3 Letter Words Starting With V: Voyaging through the Vistas of Vivid Verbs

Hey there, are you trying to choose some interesting ways to enrich your kid’s vocabulary? Then you must need to teach them some new three-letter words, isn’t it? In that case it is the best time to introduce your naughty, little kids to the world of some crucial new words.

If you agree with this idea, then we are here to help you with this major endeavor. So, let us take a look at some of the common yet interesting ways to make your child familiar with some new and vital three-letter words. Here are some of the three-letter words that start with the twenty-second letter….V.

List Of 3 Letter Words Starting With V

Incredible 3 Letter Words Starting With V For Kids
vana medium-sized motor vehicle, usually without side windows in the rear part
vata large tub or tank used to hold liquid, usually in industry
vavthe sixth letter of the Hebrew alphabet
vawviolence against women
veea thing shaped like the letter V
veta veterinary surgeon
vexmake someone feel frustrated, annoyed, or worried
vidshort for video
viecompete eagerly with someone in order to achieve something
vlya swamp/ a shallow pond
voea small bay in Orkney
vorto notify someone aware of danger
vowsolemnly promise to do something
vuga cavity in rock, lined with mineral crystals
vumto make an oath

After teaching your tiny tots some useful three letter words that start with the letter V, along with their common meanings, let’s study something new.

Hence, it is the perfect time to check out some useful three letter acronyms that starts with the letter V. So, let’s enjoy:

List Of 3 Letter Acronyms Starting With V

Goofy Acronyms Starting With Letter V For Kids
VAOVienna Art Orchestra
VATValue-Added Tax
VBAVisual Basic for Applications
VCRVideo cassette recorder
VEBVenezuelan bolivar
VFRVisual Flight Rules
VFWVeterans of Foreign Wars
VHFVery High Frequency
VIAVersatile Interface Adapter
VINVehicle Identification Number
VISViewable Image Size
VLAVery Large Array
VLFVery Low Frequency
VMFVariable Message Format
VONVictorian Order of Nurses
VORVoice of Russia
VPNVirtual Private Network
VSOVoluntary Services Overseas
VSRVery Special Relativity
VTCVideo Tele-Conference
VARVirtual Assistant Referee

Interesting Activities With 3 Letter Words Starting With V

Sometimes, you may plan to teach your kids some new words to enhance their vocabulary, right? However, all of your plans may not be proved to be quite fruitful if your child does not find out the perfect time to utilize them or even realize how to use them.

Now, it is not an easy job to tell your child to read multiple new books or to write down some new words, along with their meanings. This may reduce their interest in studying some new three-letter words.

Hence, to save yourself from this burden, a great way is to encourage those little souls in some fun game-like activities that will help them to stay focused. Moreover, a few of the most effective practice activities will encourage your kids to utilize the newly studied three-letter words in the most accurate way.

1. Word Matching Game

Childish 3 Letter Word Matching Game For Kids

This is a very common and fun learning activity which you can play with some Flash Cards. To perform this, you will need two sets of these flashcards. One set will have some amazing pictures while the other set will carry the common three-letter words that start with V.

Next, you may utilize the three-letter words such as via, vim, vow, voe, vly, vet, van, vat, etc., and get the cards that contain these words. Then, you have to show your little friend how to read those cards in the right manner and then match them with the respective words.

Furthermore, you can show your tiny tots how to do the matching and next, encourage them to follow the steps already done by you earlier.

2. Name Game

We all know that naming something is one of the most amazing activities through which you can enrich the vocabulary of your kids.

When you are considering how to teach several crucial and beneficial three-letter words to your kid, it will be a remarkable method to teach those new words via a fun game, for example, a name game. In this game, you will have to say something and your kid will give the answer.

Moreover, you can play name games in turns, like once you will ask a question to your child and your child will give the answer and after that, just try the other way. With this fun activity, those little, mischievous souls can enjoy a lot while learning new three-letter words without any trouble.


Q: What is a cavity in rock, lined with mineral crystals?

Ans: Vug

Q: What will you call a medium-sized motor vehicle, usually without side windows in the rear part?

Ans: Van

Q: What do we call the act of solemnly promising to do something?

Ans: Vow

Q: What will you describe as the act of making someone feel frustrated, annoyed, or worried?

Ans: Vex

Q: Which word will you use to describe the act to notify someone aware of danger?

Ans: Vor

Q: What do we call the large tub or tank used to hold liquid, usually in industry?

Ans: Vat

3. Fill In The Blanks Activity

Fill in the blanks activity is another encouraging word activity that will help your children to learn and remember some new three-letter words. Furthermore, this fun activity will prove to be of immense help in their future academics.









4. Word Puzzles

Awesome Word Puzzles For Kids

There are multiple kinds of amazing word puzzles that you can try out with your little prince and princesses. One of the most incredible methods is to use the scramble tiles. In this, you should ask your kids to take some time in unscrambling those tiles comfortably.

This will prove to be an interesting and simple word game when you encourage your little companion to enjoy this activity with some three-letter words.

Now, you can draw all the letters on the pavement and then shout out a specific three-letter word, like a van. Then ask your little partner to find out and stand on each of the three letters of the word van to complete the game.

Also, its opposite way is similarly encouraging. In that, your kids will select and step on the three alphabets one-by-one, and you must shout the three-letter word made by them.


We hope that these interesting ideas may support you in your journey to teach your kids some interesting words. For some more useful ideas, just keep following us.

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