F’s Fascinating Fables: 3 Letter Words Starting With F

Is your kid speaking continuously without any break? Are you looking for some new words to teach them to improve their vocabulary? Then, we can help you out. Learning new words is a great thing. With new words your child will be able to speak more fluently and even have a strong vocabulary.

We can help you in this by providing some interesting and fun new words that you can teach your little ones in an exciting and fun way. So, here we go with some three netter words starting with the sixth alphabet….F.

List of 3 Letter Words Starting With F

Incredible 3 Letter Words Starting With F For Kids
Fabinformal for fabulous
Famused to call one’s close friend
fata person with large amount of excess flesh
farAt a distance
faxa copy of document made by an electronic machine
fanan apparatus with rotating blade to give air
fadan interest or practice follow for a time with excess zeal
favshort of favorite
feda federal agent
fema woman
feyhaving supernatural powers/ someone who is childish and shy
feea payment made to a professional or public body in exchange of services
fenA low or frequently flooded area of land
fewa small number of
feza flat-topped red hat with a tassel
fiban unimportant lie
fieused to express outrage or disgust
filgrain of wood/ the edge of a blade
firan evergreen coniferous tree with needle-shaped leaves
fitof a suitable standard or quality
figa soft pear-shaped fruit with many small seeds
fida wooden pin used in opening the strands of a rope
finthe winglike organ of a fish
fixto fasten something in a specific place
foga thick cloud of tiny water drops suspended in the atmosphere
foba chain attached to a watch for carrying in a waistband pocket
fopa man who is concerned about his appearance
foya feast at the end of a fishing session or harvest
foean opponent or enemy
foxa carnivorous animal with a pointed muzzle and fuzzy tail / a cunning person
forintended to be given to/ a conjunction
fuga stuffy, warm, smoky atmosphere in a room
fubto deceive or practice deceit mainly to gain something
fuduncertainty, fear, doubt
furthe fine and short hair of certain animals
froback, away
frycook something in a hot pan with oil or fat
flymove through the air using wings

Now, it will be a very enjoyable experience to go through some three letter acronyms that start with the letter F, right?

Kids often come across a few acronyms or abbreviations that may pique their interest. So, let’s take a look at some of those words.

List of acronyms starting with F

Goofy Acronyms Starting With Letter F For Kids
FASFinancial Accounting Standard
FISFinancial Information System
Famshort of family
FBIFederal Bureau of Investigation
FCOForeign and Commonwealth Office
FDCFirst Day Cover/ Federal Detention Center
FFAFree Fatty Acid/ Free-for-all/Future Farmers of America
FFSFree for shipping/ Facial Feminization Surgery
FMSFacial Masculinization Surgery/ False Memory Syndrome/ Fibromyalgia Syndrome
FMTFecal Microbiota Transplant
FOCFree of charge/ Freedom of choice/Full operational capability
FTLFull truck load/ faster-than light
FTPFuture Time Perspective/ Free to play/ File Transfer Protocol
futshort of future
FWCFootball World Cup
FWFFixed Word Format
FAAFederal aviation Administration
FACForward Air Controller
FAHFine Arts and Humanities/ Federation of American Hospitals
FAMForeign Affairs Manual
FASFetal Alcohol Syndrome/ Federation of American Scientists
FCEFirst Certificate in English
FCZForward Combat Zone
FDRFlight Data Recorder
FEDField Emission Display
FEZFlight Engagement Zone
FESFlywheel Energy Storage
FIDForeign Internal Defence

Activities With 3 Letter Words Starting With F

You can teach your little kids a large number of new words; however, your every effort will prove to be a big zero unless your kid gets the opportunity to use the gathered knowledge at the right place.

Now, in most situations, it is not possible to force the kids to go on reading books ….or even writing down a large number of new words!! They will feel quite bored and lose interest in learning new words.

The best solution to this problem is to engage those little souls in playful activities that will keep them fully focused as well as act as useful practice activities.

So, here are some interesting word activities that will allow your tiny tots to practice and correctly use the newly learnt words:

1. Name Game

Naming something is definitely one of the easiest activities that will help you to successfully strengthen the vocabulary of your children.

When you are trying to introduce some three-letter words to your kids, it will be great if you use three-letter words for this name game. In this fun game, you just have to mention something and your kid will have to answer.

Also, you can play this in turns, like once you will ask a question and your child will have to give the answer and then just its opposite.

This game will help the kids to have real fun, along with feeling more interested in the game. Let us take a look at some examples below.


Q: What do we call an evergreen coniferous tree that has needle-shaped leaves?

Ans: Fir

Q: How will you describe a man who is concerned about his appearance?

Ans: Fop

Q: What do we call the wing-like organ of a fish?

Ans: Fin

Q: What will you call a soft pear-shaped fruit with many small seeds?

Ans: Fig

Q: What do we call a thick cloud of tiny water drops suspended in the atmosphere?

Ans: Fog

Q: What will you call your enemy?

Ans: Foe

2. Word Puzzles

You might have already seen different kinds of word puzzles that you can enjoy with your little kids. One of the easiest ones is to play it by using the scramble tiles and encourage the children to try to unscramble them. ]

This game will become a really fun and easy game when your little ones are playing with some newly learnt three-letter words.

In addition, you can even draw all the alphabets on the pavement and then shout out a certain three-letter word, like a fin. Your child will have to stand on each letter of the word to complete the game in a fun way.

The opposite process can also be quite amusing. Your kid will have to step on three letters and you have to say the word made by them.

3. Fill In The Blanks Activity

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

An easy and fun fill-in-the-blanks activity will assist your kids in remembering the three-letter words they just learnt with ease.

Furthermore, this interesting activity will be of incredible help for future academics. Let’s take a look at some interesting examples.








4. Word Matching Game

Childish Word Matching Game For Kids

One can play this exciting game with the help of Flash Cards. To play this game, you will require two sets of cards, one will contain the pictures and the other will carry the words written on them.

You can use three-letter words like fog, fun, fir, fly, fry, fox, fit, etc., and get the cards that have these words written on them.

Next, you have to show the cards and match them with the respective words.

It is best to show the children the complete procedure to perform the matching and encourage them to follow you in the next step. In this way, you can teach your kids some amazing three-letter words starting with the sixth letter F without any trouble.


Hope we are able to help you in your struggle and journey of giving some meaningful knowledge to your tiny tots. For some additional assistance, just keep following us!

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