15+ Amazing Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Kids

As Christmas πŸŽ„ approaches, it’s safe to assume that everyone will be hosting and attending numerous parties for the holidays. What do you say we spice up those parties for our children with a little bit of excitement? It’s a problem for which I have the ideal answer. 

Let’s give our children Christmas-themed scavenger hunts πŸ”Ž to participate in, shall we? Scavenger hunts are the most entertaining method to bring more life to any party, in addition to making things significantly more instructive and enlightening for our children. 

The scavenger hunts that I come up with for my children are always a huge hit, and I’m hoping that your children will have the same reaction. 

Fun Fact: St. Nicholas is claimed to have tossed sacks of gold down a chimney for three poor sisters, inspiring the custom of hanging stockings 🧦 near the hearth. They claimed that when they put their stockings by the fire to dry, the gold coins ended up in them.

Fascinating Christmas Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Your Kids

This blog offers a little over forty different ideas for Christmas-themed scavenger hunts that you can do with your children. This will ensure that Christmas πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ„ will always be a special time for them and that they will always associate it with scavenger hunts. 

Therefore, without further ado, let’s grab our candy canes and start scavenging⬇️

#safetyfirst- Be sure that there is an adult present at all times to supervise each child and to accompany them if they are not yet old enough to go out on their own.Β 

Santa’s Toy Hunt

Start a mission to find hidden tools, such as miniature hammers and toy wrenches, which will bring children to Santa’s workshop, where they will find modest gifts. 

There is a hint that is revealed by each tool, and the final surprise is a do-it-yourself ornament creation.

Frosty’s Lost Buttons Hunt 

Help Frosty locate the buttons that he has lost, which are dispersed throughout the home. 

With each button, a hint is revealed for the following location, which culminates in a snowy surprise consisting of hot cocoa and marshmallows in a scene that is reminiscent of a winter wonderland.

Reindeer Race

Relay races with difficulties centered around reindeer should be organized. When a task is completed successfully, a piece of the reindeer puzzle is revealed. 

Putting together the puzzle will allow you to discover the location of hidden goodies or little gifts, adding a touch of festive excitement to the experience.

Jingle Bell Jamboree

By transforming jingle bells into clues, you may create a musical treasure hunt. Put bells on concealed items all about the house, and make sure that each bell has its own distinct sound. 

As the children discover the bells, they begin to collect them in order to compose a joyful melody. The hunt comes to a close with a holiday dance party, during which the bells that were collected are used as accompaniment to the music.

Jingle Bell Hunt

With the Jingle Bell Hunt, an appealing spin on the traditional children’s scavenger hunt, you can be set to make your Christmas celebration into a symphony of delight this year.Β 

To get the party started, 

  • Scatter an assortment of sparkling jingle bells πŸ”” across your festive location. 
  • Each bell should have its own characteristic chime that will get people’s hearts racing. 
  • Provide the children with either a mystical map or a set of cunning clues that will take them to the buried wealth. 
  • The child who wins gets felicitated with a Santa hat and a sock filled with goodies. 

As they follow the joyous tune of the bells and spread giggles πŸ˜„ and excitement like Santa’s mischievous elves, you should encourage their talents as detectives while they do so. 

Not only will the triumphant discovery of these musical gems bring pleasure, but it will also orchestrate a festive spirit of seasonal delight.

Frosty’s Frosting Hunt

For this activity, 

  • You should provide each child with a base of sponge cake πŸŽ‚ and a variety of frosting in Christmas color themes. 
  • They will have 15 minutes to decorate the cake in any way they like, but the frosting they use must have some significance, which they will explain in the form of an engaging story for the audience to hear. 

It will inspire them to speak in front of others, which is a skill that will serve them well during their time in school as well as in later life.

Candy Cane Quest

Gather your children in the backyard and try to bury as many candy canes 🍭 still in their wrappings as you can. Now it’s time to question children about Christmas, its significance, and its background. 

