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List Of 5-Letter Words Ending With S

Incredible 5 Letter Words Ending With S For Kids
AAAAsThis is a plural form of the word “AAA,” often used to refer to the highest credit rating.
AAASSThis can be a variation of “AAS,” which means “Associate of Applied Science.”
AAVsA short form for “audio-visuals,” which refers to anything related to sound and visuals.
AACSsThis could be an abbreviation for “AACS” (Advanced Access Content System), a digital rights management system.
AAVsA short form for “audio-visuals,” which refers to anything related to sound and visuals.
AADAsA variation of “AADA,” which can stand for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.
abbesThe plural form of “abbe,” a title used in some Christian denominations.
ABCPs“Asset-Backed Commercial Paper” (ABCP) is a type of short-term debt security.
abetsA verb meaning to encourage, support, or assist in a wrongdoing or a plan.
AbidsA reference to “Abidjan,” the largest city in Côte d’Ivoire, West Africa.
abiesA genus of coniferous trees, including firs.
ablesThis is the plural form of “able,” meaning having the power, skill, or capacity to do something.
ADSLs“Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line” (ADSL) is a type of digital data transmission technology.
adzesA plural form of “adz,” a cutting tool similar to an axe.
aedesA type of mosquito often found near standing water.
aegisProtection, support, or sponsorship, often provided by an organization or authority.
AEMTsAn abbreviation for “Advanced Emergency Medical Technicians,” healthcare professionals with advanced training.
aeons“Aeons” refers to very long periods of time, often used in a poetic or philosophical context.
aeros“Aeros” is a less common word and may be associated with particles in the atmosphere.
Aetas“Aetas” is a Latin word that means “age” or “era.”
afars“Afars” may refer to the Afar people, an ethnic group in the Horn of Africa.
AFCSs“AFCS” could stand for “Automated Flight Control System,” used in aviation.
AFOLs“AFOL” stands for “Adult Fan of LEGO,” describing adults who are enthusiastic about LEGO products.
AFQTs“AFQT” stands for “Armed Forces Qualification Test,” used to assess military eligibility.
afros“Afros” refers to a hairstyle where the hair is styled into a rounded shape.
agars“Agars” may refer to agar, a gelatinous substance used in laboratories for culturing microorganisms.
aghas“Aghas” could refer to leaders or chieftains in certain cultures, particularly in South Asia.
agios“Agios” is a Greek word meaning “holy” or “sacred,” often used in religious contexts.
agues“Agues” can refer to malarial fevers or chills, particularly in historical contexts.
AHRSs“AHRS” stands for “Attitude and Heading Reference System,” used in aviation and navigation.
aides“Aides” refers to assistants or helpers who provide support to others.
AIFVs“AIFV” stands for “Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle,” a type of military vehicle.
aires“Aires” may refer to people with the surname “Aires” or a place name.
airts“Airts” is an archaic word that means “directions” or “courses.”
alans“Alans” may refer to the Alans, an ancient nomadic people of Eurasia.
ALBMs“ALBM” stands for “Air-Launched Ballistic Missile,” a type of missile.
alias“Alias” means an assumed or alternative name used by a person, often for privacy or deception.
allus“Allus” is a less formal way of saying “always” or “all of us.”
almas“Almas” may refer to the Almas, a cryptid creature from Central Asia, or have other less common meanings.
almesA variant spelling of “almys,” which is not a common word.
alnusA variant spelling of “alods,” which is not a common word.
aloesA plant known for its medicinal and cosmetic uses.
AltusA Latin word meaning “high” or “deep.” It can refer to a place’s elevation or depth.
amahsCaregivers or nannies, especially in some Asian cultures.
amassTo gather or collect a large quantity of something.
aMCIsUnclear, may be a specific acronym or abbreviation.
amidsA variant spelling of “amies,” which is not a common word.
aminsPlural of “amin,” a chemical compound often found in organic molecules.
amissIncorrect or in error; not functioning as expected.
ammosPlural of “ammo,” slang for ammunition or bullets.
AMWFsUnclear, may be an acronym or abbreviation specific to a context.
AndesA mountain range in South America, running through several countries.
AngusA breed of cattle known for its meat quality.
ankhsAn ancient Egyptian symbol representing life.
AnnesA variant of the name “Anne,” often used as a given name.
anousUnclear, may be a typo or misspelling of “anxious.”
Goofy 5 Letter Words Ending With S For Kids
antisPlural of “anti,” meaning opposed to or against something.
AOCRsUnclear, may be an acronym or abbreviation specific to a context.
AONBsAbbreviation for “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty,” a designation in the UK for areas with significant natural importance.
AounsUnclear, may be a specific term or name.
APCDsAbbreviation for “Air Pollution Control District,” an organization responsible for regulating air quality in specific areas.
APCRsAbbreviation for “Amplified Fragment Length Polymorphism,” a genetic analysis technique.
