10 Letter Words Starting with A that Are Amazing!

Are your little kids speaking without any rest? Do you wish to improve their vocabulary with some widely-used English words?

If you are thinking that it is vital to improve the communication skills of your young kids, then you have to start their vocabulary lessons at a young age to guide them in having a strong and vast vocabulary.

If you feel the same way, then, let us talk about some interesting 10 letter words that start with the letter A.

Here we go…

List Of 10-Letter Words Starting With A

Incredible 10 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
AardwolvesSmall, insectivorous mammals found in Africa, related to hyenas and eat termites.
AbacterialRefers to something that is not caused by bacteria or is not related to bacteria.
AbalienateIt means to transfer the title or ownership of something to another person or entity. 
AbandonersIndividuals who abandon or forsake something or someone. 
AbandoningRelated to “abandon.” It refers to the act of leaving something behind or relinquishing it.
AbasementsActions or situations in which someone is humiliated, degraded, or made to feel inferior. 
AbashmentsExperiences that cause someone to feel embarrassed or ashamed, due to a social context.
AbatementsRefer to the reduction or lessening of something, such as taxes, costs, or nuisances. 
AbbotshipsPositions held by abbots, who are the heads or leaders of certain religious communities. 
AbbreviateTo shorten or condense, often by using abbreviations or symbols.
AbdicatingThe act of formally renouncing or giving up a position of power or authority, 
AbdicationThe formal act of renouncing or relinquishing a position of power or authority.
AbdicativeRelating to the act of abdicating, renouncing, or relinquishing power or authority.
AbdicatorsIndividuals or entities who voluntarily give up or renounce a position of power or authority.
AbdominalsMuscles in the abdomen, often referred to as the “abs,” responsible for core strength.
AbdominousHaving a prominent or enlarged abdomen, often associated with excess body fat.
AbducentesThe nerve in humans that governs the motion of the lateral rectus muscle of the eye.
AbductionsThe act of forcibly taking someone away against their will, related to kidnapping.
AbductoresA term that refers to muscles involved in the act of abduction 
AberrantlyIn a way that deviates from the normal or expected course, used in the context of behavior.
AberrationA departure from what is considered normal or expected, used in the context of errors.
AberrativePertaining to or characterized by aberration, which is a deviation from the norm.
AbhorrenceA strong feeling of hatred, disgust, or repulsion towards something or someone.
AbhorrencyThe state of feeling extreme disgust or hatred towards something.
AbhorribleIt may be a creative term derived from “abhorrent” to emphasize extreme negativity.
AbhorringsThe act of strongly disliking or abhorring something.
AbiogenistBelievers who thinks that life can arise from non-living matter through natural processes.
AbiotrophyThe degeneration or wasting away of a body part, due to a lack of nourishment.
AbirritantSomething that irritates a reaction, often referring to substances that cause irritation.
AbirritateTo soothe or alleviate irritation or discomfort.
AbiturientRefers to a student in the German education system who has taken and passed, the Abitur.
AbjectionsThe state of being in a low or miserable condition, often used to describe extreme poverty.
AbjectnessThe quality or state of being extremely miserable, wretched, or lowly.
AbjointingRelated to abjoint, meaning to form by cutting off as a protrusion from a parent cell.
AbjunctionThe creation of spores by cutting off portions of the sporophore by the growth of septa.
AbjurationThe act of renouncing or formally repudiating beliefs, opinions, or allegiances,
AbjuratoryRelating to or characterized by abjuration, which is the act of renouncing something.
AblativelyDenotes characteristics related to the ablative case 
AbnegatingThe act of renouncing or refusing something, often one’s desires, rights, or claims.
AbnegationThe act of self-denial or renouncing one’s desires or rights for moral or religious reasons.
Abnegative(Obsolete) Renouncing/ denying.
AbnegatorsIndividuals or entities that engage in the act of renouncing or denying something.
AbnormalcyRefers to the quality or state of being abnormal or deviating from the norm.
AbnormallyIn a manner that is not typical, used to describe something that deviates from the norm.
AbodementsForebodings or omens that suggest future events or outcomes.
AbolishersIndividuals that advocate for or work toward the removal or annulment of laws or practices.
AbolishingThe act of formally ending or eradicating something, often used in the context of laws.
AbolitionsThe formal act of ending or eliminating something, such as slavery or a law.
AbominableDeserving of strong hatred or disgust, extremely unpleasant or offensive.
