5 Letter Words Ending with R for Royal Vocabs!

Welcome, fellow word adventurers, to a captivating journey into the world of 5-letter words ending with ‘R’! Language is a treasure trove of surprises, and today, we’re here to unlock some of its hidden gems. 

Learning new words can be a thrilling quest, and that’s precisely what we have in store for you. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to explore a realm of words that end with the mighty ‘R’!

Whether you’re a word wizard in training or just someone who enjoys the magic of language, this adventure is sure to be an exciting one. We’ll dive into word puzzles, humorous meanings, and challenges that will not only expand your vocabulary but also put a smile on your face.

So, without further ado, let’s embark on this thrilling, wordy journey and uncover the fantastic world of 5-letter words ending with ‘R’!

List Of 5-Letter Words Ending With R

Incredible 5 Letter Words Ending With R For Kids
abearTo bear or endure something with patience or tolerance.
abhorTo regard with extreme aversion or to hate intensely.
AbnerA masculine given name, often used as a first name.
acherA term referring to a person or entity causing annoyance.
ackerSlang for an acre, a unit of land area typically measuring 43,560 square feet.
actorA person who performs in plays, movies, or television.
aegerRefers to a mythological sea goat in the zodiac symbol Capricorn.
aesirIn Norse mythology, the Aesir are a group of gods and goddesses.
afforA colloquial abbreviation for “afford.”
aggerA ridge or earthwork, typically a raised embankment.
aimerOne who aims or directs something toward a target.
airerA term often used to describe a TV channel or network that broadcasts programs.
aiverAn obsolete term meaning a hereditary share or portion.
ajvarA condiment made from red bell peppers, similar to relish or chutney.
alderA type of tree that belongs to the genus Alnus, often found near wet areas.
alterTo change or make something different without necessarily replacing it.
amberA hard, fossilized resin, often used in jewelry or as an ingredient in perfumes.
amourA French term referring to love or a romantic relationship.
amperA unit of electric current in the International System of Units (SI).
AnbarA historical region in Mesopotamia, known for its significant cultural and archaeological sites.
angerA strong feeling of displeasure, often accompanied by a desire for revenge.
AnjerA term referencing a region or place.
antarAn archaic term used to describe a knight or warrior.
apgarA scoring system used to evaluate the physical condition of a newborn baby.
apparShort for “apparatus,” often referring to equipment or machinery.
arborA shelter or structure made of vines or latticework for plants to grow on.
arearAn obsolete term meaning “backward” or “in arrears” in financial contexts.
armerA rare word referring to a person who arms or equips others.
armorProtective covering or clothing used in combat to shield the body from harm.
asherA surname of Hebrew origin, often used as a given name.
askerOne who asks questions or seeks information from others.
AssurAn ancient city in Mesopotamia and the center of the Assyrian empire.
astirIn a state of excitement, activity, or movement.
AsturA region in northern Spain with a distinct culture and history.
AthyrA reference to Athyr, an ancient Egyptian goddess associated with love and music.
attarA fragrant essential oil, often derived from flowers, used in perfumes.
atterA term used in some dialects to refer to a venomous snake or viper.
augerA tool or device used for drilling holes, typically in wood or soil.
augurTo predict or foretell the future, often through signs or omens.
aurarA former unit of currency used in Iceland, typically made of gold or silver.
awnerA rare term often used in agriculture referring to a plow or cultivating tool.
baharA Turkish word meaning “spring,” often used to describe the season.
BakarA city and municipality in Croatia, known for its historical significance.
bakerA person who bakes bread, cakes, or pastries professionally.
balerA machine used to compress and bundle materials such as paper, cardboard, or hay.
BalorIn Irish mythology, Balor is a monstrous figure often depicted with a single eye.
BamarAn ethnic group from Myanmar, also known as the Burmese.
barerA term referring to someone who is bare or without clothing.
baserOne who plays bass guitar or a term used in relation to bases or foundations.
bauerA surname of German origin, sometimes used as a given name.
bazarAn alternative spelling of “bazaar,” which is a market with a variety of goods and stalls.
BBQerA casual term for someone who enjoys barbecuing or cooking barbecue.
BBSerA reference to someone who participates in Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) or online forums.
BDSerA term related to individuals or groups supporting the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement.
begarAn archaic term referring to forced labor or work done as a form of tribute.
beverAn old word meaning “a light meal or snack,” often taken with a beverage.
bevorA piece of armor that protects the lower part of the face and neck.
BiharA state in northeastern India known for its rich history and cultural heritage.
bikerA person who rides motorcycles or bicycles, often associated with a specific subculture.
binerA term associated with carabiners, which are devices used in climbing and safety equipment.
Goofy 5 Letter Words Ending With R For Kids
biterOne who bites or an animal that bites, often used in reference to insects.
blairA surname and given name of Scottish origin.
blearTo make or become unclear or hazy, often related to vision or eyes.
BLMerA term related to individuals or groups supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.
bluerOne who makes things blue or an adjective describing a shade of color.
BMXerA person who participates in BMX biking, an extreme sport involving stunt cycling.
bokorIn Haitian Vodou, a bokor is a sorcerer or witch doctor who practices both dark and healing magic.
bonerA slang term referring to an erection or a humorous mistake or blunder.
borerA tool or insect that bores holes or tunnels into something, such as wood or plant stems.
bowerA leafy, shady, or secluded place, often referring to a garden or shelter.
boxerA person who participates in the sport of boxing or an athletic breed of dog.
boyarA member of the old Russian aristocracy or a title of nobility in Eastern Europe.
boyerA surname and given name of French origin.
BRBPRAn acronym standing for “Be Right Back, Private Room,” often used in online chats or games.
briarA type of thorny shrub or the material often used for making tobacco pipes.
brierAn alternative spelling of “briar,” also referring to a type of tobacco pipe.
BSAerA term referring to members or supporters of the Boy Scouts of America.
buyerA person who purchases goods or services in exchange for money or other forms of payment.
byfarAn expression denoting a significant difference or advantage in a comparison.
caberA long, heavy log used in the traditional Scottish sport of caber tossing.
cagerAn informal term for a basketball player or someone who plays basketball.
caperA playful or lively activity, often referring to a frolic or a type of pickled flower bud.
carerA person who provides care or support to those who are ill, disabled, or in need.
caterTo provide food and service at a social event, restaurant, or gathering.
caverA person who explores or studies caves, often as a hobby or profession.
CayorAn alternative spelling of “Cayo,” which means “small island” in Spanish.
