5 Letter Words Ending with F for Fascinating Vocabulary!

Language is a treasure chest filled with enchanting words, and today, we’re setting sail on a delightful adventure with 5-letter words that end with the charming letter “F.” 

These words have a unique flair and can add a touch of magic to your vocabulary. 

So, get ready to explore this whimsical world of language where “F” is the final flourish that makes each word extraordinary. 

We’ll dive into fun activities, creative associations, and more to make your language-learning journey a captivating one. 

Let’s unravel the secrets of words ending with “F” together!

List Of 5-Letter Words Ending With F

Incredible 5 Letter Words Ending With F For Kids
aliefCustoms or traditions deeply ingrained in a culture.
aloofDistant or reserved in social interactions, emotionally detached.
BanffPicturesque town in Alberta, Canada, within Banff National Park.
blaffColloquial term in some Caribbean dialects for a loud noise.
bluffDeceptive behavior to create a false impression, often in games.
boeufFrench term for beef, used in cuisine for beef-based dishes.
BOGOFAcronym for “Buy One Get One Free” marketing promotion.
briefTo provide a concise summary or explanation of a topic.
bumpfUnimportant written material, often bureaucratic or promotional.
califInformal term for a caliph, the leader of the Islamic community.
chaffHusks of grains separated during threshing.
chiefA person in a position of leadership or authority.
chiffLightweight, sheer fabric, often made from silk.
choofAustralian slang for smoking or departing quickly.
chuffTo blow air noisily, often with a puffing sound, like a steam engine.
cliffSteep rock face or escarpment, often near water or in mountains.
cloffScottish term for a hoof, the horny part of an animal’s foot.
darafWest African musical instrument, often a type of drum.
decafCoffee or tea with most of its caffeine removed.
draffBrewing waste, consisting of remains of grains used in brewing.
DurifGrape variety used in winemaking for rich, full-bodied red wines.
dwarfA person or creature of notably short stature.
enuffInformal spelling of “enough,” indicating a sufficient quantity.
feoffIn feudal law, a lord’s grant of land in exchange for loyalty.
flaffBritish slang for a commotion or uproar, describing a noisy situation.
FlarfExperimental poetry using found language and nontraditional techniques.
fluffLight, soft material, like bird down or pillow/cushion filling.
ganefYiddish term for a dishonest or untrustworthy person.
ganofA Yiddish term for a swindler or dishonest person.
gliffA Scottish term for a quick glance or momentary sight.
gonefA Yiddish term for a thief or rascal.
gonifA Yiddish term for a thief, scoundrel, or crook.
gonofA Yiddish term for a swindler or dishonest person.
graffSlang for graffiti, often used in urban art.
griefDeep sorrow or sadness, typically due to a loss or tragedy.
griffA variety of wire, often used for screens and filters.
groofA Dutch term for a gutter or trench for draining water.
groufA Scottish term for an excavation or trench.
gruffHaving a rough, hoarse, or harsh voice or manner.
GuelfA member of a medieval Italian political faction.
Goofy 5 Letter Words Ending With F For Kids
hanifA person who follows Hanifism, an Islamic religious movement.
houffA Scottish term for a gust of wind or a puff of air.
howffA Scottish term for a safe or hidden place.
JolofAn ethnic group in West Africa, primarily in Senegal.
kalifAn alternative spelling for “caliph,” a Muslim leader.
kenafA plant related to hibiscus, cultivated for its fiber.
kloofA South African term for a deep ravine or gorge.
kreefSouth African slang for crayfish or lobster.
maqafA Hebrew punctuation mark, similar to a colon or semicolon.
metifA Jewish person who has converted to Judaism.
motifA recurring theme or pattern in art, music, or literature.
MusafAn additional Jewish prayer service, often on the Sabbath.
NajafA city in Iraq, a significant religious center for Shia Muslims.
notifAn informal abbreviation for “notification.”
nroffA Unix utility for formatting and displaying text.
nyaffScottish slang for a noisy or impudent young person.
OBHWFAn acronym representing “One Big Happy Weasel Family.”
pfaffTo waste time or putter around aimlessly.
pilafA Middle Eastern dish of rice cooked in seasoned broth.
pluffA light or puffy sound, similar to a soft explosion.
pouffA French word for a cushion, typically used for seating.
preifA Scottish term for a ridge or reef of rocks.
priefA Scottish term for a quick, sideways glance or look.
proofEvidence that demonstrates something is true or valid.
PurifAn abbreviation for “purification,” often related to religious or spiritual practices.
quaffTo drink heartily or deeply, especially an alcoholic beverage.
queefA slang term for a vaginal flatulence sound.
quiffA tuft or lock of hair, especially in the front of the head.
quoifA Scottish term for a cushion or pillow.
scaffScaffolding, a temporary structure used in construction.
scarfA long, narrow piece of fabric worn around the neck for warmth or style.
scoffTo speak or express contempt or derision; to mock.
scuffTo scrape or scrape against a surface, often producing a rough sound.
scurfTiny dry flakes of skin, often associated with dandruff.
serifA typeface with small decorative lines or strokes at the ends of characters.
sheafA bundle of cut stalks of grain, tied together after harvesting.
shelfA flat, horizontal board used for storing or displaying objects.
skeefA South African slang term for a loaf of bread.
skelfA splinter or small, sharp piece of wood or other material.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Ending With F For Kids
skiffA small, flat-bottomed boat, typically for rowing or sailing.
skoffA slang term for food or a meal, often used in Australian English.
sluffTo shed or cast off, especially skin or outer layers.
smurfA fictional, small, blue-skinned character from “The Smurfs” cartoon series.
snarfTo eat quickly or greedily; to gobble down food.
sniffTo inhale audibly through the nose to detect a smell.
snuffTo extinguish a flame or candle by pinching or smothering it.
sowffA Scottish term for a trace or small amount of something.
spiffA slang term for a stylish or well-dressed appearance.
spoofA satirical imitation or parody, often for humor.
staffA group of employees or workers within an organization.
stiffRigid or firm; lacking flexibility or suppleness.
stuffVarious items, material, or objects in a collection.
swarfSmall chips or shavings of metal produced by machining or grinding.
thiefA person who steals, often surreptitiously.
traifIn Jewish dietary laws (kashrut), non-kosher or forbidden food.
treifAn alternative spelling of “traif,” referring to non-kosher or forbidden food in Jewish dietary laws.
treyf(Alternative spelling of “treif”)
wharfA structure by the water for loading and unloading ships or boats.
whiffA brief and faint smell or odor; a slight puff of air.
whoofA sound or exclamation, often related to a sudden expulsion of air.
WolofA member of an ethnic group in West Africa, particularly in Senegal.
WWOOFAbbreviation for “World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms,” an organization connecting volunteers with organic farms.

