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Having fun with your kids’ vocabulary? Are your tiny tots speaking a lot? Don’t you think it is the right time to introduce your little ones into the world of meaningful learning of words?

We are here to take you through a journey that will help you to enhance the vocabulary of your kids. Let us take the first step where you will be telling the little ones about small words…..the words with 3 letters.

So……here we go with the first letter ……A

List of 3 letter words starting with A

3 Letter Words Starting With A
antan insect
apea large primate that does not have tail
axea tool used for chopping wood
arehelping verb
aimpoint or direct at a target
asksay something to get an answer
alebeer brewed by top fermentation
atepast tense of ‘eat’
agethe length of time that a person has lived
airthe invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth
arca part of a curve
ashthe powdery residue left after burning a substance
armeach of the two upper limbs of the human body
ailtrouble in mind or body
anna traditional name, meaning ‘grace’
acea playing card with a single spot on it
ayesaid to express assent
adoa state of agitation or fuss
anyused to refer to one or some of a thing or number of things, no matter how much or how many
awea feeling of respect mixed with fear or wonder
altdenoting a version of something, especially popular music, that is intended as a challenge to the traditional version
awla small pointed tool used for piercing holes, especially in leather
aptappropriate or suitable in the circumstances
abymake amends for
acttake action
allused to refer to the whole quantity
aftat, near, or towards the stern of a ship
arkthe ship built by Noah to save his family and two of every kind of animal from the Flood
artthe expression or application of human creative skill and imagination

It will be fun to learn some interesting acronyms that start with the letter A. Actually, little kids often come across acronyms and they get interested in knowing the actual meaning of the word. Moreover, we use lots of acronyms in our daily lives.

So…..it will definitely be helpful for you to keep a list of simple and interesting acronyms as ready reckoners!!

simple acronyms starting with letter A

Acronyms Starting With Letter A
ASAPas soon as possible
AKAalso known as
AIartificial intelligence
ADair defence
AAalcoholics anonymous
AMAAmerican Medical association
AMDAdvanced Micro devices
ADDAttention Deficit Disorder
AIDSAcquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
ACAir Conditioning
ACCAir Combat Command
AFKAway from Keyboard
AFJApril fool’s Joke
AhAmpere hour
AIAAerospace Industries Association
AMAnte Meridiem
APTAuto Pilot
APIApplication Programming Interface
APOLLOApache Point Observatory Lunar laser-ranging Operation
APPAllied Procedural Publication
ARMAnti radiation Missile
ASLAbove Sea Level
ASMAir to Surface Missile
ASPActive Server Pages
ATCAir Traffic Control
AXPAmbulance exchange Point

Activities with 3 letter words starting with A

You can teach a lot of words to the little ones, but every effort will result in a big zero unless the child gets the scope to utilize the gathered knowledge at the right place.

Now, it is not possible for little ones to go on reading books…..or writing down a lot of words!! They will feel bored and lose interest in learning new words.

The best solution is to engage them in playful activities that will keep them focused and also act as perfect practice activities. Here are some word- activities that will enable your kid to practice the newly learnt words:

Name game

Naming something is the simplest activity that will help you to strengthen the vocabulary of your kids. When you are introducing 3 letter words to your little ones, it will be best to use 3 letter words for this name game. You will have to mention something and the kid will have to answer.

Do this in turns, like once you will ask the question and the kid will answer and then just the opposite. This will help the kids have fun and feel more interested in the game.


3 Letter Words Name Game

Q: I can breathe this thing but cannot see it.

Ans: Air

Q: What do we call a monkey that has no tail?

Ans: Ape

Q: When I ask how old you are, it is your —- that I am asking about.

Ans: Age

Word matching game

This game can be played with the help of Flash Cards. One set of cards will contain the pictures and the other set will have the words written on them. Use the 3 letter words like ant, axe, ape, arc, air, ash, arm, etc. and get the cards that have these words written on them. Show how to read the cards and then match them with the respective words.

It is best to show the kids how to do the matching and let them follow you in the next step.

Word puzzles

There are different types of word puzzles that you can play with the little ones. The easiest one is to use the scramble tiles and let the kids take their time in unscrambling them. This is going to be fun and easy when the kids are playing with the 3 letter words.

You can draw all the letters on the pavement and then shout out a word, like an ant. The kids will have to stand on each letter of the word to complete the game.

The opposite can also be a fun activity. The kid will step on three letters and you will have to pronounce the word they created.

Fill in the blanks activity

Simple fill-in-the-blanks activity will help the kids remember the words they just learnt with ease. Moreover, this fill-in-the-blanks activity will be of immense help for future academics.


3 Letter Words Activity






Hope we are able to help you in your journey of providing meaningful knowledge to your little ones. Keep following us for more!

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