Whoever gives the correct response to a question is awarded a clue that they can use to locate a candy cane and have it all to themselves to enjoy.Β 

Reindeer Roundup Hunt

“Reindeer Roundup” is a Christmas-themed scavenger hunt that will get kids in the holiday spirit! Santa’s reindeer have left clues for kids to find, creating a fun adventure. 

Follow Rudolph’s glowing nose to find ornaments, candy canes, and jingle bells. Each hint leads them closer to the main prize, a golden sleigh full of presents, increasing excitement. 

Reindeer Roundup combines joy and discovery with laughter and glittering lights, making this Christmas unforgettable for the tiny elves!

North Pole Treasure Hunt

Your children will need some knowledge of geography πŸ—Ύ if they want to succeed in this game. This means that there will be toys and candy lying around the house in random places. 

The children will receive clues and maps to help them figure out where they may find these delicious treats. The catch is that all of the tips and clues will only be provided in the form of directions to follow. 

For instance, if the candy 🍬 is hidden behind the couch and the child is standing in front of it, the clue that will be given to him will be something along the lines of “Walk 15 steps to your right and then two steps to the front, and you will have won yourself a candy cane.” Voila! And that is it.

Christmas Cookie Hunt

Let’s get the oven πŸŒ„ preheating. My children have a great time participating in this hunt, making it feel almost like a tradition because, at the end of it, they get to devour some truly amazing, warm, fudgy, and chewy cookies, which is something that the whole family enjoys.

For this hunt – 

  • You simply need some cookie dough and an unusual ingredient of your choosing. 
  • Nothing more is required. 
  • Bake the cookies, including the top-secret, special ingredient. 
  • When the cookies πŸͺ are done, another child will try one and try to identify what component it contains. 
  • The winner will receive an enormous jar of Rocky Road cookie dough if their prediction is correct.
  • You may put a marshmallow in the middle or use orange zest or bubble gum as an unusual element.

Sleigh Ride Search

Take part in a fun Sleigh Ride Scavenger Hunt! πŸŽ‰πŸ›· Kids, put on your Santa hats and work together! In winter wonderlands, clues are waiting. 

  • Look for a candy cane that’s hidden where the snowflakes are dancing. 
  • Find Santa’s workshop, which could also be (Dad’s tool shed.)
  • Find a red-nosed reindeer. (A hint: look for a lawn ornament put up by a neighbor.)
  • Look near the sparkling tree for a gift that is wrapped in nature. 
  • Look for a metal bell that is dangling from a pine tree branch. 
  • Find the mailbox at the North Pole that is full of letters to Santa. 
  • Find the dog’s lost carrot nose. 

Get the list done quickly, and you could win a winter prize! β„πŸŽ

Gingerbread House Hunt

  • Construct tiny gingerbread houses and hide them in places. 
  • One catch, though, is that these gingerbread marvels aren’t simply staying out of sight; they’re actively engaging in a game of hide-and-seek! 
  • With a pinch of festive cheer and an ounce of curiosity, kids set off on their journey, but one of the adults (OF COURSE) may magically move the gingerbread houses along the way. 

Use the magic of storytelling to tell the story of the Gingerbread Guardians as they embark on a fantastical journey to recover all the houses. It’s not just a search; it’s a fascinating narrative of sweetness, humor, and unexpected surprises!

Snowflake Scavenger Hunt

Let’s begin with something extremely basic for those of you who are planning a scavenger hunt for the very first time. To do this activity, 

  • All you need to do is go to the nearest supermarket in your neighborhood and get a package of artificial snowflakes. 
  • Put these snowflakes ❄️ in various places around your flat and outside in the yard. 
  • Provide the children with hints that will lead them to these snowflakes. 
  • The winner will be determined by who discovers the most amount of snowflakes.

Pro Tip: You may get quite creative and make your own snowflakes by drawing them on a sheet of icy blue paper and then cutting them into lovely snowflake forms after you’ve finished.