Some Other Examples of 5-Letter Words Ending With F

Perfect 5 Letter Words Ending With F For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Ending With F

Let’s embark on a thrilling wordy journey, this time with a twist of fun and humor, to explore the world of words ending with “F”!

Fill in the Blanks:

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Get ready for a whimsical word adventure! We’ll present you with 5-letter words ending with “F,” but there’s a twist – it’s up to you to complete them. It’s like a word puzzle waiting to be unraveled, and you’re the wizard of words.


  1. Chi_f
  2. Br_ef
  3. Cl_ff
  4. Stu_f
  5. D_arf


  1. Chief
  2. Brief
  3. Cliff
  4. Stuff
  5. Dwarf

Name Game:

Childish Name Game For Kids

Introducing the “Name Game” – it’s all about creating wordy magic! We’ll unveil words ending with “F” and delve into their playful meanings.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to craft stories, spin associations, or even concoct short tales using these words. Get ready for a whimsical word adventure!


Q: What is the title given to the leader or head of a tribe or community?

Ans: Chief

Q: What is the term for a concise and to-the-point written or spoken communication?

Ans: Brief

Q: What do you call a steep, rugged rock surface, typically with a vertical or nearly vertical drop?

Ans: Cliff

Q: What is the general term for various items, belongings, or materials?

Ans: Stuff

Q: What is the term for a small, mythical creature often portrayed as a skilled craftsman?

Ans: Dwarf

Match the Words with Meanings:

Amazing Words Matching Activity For Kids

Time to put on your creative thinking cap! We’ve got colorful illustrations of 5-letter words ending with “F.”

Your mission is to match these quirky images with the correct words. It’s like a wordy jigsaw puzzle that makes learning an absolute barrel of laughs.

ChiefThe leader or head of a group or organization
BriefConcise and to the point
CliffA high, steep rock face or escarpment
StuffMiscellaneous items or things
DwarfA person or creature much smaller than average


Learning a language should be a side-splitting journey filled with delightful discoveries. By exploring words ending with “F” through these uproarious activities, you’ll not only expand your vocabulary but also make language learning an absolute hoot! 

So, hop on this word-filled carnival ride with us and enjoy the hilarious process of learning!

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