Explore E’s Essence: 3 Letter Words Starting With E

Do you wish to improve your kid’s vocabulary? Are your little princes and princesses speaking a lot? Don’t you think now you must introduce your kids to the beautiful world of meaningful words?

We are here to help you in your journey that will assist you in improving the vocabulary of your kids. So, let us take the first step to teach your little ones interesting small words while playing. Here, we will go through some interesting three-letter words.

Here we go with the fifth letter….E.

List of 3 Letter Words Starting With E

Incredible 3 Letter Words Starting With E For Kids
EndA final part of something
EgoA person’s sense of self-importance or self-esteem
EtcA term used at the end of a long list of similar things.
EyeEach of a pair of organs that allow us to see
EelA snake-like fish
EmuA fight-less, fast running, large Australian bird
EatPut food into mouth, then to chew and swallow it
elmA tall deciduous tree
Ebbthe movement of the tide out to sea
EraA distinct and long period of history
EarThe organ of hearing and balance
EggA round object laid by a female reptile, bird, or invertebrate.
EweThe female of the sheep
ElfA supernatural creature of folk tales, usually, a small, delicate human figure.
Errbe incorrect or mistaken
EonA very long period of time
EngEnglish (the language of England)
EcoNot harming the environment
EtaThe seventh letter of the Greek alphabet

It will be a fun experience to learn some three-letter abbreviations or acronyms that start with the letter E.

In fact, sometimes your kids may come across or ask you about some interesting three-word acronyms. So, let’s go through a few.

List of 3 letter acronyms starting with E

Goofy Acronyms Starting With Letter E For Kids
EBEExtraterrestrial Biological Entity
ECMEngine Control Module/Enterprise Content Management/Elliptic Curve |Method
EGMExtra Galactic medium
ECUEngine Control Unit
EDLEnglish Defense League
EDOExtended Data-Out
EITEnhanced Interrogation Technique/ Electrical Impedance Tomography
ELEExtinction Level Event
EMIEqual Monthly Instalments/ Electromagnetic Induction/ External Memory Interface/Electromagnetic Interface
EODEvery Other Day/ End of Data/ Event of Default/end of day
EOFEnterprise Objects Framework
EOWEnd of Week/ End of Watch
ESCElectronic Stability Control/ Electronic Speed Controller/ Extended Static Checking
ETIEthical Trading Initiative/ Extraterrestrial Intelligence
EVPEmployee Value Proposition/ Executive Vice President/ Electric Vacuum Pump
EDDExpected Date of Delivery
EICEarned Income Credit
EROElectronic Return Originator
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning

Activities With 3 Letter Words Starting With E

Sometimes, you may want to teach your little ones several interesting and useful new words that can improve their vocabulary, isn’t it? However, all of your struggles may result in a big zero if your children do not have any idea how or where to use those words.

Now, it is not possible to force those little souls to read some big books or even encourage them to jot down several new words with their meanings and usages. This may even reduce their interest in learning some new words and using them in the right places.

So, to get rid of this problem, one of the most interesting methods is to engage them in some fun game-like activities that will keep them fully focused and also work as some of the best practice activities.

So, let us go through a few interesting and simple word activities that will help and encourage your kids to use some of the newly learned three-letter words in an appropriate way.

1. Name Game

Naming something is, no doubt, one of the most amazing as well as easiest activities through which you can be able to strengthen the vocabulary of your kid without any trouble.

When you are looking for ways to introduce some useful and significant three-letter words to your tiny tots, it will be a great and simple way to teach your kids those words through a name game. In this activity, you just have to say something, and your kid has to answer.

Also, you can enjoy this game in turns; like once you ask a question to your kid and your kid will answer and even the opposite way. With this fun game, your children can enjoy learning some new three-letter words, starting with E, without even feeling bored.


Q: With which organ can we see?

Ans: Eye

Q: What do we call a distinct and long period of history?

Ans: Era

Q: What is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet?

Ans: Eta

Q: When we put food into our mouths, then chew and swallow it- what do we call this?

Ans: Eat

Q: What do we call a fish that looks like a snake?

Ans: Eel

2. Fill In The Blanks Activity

Another very easy yet really interesting activity is known as fill-in-the-blanks activity through which you can teach your kids some new three-letter words. They will not only be able to remember the new words without any problem but also will be able to use them perfectly. Moreover, this fun and simple word-game will be of immense help for their future studies.









3. Word Matching Game

Childish Word Matching Game For Kids

Word Matching Game is another learning activity or fun game which you can play with your kids. You will need just two sets of Flash Cards to play the game.

One set of those cards will have some interesting pictures and the other set will carry the third letter words on them. After this, you just have to use some interesting three-letter words like ear, eat, ebb, end, egg, era, emu, eye,  etc., and get those cards that have these words written on them. Then, you just have to tell your children how to read those cards and then match them with the respective three-letter words.

In addition, you can tell your kids how to do the matching and even allow them to follow the steps performed by you.

4. Word Puzzles

Awesome Word Puzzles For Kids

There are multiple types of word puzzle games that you can play with your little ones. One of the easiest methods is to utilize the scramble tiles and after that, you can tell your kids to unscramble them.

This will be a very fun activity when you allow your tiny tots to enjoy this activity with some interesting three-letter words.

First, you can draw all the alphabets on the pavement and then say a specific three-letter word, like an elf. Hearing this, your kid has to stand on each of the three letters of the word kid to complete the game.

Also, the opposite way will also be quite fun. Your kid will step on the three alphabets one-by-one and then you have to pronounce the word made by them.


So, we hope that these ideas will help you in your effort of offering some meaningful knowledge to your kids. For some more knowledge, keep following us.

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