cedarA type of coniferous tree known for its fragrant wood and use in making furniture.
chairA piece of furniture designed for sitting, typically with a backrest and four legs.
charrA type of fish, often found in cold, northern waters.
cheerTo express joy, encouragement, or enthusiasm, often through shouting or clapping.
chirrA sound or noise, often referring to the trilling or chirping of insects.
choirA group of singers who perform together, often in churches or musical ensembles.
ciderA beverage made from the fermented juice of apples.
cigarA rolled bundle of dried and fermented tobacco leaves, often used for smoking.
citerA person who cites or quotes sources, often in academic or scholarly writing.
clearTo remove obstacles or obstructions, often making something transparent or unobstructed.
coderA person who writes or develops computer code or a program.
colorThe visual perception of different wavelengths of light, often associated with hues.
comerA person who arrives at a particular place or someone who is experiencing success.
cooerA person who makes soft, murmuring sounds like a dove or a pigeon.
corerA device used to remove the core or center from fruits like apples.
coverTo place something over or upon to protect or conceal it.
cowerTo crouch or bend down in fear, apprehension, or submission.
crierA person who cries out or proclaims something loudly, such as news or announcements.
cruorA term referring to blood or a coagulated mass of blood.
CuparA town and royal burgh in Scotland, known for its historical significance.
cuterA comparative form of “cute,” often used to describe something more adorable or attractive.
cyberRelating to or involving computers, digital technology, or virtual reality.
cyderAn alternative spelling of “cider,” a beverage made from apple juice.
CYLORAn acronym standing for “Consult Your Local Orthodox Rabbi,” often used in Jewish discussions.
cymarA rare term referring to a type of robe or garment.
DagurA given name of Icelandic origin, often used for boys.
DahurA reference to the Dahurian larch, a type of coniferous tree found in Asia.
DakarThe capital and largest city of Senegal, known for its cultural and historical significance.
damarA type of resin, often used in varnishes and incense.
daterA person who engages in dating or a device used for stamping dates on documents.
DavorA given name of Slavic origin, often used for boys.
deairA rare term referring to the removal of air or aeration.
debarTo prevent or exclude someone from doing something, often due to rules or regulations.
decorThe furnishing and decoration of a room, house, or other space.
Amusing 5 Letter Words Ending With R For Kids
deferTo delay or postpone something, often to a later time or date.
demurTo raise objections, express doubts, or be hesitant or reserved in one’s actions.
deterTo prevent or discourage someone from doing something, often through warnings or hindrances.
dewarA type of vacuum flask or container used for storing and keeping substances at specific temperatures.
dicerA person or device used for cutting or chopping food into small pieces.
dimerA chemical compound or molecule consisting of two simpler units or monomers.
dinarThe official currency of several countries, including some in the Middle East and North Africa.
dinerA person who dines, often referring to someone eating at a restaurant.
direrComparative form of “dire,” meaning even more serious, urgent, or dreadful.
disirIn Norse mythology, female spirits or deities associated with fate, often depicted as guardian spirits.
diverA person who participates in diving, especially underwater diving.
DIYerA person who enjoys do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, often involving home improvement or crafting.
DneprA river in Europe, also known as the Dnieper, flowing through Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine.
dolorA term referring to sorrow, grief, or pain, often used in poetic or archaic contexts.
donorA person who voluntarily gives blood, organs, or contributions to help others.
doperA person who uses doping substances or methods to enhance athletic performance.
doserA device or person responsible for measuring and dispensing precise doses of substances.
doterA person who is excessively fond or affectionate, especially towards loved ones.
douarA term used in North Africa to refer to a nomadic encampment or tribal settlement.
dowerA widow’s share of her husband’s real property or wealth, often legally designated.
dozerA person who operates a bulldozer or a device for pushing heavy materials.
drearA term referring to something that is dull, bleak, or gloomy, often used to describe weather or surroundings.
drierA substance or device used to remove moisture or wetness, often used in the context of drying.
EagarA surname or family name of English origin.
eagerHaving a strong desire, enthusiasm, or readiness to do something.
easerA person or thing that eases or makes something less difficult or stressful.
eaterA person who consumes food or someone or something that devours or consumes other things.
EDGARA given name, often used for boys, or a reference to the Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis, and Retrieval. 
edgerA person or device used for trimming, shaping, or smoothing the edges of something.
EibarA city in Spain, known for its history and industrial activity.
eiderA type of duck known for its soft down feathers and the production of eiderdown.
elderA person of greater age or someone with authority, often within a community or family.
ElmerA given name of English and German origin, often used for boys.
elverA young eel, often referring to a newly hatched eel or a migratory stage of eel development.
emberA small, glowing piece of wood or coal in a dying fire.
emeerA term referring to a leader or ruler in some Middle Eastern or Muslim societies.
emmerA type of wheat cultivated for its grain, often used in making flour and bread.
enderA person or thing that ends or concludes something.
enterTo go into or join something, often referring to a building, room, or event.
ephorIn ancient Sparta, a government official or magistracy responsible for enforcing the law.
errorA mistake or inaccuracy, often related to actions, decisions, or data.
EsherA town in England, known for its historic connections and picturesque surroundings.
eskarA geological term referring to a long, narrow ridge or mound of sand and gravel deposited by a melting glacier.
eskerAn alternative spelling of “eskar,” a geological landform created by glacial activity.
esterA chemical compound belonging to the ester group, often used in the production of various products such as plastics and perfumes.
etherA type of organic compound characterized by an oxygen atom bonded to two alkyl or aryl groups, commonly used as a solvent .
EUSSRA playful or humorous abbreviation that combines the European Union (EU) with the former Soviet Union (USSR),for social issues.
eyrirA unit of currency used in Iceland, equivalent to one-hundredth of an Icelandic krona.
facerA term referring to a person or thing that faces something, often used in the context of challenges or obstacles.
fakerA person who pretends to be something they are not, often used in the context of deceit or imitation.
fakirA term referring to a Muslim or Hindu ascetic who practices self-discipline and may perform acts of endurance or penance.
fewerA smaller quantity or number of something, often used in comparisons or to indicate a reduced amount.
fiberA thread-like structure or substance, often referring to dietary fiber or textile fibers used in clothing.
fiferA person who plays a fife, a small, high-pitched musical instrument similar to a flute.