Tinsel Trail Hunt

An amazing Christmas adventure, the “Tinsel Trail Hunt” sends kids on a treasure hunt along a mystical path in search of hidden gifts 🎁. 

Imagine finding your way to a surprise by following strands of glittering tinsel. Envision yourself solving puzzles and finding your way to seasonal joy as you hunt for ornaments covered in shimmering tinsel. 

This special hunt gives a touch of shine to the season, making it a joyful adventure full of laughter and delight. Get in the Christmas mood with your pals and prepare for a Tinsel Trail Hunt, where there are surprises around every corner.

Holiday Ornament Hunt

I have a lot of enthusiasm for this hunt, and I will advise you to go on it. It brings back such fond memories for me because my mother was the one who came up with the idea for this hunt in the first place🫰. 

Every year around the holidays, she would make sure that we participated in this hunt and that we had a great time doing it.Β 

In order to complete this quest, 

  • You will need to scatter a variety of Christmas decorations over your home. 
  • Each ornament will be worth a certain number of points on its own; for example, a star will be worth 10 points, while a wreath will be worth 30 points. 
  • The children will have the opportunity to select chits one at a time from a pot that contains clues that will guide them to each ornament. 
  • They will then need to hang these ornaments on the Christmas tree, after which the points will be tallied, and the winner will be determined based on who has the most points.

Stocking Stuffer Search

I used to enjoy this a lot as a kid. 

For this treasure hunt, children will each receive their own set of clues. They will eventually locate a 

variety of socks 🧦 if they follow these directions. The person who finds a sock full of gifts first gets to keep all of the presents that are hidden within the sock. Come on, it’s like winning the lottery with all these goodies.Β 

Christmas Carol Challenge Hunt

For this activity, your child will need a piece of paper, and you will need to set a timer for fifteen minutes. 

They have fifteen minutes to come up with the most beautiful lyrics they can think of to a Christmas carol 🎢 and then perform them for everyone to hear. Because of their inventiveness, each participant receives a gift of their own. 

Grinchy Gift Grab

In order to participate in this hunt, one of the adults will need to dress up as the Grinch and do their best to get in the way of the children as they try to snag as many presents as they can. 

The youngsters will have to battle the Grinch while simultaneously snatching up the presents. They get to keep the goodies that they find hidden in the house.

Mistletoe Magic Hunt

In order to participate in this hunt, the children will need to run a race with the mistletoe serving as the destination point. 

There will be a dish of cupcakes waiting for you under the mistletoe. The children are required to arrive there and consume the cupcakes as quickly as they can; however, if any of their parents are able to kiss 😘 them during this time, they will be disqualified. 

On the other hand, they will be deemed successful if they are able to consume all of them without being kissed by either of their parents.

Present Pursuit Hunt

The fact that my children can learn so much from this search makes it one of my favorites. 

In this activity, all you have to do is quiz the kids by asking them a series of questions, and if they get them right, they will win a cash πŸ’² prize that will increase based on how many questions they get right. Isn’t that simply wonderful ❓

Elf Adventure Hunt

Each child will be provided with a pair of elf ears to wear, and after that, they will be placed inside a Zorb ball.Β 

They will have won the competition if they are able to finish all four rounds of zorbing without having the ears fall off.

Nutcracker Noodle Hunt

I only love this scavenger hunt because of its name. It’s so delicious for some reason. Is it weird to say that, you tell me❓

For a kid-friendly, Christmassy scavenger hunt, try the Nutcracker Noodle Hunt. Treasure hunters go out on their quest as they follow seasonal hints strewn throughout the area.

The word “Noodle” is playful, implying that the clues to the treasure may be tangled together like noodles 🍜, a twist on the standard treasure hunt. Kids will explore the wonderful world of the Nutcracker, solving riddles or following noodle-shaped passageways to unearth amazing surprises.Β 

Children will get into the Christmas mood and have a blast while learning about the fascinating world of the Nutcracker through this exciting treasure hunt.

