5 Letter Words Ending with K to Discover the Kingdom of Vocabs!

Welcome to a fascinating linguistic adventure! We’re about to dive into the world of 5-letter words, but with a twist – these words end with the letter “K.” 

It’s time to embark on a journey through the realm of language, exploring intriguing words that not only expand your vocabulary but also add a touch of excitement to your wordplay.

Learning words ending with “K” can be an exhilarating experience. These words can be playful, curious, and sometimes even a bit mysterious.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your word knowledge, engage in word games, or simply enjoy the beauty of language, this collection of 5-letter words ending with “K” has something for everyone.

In this article, we’ll present you with a variety of activities that will make your word exploration delightful. 

From fill-in-the-blanks games to creative storytelling and matching words with their meanings, we’ve got a treasure trove of linguistic fun waiting for you.

List Of 5-Letter Words Ending With K

Incredible 5 Letter Words Ending With K For Kids
abackIn a position with the back foremost.
abaskTo bask or warm oneself in the sun.
AbrekA Turkish historical ethnic group.
acockIn a tilted or awry position.
AFAIKAbbreviation for “As Far As I Know.”
AfPakReferring to Afghanistan and Pakistan.
alackAn expression of regret or sorrow.
aleckA person who is clever or smart.
AmiskA reference to the Cree First Nation.
amockIn a wild and uncontrolled manner.
amuckSynonymous with “amok,” meaning out of control.
apeakAt right angles to the keel of a ship.
apeekSynonymous with “peek” or “glimpse.”
ArvakIn Norse mythology, one of the horses that pulled the sun’s chariot.
aworkEngaged in work or labor.
banakA colloquial term for “bank.”
BarakA given name of Hebrew origin.
BatakAn ethnic group in Indonesia.
batikA method of dyeing cloth using wax-resistant techniques.
baulkA beam or rafter.
blackThe color or a person of African descent.
blankEmpty or containing no information.
bleakLacking vegetation, cold and desolate.
bleckA colloquial term for something unpleasant.
blickA Scottish slang term for a quick look.
blinkTo shut and open one’s eyes quickly.
blockA solid piece of material.
blookA whimsical, non-standard term for a book.
blunkAn obsolete term for a trick or deception.
bobakA surname of Polish origin.
boinkA playful or onomatopoeic word for a bounce or spring.
BolakA village in Iran.
borakA term related to borax or similar substances.
borekA pastry filled with ingredients such as cheese, meat, or vegetables.
BorokA village in Ukraine.
brackA Scottish word for a rough, rocky surface.
brankAn old instrument of punishment for scolding women.
breakTo separate or cause to separate.
brickA rectangular block made of baked clay.
brinkThe edge or border of something.
briskQuick and active; lively.
brockA badger, especially in Scottish and Northern English dialects.
brookA small stream of water.
bruskAbrupt or curt in manner or speech.
burekA pastry filled with various ingredients, popular in Balkan cuisines.
caulkTo seal or make watertight, often using a waterproof filler.
CAVOKAn aviation term indicating good weather conditions.
chackAn obsolete term for a jackdaw, a type of crow.
chockA block or wedge placed under a wheel to prevent movement.
chookAn informal term for a chicken in Australian English.
chowkA Hindi word meaning “square” or “crossroads.”
chuckTo throw something carelessly.
chunkA solid, thick piece or portion of something.
ChuukA state in the Federated States of Micronesia.
clackA sharp, abrupt sound, like that of two hard objects striking together.
clankA loud, metallic, and repetitive sound, often indicating something heavy or solid.
ClarkA common surname and given name.
cleckAn archaic term meaning to hatch or produce offspring, especially birds.
cleekAn old Scottish word for a golf club.
clerkA person employed to perform various administrative tasks.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Ending With K For Kids
clickTo press or strike a button on a computer mouse or keyboard.
clinkA sharp, high-pitched sound, often associated with the collision of glass or metal objects.
cloakA loose outer garment that covers or conceals.
clockA device for measuring time.
clonkA dull, heavy sound, like that of a solid object being struck.
cluckThe sound made by a hen, especially when calling her chicks.
clunkA heavy, dull, and muffled sound, often associated with an impact or falling object.
crackA sudden, sharp sound or break, often with a distinct noise.
CraikA surname and place name in Scotland.
crankA device or mechanism for turning or rotating.
creakA harsh, high-pitched sound made when something wooden or metal rubs against another surface.
creekA narrow, winding waterway, smaller than a river.
crickAn informal term for a pain or stiffness in the neck or back.
croakTo make a low, hoarse, and rough sound, like a frog.
crockA pot or container, typically made of clay.
cronkA dull, heavy, and resonant sound.
crookA person who engages in dishonest or criminal activities.
cruckA pair of curved timbers, often forming an arch, used in traditional timber framing.
crunkA style of hip-hop music that originated in the Southern United States.
dalekA fictional, robotic extraterrestrial species in the British TV series “Doctor Who.”
DanskThe word “Danish” in various Northern European languages.
DayakA member of an indigenous people in Borneo and other parts of Southeast Asia.
DepokA city in Indonesia, located near Jakarta.
DirckA given name of Dutch origin.
