5 Letter Words Ending with H that You Might Know!

Get ready for a whimsical adventure into the world of words, where the letter “H” is our guiding star! 

We’re about to dive into a treasure trove of five-letter words, and they all have one thing in common – they end with the splendid and sometimes sneaky letter “H.” 

Learning new words can be an exciting journey, and with the help of these playful words, we’re about to embark on a linguistic quest that’s as delightful as it is educational. 

So, hold onto your hats and let’s explore this magical realm of words ending with “H” together!

List Of 5-Letter Words Ending With H

Incredible 5 Letter Words Ending with H For Kids
aarghAn exclamation often used to express frustration.
abashTo cause someone to feel embarrassed or self-conscious.
ahighElevated to a great height or position.
airthA Scottish word for “earth” or “plow.”
aitchThe letter “H,” pronounced as “haitch” in some dialects.
alishTo resemble or be like someone.
AllahThe Arabic word for God, used in Islam.
almahA young woman, typically a Jewish maiden.
almelA variant of “almah,” referring to a young woman.
AmishA religious group known for simple living and traditions.
amlahA variant of “almah,” meaning a young woman.
anighNear or close by, often used in poetry.
apishResembling an ape or monkey in behavior or appearance.
arishAn Irish term for a small tidal inlet.
arrahA cry or exclamation of emphasis or surprise.
AsaphA name found in the Bible and Jewish history.
awashFlooded or overflowing with water.
azothA hypothetical universal solvent in alchemy.
baathA reference to the Ba’ath Party, a political party in the Arab world.
baithA Scottish dialect word for “both.”
BalkhA city in Afghanistan with a rich historical legacy.
bandhA term used in Indian languages for a dam or embankment.
barthA humorous or informal pronunciation of “bath.”
batchA group or set of items produced together.
beachThe shore of an ocean, sea, lake, or river.
beathA variant of “bath,” often used in Scotland.
beechA type of tree commonly found in woodlands.
beethAn archaic or poetic term meaning “beneath.”
bekahA unit of currency used in various Middle Eastern countries.
belahAn Arabic word referring to the date palm.
belchTo expel air noisily from the stomach through the mouth; to burp.
benchA long seat or worktable, often with multiple seats.
berghA South African word for a mountain or hill.
berthA sleeping space on a ship, train, or other transport.
biachA slang variation of “bitch,” an offensive term referring to a woman.
bimahA raised platform in a synagogue for reading the Torah.
biochA variation of “bitch,” a slang term that can be offensive.
birchA type of tree known for its distinctive bark and wood.
birthThe act of being born or bringing someone into the world.
bitchA female dog; can also be used offensively to insult a person.
blashA rare Scottish word for to trample or tread upon.
bleahAn interjection expressing disgust or distaste.
blechAn exclamation often used to express distaste, similar to “bleah.”
blushTo become red in the face due to embarrassment or shyness.
BlythA reference to Blyth, a town in Northumberland, England.
bokehThe aesthetic quality of the blur produced in out-of-focus parts of an image.
bonchA variant of “bunch,” meaning a group or collection of things.
boothA small enclosure or stall, often at a fair or market.
botchTo carry out a task poorly or clumsily, resulting in a mess.
boughA main branch of a tree, especially a large or significant one.
brachAn old term referring to a female hunting dog.
brashSelf-assertive in a rude, noisy, or overbearing way.
brithA Yiddish term for a circumcision ceremony in Jewish tradition.
brochA Scottish word for a fortified tower or structure.
broghAn old Scottish term for a dialect or speech.
brothA savory liquid in which meat, fish, or vegetables have been cooked.
brughA Scottish term for a small hamlet or village.
brushAn instrument with bristles used for cleaning, painting, or grooming.
bumphSlang for unimportant or uninspiring written or printed matter.
bunchA collection of things of the same type, often tied together.
Goofy 5 Letter Words Ending With H For Kids
bundhA term used in some Indian languages for a bundle or package.
burghAn old Scottish term for a town or municipality.
butchReferring to someone or something strongly masculine or masculine-presenting.
butohA form of modern Japanese dance that originated in the 1950s.
canehA term that may refer to sugar cane or other related meanings.
catchTo capture something or someone in motion, typically by grabbing.
chethA letter in the Hebrew alphabet with the sound equivalent to “ch.”
chichA variant of “chichi,” used to describe something stylish but overly elaborate.
cinchA sure thing or something very easy to accomplish.
CitehA playful variation of “city” in informal or internet language.
clachA Scottish word for a stone or a stony ground.
clashTo have a disagreement or argument, often accompanied by a loud noise.
clothFabric or material used for making clothes, curtains, or other items.
coachA person who provides training and guidance, or a type of vehicle.
conchA type of marine mollusk with a spiral shell, often found in the ocean.
