25+ Interesting Gym Games for Kids that Will Leave You Wonder!

Health is a vital part of all of our lives, and you will obviously agree with me on this. In recent years, many people, including teenagers from all over the world, have been dying due to their weak immunity or physical fitness, and that scares me. 

With the increase in comfortability and wide availability of junk foods, most of us have turned our lives into unhealthy ones. 

So, if we want to change this harsh reality of the modern-day and do not want to repeat the same mistake, then we first need to teach our newer generation the different ways to maintain their physical health.

Thus, in this blog post, I am going to list a couple of gym games for your kids.

Fascinating Few Gym Games For Your Children

I would suggest that these few gym games will be very fun and enjoyable for all of your little learners.

It will also bring with it lots of information and awareness for our physical fitness, which is for some reason neglected nowadays, so this should be known by the newer generation 👦. 

On top of this, your kids will also be able to experience and improve a bunch of new skills and abilities that will also help them in the long run. 

So, in this blog post, I compiled a list of gym games that are fun as well as valuable for your kids.😁

Balancing bean bags

According to me, this specific game showcases a very fun 🤩way to introduce and improve your kid’s various skills. 

So, for your preschooler to develop fine motor skills, you need to play balance games with him/her. The students can use their bean bags in different ways and practice their balancing skills by using them in a variety of ways.

Bean Bag Hula Hoops

As per me, this is another fun game that showcases a very fun 🤩 and interactive way to improve your kid’s various skills. There is nothing easier than setting up an activity like this, which can be done almost anywhere. 

It would be a good idea to put out a hula hoop on the ground so the kids will be entertained. You might want to add a few more hoops if you think that is necessary.

Four Colors and Four Corners

According to me, this is another very interesting and unique game involving painting as well as learning. 

In this simple game, your kid will have four colors and four corners, which is not only a great fine motor activity but will also help students gain a deeper understanding of colors.

Animal Track Jump

Another great game that I tried with my little son was the “animal track jump” activity. It is a very fun activity that can be easily performed within a few minutes, and the kids will love to do this activity over and over again. 

It is a very fun activity for your little ones to count animal tracks. In addition to helping foster number recognition and development, this is a very fun gym game that can be enjoyed by all ages. 

For this, your kids need to draw animal tracks with chalk and draw numbers inside.

Animal yoga

This game is another great way to include learning as well as yoga in a simple but exciting manner. For this, your kids need to make their cards or print some out! 

This game is great for a center circle, physical education class, or just a whole class break. For this activity, your kids just need to pull a physical card or have a presentation set up for your kids and then have them simply copy the animal poses.


According to me, this is a very interesting and fun game for all the little learners. Hopscotch is great for young learners! 

This will help your kids practice gross motor and counting skills with fun playground games like this. Thus, I highly recommend this game to all of the little learners.

Movement dice

This is yet another great activity that I thought I would add to this list because of its simplistic and easy-to-perform features. 

Movement dice are great for younger grades because they provide picture-word association, along with physical activity! Thus, I highly recommend this game to all of the little learners.

Move it or lose it.

Here is another easy and simple task that I believe has some unique attributes to further improve your kid’s learning 🧠 These popsicle sticks can be used at home to perform this unique yet exciting gym game, which will surprise your kids. 

Thus, according to me, this is another very good gym game for all of the little kids out there.

LeapFrog – Split

To me, this is a great gym game that focuses on building your kid’s leg strength. This game, if performed correctly, will help your kids in multiple ways by improving your kid’s mind-muscle connection. 

For this activity, your kids need to be in the crouch position where they work their way around the gymnasium without getting tagged.

The Elf Express

According to me, this is yet another interesting game that every kid must try. In this activity, your kids are going to perform an elf express. 

Although Elf Express is considered a holiday-themed game, it can easily be played at any time of the year. This game helps your kids improve a variety of important elementary skills that will help them in the long run.

Yoga and Freeze Dance

Another cool yet peaceful game is the “yoga and freeze dance.” Apart from the other muscle training gym games, this particular game helps your kids focus on their breathing and have a good yoga session mixed with some unique yet interesting dancing moves. 

And who doesn’t love a dance party? And if your kids are just not focused enough to play games today, then this will be the perfect game to reignite their interest and become their favorite dance teacher!

See if you can … 

Another gym game that will surely make a place in your kid’s heart is this one. In this activity, your kids will be able to learn about body composition. 

Although teaching body composition can be a little bit difficult for little kids, this game is surely a great way to get them up and moving independently. 

Hence, it is another wonderful activity that I truly recommend.

Silly bananas

This is another amazing game that I suggest to all of the little learners. This game is one of those simple games for kids that they will be begging to play! 

