10+ Baseball Activities That Are Ideal For Your Kids

My kids are huge fans of outdoor activities, especially ⚾️ baseball. I love playing baseball with them outdoors, as well as engaging in amazing indoor baseball-themed activities.

Outdoor activities like baseball that encourage kids to take part in drills and relays have always been ideal ✅️ to enhance the motor skills of children. Therefore, I always encourage my son and daughter to take part in these baseball activities.

In my household, baseball is not just a game for my kids. In fact, it is an emotion. My kids are always ready to unleash their energy to enjoy every version of this wonderful game.

Engaging Baseball Activities for Kids

I have prepared a list of many diverse activities that make my kids love this game even more and enhance their cognitive abilities 🧠 at the same time.

I have collected a whole bundle of amazing memories we made while enjoying these innovative 💡 activities.

Balloon Baseball

My daughter loves ❤️ this baseball activity and stays busy and engaged in it for a long time.

On the other hand, my son loves to guide her throughout this activity like an adorable and responsible coach.

For this activity, I take a few inflated balloons, hand an empty cardboard roll (a long one, or you can also join two small ones using tape to create a long roll) to my daughter, and ask her to hit all the balloons 🎈 towards any corner of the room.

This baseball activity is an amazing motor activity because my daughter uses her arms to hold the cardboard roll and hit all the balloons floating in the air or lying on the ground, thereby enhancing her muscular 💪 control.

Catch and Throw 

I also like to conduct a chain of throwing and catching a baseball ⚾️ with my kids and keep increasing the distance between the thrower and catcher after every round.

The catcher (my son) loses points if he misses the catch.

Baseball Tic Tac Toe

I have never come across any kid who doesn’t like to play any version of tic tac toe. Therefore, I decided to create a baseball-themed version of tic tac toe ⚾️❌️ for my kids. 

What you need– 

Cutouts of baseballs ⚾️ and bats, white chart paper, and a marker pen.


  • For this activity, I usually draw a grid on white chart paper using a marker pen and prepare cutouts of baseballs and bats. 
  • Often, I mark the outlines of these cutouts with dotted lines and ask my little ones to cut along these lines using a pair of scissors, thereby enhancing their fine motor skills.
  • We play tic tac toe by using these baseball ⚾️ cutouts instead of circles. For the crosses, we place the cutout of one bat diagonally over another bat to make a cross.

Important Note:

Please take a lot of precautions while teaching your child how to use a pair of scissors ✂️ safely to avoid any kind of accidents.

Bracelets and Greeting Cards 

Baseball-themed crafts are one of the most liked 👍🏻 activities in my household. 

My children are always ready to make baseball-themed bracelets using white and red colored🧵 threads. They also learn about numerous patterns when I guide them through entangling the thread following certain stepwise methods. 

Moreover, this threading activity also aids in enhancing their motor and sensory skills.

While making greeting cards, we make use of an extremely ideal sensory activity utilizing threads. 

What you need– 

White chart paper, scissors ✂️, marker pen, threads 🧵, and glue.


  • I guide them through preparing circular cutouts out of white chart paper by cutting along the dotted outlines I have marked using a marker pen. 
  • Now, we apply glue and stick pieces of red-colored threads in circular or patterned lines to make the cutout resemble a baseball. 
  • We stick together two such cutouts to form an adorable 💌 greeting card. 
  • If your kids are not very fascinated with cutouts, you can teach them how to make a baseball jersey by means of origami. 
  • This paper-folding baseball activity is equally interesting and engaging for little ones.

Pro tip 

You can also add cutouts of bats and caps 🧢 to add detailing to your greeting card.

Important Note:

Please take a lot of precautions while teaching your child how to use a pair of scissors ✂️ safely to avoid any kind of accidents.

Baseball Cookie and Slime

My kids never say no to chocolate chip cookies 😋 and the idea of decorating it like a baseball makes them even more fascinated. 

Did you know that teaching kids how to draw patterns using a piping bag filled with cream is an excellent activity to improve their focus 🧠 and motor skills?

What you need– 

Cookies 🍪, chocolates 🍫, bowl, piping bags, cream(with added food coloring), and candies.


  • I make regular circular-shaped chocolate chip cookies 🍪 for my kids and help them cover them with white cream using a spoon. 
  • I hand over separate piping bags containing red and white colored creams to my son and daughter and guide them through making patterns on the cookie, such that it resembles a baseball. My kids remain extremely focused 🧐 and do their best to make adorable cookie baseballs.
  • We also use bread sticks and decorate them so that they resemble baseball bats.
  • The best part about this whole activity is when I ask my kids to add these cookies to a bowl of melted chocolates 🍫 to make their own baseball slime. 
  • We also add baseball ⚾️ themed candies 🍬 to it. My kids love squishing the slime using their hands, therefore, this process proves to be an extremely ideal sensory activity for my son and daughter.

Baseball Scavenger Hunting Adventure 

Scavenger hunts have always been a favorite activity for kids of all ages; therefore, I couldn’t skip the idea of conducting a baseball ⚾️ themed scavenger hunt at home. 

I ask my kids to use their knowledge about baseball and collect all the items related to it they can locate 🔎 in the house. My kids love engaging in this activity and always end up with a basket of items related to baseball. 

I prepare a mixture of flour and vegetable oil in a tub in order to create a sensory dough for my kids. I pick suitable items from the basket of the items they have collected, such as balls, bats, and caps 🧢, and place them deep inside the mixture in the tub. 