Tasty Treat Trail Hunt

This scavenger hunt is more like a hunt to find scrumptious treats 🍫 and have them all by yourself! 

For this one, you need to – 

  • Transform your home into a sugary 🍬 heaven by strategically putting tasty candies across various rooms. 
  • Start by giving each kid a festive map with clues or riddles on it to help them find the hidden prizes. 
  • See the magic happen as the little ones run from room to room, discovering treats as they go. 
  • What’s the grand prize? A delectable selection of seasonal sweets ensures not just a sugar high but also a once-in-a-lifetime Christmas treasure hunt.

Did You Know? Colorful candies are visually exciting for kids. The sweets’ vibrant colors make them enticing and exciting to eat.

Wintery Wonderland Scavenger Hunt

The kids are going to have to skii their way through the snow ❄ ️ in order to participate in this wonderful and chilly scavenger hunt. 

They will be searching for gifts that might be hidden anywhere, from the car’s top that is covered with snow to the garage that is lovely and toasty.

Snowman’s Surprise Hunt

This is a game that I really enjoy, and it’s one that I’d strongly suggest you and your family play anytime it snows during the holiday season.Β 

In order to complete this scavenger hunt, 

  • You will need to construct as many snowmen β›„ as there are children, plus a few more on top of that.
  • There will be a surprise present hidden inside fifty percent of the snowmen that you construct. 
  • Each child will have two opportunities to participate in the game while they are blindfolded. 
  • They get to retain whatever gift is in the snowman that they strike with the stick, regardless of which snowman it is. 

Bad luck if the snowman doesn’t have anything❕

Holiday Lights Hunt

Let’s engage our kids in the holiday spirit by handing them a few millimeters of string lights and asking them to adorn the Christmas tree in the most imaginative way possible using those lights. 

They acquire a greater quantity of illuminating ornaments to adorn their Christmas tree. Every child who takes part in the activity will receive a reward.

Tangled Tinsel Treasure Hunt

Explore the Christmas-themed Tangled Tinsel Treasure Hunt! Gather friends and family for a fun scavenger hunt with shimmering tinsel and hidden rewards. 

Follow the dazzling trails across the winter wonderland to discover festive magic. Unlock secrets, puzzles, and surprises wrapped in Yuletide happiness. Each hint, from sparkling ornaments to stockings, leads you closer to the holiday prize. 

This Tangled Tinsel Treasure Hunt promises fun, excitement, and Christmas cheer in every shimmering strand. Prepare to discover the magic and make memories this holiday season!

Sleigh Bell Scavenger Hunt

This one is more like the hide-and-seek game you played when you were a kid. 

The only thing left to do is blindfold one of the children, and the others will need to find different hiding spots while ringing a bell in their hands to communicate with the child who is blindfolded.

Holly Jolly Hunt

Participate in the Holly Jolly Hunt, a Christmas-centered scavenger hunt that will turn your holiday season into a joyous quest, and set out on an exciting journey to celebrate the holiday season. 

The air is filled with the spirit of joy and anticipation as you explore the glittering streets decorated with dazzling lights and follow the amusing clues that are scattered around the maze. 

  • Your objective is to locate hidden treasures πŸͺ™ that perfectly encapsulate the spirit of the holiday magic. 
  • Each new discovery puts you one step closer to the uplifting climax of the story, whether it be jingling bells or shimmering ornaments. 
  • The Holly Jolly Hunt is not just a treasure hunt but rather an exciting adventure that celebrates the genuine essence of yuletide joy. 

Laughter may be heard ringing through the wintry air, and participants can look forward to hearing it.

Christmas Countdown Quest

Get in the holiday spirit by participating in a Christmas Countdown Quest, a quirky treasure hunt that will lend a touch of merriment to the holiday season. As the number of days left until the merry celebration dwindles, participants engage in a lively hunt for hidden riches. 

