studioExhilaration
Exercise scienceExercise techniqueEndurance race
Exercise equipmentExerciserExercise regime
Endurance trainingExercise regimenExercise session
Exercise classExercise circuitExercise bench
Exercise coachExercise drillExercise machine
Exercise toolExercise studioExercise program
Exercise bikeExercise physiologyExercise science
ExertionExhilarationEndurance race
Elliptical machineExercise matExercise ball
Exercise trackEye protectionEquestrianism
ElevationEpeeExercise clothing
Exercise routineExercise gear

Interesting activities

Nouns Starting With Letter E- Tongue Twisters For Kids

In today’s interesting activity, we will be doing the Tongue twisters! Tongue twisters are like linguistic acrobatics, where words dance and tumble, testing your tongue’s twists and turns.

So, are you ready for a rollicking ride through the tongue-twisting “E” nouns?

  1. Eager elephants eat enormous eggs.
  2. Eight energetic eagles eagerly explore.
  3. Eccentric emus enjoy eating elderberries.
  4. Enormous elves examine elegant emeralds.
  5. Eleven elegant flamingos flew eastward.
  6. Excited Eskimos eagerly eat eclairs.
  7. Five elegant ostriches embrace exercise.
  8. Eleven elephants entered an empty elevator.
  9. Energetic elves eagerly bake gingerbread.
  10. Eighty energetic eels eagerly escape.
  11. Enthusiastic astronauts examine Earth’s atmosphere.
  12. Excitable elves exchange exquisite earrings.
  13. Edward eagerly examined exotic eggs.
  14. Emily’s emu eagerly eats exotic fruits.
  15. Ellie’s ermine eagerly explores the eroded earth.
  16. Eleven energetic eels escaped to Europe.
  17. Elegant eagles eagerly enjoy exploring.
  18. Exquisite eagles elegantly embroider.
  19. Eight excited elk enter the enchanted forest.
  20. Emily’s echidna eagerly engulfs earthworms.

These tongue twisters are not only fun to say but also great for improving pronunciation and diction. Give them a try and see if you can master the “E” challenge!


Our exploration of nouns starting with the letter “E” has been an enchanting journey through the expansive world of the English language! 

As we wrap up this linguistic expedition, remember that language is a powerful tool for expression and communication, and each word, each noun, carries its own unique story. The letter “E” has certainly offered us a treasure trove of nouns, and it’s a reminder of the richness of our language.

So, the next time you encounter a word that begins with “E,” whether it’s in a book, a conversation, or a sign on the street, take a moment to appreciate the beauty of words and the myriad ways they can paint pictures in our minds. 

Keep exploring, keep learning! See you soon with the article of “Nouns starting with letter F”!

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