coochA slang term referring to a woman’s genital area.
cotchA British slang term meaning to relax or take it easy.
couchA piece of furniture for seating, typically with a back and arms.
coughTo expel air from the lungs with a sudden sharp sound, often due to irritation.
couthPossessing refinement and good manners.
crashTo collide with something violently, often resulting in damage.
crithA unit of linear measurement used in Ireland and Scotland.
crushTo press or squeeze something with force, often reducing it to a smaller size.
cruthA traditional Welsh stringed musical instrument.
crwthAn ancient Celtic musical instrument resembling a violin.
cuishA piece of medieval armor for protecting the thigh.
culchReferring to a bed or layer of sea shells or similar materials.
curchAn archaic term for a church or a place of worship.
cutchA brownish substance derived from the heartwood of certain trees, often used for dyeing.
cwtchA Welsh term for a hug or cuddle, often used to express affection.
CzechRelating to or originating from the Czech Republic or its people.
DaeshA term associated with the militant group “Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” (ISIS), often used to avoid using the group’s full name.
DaishA variant of “Daesh,” referring to the same militant group.
DarthA fictional title used by a character in the “Star Wars” franchise, such as Darth Vader.
dawahIn Islamic contexts, it refers to the act of preaching or inviting others to Islam.
deathThe state of being deceased or no longer alive.
denchA slang term, often used to describe something as impressive or excellent.
depthThe distance from the top or surface of something to its bottom, often used in a literal or figurative sense.
derthAn old-fashioned term meaning a scarcity or lack of something.
diethAn archaic or poetic term for “dies” or “perishes.”
DinahA female given name, often used in various cultures.
ditchA trench or channel typically dug to carry away water or for drainage purposes.
doethAn archaic or poetic term meaning “does” or “performs.”
doothAn archaic or poetic term meaning “do” or “make.”
doughA mixture of flour, water, and other ingredients used in baking.
DPCCHAbbreviation for “Dedicated Physical Control Channel,” a term related to wireless communication systems.
DPDCHAbbreviation for “Dedicated Physical Data Channel,” a term related to wireless communication systems.
dutchRelating to or characteristic of the Netherlands, its people, or the Dutch language.
earthThe third planet from the sun, on which humans and various other life forms reside.
EischA surname or family name, often used as a personal name.
EnochA male given name, often used in various cultures.
ephahA historical unit of dry measure used in the Bible, equivalent to approximately one bushel.
epochA particular period of time in history, especially one considered significant.
faithStrong belief or trust in someone or something, often related to religion or spirituality.
faqihAn Islamic jurist or scholar of Islamic jurisprudence, often knowledgeable in Islamic law.
FatahA Palestinian political and military organization, founded in the 1950s.
faughA term expressing disgust or disdain, often used humorously.
faythA variant of “faith,” representing strong belief or trust in something.
fetchTo go and bring something back, often used with respect to retrieving items.
fifthConstituting number five in a sequence or an ordinal position.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Ending With H For Kids
filchTo steal something of small value or in a casual manner.
filthExtreme dirt or impurity, often referring to something that is disgustingly unclean.
finchA small, seed-eating songbird known for its colorful plumage and cheerful songs.
firthA narrow inlet of the sea, often found along the coastline.
flashA sudden burst of light or brief display of something, often used figuratively.
fleshThe soft substance that makes up the physical structure of a human or animal body.
flushTo become reddened or experience a sudden feeling of heat, often due to embarrassment or anger.
forthForward or onward in place, time, or order, often used in expressions like “and so on and so forth.”
freshRecently made, produced, or harvested, often referring to food or products.
frithA word with various historical meanings, often related to peace, sanctuary, or forest.
froshA term commonly used to describe a first-year student, especially in college.
frothBubbles formed on the surface of a liquid or a state of great excitement or agitation.
FulahRelating to or characteristic of the Fulani people, a widely dispersed ethnic group in Africa.
galahA type of cockatoo native to Australia, known for its distinctive crest and lively behavior.
garthAn open space in a town, often used for gatherings, markets, or other communal purposes.
gerahAn obsolete unit of weight used in ancient times.
girthThe measurement around the middle of something,used to refer to the circumference of a person’s waist or the widest part of an object.
glyphA symbol or character used in writing, often referring to a pictorial or stylized representation.
