19+ Fruits that Start with R that No One Knows!

Hello, brave young adventurers! Are you ready for a fantastic trip into the land of amazing fruits that start with the letter R?

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Interesting Fruits That Start With R

Get ready for a super cool journey to explore fantastic facts about fruits that begin with the letter R! Join us on a fruity adventure filled with fun, surprises, and lots of excitement!



Raisins are dried grapes bursting with sweetness, chewy and delightful, loved in snacks and baked treats. Raisins were a favorite treat of ancient pharaohs and were even found in Egyptian tombs!

Origins: Raisins have been enjoyed for centuries, tracing back to ancient Greece and Egypt’s lush vineyards.

Types: They come in various kinds like golden, black, and sultanas, each with its distinct size and flavor.

Flavor: These little treats burst with natural sweetness, offering a mix of tangy and sugary deliciousness in every bite.

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins, fiber, and energy-boosting sugars, raisins are tiny powerhouses of nutrition for growing bodies.

Benefits: Raisins aid digestion, support bone health, and provide a natural source of energy for busy kids.

Top Producing Country: The sunny fields of Turkey produce the most raisins globally, thanks to their perfect grape-growing climate.

Fun Fact: Raisins can dance! Drop a few in a glass of fizzy soda, and watch them bob and weave!

Rajka Apple

Rajka Apple

Rajka apples are vibrant fruits, with a delightful blend of sweetness and tanginess, loved by many around the world. Rajka apples are perfect for baking pies and making tasty snacks!

Origins: Originating in Hungary, Rajka apples were cultivated with care and have a rich heritage.

Types: Rajka apples come in various types, including red, green, and yellow, each with its unique appeal.

Flavor: Their taste is a harmonious mix of sweetness and a touch of tartness, making them a favorite snack.

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins and fiber, these apples keep you healthy and strong, perfect for growing kids.

Benefits: Eating Rajka apples can boost immunity, aid digestion, and support overall well-being, ensuring a healthy lifestyle.

Top Producing Country: Hungary proudly produces the most Rajka apples, spreading their deliciousness worldwide.

Fun Fact: Rajka apples are like nature’s little toothbrushes, helping keep your teeth clean and healthy.



Rambai fruits are tiny wonders bursting with sweetness, resembling miniature plums, painting joy with their vibrant colors and taste!

Rambai fruits are often used to make mouthwatering jams and delightful preserves. Rambai is a tropical treat, a burst of flavors and goodness in every bite.

Origins: Originating in Southeast Asia, Rambai grows abundantly in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.

Types: Rambai comes in various colors like yellow, green, or purple, each with a unique flavor.

Flavor: Rambai offers a mix of sweet and sour, like a blend of grapes and lychee.

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins A and C, this fruit boosts immunity and keeps you healthy and strong.

Benefits: Rambai aids digestion, improves skin health, and boosts energy levels naturally.

Top Producing Country: Malaysia is the top producer of Rambai, nurturing orchards of this delectable fruit.

Fun Fact: Rambai trees are evergreen and can reach up to 15 meters in height! Rambai trees have glossy leaves that sparkle in sunlight, adding a touch of magic to orchards.



The Rambutan is a tropical fruit with red spiky skin and sweet flesh that kids adore munching on.

Rambutans are typically available in late summer and early fall, making them a seasonal treat in many regions.

Origins: Originally from Southeast Asia, it’s grown in warm climates like Thailand, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

Types: Rambutans have different varieties like Rongrien, Binjai, and Lebak Bulus, each with unique tastes and sizes.

Flavor: It’s juicy and sweet, almost like a mix of grapes and lychee, making it a delightful treat.

Nutrition: Packed with Vitamin C, iron, and fiber, it helps keep you strong and healthy when eaten.

Benefits: Eating Rambutans can boost immunity, aid digestion, and keep your skin looking healthy and glowing.

Top Producing Country: Indonesia is the largest producer of these spiky fruits, growing tons every year.

Fun Fact: Rambutan means “hairy” in Malay, which perfectly describes its hairy appearance that kids find fascinating!



The Ramontchi Fruit, also known as the “Rainbow Gem,” is a delightful fruit filled with magic colors and flavors! esides being a tasty treat, Ramontchis make amazing jams, smoothies, and colorful additions to fruit salads.

Origins: Originating from lush forests in the heart of a hidden paradise, Ramontchi fruits thrive in tropical climates.

Types: With vibrant hues like a painter’s palette, Ramontchis come in red, orange, yellow, and purple varieties.

Flavor: Each bite bursts with a sweet blend of strawberry, mango, and hints of citrusy zest—a taste explosion!

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins A, C, and antioxidants, Ramontchis keep you healthy and full of energy.

Benefits: They boost immunity, aid digestion, and make your skin glow like a radiant rainbow.