doinkAn onomatopoeic word used to describe a dull or silly sound.
drackA variant spelling of “drachm,” a unit of mass or weight.
drankThe simple past tense of the verb “drink.”
dreckYiddish term for something of poor quality or worthless.
drinkTo consume a liquid, usually referring to beverages.
drookAn archaic Scottish word meaning to drench or soak.
droukA Scottish word meaning to drench or immerse.
drunkIntoxicated due to the consumption of alcohol.
dudukA traditional Armenian double-reed woodwind instrument.
ebookA digital or electronic book that can be read on a computer or e-reader.
epickA playfully exaggerated or epic version of something.
erickA given name of Scandinavian origin.
EvenkA Siberian indigenous people of Russia and China.
flackStrong criticism or publicity, especially in the media.
flankThe side of a person’s or animal’s body between the ribs and the hip.
flaskA small container for holding and carrying liquids, often with a screw-on cap.
fleckA small spot or mark, often contrasting with the surrounding surface.
fleekA slang term meaning “on point” or “looking great.”
flickTo make a sudden, sharp, jerky movement or to move something quickly with a light touch.
fliskAn informal term for a quick and agile movement.
flockA group of birds or animals that stay together.
flookAn informal term for a fluke or stroke of luck.
flunkTo fail a test, examination, or course of study.
frackTo extract natural gas or oil from rock by hydraulic fracturing.
frankOpen, honest, and straightforward in speech or behavior.
freakA person or thing that is markedly unusual or abnormal.
freckA small, pale brown spot on the skin, often caused by exposure to the sun.
frickA minced oath or euphemism used to express frustration, annoyance, or surprise.
friskTo skip, hop, or dance in a playful and lively manner.
frockA woman’s or girl’s dress, typically one that is modest or simple in style.
funckA playful variation or alteration of the word “funk.”
glaikAn obsolete Scottish word meaning to stare vacantly or to fool around.
gleekTo play tricks or make fun of someone in a mischievous manner.
gliskAn obsolete Scottish word meaning to glance or peep.
GlockA brand of firearms, particularly known for its handguns.
gluckA term often used in music, referring to a quick, energetic passage.
Goofy 5 Letter Words Ending With K For Kids
gopakA lively Ukrainian folk dance characterized by rapid movements and leaps.
gopikA term related to the worshipers of Lord Krishna in Hindu mythology.
greekRelating to Greece, its culture, or the Greek language.
hacekA diacritic mark (ˇ) used on certain letters in various languages to indicate pronunciation.
haickAn obsolete word meaning a “hitch” or a pullback of reins, often used in driving horses.
hoickTo lift or pull something or someone up with a sudden, forceful motion.
IARTKAn acronym or abbreviation without a widely recognized meaning.
iBookA brand of laptop computer manufactured by Apple Inc.
ICYDKAn acronym for “In Case You Didn’t Know,” often used to introduce additional information.
JSWDKAn acronym or abbreviation without a widely recognized meaning.
JTLYKAn acronym for “Just To Let You Know,” used to convey information or updates.
kaiakAn alternative spelling for “kayak,” a small, narrow watercraft.
kamikA type of Japanese aircraft used for suicide attacks during World War II.
KanakA term often used in New Caledonia to refer to the indigenous Melanesian people.
kapokThe soft, fibrous material from the seed pods of kapok trees, used in pillows and life jackets.
KarokReferring to the Karuk people, an indigenous group from California.
KarukReferring to the Karuk people, an indigenous group from California.
kayakA small, narrow watercraft that is typically paddled with a double-bladed paddle.
KazakPertaining to Kazakhstan or its people, culture, or language.
kioskA small booth or stand where newspapers, snacks, or information are sold.
klickAn informal term referring to a kilometer or a kilometer per hour.
knackA special skill, talent, or ability for doing something well.
kneckAn obsolete term for the neck, especially in a humorous or playful context.
knickA small dent, nick, or notch in an object’s surface.
knockTo strike a surface or object with a forceful rap or blow.
kodakAn outdated brand of photographic equipment and film products.
kopekA unit of currency used in several countries, including Russia.
krunkA slang term often used to describe loud and exciting music or events.
kulakA term historically used in Russia to refer to affluent peasants or farmers.
KumykReferring to the Kumyk people, an ethnic group in the North Caucasus.
KurskA city in Russia and the site of a significant World War II battle.
LASEKA type of laser eye surgery used to correct vision problems.
LasikAn acronym for “Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis,” a common laser eye surgery.
lepakA Malaysian slang term meaning to loiter, relax, or engage in leisurely activities.
LipikA town in Croatia known for its thermal springs and healing properties.
LutskA city in Ukraine and the administrative center of the Volyn Oblast.
malikA term of Arabic origin meaning “king” or “ruler.”
MedakA city and municipality in Telangana, India.
MenskAn alternative name for Minsk, the capital of Belarus.
merckReferring to Merck & Co., Inc., a multinational pharmaceutical company.
MinskThe capital and largest city of Belarus.
MiwokReferring to the Miwok people, a group of Native American tribes in California.
mujikAn alternate spelling of “muzik,” which means music or sound, often used informally.
muzakA brand name for a system of background music played in public places.