This game is one of those equipment-free games, and it is a spin on the tag. 

In my opinion, this is a very good game for all the kids out there who want to learn and improve their physical health with the help of some games.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Tag

This is yet another interesting game that will make your kid curious about the gym games. This is purely a modern-day and old-school kid’s favorite rock, paper, scissors. 

Most kids will surely know how to play this game, and if not, it’s super easy to teach even the youngest learners! So, this is a wonderful tag game that you can easily teach your kids.

Coin Exercise

According to me, this specific game showcases a very fun 🤩way to introduce the gym games to the young kids. 

This is a simple physical game that can be a fun challenge for your kids. In this game, by setting time limits, you can easily help your kids master their physical skills and strengthen their bodies.

Garden yoga

Here is another easy and simple game that I believe has some unique attributes to further improve your kid’s learning 🧠. 

Sometimes, getting excited kids to take a break and enjoy nature can be a very difficult task. But with the help of the “Garden Yoga” game, kids can easily have a fun time outside in nature. 

All you need is to just let them choose a spot outside and enjoy the calmness for a bit!

Spot On

This is yet another great game that I got approval from my son through his excited and joyful face 😆while he was performing this game. 

This particular game is a great PE game that will challenge your kids with their overhand throwing skills. 

You’ll need a bunch of hula hoops to perform this game and enhance the experience for your kids to the maximum extent.

Spider Ball 

I would suggest that this is another great game that will not only excite your kids during its performance but also make them overjoyed every time after performing it. 

This is one of our favorite games, which is liked by both my little son and me. This is a dodgeball game with a twist. 

The game is played as a typical dodgeball game by using a softball, except for the fact that kids don’t ever get fully ‘out’ of the game!

Cornhole cardio

Another engaging game under my recommendation is the very entertaining and interesting “Cornhole cardio” game. 

The cornhole cardio game is hands down one of the most engaging games for little learners! 

This game requires a few more materials than a standard house has, but if you’ve got those materials, you surely should use them to enhance your kids’ experience.

Blob Tag – Two Players

This is yet another wonderful game that I tried out with my little son. Both of us loved this game in our own way. In this particular game, two players can be played in groups. 

Your kids might already know what a blog tag is, but they might just need a simple refresher or a little game introduction to perform this game.

Teacher Island – Students Catch the Cone

This is another great game that you can let your kids perform. This is a great entire team activity, which also includes you, the parent! 

For this activity, the parent will have to stand on the island in the middle while the kids have to stand around and catch cones. Most of the kids will surely love this unique gym game.

Pro Tip:

This game can be best performed if you have more than a single kid. Otherwise, you can also invite some of your kid’s friends to have a little fun time by playing this game together.

Dog Catcher

In my opinion, this is yet another great activity that will help your kid understand and benefit from the various gym games in this blog post in a fun and playful manner. 

For this activity, you can have your kids constantly switch corners. This is a great game because it’s possible to play without equipment!

Throw archery

Here is another game that I tried out with my little son. In this activity, your kids will learn and also improve their archery throwing skills. 

Throwing archery will surely help with motor skill-building for all the little learners out there. 

Using jump ropes, you can set up five target areas. And kids will throw materials of their choice to try to get points!

Space Invaders

Here is another activity that I tried out with my little son. This is one of my kid’s favorite ball games. 

This game helps students understand and also improves their muscle memory of underhand throwing. They can easily master this by letting them practice soft and hard throws.

Witches’ candy 

According to me, this is yet another very interesting game that every little learner will surely like. There are surely a few different versions of this fun-chasing game. 

However, in this particular version, witches have stolen the children’s candy, and the kids must work together to get it back! This will surely be a very fun and exciting experience for all the little learners.

Chutes and ladders

Here is another great gym game that will surely make a place in every kid’s heart. 

This is a life-size Chutes and Ladders game, which is made with colored hula hoops and other materials you’ll have lying around! Your kids will love this cute gym game and will soon get fond of it.

Connect Four

This is another wonderful activity that is not only interactive but it is also very entertaining for all the little learners out there. 

This partner team game can honestly be taught to most kids of any age range. Most of the kids have already played Connect Four before. 

With the help of this real-life Connect Four game, your kids can bring a little friendly competition! 

Pro Tip:

Your kids can also use spot markers or hula hoops for this interesting gym game.


Another great yet simple activity for all the kids is the catching game. Activity cards are always fun and simple for all of us. 

This specific game will make gym time fly by, and your kids will be engaged the entire time during this exciting game.