AbominablyIn a manner that is extremely unpleasant, offensive, or deserving of hatred and disgust.
AbominatedHated or loathed intensely, often used to describe something that is reviled.
AbominatesStrongly dislikes or detests something, often due to its repulsiveness.
AbominatorSomeone or something that causes extreme hatred, disgust, or revulsion.
AboriginalIndigenous to a particular region, often used to describe the original inhabitants of a place.
AboriginesThe indigenous people or original inhabitants of a specific region or country.
Goofy 10 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
AborticideThe deliberate termination of a human pregnancy.
AbortionalPertaining to or related to abortion, the termination of a pregnancy.
AbortivelyIn a way that results in an abortion or termination of a pregnancy.
AboveboardOpen, honest, and transparent, often used to describe actions that are not deceitful.
AbranchialRelates to the absence of gills in certain animals, indicating their method of respiration.
AbrasivelyIn a manner that is harsh, abrasive, or irritating, often used to describe behavior.
AbreactingThe process of releasing or discharging pent-up emotions or psychological tension, 
AbridgableCapable of being shortened, often referring to texts, documents, or information.
AbridgmentA shortened version of a text or document, typically with key points or sections included.
AbrogatingThe act of repealing, revoking, or formally abolishing a law, agreement, or custom.
AbrogationThe formal act of repealing or abolishing a law, agreement, or custom.
AbrogativeRelating to or indicating the act of abrogating or abolishing something.
AbrogatorsIndividuals or entities responsible for the act of abrogating or repealing laws or agreements.
AbruptionsSudden and violent disruptions or separations, used in the context of geological processes.
AbruptnessThe quality of being sudden or lacking smoothness, often used to describe a change.
AbscessingThe formation of an abscess, a collection of pus in a localized area of the body.
AbscessionA separating/ removal.
AbscindingThe act of cutting or removing something by cutting, often used in a surgical context.
AbscissinsPlural of abscissin.
AbscissionThe act of shedding or dropping leaves, fruits, or other parts from a plant.
AbscondersIndividuals who have fled or escaped from a situation, or evading the law.
AbscondingThe act of leaving a situation, often with the intent of escaping responsibility.
AbsentnessThe state of being absent, not present, or missing.
AbsinthianPertaining to absinthe, a highly alcoholic and anise-flavored spirit that is green in color.
AbsinthismA condition of addiction or dependence on absinthe, characterized by physical symptoms.
Absistence(Obsolete) A standing aloof.
AbsolutelyWithout any doubt or exception; completely or entirely.
AbsolutestThe superlative form of “absolute,” indicating the utmost degree of something.
AbsolutionThe formal forgiveness of sins, often granted in a religious or spiritual context.
AbsolutiseTo make or treat as absolute, emphasizing the absence of exceptions or limitations.
AbsolutismA political or philosophical doctrine that advocates for absolute authority.
AbsolutistSomeone who adheres to absolutism, the belief in or support for absolute authority or power.
AbsolutiveA grammatical case used in languages to mark the direct object of a transitive verb.
AbsolvableCapable of being absolved or forgiven, often in a moral or religious context.
AbsolvantsSubstances that can dissolve or absorb other materials, often used in chemistry.
AbsolvitorA legal document or certificate that releases an individual from a debt, obligation, or claim.
AbsorbableCapable of being absorbed, taken in, or assimilated.
AbsorbanceMeasure of the amount of light or other electromagnetic radiation absorbed by a substance.
AbsorbancyA term related to the ability to absorb substances.
AbsorbantsMaterials or substances that can absorb liquids, gasses, or other materials.
AbsorbatesSubstances or compounds that are absorbed by another material.
AbsorbedlyIn a manner that indicates complete absorption or engrossment in something.
AbsorptionThe process of taking in or assimilating something, such as a liquid or information.
AbsorptiveHaving the ability to absorb or take in substances or information.
AbstainersIndividuals who abstain from or refrain from participating in a particular activity, 
AbstainingThe act of refraining from or deliberately not participating in a particular activity or action.
AbstersionThe act of cleansing or purifying, often used in a medical or chemical context.
AbstersiveHaving the quality of cleansing or purifying, often related to cleaning agents or substances.
AbstinenceThe practice of refraining from indulging in certain activities, like the consumption of drinks.
AbstinencyA condition or state of abstinence, often used in medical or psychological contexts.