  • Each clue unravels the magical story of Santa’s missing presents or elusive elves, and the participants’ excitement builds as the story unfolds. 
  • The winter air is filled with the sound of laughter as friends and family members solve riddles to discover the next exciting holiday surprise.
  • The journey ratchets up the excitement with elements like blinking lights and cinnamon-scented hints, ultimately leading to a warm and fuzzy reunion filled with the enchantment of the holidays. 
  • This Christmas-themed scavenger hunt brings delight to the countdown and turns each find into a treasured experience to cherish for years to come.

Starry Night Search

This quest is exactly the same as any other treasure hunt, with the exception that it takes place at night. Because of this, it is essential for the child to have an adult accompany them and bring a torch. 

The children will have to interpret the clues in order to locate the abundance of gifts that have been concealed throughout the wintry πŸ₯Ά nights.Β 

Angelic Adventure Hunt

This one, once again, always puts a hole in my pocket πŸ’°, but I like to go with it anyhow because it’s for my kids.

In order to participate in this search, every child will need to dress up as an angel and then take part in several thrilling adventures while wearing their costumes. 

If they are successful in performing those risky actions while also keeping each and every component of their outfit, like the halo ring πŸ‘Ό, then they win a gift that is completely up to them and might be whatever they choose.

Ribbon Riddle Hunt

My children absolutely adore this particular hunt more than any other one we’ve ever done. It gives them the impression that they are private investigators πŸ•΅οΈ on the lookout for an important clue. 

  • Telling the children a made-up narrative in which Santa Claus has lost all of his presents and is extremely concerned about the situation is a good way to get this activity started. 
  • Continue by informing the children that their mission is to locate Santa’s misplaced presents. 
  • Provide them with hints that are packaged in ribbons πŸŽ—οΈ. 
  • They cut the ribbon, examine the clues, and then locate the presents.

Pro Tip: You should let the children know in advance that whatever gift they uncover, Santa wants them to take it with them as a token of his appreciation for helping him out. This can be a great motivator.

Santa’s Workshop Search

  • To get started, make a “Santa’s Workshop” πŸ›οΈ for the children to visit. 
  • There, they will be given their mission: to find Santa’s lost toys that are hiding all about the house. 
  • Each youngster should be given a personalized elf hat as well as a list of clues that can either be written in rhyme or in a festive code. 
  • These clues should direct the child to the location of the hidden goodies. 
  • Include fun, interactive challenges at each area of the toy, such as minigames or puzzles, to offer an additional dimension of excitement to the experience. 
  • The kid who is able to successfully collect the most toys will be given a unique holiday treat as well as the title of honorary elf 🧝 working for Santa Claus. 

This Christmas scavenger hunt is full of fun and adventure, and it will bring out the spirit of exploration in every young elf ❕

Polar Express Pursuit

This is a unique quest that is accessible to only those individuals who have been granted a white Christmas by the Lord. 

Send your children outside into the snow β›„ while making sure they are dressed in the warmest clothing they own. Give them a time limit of fifteen to twenty minutes to create as many unique things as they can out of snow during that period. 

The person who makes the most unique snow products during the competition will be declared the winner.

Mitten Matching Hunt

If you ask me, this one is fairly time-consuming, but it will guarantee that your child stays active throughout the day. 

Give your children one mitten πŸ₯Š out of a pair and a hint to help them find the other one. I want to caution you that this particular hint will not be the easiest one to solve. 

If they can still find a pair that goes with it, they have just given themselves a lovely pair of mittens that will look great with any winter outfit. 

To my ears, that seems like a really sweet offer.Β 

Log Scavenger Hunt 

This hunt is going to need a bit of manpower in addition to the supervision of an adult. You should provide your children with some carts πŸ›’ and then send them out into the woods with the instruction to find as many logs πŸͺ΅ as they can in a period of four to five minutes. The winner will be the child who is able to load their cart with the most possible logs.Β 

Candy Wrapper Caper Hunt

This one is going to require you to go to your local supermarket and get the biggest packet of candies there is and – 

  • Hide a variety of candy wrappers 🍬 in bright colors all over your house and yard as the first step in this delicious treasure hunt. 
  • Each little package provides the young detectives with a mouthwatering clue that leads them to the next sugary find. 
  • Encourage them to make use of their sharp eyes and the fact that they are working together in order to solve the riddle of where the best seasonal treat is hiding as they follow the trail of wrappers. 