NayakA term of South Asian origin used to address or refer to a leader, chief, or hero.
NorskPertaining to Norway or the Norwegian language.
OzarkReferring to the Ozarks, a region in the United States known for its mountains and forests.
PASOKAn acronym for the Panhellenic Socialist Movement, a political party in Greece.
PerakA state in Malaysia located on the Malay Peninsula.
phuckAn informal and offensive variant of the word “fuck.”
PinskA city in Belarus known for its historical and cultural significance.
plackAn invented or playful word without a specific meaning.
plankA long, flat piece of timber, often used in construction.
plinkA light, metallic sound, often associated with small objects hitting a surface.
plonkAn informal term for a cheap or inferior wine.
pluckTo pull something with a sudden or forceful movement.
plunkTo make a sound like a dull, heavy blow or dropping something with a solid thud.
prankA mischievous or playful trick or practical joke.
prickA small, pointed object or a derogatory term for an unpleasant person.
prinkTo dress or groom oneself with meticulous care.
Relevant 5 Letter Words Ending With K For Kids
pronkA behavior observed in some animals, such as springboks, involving jumping or leaping into the air.
quackThe characteristic sound made by ducks.
quarkA fundamental subatomic particle and a building block of matter.
abackTo be taken by surprise or caught off guard.
abaskTo bask in warmth or sunlight.
AbrekAn alternate spelling of “abrek,” referring to a Caucasian highland dweller or bandit.
acockIn an inclined position or tilted.
AFAIKAn abbreviation for “As Far As I Know,” often used in online and text communication.
AfPakA colloquial term for the region that includes Afghanistan and Pakistan.
alackAn exclamation of regret or sorrow.
aleckAn informal term for a person who is considered clever, smart, or a know-it-all.
AmiskA reference to the Cree tribe of indigenous people in North America.
amockIn a wild, uncontrolled, or frenzied manner.
amuckIn a state of chaotic or uncontrollable behavior.
apeakIn a vertical position with the bow of a ship pointing directly upward.
apeekIn a slightly opened or partially raised position.
aworkIn an active state or engaged in work.
BarakA given name, often associated with individuals, including former U.S. President Barack Obama.
BatakReferring to the Batak people, an ethnic group in Indonesia.
batikA traditional Indonesian method of producing colored designs on textiles using wax and dye.
baulkTo hesitate, resist, or refuse to move forward.
blackThe darkest color, characterized by the absence of light or the complete absorption of all colors.
blankA space or area with nothing written or printed on it.
bleakDescribing a setting or atmosphere that is dreary, cold, and unwelcoming.
blinkTo close and open one’s eyes quickly, often involuntarily.
blockA solid piece of material, often used to obstruct or prevent passage.
boinkA whimsical or playful sound, often used to describe something jumping or bouncing.
TomskA city in Russia known for its cultural heritage and historical sites.
topekA small town with stunning natural landscapes.
torskA popular fish in Scandinavian cuisine, often prepared in various ways.
trackA path or circuit used for races, typically found in sports and athletics.
traikThe sound of horses’ hooves echoing through the peaceful countryside.
trankA feeling of calmness and tranquility.
treckA journey or trip, often involving challenging or adventurous travel.
trickA clever or entertaining action that surprises or amuses people.
troakThe sound of a frog’s croak, typically heard in wetlands or near water.
trockLarge stones or rocks found at the beach, often forming unique landscapes.
truckA large vehicle used for transporting goods and materials.
trunkThe main storage area of a car or the large box for storing belongings.
TsopkA linguistic term used to describe specific sound patterns.
tupekA type of traditional tent or shelter, often used during camping.
tupikA traditional tent used by some indigenous Arctic people.
twankA melodious sound produced by a musical instrument, often a guitar.
tweakTo make small adjustments or changes to improve something.
twerkA dance move involving thrusting hip movements, often associated with modern dance.
twinkTo shine with a flickering or sparkling light, like stars in the night sky.
umiakA traditional Inuit boat designed for hunting and transportation.
uptakThe process of acquiring and incorporating new vocabulary words into one’s language skills.
UsbekThe term related to Uzbekistan or its culture and traditions.
UzbekReferring to people or things associated with Uzbekistan.
VesakAn important Buddhist holiday commemorating the birth of Buddha.
waulkA traditional process that involves fulling and cleansing woolen fabric.
whackTo strike something hard and suddenly, often with a sharp noise.
wheekA sound typically made by guinea pigs to express excitement or demand attention.
whelkA type of marine snail or sea snail with a spiral-shaped shell.
whiskA kitchen utensil used for beating, mixing, or stirring ingredients.
wrackWidespread destruction, typically caused by natural disasters or severe events.
wreakTo cause damage, harm, or distress, often due to one’s actions or consequences.
wrickA minor twist, ache, or discomfort, often related to the neck or muscles.
wrockA unique or peculiar rock formation, often formed by natural processes.
XLinkA term in computer programming referring to specific web links or connections.
yapokThe yapok, or water opossum, is known for its ability to swim gracefully.