Top Producing Country: These enchanting fruits flourish abundantly in the magical lands of the Rainbow Valley.

Fun Fact: Ramontchis change color when they ripen, like tiny, natural chameleons surprising you with a rainbow!

Rangpur Lime

Rangpur Lime

The Rangpur Lime, a vibrant fruit resembling an orange but bursting with the tangy zest of a lime, adding zest to every dish!

Apart from its culinary uses, Rangpur Lime oil is used in perfumes and aromatherapy for its refreshing scent.

Origins: Originally from Bangladesh, this fruit traveled to other countries like India and the United States.

Types: It comes in one type, Rangpur lime, known for its bright color and unique flavor.

Flavor: It’s sour like a lemon but has hints of mandarin orange, making it super zingy and refreshing.

Nutrition: Filled with vitamin C, it boosts your immune system and helps keep you healthy and strong.

Benefits: It aids digestion, freshens your breath, and adds deliciousness to drinks and dishes.

Top Producing Country: Bangladesh is the top producer of these vibrant and zesty Rangpur limes.

Fun Fact: Despite its name, Rangpur Lime isn’t actually a lime but a hybrid of a mandarin and a lemon.



Raspberry: Tiny, juicy, red fruit with a sweet-tart taste and tiny seeds that make it crunchy. They can be eaten fresh, frozen, turned into jams, jellies, or added to desserts like pies and cakes.

They’re even used in making refreshing beverages like smoothies or fruit-infused water.

Origins: Originally from Eastern Europe, raspberries have been enjoyed for centuries for their deliciousness and health benefits.

Types: Red, black, purple raspberries—each unique in color and taste, but all bursting with delightful flavors.

Flavor: Bursting with a mix of sweetness and tanginess, raspberries offer a delightful fruity punch in every bite.

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins C and K, fiber, and antioxidants, raspberries are a superfood for strong bodies.

Benefits: Raspberries help boost immunity, keep hearts healthy, and make skin glow with their nutrient-rich goodness.

Top Producing Country: Russia leads the world in raspberry production, growing tons of these delectable fruits every year.

Fun Fact: Did you know raspberries are not just red? They come in black and purple too!

Raspuri Mango

Raspuri Mango

The Raspuri Mango Fruit, a sweet delight with a unique taste and vibrant color, loved by many!

Raspuri mangoes are commonly used in making refreshing drinks, delectable desserts, and mouthwatering jams and chutneys. These versatile fruits are a hit in summer treats!

Origins: Originating from India, these mangoes have a rich history dating back centuries, cherished for their deliciousness.

Types: Raspuri mangoes are known for their small to medium size, thin skin, and luscious, juicy flesh inside.

Flavor: Bursting with sweetness and a hint of tanginess, Raspuri mangoes offer a tropical flavor explosion in every bite.

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins A and C, these mangoes boost immunity and promote healthy skin and eyes.

Benefits: Eating Raspuri mangoes aids digestion, helps in weight loss, and provides a refreshing energy boost.

Top Producing Country: India proudly leads in producing these flavorful fruits, renowned for their superior quality worldwide.

Fun Fact: Did you know Raspuri mangoes are often called the “Queen of Mangoes” due to their exquisite taste?



The Rata Fruit, a magical delight bursting with sweetness, is a wonder of nature’s tastiest treasures.

Rata fruits can change color during their ripening process, surprising us with their beautiful transformations.

Origins: Rata Fruit originally grew in South America, cherished by ancient civilizations for its unique taste and benefits.

Types: This fruit comes in various types like red, yellow, and purple, each offering a burst of flavor.

Flavor: Rata Fruit tastes like a mix of strawberries and pineapples, making it super yummy and refreshing.

Nutrition: It’s rich in vitamins A, C, and antioxidants, helping us stay healthy and strong with every bite.

Benefits: Eating Rata Fruit boosts our immunity, keeps our skin glowing, and makes our tummies happy!

Top Producing Country: Ecuador is the top producer of Rata Fruit, where the sunny climate helps it grow perfectly.

Fun Fact: Rata Fruit seeds can be used to make jewelry and colorful decorations, adding fun to crafts!

Red Banana

Red Banana

The Red Banana, a vibrant fruit, brings joy with its sweet taste and captivating color. Red bananas contain more beta-carotene and vitamin C than yellow bananas.

Origins: Originally from Southeast Asia, these bananas bring a tropical touch to your taste buds.

Types: Red bananas come in different shades, from pink to deep maroon, adding a splash of color.

Flavor: Their flavor is a blend of sweetness with a hint of berry, making them utterly delicious.

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins and minerals like Vitamin C and potassium, they’re a healthy snack choice.

Benefits: They boost energy, aid digestion, and help keep your heart healthy—great reasons to munch on them!

Top Producing Country: Ecuador leads the world in Red Banana production, followed by Costa Rica, India and Colombia.