APDUsAbbreviation for “Application Protocol Data Unit,” a term related to data communication.
apersSlang for newspapers, often used informally.
aphisSmall, soft-bodied insects that can damage plants.
apolsSlang for apologies or expressing regret.
apresA French word meaning “after” or “following.”
APRNsAbbreviation for “Advanced Practice Registered Nurses,” a category of healthcare professionals.
apsesPlural of “apsis,” which refers to the point of a celestial body’s orbit that is farthest from the center.
apsisThe point in an elliptical orbit that is farthest from the center, whether in the context of celestial bodies or architectural design.
AqdasA name of Arabic origin, often used as a given name.
AQMDsAbbreviation for “Air Quality Management District,” an organization responsible for regulating air quality in specific areas.
aquasPlural of “aqua,” meaning water or a bluish-green color.
ArabsPeople of Arab ethnicity, typically associated with the Arabic-speaking world.
ArcasIn Greek mythology, Arcas is the son of Zeus and Callisto, often associated with the constellation Ursa Minor.
arcusA biological term referring to a curved or bow-shaped structure, often used in anatomy.
areasPlural of “area,” referring to a space or region with specific characteristics.
ArgosIn Greek mythology, Argos is a hundred-eyed giant, and the name is also associated with a city in Greece.
argusA term used to describe someone who is vigilant or watchful, often referencing the mythological figure Argus.
ariasPlural of “aria,” a solo vocal piece in opera or classical music.
AriesThe first astrological sign of the zodiac, associated with those born between March 21 and April 19.
arilsThe outer covering of a seed, often found in fruits like pomegranates.
arlesA Scottish term referring to an agreement or pledge, especially in the context of a marriage contract.
ARNKsUnclear, may be an acronym or abbreviation specific to a context.
ARPGsAbbreviation for “Action Role-Playing Game,” a genre of video games.
arrasA type of tapestry or wall hanging, often used for decorative purposes.
arrisA technical term used in construction and woodworking, referring to a sharp edge or ridge formed by two surfaces meeting.
arsesPlural of “arsis,” a metrical foot in poetry or music, often referring to an unstressed syllable.
arsisA metrical foot in poetry or music, often referring to a stressed syllable.
artisPlural of “arti,” which may refer to a type of traditional Swiss farmhouse.
arumsA type of flowering plant in the Araceae family, commonly known as “lords-and-ladies” or “cuckoo-pint.”
arylsOrganic chemical compounds containing an aromatic ring structure.
ASATsAbbreviation for “Anti-Satellite Weapons,” which are weapons designed to destroy or disable satellites in orbit.
ASBMsAbbreviation for “Anti-Ship Ballistic Missiles,” which are missiles designed to target and sink ships.
asbosAbbreviation for “Anti-Social Behavior Orders,” a legal measure in the UK aimed at curbing anti-social behavior.
ascusA term in biology referring to a specialized sexual structure found in some fungi.
ashesThe residue left after something burns, such as the remains of a fire.
ASINsAbbreviation for “Amazon Standard Identification Number,” a unique identifier for products on Amazon’s marketplace.
ASMRsAbbreviation for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,” a sensory phenomenon characterized by a tingling sensation in response .
aspisA type of shield used in ancient Greece, typically round and made of wood and bronze.
ASPLsAbbreviation for “Assistant Patrol Leader,” a role in the Boy Scouts of America, responsible for assisting the patrol leader.
assesPlural of “ass,” a colloquial term for a donkey or a derogatory term for a person.
ASSRsAbbreviation for “Auditory Steady-State Response,” a type of auditory evoked potential used in medical diagnostics.
ATCKsAbbreviation for “Third-Culture Kids,” referring to individuals who have spent their formative years in a culture different parents’ one.
ATGMsAbbreviation for “Anti-Tank Guided Missiles,” which are guided missiles designed to target and destroy armored vehicles.
ATGWsAbbreviation for “Anti-Tank Guided Weapons,” similar to ATGMs, designed to target and destroy armored vehicles.
AthosIn Greek mythology, Mount Athos is a prominent mountain and monastic community in Greece.
atlasA collection of maps or a reference book containing maps and other geographical information.
atmasPlural of “atma,” a concept in Hindu philosophy referring to the individual soul or self.
atmosA shortened form of “atmosphere,” referring to the layer of gasses surrounding the Earth or another celestial body.
atomsThe basic building blocks of matter, consisting of a nucleus and electrons.
aulasPlural of “aula,” a term in various languages for a large room or hall, often used in academic or cultural contexts.
AulisA term often used in the context of ancient Greek mythology, referring to a place associated with the Trojan War.
aulosAn ancient Greek musical instrument, typically a double-reeded pipe or flute.
auntsFemale relatives, typically sisters or sisters of parents.
aurasA distinctive atmosphere or quality that surrounds a person, place, or thing.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Ending With S For Kids