gnashTo grind or strike one’s teeth together, typically as an expression of anger or frustration.
goethA variant of “goes” or “go,” used in archaic or poetic contexts.
graphA diagram or visual representation of data or information, often used for analysis or presentation.
grithA historical term for peace or sanctuary, especially in the context of a legal or protective area.
gulchA narrow, steep-sided ravine or canyon, often formed by the erosion of water.
harshUnpleasant or severe in action, taste, or effect, often used to describe harsh conditions or criticism.
hatchAn opening or door in a floor, ceiling, or wall, often with a cover or lid, used for access or ventilation.
haughA low-lying meadow or pasture near a river or stream.
HCOOHThe chemical formula for formic acid.
heathAn area of uncultivated land with heather, gorse, and other shrubs, often found in hilly or moorland regions.
heighAn exclamation used to attract attention or express surprise, often used in poetry or old literature.
henchA loyal and trusted follower or supporter of a powerful person, often used informally to refer to a strong or influential associate.
heughA steep cliff or crag, often associated with geological formations.
hitchTo fasten or attach something with a temporary or quick connection, often involving a sudden stop or halt.
hoochSlang for illicitly distilled alcoholic liquor, particularly referring to homemade or bootleg alcohol.
horahA lively and celebratory Israeli dance often performed at weddings and other joyous occasions.
hotchTo move in a jerky, irregular, or chaotic manner, often describing uneven or uncomfortable motion.
humphAn exclamation used to express doubt, skepticism, or a noncommittal response.
hunchTo bend over or crouch forward, often used to describe a posture associated with deep thought or uncertainty.
hutchA chest or box with a lid, typically used for storage, or a cage for small animals.
IrishRelating to Ireland or its people, culture, or language.
JonahA name often used to refer to a person, sometimes associated with the biblical figure Jonah.
JudahA historical region in the ancient Middle East and the name of one of the tribes of Israel.
KedahA state in Malaysia, located on the northwest coast of the Malay Peninsula.
KeithA given name often used for individuals.
KerchA city in Crimea, a region on the northern coast of the Black Sea.
ketchA type of sailing vessel with two masts.
knishA type of baked or fried pastry filled with ingredients like potato, meat, or vegetables, often associated with Jewish cuisine.
kovshA traditional Russian drinking vessel or ladle, often made from wood or metal.
kutchA region in India known for its arid and dry landscape.
larchA type of coniferous tree known for its deciduous needles and often used for timber or ornamental purposes.
latahA medical condition characterized by repetitive and exaggerated movements or speech in response to a startling stimulus.
latchA fastening device or mechanism, often used to secure a door or gate.
laughTo express amusement or joy through vocal sounds and facial expressions.
loachA type of freshwater fish often found in rivers and streams.
loathUnwilling or reluctant to do something; feeling strong aversion or reluctance.
loughA narrow sea inlet or lake, typically found in Ireland or Scotland.
LouthA county in Ireland, known for its rich historical and cultural heritage.
LSSAHAn acronym that stands for the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, an elite division of the Nazi SS during World War II.
lunchA meal typically eaten in the middle of the day, often consisting of a variety of foods.
lurchTo make a sudden, unsteady movement or to shift abruptly to one side, typically while in motion.
lyethAn archaic form of “lies,” meaning to be situated or located.
Relevant 5 Letter Words Ending With H For Kids
lymphA colorless fluid that circulates in the lymphatic system, playing a vital role in immune function and fluid balance.
lynchTo unlawfully put to death, often by hanging, as a form of mob justice.
MakahA Native American tribe located in the Pacific Northwest of the United States.
manehA unit of currency used in Israel and some other countries, often referring to a specific amount of money.
marchTo walk with steady, regular steps as part of a group, often in a formal or organized manner.
marshAn area of soft, wetland characterized by waterlogged soil and abundant vegetation.
matchA small, often wooden stick with a combustible head, used for lighting fires or lamps.
MBBChAn acronym often used to refer to the degree of Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery, awarded in various medical schools.
merchA shortened form of “merchandise” or “merchandising,” often referring to the sale of products or goods.
MicahA given name often used for individuals.
milchReferring to a female animal, particularly a cow, that is capable of producing milk.
mirthGreat joy, happiness, or amusement, often expressed through laughter and cheerful behavior.
MMathAn acronym that stands for Master of Mathematics, a postgraduate academic degree.
monthA unit of time typically consisting of about four weeks or 30 to 31 days, used to measure the passage of time.