Fun Fact: Red bananas aren’t just a treat for your taste buds but are also called “Red Dacca” bananas!

Red Bayberry

Red Bayberry

The Red Bayberry Fruit, also known as Yangmei or Chinese Bayberry, is a tiny, juicy, and flavorful berry.

In China, Red Bayberries hold cultural importance, symbolizing good luck and prosperity, often enjoyed during festivals and celebrations.

Origins: Originating from China, these berries have been cherished for centuries for their delightful taste and health benefits.

Types: Red Bayberries come in various types, such as Sweetheart, Big Red, and others, each with distinct sizes and flavors.

Flavor: These berries burst with a mix of sweetness and tartness, offering a refreshing taste like a blend of strawberries and raspberries.

Nutrition: Loaded with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber, they promote good health, aiding digestion and boosting the immune system.

Benefits: Red Bayberries help improve skin health, aid in digestion, and provide a burst of energy due to their nutrient-rich profile.

Top Producing Country: China leads in producing these delicious fruits, where they are enjoyed and celebrated widely.

Fun Fact: The seeds of Red Bayberries are small and not typically eaten, but they’re used to make candles!

Red Delicious Apple

Red Delicious Apple

The Red Delicious apple is a vibrant, crunchy fruit loved for its bright red color and sweet taste. Red Delicious apples are a colorful treat loved by many worldwide! 

These apples are not just tasty but also full of goodness, making them a delightful treat for everyone!

Origins: Originally from Iowa, USA, these apples were discovered in the late 1800s by a farmer named Jesse Hiatt.

Types: Red Delicious apples have different variations like the Starkrimson and Oregon Delicious, each with its unique qualities.

Flavor: Bite into a Red Delicious and experience a delightful mix of sweetness and slight tanginess.

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins and fiber, these apples keep you healthy while satisfying your sweet cravings.

Benefits: They help keep your heart healthy, aid digestion, and boost your immune system.

Top Producing Country: China is the leading producer of Red Delicious apples worldwide.

Fun Fact: Did you know? Red Delicious apples can float in water because they have 25% air!

Red Grape

Red Grape

Red grapes are juicy fruits with a sweet taste and vibrant color, loved by many for their deliciousness! Red grapes can be turned into yummy raisins by drying them in the sun!

Origins: They’ve been around for centuries, tracing back to ancient times in the Middle East and Mediterranean regions.

Types: Red grapes come in various types like Flame Seedless, Crimson Seedless, and Ruby Roman, each with unique flavors.

Flavor: Their taste bursts with sweetness, sometimes a hint of tartness, making them perfect for snacks and juices.

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins C and K, antioxidants, and fiber, they keep us healthy and boost our immune system.

Benefits: They help our hearts stay strong, keep our skin glowing, and improve our digestion. Red grapes are super fruits!

Top Producing Country: They thrive in many countries, but the top producer is Italy, growing tons of these yummy grapes!

Fun Fact: Red grapes are not only tasty but also used to make delicious grape juice and even wine!

Red Huckleberry

Red Huckleberry

The Red Huckleberry fruit is a tiny, juicy berry found in forests, known for its vibrant red color. These berries are perfect for making jams, pies, and syrups or simply enjoyed fresh in salads and desserts.

Origins: These berries have their roots in North America, thriving in cool, shady forests and mountainous regions.

Types: Red Huckleberries come in various shades of red, ranging from bright crimson to deep maroon hues.

Flavor: They boast a tangy-sweet taste, often described as a delightful blend of cranberries and raspberries.

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins A and C, these berries offer a healthy dose of antioxidants and fiber.

Benefits: Eating Red Huckleberries can strengthen your immune system and promote good digestion.

Top Producing Country: The United States, especially the Pacific Northwest, is a significant producer of these flavorful berries.

Fun Fact: Red Huckleberries grow on shrubs that can reach up to 6 feet tall, creating natural berry treasure troves!

Red Mombin

Red Mombin

The Red Mombin Fruit, also known as hog plum or Spondias purpurea, is a tropical delight. It’s juicy and tangy!

In some countries, Red Mombin is a symbol of good luck and is used in traditional ceremonies.

Origins: Originating in the West Indies, this fruit traveled across continents to dazzle taste buds worldwide.

Types: From sweet to tangy, Red Mombin fruits vary in flavors and colors, ranging from crimson to orange hues.

Flavor: Imagine a mix of plum, mango, and a splash of tangy citrus – that’s the sensational Red Mombin!

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins A and C, it’s a healthy treat for growing bodies, boosting immunity and vision.

Benefits: This fruit aids digestion and promotes healthy skin, making it a superhero snack for kids!

Top Producing Country: Brazil shines as the leading producer, painting the landscape with its lush Red Mombin orchards.

Fun Fact: The Red Mombin Fruit goes by many names, including “Jocote” or “Hog Plum.”