I try to improve the sensory skills of my kids by asking them to locate the items related to baseball inside the mixture using their hands.

Read About Baseball

I believe reading informative books 📚 about baseball ⚾️ will increase the curiosity of my son and daughter towards this game. 

In fact, several fascinating activity books 📖 about baseball are available for children. I feel introducing my kids to the historical importance of baseball and the life of amazing players is very beneficial ✅️ for their knowledge; therefore, reading biographies is the best idea 💡in this case.

I have read these books with my kids, and that has indeed increased our love for baseball.

Here are a few of those books- 

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to go through the contents of any book 📖 before handing it over to your child in order to make sure that the contents are suitable according to your child’s age group.

Watch Amazing Documentaries and Movies

A visual reference always has a strong influence on the minds of young ones; therefore, I make sure that my kids often watch informative movies 🎬 and documentaries about baseball ⚾️ and its glorious history.

Here are a few movies 🎞 and documentaries about baseball that I thoroughly enjoy watching with my kids- 

Important Note:

I will advise all parents to go through the contents of any movie 🎬 before watching it with your child in order to make sure that the contents are suitable according to your child’s age group.

Segregate the Balls, Bats, and Caps

I believe this is an amazing activity to teach my children about numbers 🔢 or 🔠 alphabet.

What you need– 

Scissors ✂️, marker pens, bowls, cutouts of baseballs ⚾️, bats, and 🧢 caps.


  • I help my kids prepare cutouts of baseballs, bats, and caps by cutting along dotted lines using a pair of scissors.
  • I write random numbers or alphabets on each of these cutouts and mix them up together. 
  • I encourage my kids to segregate these cutouts into separate bowls by following certain instructions. For example, you may instruct them to segregate the cutouts with numbers and alphabets into separate bowls. 
  • Often, I write capital alphabets 🔠 and small alphabets 🔤 on these cutouts, mix them up, and ask my kids to segregate the vowels in a bowl. 
  • You can also do the same by instructing them to segregate the odd numbers and even numbers ( and prime numbers like 2️⃣, 3️⃣, 5️⃣….. and so on, if your kid is old enough to grasp the concepts).

Baseball Counting Activity 

As a parent, I am always looking for creative 💡 counting activities for my son and daughter. 

I have figured out an amazing way of incorporating baseball ⚾️ in an amazing counting activity.

I just take a few cutouts of balls, caps 🧢 or bats. I arrange them in random numbers on the floor and ask my little ones to count how many cutouts of each type are present on the floor. I ask them to write ✍️ the number of each cutout on a piece of paper.

Moreover, I often write random alphabets on these cutouts and ask my kids to form a word with these alphabets.

Cover the Baseball

Now, this sensory activity is an absolute favorite 😍 in our household. 

Feeling a diverse range of textures is a beneficial sensory activity for children, therefore, I have used a wide range of different textures for this baseball activity.

What you need- 

Glue, sandpaper, tissue, kite paper, cardboard pieces, foam paper, hand-made glitter paper, and glossy papers. 


  • I create tiny bits of diverse kinds of papers (as written above) with unique textures and jumble them up in a bowl.
  • I guide my kids through sticking these pieces of paper on a baseball using glue. 
  • Children feel the textures of these tiny bits and pick out the ones they like the most. Ultimately, my kids have a unique baseball ⚾️ created with various bits of paper.

Baseball and Bubble Wrap Picture

If you have red, black, and white food coloring at home, then this baseball activity is a must for you.

I include as many textures as I can to make this activity as beneficial as possible.

What you need– 

An orange 🍊, pretty bubble 🫧 wraps, a bottle of vinegar, a small amount of baking soda, white paper, and a marker pen.


  • I cut an orange 🍊 in half, and the side of the piece of the orange exposing the interior side makes a perfect stamp to form a baseball’s outline on the paper.
  • I ask my kids to paint the outer segment (exocarp) exposed on the side with the cut with black food coloring(along the border only) using a brush 🖌and stamp it on paper to form the impression of a circle. 
  • This circle serves as the outline of our baseball. Here, I never worry if my little one tries to taste the orange coated in food coloring.
  • Following this step, I usually mix different shades of food coloring and baking soda in a bowl. 
  • The job of my little ones is to immerse a piece of a pretty bubble 🫧 wrap in this mixture and stamp it within the outline of the circle they had just created. It forms a stunning picture of a baseball made up of bubbles. 
  • You can also add detailing (lines and patterns) using a paintbrush dipped in a mixture of food coloring and baking soda. 
  • Now, for the part of the scientific magic, I pour 🫗 vinegar from a bottle in this picture, giving rise to a fizzy reaction happening between baking soda and vinegar. My kids are extremely fascinated by this fizzy baseball ⚾️ painting.
  • Often, we make similar paintings of caps as well as bats. 

Pro tip 

You can conduct another amazing baseball scientific experiment by throwing warm and cold baseballs ⚾️ on the floor and asking your little ones to observe which baseball bounces back highest.

Important Note: 

Please make sure your little ones don’t end up mishandling vinegar or baking soda.


I feel that it is an amazing idea 💡 to encourage kids to receive baseball ⚾️ training from a reputed institute if they really like this game.

These indoor baseball activities are extremely beneficial in igniting their interest in this amazing game.

Let me know what you like the most 😇 about baseball activities in the comments below.

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