Some Other Examples of 5-Letter Words Ending With H

Perfect 5 Letter Words Ending With H For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Ending With H

Get set for a super fun adventure into the world of 5-letter words that end with ‘H’! This can totally help you learn new words and have a blast while you’re at it.

Fill in the Blanks:

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Are you ready for a wordy safari? We’ll show you some 5-letter words that end with ‘H,’ but here’s the twist – you get to finish them. It’s like solving a word puzzle where you’re the boss of meanings.


  • _ _ _ _ h (Answer: Clutch)
  • _ _ _ _ h (Answer: Flash)
  • _ _ _ _ h (Answer: Plush)
  • _ _ _ _ h (Answer: Brush)
  • _ _ _ _ h (Answer: Fresh)

Name Game:

Childish Name Game For Kids

Let’s play the ‘Name Game’ with a twist of humor! We’ll introduce you to words ending with ‘H’ and explore what they mean.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make up cool stories, fun connections, or even little tales using these 5-letter words. Get ready for a wordy adventure!


  • ‘Flash’ – Picture a brave lightning bug named Flash who’s always racing the moon to light up the night.
  • ‘Plush’ – Think of a super comfy and fluffy chair that can talk and tell stories.
  • ‘Brush’ – Imagine a friendly brush that helps paint pictures by magically coming to life.
  • ‘Fresh’ – Picture a cool cucumber with sunglasses, skateboarding through a fridge.

Match the Words with Meanings:

Knowledgeable Word Matching Game For Kids

Now it’s time for some brain exercise! We’ve got colorful pictures of 5-letter words ending with ‘H.’ Your job is to match these fun images with the right words. It’s like a wordy jigsaw puzzle that makes learning super exciting.


Picture: A bouncy kangaroo high-fiving a friendly ghost with a big grin.

Word: Laugh

Picture: A wise owl teaching a group of penguins how to throw a frisbee.

Word: Coach

Picture: A cheeky monkey having a snowball fight with a friendly yeti.

Word: Whish


Learning a language should be an exciting journey full of fun discoveries. By exploring these 5-letter words ending with ‘H’ through these cool activities, you’ll not only learn new words but also enjoy the process big time!

So, let’s dive into this adventure and make learning awesome! 

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