Red Mulberry

Red Mulberry

The Red Mulberry Fruit is a tasty berry that grows on trees and comes in vibrant red hues. These fruits thrive in warm climates and can grow on trees reaching up to 70 feet tall.

Origins: Originally from North America, these berries have been enjoyed for centuries by Native American tribes.

Types: There are different types of Red Mulberries, like the Illinois Everbearing and the Girardi Mulberry.

Flavor: They taste sweet and slightly tangy, like a mix of strawberries and raspberries, bursting with juicy goodness.

Nutrition: These berries are packed with vitamins and antioxidants, keeping us strong and healthy when we munch on them.

Benefits: They help boost our immune system and keep our hearts healthy, plus they’re great for our skin!

Top Producing Country: China grows the most Red Mulberries, but you can find them in many countries worldwide.

Fun Fact: Red Mulberries are not only delicious to eat but also used in making juices, wines, and herbal teas!



Redcurrants are delightful tiny berries adored by kids for their vivid color and tangy-sweet taste, making them a delicious snack.They thrive in cooler climates and grow in clusters on bushes, making them fun to pick.

Origins: These gems originated in Europe and have been loved for centuries due to their delightful taste.

Types: There are different types, like red and white currants, each with their unique shade and taste.

Flavor: Their flavor is a mix of sweet and tangy, making them perfect for jams, desserts, and snacks.

Nutrition: Packed with vitamin C and antioxidants, they help keep us healthy and boost our immune system.

Benefits: Eating redcurrants supports healthy skin, strong bones, and keeps our bodies fighting fit.

Top Producing Country: Poland leads in producing these bright berries, sharing their deliciousness worldwide.

Fun Fact: Redcurrants belong to the same family as gooseberries and are cousins with blackcurrants and raspberries!

Rhobs El Arsa

Rhobs El Arsa

Rhobs El Arsa fruit, also known as the “Royal Fruit,” is a delightful tropical wonder cherished for its unique flavors. In some places, the Rhobs El Arsa fruit’s skin is used to make natural dyes for coloring fabrics.

Origins: Originating from North Africa, it thrives in warm climates with sandy soil and abundant sunshine.

Types: Rhobs El Arsa comes in two main varieties: the sweet red and the tangy yellow.

Flavor: Sweet like a blend of strawberries and raspberries, or tangy like a mix of lemon and mango.

Nutrition: Packed with vitamins A and C, it’s great for boosting immunity and keeping our eyes healthy.

Benefits: Eating this fruit helps our bodies stay strong, fights off nasty germs, and makes our skin glow.

Top Producing Country: Morocco is the leading producer, growing tons of these delightful fruits every year.

Fun Fact: Rhobs El Arsa fruit is so juicy that it’s nicknamed the “Desert Gem” by locals!



Rhubarb, known for its sour taste, is a tangy vegetable that’s often treated like a fruit in cooking. Spring marks the peak season for rhubarb when it’s at its freshest and most flavorful.

Origins: Originally from China, rhubarb traveled across the world and became popular in Europe and America.

Types: There are two main types: green and red. Both offer a similar tangy taste for recipes.

Flavor: Rhubarb brings a zingy sourness, needing sweetening for desserts but perfect for pies and jams.

Nutrition: It’s low in calories but high in vitamins K and C, plus fiber for a healthy tummy!

Benefits: This colorful veggie helps digestion and supports healthy bones and immune systems

Top Producing Country: China leads in rhubarb production, followed by Russia, making these places rhubarb champs!

Fun Fact: Rhubarb leaves are toxic to eat due to oxalic acid but can be used as a natural insect repellent!



The Riberry Fruit is a vibrant, small berry thriving in the lively landscapes of Australia’s enchanting rainforests. Aboriginal Australians have revered Riberry fruits for their medicinal properties for generations, considering them a treasure of nature’s remedies.

Origins: Hailing from Australia’s rainforests, the Riberry grows on the lilly pilly tree.

Types: It comes in various colors like vibrant reds and deep purples, each bursting with juicy flavor.

Flavor: The Riberry is a mix of sweet and tart, like a fruity explosion in your mouth!

Nutrition: Packed with vitamin C, antioxidants, and goodness, it’s a superfood for strong bodies.

Benefits: Boosts immunity, keeps you healthy, and helps you feel super energized throughout the day.

Top Producing Country: Australia proudly leads in producing these amazing Riberry fruits.

Fun Fact: Riberry fruits were used by Indigenous Australians for food and medicinal purposes for centuries!

Some Other Names of Fruits Beginning with Letter R

Rocha PearRose AppleRough Lemon
RockmelonRose HipRubus Parviflorus
RomboRosigold Mango


Isn’t it super cool to find amazing fruits that begin with the letter R? Let’s continue the fun and explore interesting facts about these tasty fruits!

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