aurisA term related to the ear or hearing, often used in medical contexts.
AUSAsAbbreviation for “Assistant United States Attorney,” a federal prosecutor in the United States.
autosPlural of “auto,” a prefix meaning “self” or “automatic,” often used in words related to self-operation.
AvarsA term referring to an ethnic group of people in the Caucasus region.
avensA type of herbaceous plant often used in herbal medicine.
aversPlural of “aver,” meaning to state or assert something as a fact.
avgasAbbreviation for “aviation gasoline,” a type of fuel used in aircraft.
AVLBsAbbreviation for “Armored Vehicle Launched Bridge,” a military vehicle equipped with a bridge for crossing obstacles.
avowsTo openly acknowledge or admit something, often with confidence.
AVREsAbbreviation for “Armored Vehicle Royal Engineers,” a type of armored vehicle used by the British Army.
awaysPlural of “away,” referring to a location or distance from a particular place.
awolsAbbreviation for “absent without leave,” a military term referring to unauthorized absence from duty.
axelsPlural of “axel,” a figure skating jump with one and a half rotations in the air.
axilsThe angle between the upper side of a leaf or stem and the supporting stalk.
axlesThe shaft on which a wheel rotates, allowing it to move.
axonsThe long, slender projection of a nerve cell that transmits electrical impulses to other cells.
ayahsA term, especially in South Asia, referring to a nursemaid or a female domestic helper.
ayresA variant of “aires,” often referring to a place, particularly in Spanish or Portuguese.
AytosA town in Bulgaria, often associated with a historical or geographical context.
azonsPlural of “azon,” a term used in chemistry to describe a specific chemical compound.
baalsPlural of “baal,” a term used in ancient Semitic religions to refer to a deity or god.
babasA term often used in various cultures to refer to a sweet or dessert, such as “baba au rhum.”
babesInformal term referring to attractive or cute individuals, often used affectionately.
babusA term used in South Asia to refer to a male office worker or clerk.
bachsPlural of “bach,” often used to refer to a small and modest dwelling or cottage.
backsPlural of “back,” referring to the rear side or part of something, or support for a person or thing.
baffsA term meaning to confuse, bewilder, or perplex someone.
baftsA word not commonly used in English with no specific meaning.
BagesA surname or given name of uncertain origin or meaning.
baghsPlural of “bagh,” a term used in South Asian languages to refer to a garden or orchard.
bahtsThe currency of Thailand, often symbolized as “฿.”
bailsTo release a person from custody, often in exchange for bail money, guaranteeing their appearance in court.
BairsA surname or given name of uncertain origin or meaning.
baitsLures or enticements used to attract or trap something, often referring to fishing bait.
bakesTo cook food by dry heat in an oven or on a hot surface, often used for baking bread or pastries.
balasA type of gemstone, typically a rose-colored variety of spinel.
baldsPlural of “bald,” referring to the state of having little or no hair on the head.
balesBundles of goods, typically wrapped in cloth, plastic, or other material, for storage or transportation.
balksTo hesitate, refuse, or stop short of a planned action, often due to uncertainty or obstruction.
ballsSpherical objects often used in sports or games.
balmsSoothing or healing substances, often used in skincare or for medicinal purposes.
BaltsReferring to the Baltic people, a group of ethnicities in the Baltic region of Europe.
bandsGroups of people, objects, or things gathered or united for a common purpose.
banesCauses of distress, harm, or ruin, often used metaphorically.
bangsSudden, loud noises or impacts, often associated with explosive sounds.
BanhsA surname or given name of uncertain origin or meaning.
banksFinancial institutions that provide various financial services, including deposits, loans, and investments.
bannsPublic announcements of an intended marriage, typically issued by the church as a form of notice.
barbsSharp points, projections, or criticisms, often used metaphorically.
bardsPoets and storytellers, especially those known for composing and reciting epic poems.
baresTo uncover, reveal, or expose something, often referring to removing a covering or clothing.
barfsTo vomit or regurgitate the contents of one’s stomach.
barksThe sound made by dogs or certain animals, often associated with vocalizations.
barmsYeast, often used in baking or brewing to ferment and leaven dough or liquid.
barnsAgricultural buildings used for the storage of hay, grain, or livestock.
basesThe foundation or support of something, often used in scientific or mathematical contexts.
basksTo lie or rest in a comfortable and enjoyable manner, often in the warmth of the sun.
bastsPlural of “bast,” referring to the inner bark of certain trees, used for making cordage and textiles.
batesPlural of “bate,” meaning to moderate, restrain, or reduce something.
bathsRooms or containers for washing and cleansing the body, often filled with water.
battsShort for “batteries,” devices that store and provide electrical energy.