AbstractedDistracted or lost in thought, often to the point of being unaware of one’s surroundings.
AbstracterSomeone who prepares abstracts or summaries of documents, articles, or information.
Amusing 10 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids
AbstractlyIn a manner that is conceptual or theoretical, often without specific details.
AbstractorSomeone who creates abstracts or summaries of documents, information, or data.
AbstractumA term used in philosophy to refer to an abstract or universal concept or entity.
AbstrictedSeparated by abstriction.
AbstruselyIn a manner that is difficult to understand or comprehend due to complexity.
AbstrusestSuperlative of “abstruse,” meaning the most difficult to understand or comprehend.
AbstrusityQuality of being abstruse, the state of being difficult to understand due to complexity.
Abstrusive(Rare) Of abstruse quality.
Absumption(Obsolete) Gradual destruction or disintegration.
AbsurdismsPhilosophical or literary movements that emphasize the irrational aspects of existence.
AbsurdistsIndividuals who advocate for absurdism, involving a rejection of conventional values.
AbsurdnessThe quality of being absurd, meaning the state of being irrational, nonsensical, etc.
AbundancesPlural of “abundance,” referring to a large quantity or an ample supply of something.
AbundantlyIn a manner that is characterized by a surplus or ample availability of something.
AcademicalRelating to academics or education, often used in a formal or scholarly context.
AcademismsPlural of “academism,” which refers to the adoption or promotion of academic or formal style and principles in art or literature.
AcademistsIndividuals who practice academism, often related to the study of literary traditions.
AcalephansRefer to a group of marine organisms, like jellyfish or sea anemones
AcanaceousCovered with or resembling spines or prickles.
AcanthosisA medical term referring to the thickening of the epidermis, the outer layer of the skin.
AcanthusesA type of leafy plant often used in ornamental design and architecture.
AcaricidalCapable of killing or controlling mites and ticks, often used to describe pesticides.
AcaricidesSubstances or chemicals used to kill or control mites and ticks, used in agriculture.
AcarpelousHaving reduced carpels, which are the female reproductive organs of a flower.
AcalculiacOne who is unable to employ basic mathematical skills, due to mental issue.
AccedencesPlural for the action of surrendering to an opponent or powerful influence.
AccelerantA substance, often flammable, that is used to speed up the combustion of something.
AccelerateTo increase the speed of something, often used in the context of motion or progress.
AccensionsPlural of accension, meaning the act of kindling or the state of being kindled.
AccentlessWithout an accent or pronunciation emphasis, often used in the context of language.
AccentuateTo highlight a particular feature or aspect, often to make it more noticeable.
AcceptableMeeting the standards for approval, often referring to something that is satisfactory.
AcceptancyThe state or quality of being willing to accept or receive something, used in finance.
AcceptantsIndividuals or entities that accept or receive something, such as offers or agreements.
AcceptedlyIn a manner that is acknowledged or admitted, often used in discussions.
AcceptionsPlural of acception, meaning accepted meaning.
AccessionsThe act of gaining a new position, rank, or status, often in the context of royalty.
AccidencesThe inflectional forms and rules of a language, often used in the study of grammar.
AccidentalOccurring by chance, often used to describe events that are not deliberate.
AccidentlyA variant spelling of “accidentally,” meaning unintentionally or by chance.
AccipitersA group of birds of prey, including hawks and eagles.
AccipitralRelating to or resembling birds of prey from the Accipiters group.
AcclaimersPeople who express approval, praise, or applause for someone or something.
AcclaimingThe act of expressing approval, admiration, or applause for someone or something.
AcclimatedAdapted to a particular climate or condition, used in the context of living organisms.
AcclimatesTo adapt or become accustomed to a new climate, environment, or condition.
AccoladingThe act of conferring honors, awards, or recognition upon someone.
AccompliceA person who assists or participates in a crime or wrongdoing with another person.
AccomplishTo successfully complete a task or achieve a goal or objective.
AccomptantAn archaic term for an accountant or bookkeeper.
AccomptingArchaic form of “accounting,” referring to the practice of maintaining financial records.
AccordableCapable of being agreed upon, often used in the context of agreements.
AccordanceIn conformity with or agreement with something, often used to indicate harmony.
AccountantA professional who keeps and analyzes financial records, prepares financial, etc.
AccountingThe process of recording, summarizing, and analyzing financial transactions.