Four Square Hula Hoop

Here is another great activity that I highly recommend to all of the little learners out there. For this activity, you can easily engage your kids with this easy-to-setup gym class game by using a bunch of hula hoops. 

For this game in a pushup position, your kids will need to continuously throw bean bags into the different hula hoops.

Rob the Nest 

Another pretty engaging game for all the kids is the “Rob the Nest” game. In this game you and your kids will surely love the friendly competition this game will foster. 

In addition to that, your kids will also be active throughout the entire game. Thus, according to me, it is the perfect game for an exciting gym class.


In my opinion, this is one of our favorite games, which my little son is deeply fond of. This game of a Tic – Tac – Throw is perfect for small groups, centers, or just small classes. 

This game also helps kids to foster healthy competition, and because of such attributes, your kids will surely ask to play this game over and over again.

Bounce the bucket

Another pretty underrated game that my son is a really big fan of is the “bounce the bucket” game. 

This game is great for centers or small groups. For this game, your kids will just need a ball and a bucket to perform it correctly. 

The larger the ball, the larger the bucket will be needed. Thus, it is surely a very fun way to engage your kids, and in turn, it will also help them improve their physical health in the process.

Backwards soccer

To me, this game is one of the best games for all sports enthusiast kids. This is surely one of my absolute favorite ball games named “backward soccer”! 

For this game, you just need to explain to your kids that the rules of this game are just the absolute opposite of regular soccer! 

This will make the game ten times more fun, and in turn, it will entertain your kids.

Keepers of the Castle

Another great yet very creative game, according to my suggestion, is this one. 

For this game, all you need to do is set up some colored Hula Hoops in four corners with one in the middle. This is the only setup you will require for this gym class game. 

And with such a little preparation, your kids will be able to enjoy a very fun gym game.


To me, this is one of the most underrated games that all of the little learners should try. Icebergs is a fun warm-up game. 

For this game, just like In a spin-off of musical chairs, your kids must first sit on an iceberg in the number that you call out. 

Pro Tip:

You can call any comfortable sitting object an iceberg for this game. Like a mat or a chair, your kids need to first sit on it, assuming it is an iceberg.


Another great game that spiked my little son’s interest was the “speedball” game. This game is a mixture between that of soccer and basketball. 

In this game, the ball starts in the air, and once it hits the ground, your kids need to switch to soccer.

Pro Tip:

In this game, opposite to that of a basketball, your kids need to avoid bounce passing and should maintain a no-bounce passing.

Create your own! 

Another very innovative game that will surely entertain your little kids is this specific game. This game challenges your kids to create their own PE activity. 

Hence, this is perfect for your kids to improve not only their physical fitness but also their thinking abilities.

Movement Bingo

This is one of those quick games which proves to be super effective and entertaining for everyone. 

This particular game is great for a short time interval just to get your students moving!

Yoga cards

If you want to make your kid’s mind as relaxed as possible with the help of some kind of game, then this is surely that one. 

I am pretty sure your kids will surely love yoga. Even though some might be over it, they will appreciate how relaxed they feel after a little meditation! 

Hence, I highly recommend this unique yoga game for all the little ones.

Team Memory

Here is another great activity that does not focus on the kid’s physical fitness but instead focuses on the kid’s memory skills. 

This game is a twist on the classic memory board game or the games consisting of playing with objects of different colors and frisbees and testing your kid’s memories! 

This is a fascinating game that focuses on building and improving a kid’s memory skills.

Zone kickball

This game is another unique one that helps your kids to remain entertained while improving their physical fitness. Hence, it is another great game that will constantly engage your kids.

Noodle archery

Here is another unique game of archery that I tried with my little son. Although he was pretty rusty at first with time, he soon got the hang of it, and now he enjoys every noodle archery game session with me. 

Thus, this is the classic game of archery, which has a socially distant twist that your kids will love.

Exercise cards

With the growth of modern technology, this kind of game is also a great way of learning about different kinds of stuff. 

Exercise cards are great for in-school social distancing and also help your kids learn about a variety of stuff. Your kids need to print them out to use them.

Pro Tip:

Your kids can also use PowerPoint instead of printing them. They can use whatever alternative they choose and comfort them.


My son and I have done these activities together to teach him about the importance of physical health in a fun and exciting way. 

This also helped him learn and improve various varieties of skills while enjoying the fun and excitement that the activities provided 😍. 

In addition to all of it, he also could learn more about these different varieties of fun yet useful gym games that have so much importance in our lives. I hope you enjoyed reading this blog post of mine, and I hope that my suggestions were helpful for all of you🥰.

Please leave a comment below if you want to add more activities to this list related to this topic regarding the activities I mentioned – I would love to hear from all of you! ❤️

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