Some Other Examples of 5-Letter Words Ending With S

Perfect 5 Letter Words Ending With S For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Ending With S

Hey, little word adventurers! Get ready for a super exciting journey into the world of 5-letter words ending with ‘S.’ We’re about to embark on a fantastic quest filled with riddles, challenges, and lots of fun! 

So, grab your explorer hats, and let’s dive into this amazing adventure!

Fill in the Blanks – Word Puzzles:

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Imagine you’re a word detective on a top-secret mission! We’ll reveal some words ending with ‘S,’ and it’s your job to complete them. Can you crack these wordy codes?

_ _ _ _ s (Answer: “Oasis”)

Clue: A fertile area in a desert where water and vegetation are found.

_ _ _ _ s (Answer: “Gears”)

Clue: Mechanical components used to transmit motion or change speed.

_ _ _ _ s (Answer: “Shoes”)

Clue: Footwear worn for protection and comfort.

_ _ _ _ s (Answer: “Glass”)

Clue: A transparent material often used for windows, containers, and more.

Name Game with a Twist:

Childish Name Game For Kids

Now, let’s dive into the ‘Name Game’ with a unique twist! We’re introducing words that end with ‘S’ and exploring their fun meanings. Can you guess wacky characters based on these words?

What’s a 5-letter word that describes small, mischievous creatures often portrayed as having pointy ears and a love for pranks?

Answer: “Imps”

Clue: Imps are mythical beings known for their playful and sometimes mischievous nature.

A 5-letter word for individuals who explore outer space and the cosmos.

Answer: “Astrs”

Clue: Astrs are adventurers who journey into the stars and beyond.

A 5-letter word for legendary figures with extraordinary abilities and adventures.

Answer: “Heros”

Clue: Heros are celebrated for their courageous deeds and noble qualities.

What’s a 5-letter word for creatures with magical abilities who are often featured in fantasy stories?

Answer: “Elves”

Clue: Elves are mythical beings known for their elegance and enchanting qualities.

A 5-letter word for individuals skilled in using their voices to create beautiful music.

Answer: “Sings”

Clue: Sings are artists who make melodies with their voices.

Match the Words with Mysterious Meanings:

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

Picture: A mythical, fire-breathing creature often depicted as having scales and wings.

Which word fits? “Drags”

Enjoy your word adventure, and have fun exploring the world of 5-letter words ending with ‘S’! If you have more word challenges or questions, feel free to ask.

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