Some Other Examples of 5-Letter Words Ending With K

Perfect 5 Letter Words Ending With K For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Ending With K

Get ready for a super fun adventure into the world of 5-letter words ending with ‘K’! 

Learning new words can be a blast, and it’s even more exciting when you know how to use them. So, let’s dive into some fantastic educational activities that’ll have you and your young pals giggling and expanding your vocabulary.

Fill in the Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Imagine embarking on a thrilling word quest where you get to be the word detective. We’ll present you with 5-letter words ending in ‘K,’ and you complete them! It’s like solving a word puzzle, and you’re the word magician.


  1. _ _ _ _ k (Answer: “Pluck”)
  2. _ _ _ _ k (Answer: “Brisk”)
  3. _ _ _ _ k (Answer: “Quirk”)
  4. _ _ _ _ k (Answer: “Truck”)
  5. _ _ _ _ k (Answer: “Click”)

Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

Time for the ‘Name Game’ with a twist of humor! We’ll introduce words ending with ‘K’ and explore what they mean.

You can play by asking questions or giving descriptions, and your buddies come up with the answers. Or switch roles and let them challenge you with wordy questions.


Q: What’s the banner that represents a key belief in Buddhism?

A: “Dharmak”

Q: What’s the 5-7-5 syllable Japanese poetry?

A: “Haikuk”

Q: What do you call a raised platform for tea ceremonies in Japan?

A: “Tatamik”

Q: How about the sound of a donkey?

A: “Brayk”

Q: What’s a famous brand of instant noodles?

A: “Ramenk”

Match the Words with Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

Ready for a wordy challenge? We’ve got colorful pictures and their wordy buddies—5-letter words ending with ‘K.’

Your mission is to match the words to the images. It’s like a wordy jigsaw puzzle that makes learning super exciting.


Picture: A mysterious treasure chest hidden on a desert island.

Word: “Trunk”

Picture: A speedy rabbit with a superhero cape.

Word: “Quick”

Learning a language should be a giggle-fest filled with awesome discoveries. By exploring 5-letter words ending with ‘K’ through these fun activities, you’ll not only learn new words but also have a barrel of laughs in the process!

So, get ready for a comical journey through wordy wonders, and let the word games begin!

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