Some Other Examples Of 10-Letter Words Starting With A

Perfect 10 Letter Words Starting With A For Kids

Interesting Activities For Kids With 10-Letter Words Starting With A

Sometimes, you may feel that it is essential to teach your cute kids a few useful new words, right? However, all of your efforts may become futile if your little partners do not have any idea about how or where to use those words.

So, to get rid of this issue, one of the essential methods is to engage your young companions in some enticing game-like activities. Here are a few of those amazing learning activities.

1. Name Game

Childish Name Game For Kids

This is an incredibly interesting method through which you can teach your young children some useful 10 letter words that start with the first letter A, and also demonstrate to them the correct manner to use those words. In this game, you must question or say something and your young partners will give the answer.

Also, you can play this game in turns. For example, your little student will ask the question and you will have to give the answer. Hence, through this interesting game, you can teach your little partners some interesting 10 letter words starting with the letter A.


Q: What do we call situations or experiences that cause someone to feel embarrassed or ashamed, often due to a social or public context?

Ans: Abashments

Q: What would you call individuals or entities who voluntarily give up or renounce a position of power or authority?

Ans: Abdicators

Q: What is a strong feeling of hatred, disgust, or repulsion towards something or someone?

Ans: Abhorrence

Q: What do we call the act of forcibly taking someone away against their will, often associated with kidnapping.?

Ans: Abductions

Q: What would you call the quality or state of being extremely miserable, wretched, or lowly?

Ans: Abjectness

2. Fill In The Blanks

Awesome Fill In The Blanks For Kids

Another very important yet really inviting learning activity is famous as fill-in-the-blanks. Through this game, you may show your young children some vital 10 letter words that start with the first letter A.

Through this, your cute friends will not only be able to learn some new English words without any trouble but also to utilize them in the right place. Moreover, this kind of easy-to-enjoy game will be of incredible help for their future studies.







1) o   2) e   3) r   4) c   5) t

3. Match The Words With Meanings

Amazing Word Matching Activity For Kids

A matching activity is another really helpful educational game that can assist your little partners to know about some new English words. Through this method, your young student will be able to know the concepts of the same and different. For this, you should gather two sets of attractive cards.

One set of cards will contain some colorful pictures, while the other will come with several new 10 letter words starting with A, such as abacterial, abdicators, abbotships, aberration, abhorrency, abirritate, abjections, and many more.

Then, you must tell your cute partners the correct way to read those scrabble cards and the desired way to match them with the respective words.

Furthermore, you have to explain to your kids how to perform the matching task and tell them to follow the steps already shown by you.


Thus, these are some useful learning activities to show your kids some new 10 letter words starting with the letter A. However, if you need any other amazing ideas, just remember to follow us.

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