As the children participate in this lovely and scrumptious treasure πŸͺ™ hunt, the magic of Christmas will be revealed in the form of joyful laughter and the rustling of wrappers as they discover hidden treats.

Chestnuts Roasting Rally

Your kids will love this because mine for sure did!

People go on a quest to find hidden chestnuts, with each one hiding hints about where to find the next one. As they search for roasted chestnuts, the clues lead them on a holiday adventure, making the treasure hunt fun and cozy.

Christmas Cracker Caper

I would totally recommend you to try this one! 

Look around the area for Christmas presents that have been hidden. Each cracker has either a hint or a small surprise inside. This adds a fun element of anticipation to the scavenger hunt. 


Festive Feast Find

Look around you to find hidden “ingredients” or holiday-themed things that will help you make a delicious meal. 

As the scavenger hunt with a culinary theme goes on, each item revealed gives a sign that leads to the final prize.

Sleighful of Surprises

By following a number of clues, you can find gifts or surprises that are hidden all over the room. Small treats or trinkets could be the gifts. 

As the hunt goes on, it gets more exciting, and in the end, there are a lot of fun things to find.

Winter Wonderscape Wander

Find your way through a winter wonderland by following the signs that lead you to the season’s enchanting beauty. 

The scavenger hunt takes people to hidden treasures in the snowy landscape, which makes them appreciate and explore the beautiful winter scene.

Treetop Trinket Trek

It will be a lot of fun to play this one, and in just 10 minutes, you’ll have a Christmas tree decorated.Β 

To begin, 

  • Disperse a variety of Christmas tree ornaments πŸŽ„ across the room and provide the children with hints about their locations. 
  • They have to start at the top and work their way down a Christmas tree that has been provided to them as soon as they have found all of the necessary decorations for it. 
  • They have just ten minutes to complete all of this, and if they are successful, they will have a Christmas tree that is fully decked and glittering with lights ✨ at the end of the process.

Tidings of Joy Trail Hunt

Begin by spreading miniature nativity figurines 🎎 throughout your home or yard, each representing a figure from the classic narrative. To help the kids find the next component of the nativity scene, you might attach minor clues to help them along. 

Putting together a nativity scene is a great way to help kids get into the holiday spirit while also helping them learn more about the true meaning of Christmas.

Nativity Nudge Hunt

I am positive you will love this hunt because I genuinely do!

To get started, 

  • Disperse miniatures of the nativity scene all around your house and yard. 
  • Each figurine should represent a different character from the well-known story. 
  • Put together some puzzling 🧩 hints that the children can use to navigate their way through the maze and help them find the next piece of the nativity puzzle. 

The children will not only develop a more profound comprehension of the Christmas story as they piece together the nativity scene, but they will also create cherished holiday ❀️‍πŸ”₯ memories that are full of joy and wonder that will last a lifetime.

Snowy Secret Search

This is ideal for when you have the good fortune to celebrate Christmas in the snow. Hide your children’s toys in the snow β›„ and provide them with hints to help them find them. 

They get to keep the toys they hunt for, and they will treasure them for the rest of their lives.

Wreath Walk Hunt

This one is a tonne of fun in every way ❗

How to play?

  • Obtain a large box and fill it with wreaths 🟒 of all sizes. 
  • The children have to bring as many of them to their finishing point while carrying as many as they can grab in their hands. 
  • The winner of the competition is the participant who arrives at the endpoint first while also carrying the greatest number of wreaths possible. 
  • The catch is that they are eliminated from the competition if they manage to drop even one of the wreaths.

Did You Know?Β 

The wreath is designed in the shape of a circle to symbolize eternity as well as the never-ending cycle πŸŒ€ of life. Evergreen trees and shrubs, which are frequently utilized to make Christmas wreaths, stand for everlasting life.