Some Other Examples of 5-Letter Words Ending With R

Perfect 5 Letter Words Ending With R For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 5-Letter Words Ending With R

Hey, little word adventurers! Get ready for a super exciting journey into the world of 5-letter words ending with ‘R.’

We’re about to embark on a fantastic quest filled with riddles, challenges, and lots of fun! So, grab your explorer hats, and let’s dive into this amazing adventure!

Fill in the Blanks – Word Puzzles:

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Imagine you’re a word detective on a top-secret mission! We’ll reveal some words ending with ‘R,’ and it’s your job to complete them. It’s like solving a word puzzle, and you’re the word wizard! Can you crack these wordy codes?


  1. _ _ _ _ r (Answer: “Lunar”)
  2. _ _ _ _ r (Answer: “Cedar”)
  3. _ _ _ _ r (Answer: “Flour”)
  4. _ _ _ _ r (Answer: “Paper”)
  5. _ _ _ _ r (Answer: “Laser”)

Name Game with a Twist:

Childish Name Game For Kids

Now, let’s dive into the ‘Name Game’ with a unique twist! We’re introducing words that end with ‘R’ and exploring their fun meanings.

You can make it even more exciting by challenging your friends to guess wacky characters based on these words.


Question: What’s a 5-letter word that often describes the scent or smell of something unpleasant?

Answer: “Fetor”

Question: A 5-letter word for a bone that is one of the longest and strongest in the human body.

Answer: “Femur”

Question: What’s a 5-letter word for a higher than normal body temperature, often associated with illness or infection?

Answer: “Fever”

Question: A 5-letter word that means a smaller quantity or number of something.

Answer: “Fewer”

Question: What’s a 5-letter word for a substance made of threads or filaments, often used in clothing?

Answer: “Fiber”

Question: A 5-letter word for someone who plays a musical instrument with six strings, like a guitar.

Answer: “Fifer”

Match the Words with Mysterious Meanings:

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

Get ready for a thrilling word challenge that’s going to test your detective skills! We’ve got intriguing pictures and their wordy companions – 5-letter words ending with ‘R.’

Your mission is to match these words with the most mysterious images. It’s like solving a wordy puzzle, but this time, it’s all about the enigma.


Picture: A fossilized tree resin, often golden or orange-brown, used in jewelry and decorations.

Which word fits? “Amber”

The world of words is a vast and exciting place, and we’re here to explore it together. So, let the word games begin, and let’s unravel the mysteries of words that end with ‘R’!

Now, get ready for a fantastic adventure!

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