S’mores and Stories Hunt

This scavenger hunt is my favorite because, towards the end of this, you have like a million s’mores to munch on, and let me tell you, I LOVE S’MORES.Β 

For this particular treasure hunt,

  • The children will be creating s’mores; therefore, an adult must be present to supervise them. 
  • You should provide them with graham crackers 🍘, marshmallows, and chocolate. 
  • Prepare a campfire and get ready for some s’moring. 
  • The catch is that the adult should have them tell a narrative about their favorite childhood memory as the child is preparing the s’mores themselves. 

This will improve their public speaking πŸ—£οΈ and storytelling skills as a result, which are two highly valuable qualities for any individual to have.

Glittery Gift Gala

Your children’s creative abilities are going to be put to the test with this activity⬇️

How to Play? 

  • Just hand them the Christmas presents you bought them without wrapping them. 
  • Along with the present, you should also give them a sheet of really glittering wrapping paper. 
  • The request is that they wrap the presents 🧧 in the most imaginative manner possible. 
  • As a reward for their participation in this imaginative hunt, each of them receives a candy cane.

Red-Nose Reindeer Riddle Hunt

A fun Red-Nose Reindeer 🎠 Riddle Hunt combines seasonal magic with Rudolph’s charm. Create fanciful felt or paper red noses with clues to the next prize. 

Sprinkle these decorative noses about the house or yard to inspire kids to follow the red trail. Sprinkle smart puzzles that test their intellect and add Christmas pleasure to the hunt. 

Imagine the hilarity and excitement as kids wear their handmade reindeer antlers πŸ“―, decoding clues and discovering Rudolph’s surprises. Your holiday party becomes a wonderful reindeer gathering with this jolly excursion.

Sleighful of Surprises Search

This one could put a tiny dent in your wallet πŸ’Ά, but if it means putting a smile on your children’s faces that is worth a million dollars, then it’s worth it, right?Β 

How to Play? 

  • Give your children a little sleigh or cart πŸ›’, and then take them to the children’s section of the store that is located the closest to your home. 
  • Set a time limit for them of one minute or two at the very most. 
  • During this minute, they have the opportunity to load up their shopping carts or sleighs with anything they choose, and you will purchase it for them.  

Why don’t we do this in the spirit of Christmas, eh?

Cozy Cocoa Quest

This search is just the right amount of chocolatey coziness for me. You might be wondering how a hunt can possibly have a chocolaty β˜• flavor. 

  • This hunt is all about the kids creating the most fantastic hot cocoas, obviously under the supervision of an adult. 
  • The hunt here is obviously hunting down for the most unique ingredient to add to your cocoas. There is no winner πŸ₯‡ in this situation because every kid already has that title. 

Once, for a Christmas party that I had at my house, I organized this hunt, and I remember one of the children participating by producing the most creative and unusual version of hot chocolate by adding crushed peppermints 🍭 to it. 

I thought that was absolutely incredible. 

#safetyfirst- Be sure to monitor the forecast and make any necessary adjustments. In the event of really severe weather, keep children indoors. Make preparations for the possibility of bad weather.


Our kids can be fickle πŸ˜‰, but with a little help from Scavenger Hunts, throwing a good party for them shouldn’t be too much of a challenge. Scavenger hunts are cute, simple ways to bring delight to our tiny bundles of happiness’ everyday lives.

I’ve already delivered my Christmas present 🎁 to you and your kids, so I hope this holiday season brings you all the happiness you deserve.

I hate to finish the blog here, but we’re happy since ending this blog just means that I am already in preparation for the next blog, which will again provide you with dozens of scavenger hunt ideas πŸ’‘ so be on the lookout for it. 

Leave a comment below ⬇️ with your thoughts, questions, or further suggestions if you’re feeling particularly imaginative. Please share ’em with me; I can’t wait to read them 😁. 

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